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Diary of a Shy Rescue Girl

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No more stitches

November 20th 2013 3:35 pm
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Adeline's husis here. Adeline's mom let me know that Addy got her stitches out today, and the vet said she looked good. It was a little infected but they put antiseptic spray on it and it should be ok. Addy's mom said Addy was a good girl. :)



November 6th 2013 10:25 am
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Adeline's mom sent me an update: "Adeline out of surgery. She did good, just a cyst, she's awake and we can get her in about 2 hours." Yay! :-) Thanks for the PoP and the PoP rosettes from Sophie Claire and Harley Davidson, Milton, and Duncan Fife and Hamish McDuff!



November 6th 2013 6:19 am
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Adeline husis, aka Lacey’s mom, here. Adeline is having surgery today to remove a bump/cyst on her head/neck area. The vet is going to biopsy it if needed, but so far it had just been full of fluid. Could you pups and your humans please keep her in your thoughts today? Thank you!

Addy's mom says it's going to be tricky keeping furbro Samson from playing with her while she recovers. They're quite a pair! :)


Thanks everypup!

March 18th 2013 5:11 pm
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My husis, who keeps up my Dogster page when I can't sneak on the computer, passed along the Gotcha Day Rosettes and Paw Mail to my parents. My mom says "Aww so sweet. Tell them all thank you from Adeline. * :" Thank you everypup!


Adeline's barkday :)

August 24th 2010 3:13 pm
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Adeline's mom says "addie says to tell everyone thanks to all for my presents ! woof woof !" Her mom says she "took her to care a lot, and we got some treats and toys. i think she liked that cause i had the windows open and her hair was blowin in the wind on the interstate ride to the store. then we took the long city roads and back home, with the windows open a bit, and stopped at pet smart cause i forgot the cookies...she also got a toy there : ) was a good day"

They're having cookies later after her furbro Samson and her dad get back from their obedience class.


I might be getting a furbrother this weekend!!

July 29th 2010 2:00 pm
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My pawrents have been wanting to adopt a playmate for me ever since my cousins Shakespeare and Lacey left to go back home to their mom (my dad was dogsitting). Well I might get a furbrother on Sunday! His name is Samson and he’s three and he likes to play and likes to play with squeaky toys! I’m so excited, I hope we get along!

My husis says this is where you can see a pic of my possible furbro -


I got to sleep in my parents' room!

May 13th 2010 2:33 pm
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There were really scary storms last night, I don't like storms, I shake and hide in my crate. My husis got my pawrents some "rescue remedy" (what a weird name!) to calm me down during storms, so mom gave me some of that last night. I was much better but still kinda shy cause of the storms, so last night mom put my doggy bed next to her side of her bed, and I slept there all night.


My Gotcha Day weekend!!!

March 13th 2010 6:04 am
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Aroo woo rooo!! One year ago this weekend, I came home with my forever family. I was shy and kind of scared, but they had squeaky toys so I knew they couldn't be that bad. BOL Now I have more squeaky toys than I know what to do with! I was also really skinny when I got home, but my new mom and dad knew how to fatten me up, BOL. Let me tell ya pups, I love food and I LOVE treats! The vet told my mom that I shouldn't gain any more weight cause I'm a good healthy weight now. I hope this doesn’t mean less treats.. ooo, but it might mean more walks. I love walks too. My dad walks me almost every day, and some days we even go walk on the beach! I'm really good during walks too, I don't pull or anything. I've heard my dad tell husis that I'm a totally different dog when I'm outside. I just love being outside.

Yesterday morning I overheard my mom tell my husis that I must be a happy dog cause I like to run around outside, then come inside for pets, then run back outside and chase squirrels, and I like to run into the sunroom with my toys, and I bark when my dad gets home, and the other morning I whined and barked at their bedroom door cause I wanted to be with them. And ya know what, I am a happy dog!

Life is really really really good and I am so loved!!!

Happy Gotcha Day to me!


I am so loved!!

