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June 1st 2009 8:19 am
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Did a little exploring over the weekend. I found that the pool is deep & I don't have my waterwings yet. But dad was there to pull me out. Refreshing isn't the word for this dip but it did teach me a valuable lesson, don't go near the pool without parental supervision OR until I learn to swim better!!

It's been too cold for swimming lessons so I have stuck to my own personal pool. It's only a couple of inches deep and manageable. Mom puts the hose & I can't seem to catch the water. She giggles until she can't take it any more. I'm not finding the funny part.


Just the girls

May 1st 2009 5:03 am
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Tomorrow the boys are going fishing. Mom & I have the day all to ourselves. We are definitely going for a long walk, maybe with Pam & Layla (my sister) in the woods. We get together whenever we can. It's like looking in a big mirror. Layla's seven months already & a big girl. I'm still growing but getting bigger every day.

Big day tomorrow, better get some sleep tonight!


Spring has sprung

April 17th 2009 2:30 am
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What is all this brown & green stuff that they call grass? I liked the snow.

Busy days start with barking at myself in the window reflection. Seems to crack the folks up. I'm having deep & meaningful communication and they are laughing.

I am tipping the scales at +30 & adding ~3#s a week. Dr. says I'm gonna be a big girl. Mom is making all our food now to assure that we grow up big & strong. I like it when she cooks; good stuff like meatloaf, stew & hot dish. YUM!! My favorite is pumpkin & yogurt pancakes in the morning. What a way to start the day.

Life is good.


Road Trip

April 11th 2009 3:39 am
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Our first road trip yesterday and the folks said that I shined like a new penny.

Jack and I got the back seat to share. I have to admit that we slept most of the way and it's hard to get into mischief when you're sleeping. But, when I was awake, I sat nicely & watch the scenery from my own window!!

We all went together for a walk in the woods and then dad took us for a stroll through town. He says that Jack & I made him very proud.

I'm a great traveler.


First Puppy Class

April 7th 2009 4:17 am
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The family went to puppy class last night. Jack went when he was a pup & now it's my turn. There is so much to learn but I'm working hard & we're going to practice during the week.

The only bummer of the thing is that the trainer is concerned that I am bonding with Jack & not with mom & dad as much as I should. I love them madly but she's probably right. He's my bud, I go where he goes & do what he does. This is fine except, I look to him first & not to the parents. : ( That's bad.

But things have changed already. I was very good at class & learned new things. I can do this on my own and still be pals with Jack, only better. It's all very exciting.

My infection is clearing up & I'm back to the vet for a check-up this week. Healthy & happy!


Not so happy about that thermometer

April 5th 2009 11:49 am
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All the shots are done but I REALLY don't like that thermometer!! And, I'm not too happy about needles either!

Had to go back to the vet yesterday, Wild River, they are the greatest. Little bumps on my belly have mom & dad very concerned. Somehow, somewhere, I have picked up an infection. All that tossing around I do with Jack probably. They took fluid & checked my temp. My temp is normal but I will be on puppy pills for about a week. Whew, vet says it was a good catch. Stuff like this spreads in little ones like me.

Funny thing, I'm not so little any more. 6 weeks ago I was a mite at ~9lbs. On Monday this week I tipped the scales at 27.2. Five days later I'm 28.8. I guess you really can hear me growing!

The family went for a very long walk today with vet approval. I kept up like big girl, even shared the window with Jack but I'm bushed. Do you see the difference in the first "snow" picture & the one from today? Holy cats. I was at dad's ankel & now I'm at his knees. That huge if you knew how big dad was!

We're going on our first road trip this week. Can't wait!


Puppy Class

April 1st 2009 11:42 am
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I am very excited! Mom tells me that I start puppy class next week. Jack (my big brother) tells me that Katie (KTK9) is a great teacher and I will learn many new things. The whole family is going along.

At the vet earlier this week I weighed in at 27.2 pounds (@ 12 weeks). Mom says that if you listen real close you can hear me growing. The vet estimates that between paws & current rate of growth I could push 90 or even 100 pounds by my first year. Is that alot?

Jack is sharing the car window with me on trips. It's great fun and I feel just like a big girl. It's been a whole week without an accident. Mom & dad are very proud. It's so easy to go to the door & bark. They open the door & out I go. What's the big deal? They act as if I have just worked a miracle or something.

We have been busy around the house but more photos are coming soon. Thanks for sharing my life with me & my family.


Going down?

March 22nd 2009 8:12 am
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I am taking some very big steps these days. Today I conquered the stairs to the second floor. This is HUGE for mom & dad meaning that they don't have to carry me when I have to potty in the middle of the night! They are proud of me today. Jack & dad were encouraging me from downstairs & mom was making sure that I couldn't fall. It was a family affair & we all celebrated. It's a good day.

Yesterday I got my own window in the car. Mind you, it wasn't open but the view was all mine. Mom took me for a training walk. The leash isn't a big deal cuz it's on me all the time. It's this "heel" thing I was having trouble with. I get it now; it's all to keep me safe.

Jack & I are playing outside all the time. Mom doesn't like how wet & dirty we get but we are having a blast. Jack is such a good brother. He's my best pal.

KTK9's class is next month. I can't wait. Jack took it when he was my age & I will have a bit of an edge. It'll be a great opportunity for me to socialize with other pups my age. What fun!

Hard to believe that I am only going to be twelve weeks next week. I have come such a long way since my first night here. We are a family!


Up, up and away!

March 15th 2009 9:49 am
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Yesterday, I amazed the folks by taking a solo journey up the stairs. These are no ordinary stairs either. Yes, they go up but they are a whole story tall & completely open. No fear!! I wanted to go see my big brother Jack. I think he hides upstairs but I found him.

Mom & I are training together every day. I have the walk thing down but am not so happy about "Come". Everything is so new & exciting that I just can't resist. But that's the charm of being a puppy. Good thing we're so cute. Potty is outside & I know to be snarky when I want to go out there. Ten weeks & I'm learning so much.

We took a trip to town today. I put on my big girl pants & rode in the back seat with Jack. The view out the window wasn't all it's cracked up to be so I settled in on the floor for a nap. Must be the motion of the car, I just get snoozy. Mom says that's a good thing. Apparently I going through a growth spurt. I'm growing into my feet, my legs are longer & my ears are standing up.

Dad & I had some time together while mom was up north for three whole days (with Jack). We sure missed them. Dad says that next time we go away we can all go together. What is "camping" anyway?


Two Weeks Already?

March 4th 2009 7:31 am
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Tomorrow I will be nine weeks old and with my new family for two. I'm having a great time. Jack is the bestest big brother ever. He plays with me & shares his food & treats.

I sleep alot now but can't wait until I am big & can play in the yard with Jack. The cat & I aren't seeing eye to eye and just isn't any fun. That's OK.

The whole family goes for long walks. I keep up OK. There's always a "ride" if I get tired. On trips in the car I get to sit in front with mom & dad. I was a big girl & rode with Jack in the back seat for a while. He's so big though that I have to be careful. Mom & dad are looking for a bigger car now that I have come along. I will have my own window & everything.

Happy Birthday to ME!!

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