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The Story Of Our Life by George

And now we are in Madrid, Spain...our second honeymoon.

May 25th 2010 1:29 am
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What a week this has been, nothing short of amazing. Yesterday Merry and I renewed our vows at The Casbah where we were wed on May, 22 2008. So many of our friends came to give us their support and to witness the renewal of our wedding vows. We were touched beyond will take us a week to send out thank you notes to those who came. Thank you everyone..xoxo

Tom J. Katt was the officiating minister who gave our vows. He took a crash course and became licensed so he could. Thank you Tom, you are a great brother. Sophie, Coty and BrandyIII...if it were not for them we could not have done this. Thank you Sophie, Coty and Brandy III.

The ceremony was beautiful.. even IF my wife thought it was an hour later. She had told me she had plenty of time to eat and do a couple things just the half hour before the guests began to arrive at 4:00p.m. Dogster/Catster time and I thought it was cutting it short but figured she knew her ability to do all that in that length of time.

Well time went on and no Merry.. so I thought she was being coy, you know not wanting me to see her wedding gown. Well the next thing I know I am talking to her at 4:30 p.m. and she said she was going into her game to post a new one....well, I thought "Cool as a Cucumber" unlike me with sweaty paws. Then she said Georgie where are you at? I said I am at the Casbah greeting our guests. She said OMD!!!! What are you TALKING about!!!??? I said just that baby...I'm greeting our guests as they come in. She said already?? I said Merry they have been coming in for half hour now.. then Sophie asked if she should begin and I SHOUTED NO!!!! I DON'T HAVE MY WIFE YET!!!! SHE IS LATE!!!!!!

Merry about fainted....she had NOT even put on her dress yet OMD!!! She ran and got dressed all flustered and embarrassed and I told everyone that she forgot the TIME to be there and we all have a great laugh about that, easing my tension.. Poor Merry was mortified but I told her that she again made the wedding memorable. :D I will NEVER forget my wife being LATE to our vow renewal. BOL! I LOVE YOU MERRY!!!!

The rest of the wedding went smoothly and beautifully, then we have a blow out reception after and was lots of fun. Her and I danced to Summer Wine, the first dance from our original wedding. How I loved dancing with her to that.. Thank you Merry for marrying me again. :) xoxo

After the reception we took the limo to the Moroccan airport where we then took our Casbah jet to Spain. We arrived this morning and are at the Hotel Puerto Madrid! What a BEAUTIFUL hotel it is right in the heart of Madrid and from there we will wind our way out thru the country exploring and having fun. We can come back to the hotel when we are tired. I am renting a car today....the taxi's leave MUCH to be desired ........right Merry? :D

I can't wait to see what today holds and each day we are thing I know for sure is it will be wonderful touring Spain with my wife. She is sure to bring lots of flavor to our trip.

Until next time.....Buenos Noches!

Barked by: MerryBelle Noelle Pie SSW (Dogster Member)

May 25th 2010 at 8:18 am

Oh Georgie thank you for asking me to be your wife again...♥ It was the most beautiful ceremony EVER!!! I may have been late .. I may have been flustered ..but once I looked into your eyes baby I meant ever word of my vows I said to you....

*Merry takes George's paw with tears in her eyes*

My dearest Georgie, My Cowboy ...Ever since the first nite I met you, 2 1/2 years ago, I have been swept away by your love. At that very instant I knew in my heart that we were meant to be. When you proposed to me on Valentines Day the love I felt was so amazing and felt it couldn't possibly get better.. well it did.. Our wedding day was spectacular and beautiful and when I said I DO .. I thought this was it and we were could it ever improve?... Well it did..It continued to grow every morning and every night and countless hours inbetween...thru all our worldwide adventures.... and then I met you in the fur.. that brought us even was an unforgetable experience...

But love can't be explained or measured, it can only be felt.. and each day I am with you I feel it Georgie... You fill my days with sunshine and my nights with stars... And although I thought I loved you then.. and can't imagine loving you more than at this very moment.. I know I will. I love you...and you mean everything to me...Georgie you became my life when I became your wife...

Yours eternally, Pomshe

Secret Garden 'The Things You Are To Me"

If I held in my hand,
Every grain of sand
Since time first began to me
Still I could never count,
Measure the amount;
Of all the things you are to me
If I paint the sky,
Hang it up to dry
I would want the sky to be
Oh, such a grand design
An everlasting sign
Of all the things you are to me

You are the sun that comes on summer winds
You are the falling year that autumn brings
You are the wonder and the mystery
In everything I see the things you are to me

Sometimes I wake at night
And suddenly takes fright
You're my vaguest fantasy
But then you reach for me
And once again I see
All the things you are to me.....:


And can't wait to see what awaits us in Spain!!!!! YES rent the car!!! BOL !!




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