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Wow look at all this snow!!!

January 9th 2011 10:20 am
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I went out side and Mom and Dad shoveled the snow and I ran and ran and jumped and spun around ahd snow plowed an just had a good time. I loves the snow it is fun to play in. just look at my new video.


Sad sight

December 13th 2010 11:22 am
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Me Mom and Dad went for a walk last night and we came apon a baby fawn. It Got kilt by a car he still had his spots. Mom phoned the wild life place and the said they would come and get it. I think they feed the animals at the wild life park with the dead animals.


My Daddy came and visited

November 7th 2010 7:51 am
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My Daddy Ping came and stayed with us for a week. It was fun to have some one to play with but he touched my toys and My Mom and Dad. Not sure I like having any one touching them except for me. I like being the only child. Cats don't count.


Holy Dogs that's alot of snow!

February 17th 2010 4:52 am
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Mom took me out to pee. and had to make me a path cause I got stuck in the snow. I could pee I just stood there and melted the snow but it has to be patted down just right for the other business. Mom figures I should be able to go out with out a leash today cause there is no traffic every ting is closed no cars going any where. Mom has me close by because we have coyotes and some pets are going missing. She carries a big stick with a spike in it and believe me she will use it . She says "no bad coyote is going to get her babies". She also worries about the elderly ladies going out to get there mail or paper. She has 2 neighbors that are 85 and 90 and canno go fast.
The coyotes are getting bold and attacking while humans are around. They killed a girl hiking on a popular trail that had lots of humans on it. a trapper here in this county got 2 one was 50 lbs and another 80 lbs Mom says it is really big for that species what ever tat is. They should be a bit bigger than a fox. The neigbors said that 2 wolfs excaped their pen in the wild life park and mated with the coyotes and now we gots bigger and bolder ones. It must be around cause ever since the night Spotty didn't come home he won't go far and is in early. he mostly hides under the deck. Now we got new snow we should be able to track them better one went though our yard and up on the deck sniffing.


It's my burfday, I'm havin a pawty ,It's my burfday!

February 13th 2010 9:26 am
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Mommy and Daddy didn't buy me or bake me a cake I got some little ceaser. Mom said i inhaled it cause it was gone in a flash. They also gave me my new bed cause I kind of out grew my kitty bed. I got bigger than they tought I would.
I got a baff last night and got all brushed. Mom and Dad and kitties are going to have a pawty for me tonight. I see Mikey is geting all cleaned up for it.


I got a Balintime

February 9th 2010 12:01 pm
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I Got a Balintime from HQ , I never gots a Balintime before, this is my fury first one.
Thank you HQ for my fury furst Balintime. I so excited I chase my tail.


Mom you need help

February 6th 2010 10:07 am
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Mommy needs help so she can keep up with my page. she just got the Christmas pictures on my page.
Don't worry the picture of me drinking beer there was nothing in the bottle I just like the taste and licked the edge of the bottle. I bugged and bugged Daddy for some and all he gave me was a lick. I guess I take after my sister Sandy (gone over the bridge) you couldn't put a drink down and she would have it. She loved beer. good thing theres not much of that here.

My birthday is next week I will be a year old a whole year wow ! is that a long time Mommy?? I got my prezie from Mom and Dad already it is a new bed I out grew mine. Mom says I look so small in this one. She was going though pictures and can't believe how fast and big I grew. Must be the good food Mommy feeds me. I am now on big dog food cause I s a big dog now.
well I must have a nap have a big walk to go on later.


My secretary is really slack.

January 10th 2010 2:45 pm
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Well i had a furry good Christmas I got soo spoiled . I got a big bone that is almost as big as me. and a whole bunch of toys, my toy box is over flowing. Mommy went to the vets to get some food and asked them about me and I am on big dog food now mixed with my puppy stuff. next bag will be just big boy food.
I have been busy guarding the house and going for walks with Mom and Dad. I play with Spotty. Play cat bowling with Mikey (he's the bowling ball). He is round and rolly polly just right to bowl over.
He gets really mad at me.
Sorry I haven't kept my diary up todate but you can't get good help these days.


Bottom's up!

October 3rd 2009 2:29 pm
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Well vet visit went fine made a new furend.
It was my anal glands we hope to have them fixed now.
Mom knows how to empty them she just wanted to make sure it was them before attempting the procedure first.
I was a good boy I didn't move it felt soo good when she did it.
Mom and Dad went to wal-mart and bought me treats for being a good boy.
Pays to be good.


My hair, better yet the lack of.

October 1st 2009 3:31 am
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Mommy gave me a bath on Friday. So Saturday she got up and started grooming with the clippers then all of a sudden the gards got caught in my hair and fell off and she was down to the skin and you know it had to be where evfury one would notice. so she had to even it out now i am bald all over except my tail. She actually went out and bought me a coat with a hood. and a sweat shurt from the infants department at Wal-mart. Don't really like the color but for that price I can put up with it til I get some hair.
I have to go to the vet on Saturday cause my butt is giving me trouble.
when Mom walks me I am in a u shape trying to get at it. No it is not the hair cut cause Mom didn't cut the hair as short back there.
Mom thinks it might be my anal glands although she says I doo big pooh for a little dog.
Will let you know Sat afternoon. Going to get under my blanky where it's warm.

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