December 19th 2009 8:30 am
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My daddy sent this update to my rescuers and my human sis (Shakey and Lacey's mom). I am a lucky pup and I love my home!! (p.s. My human sis posted a couple short videos of me playing with my ducky - I was distracted that day cause my schnauzer cousins were there, BOL)

"Just wanted to give you one last update on Adeline. In March it will be a year since we adopted her - and both we and she are so glad we did. Thanks to Christy for putting together and updating a dogster page for her. You can see a lot how she has grown on there.

Anyhow, I'm not sure how the other PA 7 have adjusted but Adeline gets better every day. She still 'skulks' some when you call her to come but she does, eventually, come when called - sometimes a little reluctantly, other times she races to us. Outside she is an entirely different dog. She gets the "zoomies" quite a bit and it is quite a site to watch. She has this big stuffed yellow duck that she adores. We toss it around in the yard and she wrestles with it when she grabs it. She loves to take it into the bushes/flower bed and tussle with it there. I laugh out loud just watching her play. She is still very good on the leash and both her and I enjoy our walks together. When the weather is nice she and I go for walks on the Boardwalk at the beach. She gets a lot of attention but is somewhat shy about it all - at least down there.
She loves attention at home and is constantly looking for someone to rub her neck and behind her ears. She and I have developed an evening ritual where she will come into my little "office" and take treats from me and off of the arm of my chair. I just cannot tell you how much I love this little dog. She is wonderful and has made a big impact on me (and [my mom]).
We haven't had a thunderstorm in quite a while so I'm not sure how she reacts to them now. She would jump up and sit with one of us during a storm. We still have her crate up and in the corner of the living room and she still goes in there every now and then - but we leave her out all day and night and she has been very good in the house. She doesn't exactly tell us when she needs to go out but is very good waiting until we do. She also has (finally) started barking at the back door when she is ready to come in. She learned this from our Shitzu [Cupcake!] and gets better at it all the time. She is very alert and lets us know when someone is anywhere near the door - and barks like crazy when we come home in the evening.

She has a great appetite and has gained some decent weight in the last few months. She is very healthy and happy and gets better adjusted every day. She used to take her small squeaky toys from the basket into the Florida room - we think they might have been substitutes for the liters of puppies she has had. She doesn't do that much any more but does dote over Cupcake quite a bit.

I hope the other PA 7 have faired as well as Adeline. I realize that all it takes is a lot of love and a little patience and they will become "regular" dogs. We cannot love her enough and I know she knows how much she means to both of us. Thanks again for all the rescue folks do for all these dogs. We will, someday, adopt another - between Adeline, Shakespeare and Lacy, we have come to adore this breed."



October 26th 2009 2:22 pm
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Oh my, what a day I had yesterday! First my human sister and my cousins Shakespeare and Lacey came over, and we all love each other and I love when they come over cause we run around the yard and play together and have lots of fun. My mom and Lacey's mom put our matching pink "I'm a Rescue Dog" tee shirts on. Then my pawrents and human sis and cousins piled in my mom's car and we went to the beach. My pawrents walk me on the beach a lot, so that wasn't new, but yesterday was so different. For starters, Shakey and Lacey and their mom walked with us. And my own mom walked Lacey. I'm not sure if I liked that. My cousins walk all crazy on a leash, they kept coming near me, then far away, then they'd cut in front of me, sometimes they'd be in back, there was no pattern to their madness. I'm really good on a leash, unlike them, I just walk next to my dad and don't go too far away. As we all walked on the beach, I kept looking at my dad and he kept telling me it was ok.

As we were walking, I heard and smelled and saw a huge group of people and dogs, and we got up there and wow, there were so many of them all! I was a bit overwhelmed, I've never been around that many of them. Shakey and Lacey told me they've been to lots of these events (they call them Dog Fests) and that it was ok to mingle and sniff and bark and say hi. I dunno, I'm still a bit too shy for that. I stuck by my parents and human sis and I behaved very well. :)

When we all got home, me and my cousins played in the yard some more and my dad, who is easily impawressed (BOL), had me show off my ducky play trick to my human sister. See, me and dad go outside and he tosses my big yellow duckie and I get it and toss it around and paw at it and am adorable. I just love my yellow ducky! And my daddy! And mommy! My life is pawsome.

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