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My Diary

March 9th 2009 4:51 pm
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Wooo hoo, I’m cured!!!! Those nasty heartworms are GONE FOREVER!!!!! I am so excited I can run and play and chase the ball. I think I could do back flips I’m so happy! I have one more thing to do before I can come to your house to live forever. Tomorrow my foster mom says I am going to be neutered, not sure I like the sound of that, but if it means I can find my VERY OWN FAMILY, well then let’s get ‘er done.

I am soooo ready for a family to call my own. I know sit and down. I wait to come in the house and for my food. I like treats and toys, soft ones and chewy ones too. Mostly I just want to have you pet me, but I’m not too pushy. Sometimes I talk to you when I REALLY need to go outside and you have forgotten. I don’t EVER potty in the house. I am crate trained. I walk well on the leash. I’m a laid back guy; rarely see the need to bark. Don’t you need someone to watch the games on TV with you? Nascar is OK too.

Put your application in I just know that now that I am fully healthy there must be a family out there just for me.




February 16th 2009 7:34 pm
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Good morning, it is nice and sunny here in Virginia today. I have been outside and I so want to play. Friday I go to the vet for what should be my LAST treatment for these nasty heartworms; I wish my previous owner had loved me enough to protect me from them. I am still on crate rest until my test comes back negative. My mom does let me out of my crate if I promise to just lie at her feet and be good. I have a really hard time with staying quiet. I feel better and I want to play, so I pick up a toy and walk around asking for someone to play tug with me. Soon, I will be able to run and play just like the other dogs.

Have you put in your application yet? Are you approved and just waiting for me to be healthy again? I sure hope so, I am ready for my forever home.

I would like a home with another dog; I like to have someone to play with. Oh, you don’t have another dog? Well, then just check out the many dogs on the Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue website and pick a playmate for me. You know what they say two are better than one!

Hope to meet you soon,


February 16th 2009 7:33 pm
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Hey forever family, PALMER here. Sorry I forgot to write but where do I start? You know that old saying “Sick as a DOG” well they have no idea how sick a dog can be. I arrived at my new foster home and my mom found out I had a UTI. Do you know how many times you have to GO with one of those? I had my first heartworm treatment on December the 8th and I have been on crate rest ever since, how boring. I miss playing with my fur sister. Playing tug of war with her was one of my favorite things to do. Ya can’t do that through a crate!

This week my foster mom brought in two little whiney things she said were puppies, I wasn’t too interested. My fur sister is teaching them manners. I just stay in my crate and eat treats. I do like skin babies they smell so good. I let them love on me even when they are a little rough. Did you know skin babies pull ears?

I love to cuddle with my skin sister and she loves to cuddle with me too. Dad says no dogs on the furniture but when he isn’t looking she sneaks me up to her room, then I take over the WHOLE BED, covers and all. What fun!

Monday I am going to the vet again for the second part of my heartworm treatment. Paws crossed that I get cured, and then you could take me HOME with you.

I walk very well on a leash; I will even walk beside you without the leash. I am very quiet; I don’t talk back like my fur sister (or the skin kids here). I am a very laid back boy, but don’t think that means I am a couch potato. When these nasty worms are gone I will be MORE than ready to play. I love rope toys and my bottle buddy, oh and treats, did I mention I like LOTS of treats? I know sit and I wait politely to eat.

Check out my new pictures, isn’t this a face you want forever in YOUR home? Get your application in now, I will soon be ready to join your family.

Palmer, AKA Arnie, well that’s what my foster dad calls me, everybody else calls me Palmie. I don’t care what you call me just CALL ME.


February 16th 2009 7:33 pm
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Ladies and Gentleman, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is
Palmer and I am brand new to BRBR. My foster dad says that I am named
after 'the King' Arnold Palmer. Sounds like a lot to live up to but
he thinks that I have the potential!!

BRBR saved me from my previous life, and just in the nick of time
too. See, I hadn't been feeling too well and now we know why. First,
I am very skinny. Too skinny to be neutered in fact...not sure I like
the sound of that anyway. I also had hookworms but I have got those
taken care of already. Finally, I have a case of heartworms as well.
My foster dad says that I need to get my weight up before I can start
my heartworm treatment. That shouldn't be too hard because I have a
ravenous appetite and he pretty much gives me as much food as I can
eat. First time I can remember having three meals a day in a LONG

Being that I was an outside dog, I have to refine my manners a bit. I
like to 'mark' my territory which my foster dad is already working
with me to stop. He says that neutering will help this
problem...again, do I have to!?!? He has said that he can tell I am
very smart and eager to please. He says I have a very sweet
personality and a very calm temperment...I should learn quickly. I am
right by his side when given the opportunity. Unfortunately, I'm on a
lot of crate rest. That gets kinda boring but my foster dad says it's
the best way for me to get healthy right now. I guess I'll have to
take his word for it. Besides, it could be worse...I get toys, 3
meals a day, treats, and a nice comfy bed to sleep on. All right in
my crate!! It's like my own little Boxer suite!! It's certainly
better than the pen that I was kept in before!!

Any-whoo...just wanted to introduce myself. It might be a little
while before I'm ready for adoption, unless there is a really special
someone out there. But check back often, I will keep you all updated
on my progress. I've already accomplished a great deal, thanks to
BRBR. Talk to you again soon!!

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Palmer (RIP Sweet Boy!!!)


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