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Daily life...& Vitamins & Minerals

April 9th 2009 3:39 pm
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Hey pup-pals! I have had such a great week....the weather here is starting to warm up and mom said it is only a short time before we get to go to the dog park....there are pro's and con's to this! See, I am kinda getting up there in the age bracket! My birthday is coming up and I will hit the big 13 pretty soon and I just can't keep up with all those dog sometimes. Well, I know your like how in the world does this have to do anything with Vitamins & Minerals...but, you will just have to let me ramble because I know at one point I was heading towards talking about them...but, one thing at a time guys!
Ok- cons to the dog park....getting more baths because you always have to play in those puddles around the water dish because thats just way to much fun to resist even though mom always gets frustrated, but now I think she just prepares for it and brings a towel for her car and has all of our stuff ready to hop in the tub when we get home....or truly she has to catch me and carry me into the bathroom. I am not a big fan of baths. Its not that I don't like water because I love to swim, its just that I don't like baths!

Ok, so I promised Mom I would talk about vitamins & minerals for her! She mainly just wants me to tell you about how Nutro has all the essential Vitamins & Minerals added to their food to keep you healthy and full of energy! I have been reading a lot about Vitamin K so I though I would concentrate on that! Here is some good info that gets all the facts straight!

Nutro provides higher than normal levels of required vitamins and minerals, and some nutrients that are not required, as a form of nutritional insurance. Vitamin K is not required, but is added for this reason. We supplement all of our dry foods with a synthetic vitamin K (menadione). This is non-essential for dogs, and only needs to be
added to cat diets that contain very high levels of fish. Even though it is unnecessary, we supplement with vitamin K because it is our philosophy to exceed the minimum nutrient requirements.

Although menadione is approved for use in animal feed, the FDA does not allow its use in human supplements. There are some reports on the toxic effects of high levels of menadione intake. As a result, menadione is receiving bad press. There is a current internet report (from Germany) regarding the potential dangers of menadione.
There is a “natural” source of vitamin K activity (not menadione) that could be used. The negative associated with this is that it is not nearly as potent or bioavailable as the menadione form. Based on this, Nutro decided to use menadione.

Nutro uses menadione because it is effective, it is approved for animal feeds (in fact it is recommended by NRC) and it is not toxic or dangerous at our levels.

In 1985, the National Research Council Subcommittee on Dog Nutrition reviewed the potential toxicity of menadione or Vitamin K at high dosage levels, but recommended menadione supplementation for canine adult maintenance

Unlike the other fat-soluble vitamins, vitamin K is not stored in any significant quantity in the liver; therefore toxic levels are rarely achieved. Synthetic vitamin K (menadione) has double the potency of natural vitamin K on a perweight basis, resulting in a narrower margin of therapeutic safety. Because menadione is toxic at excessive dosages, the Food and Drug Administration has banned its use as an
over-the-counter supplement.

So, just remember moderation is key! Lots of things can be dangerous! If you drink to much water it can be fatal just as if you take to much of any kind of vitamins! So Menadione is not bad, it is only bad if it is consumed in high quantities just as anything!

I hope that sets the record straight!


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