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August 25th 2015 5:34 pm
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sorry we haven't posted in quite some time now.. have been sooo busy! I became my Mom's service dog... I am good at it! I lost my human Grandmother. that was tough... I got a pup sister, Choctaw...
My Mom has been busy with us, training Choctaw to be a service dog too to help me out, being an animal advocate, helping pups find homes, and trying to raise funds for a handicap vehicle. Now without my Grandmother, it has been difficult on my Mom to be able for us to go anywhere.
Will post pic of me with my sister...
luvs to all.


Today's good news!!!!!!

September 2nd 2010 6:51 pm
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Today the vet said Chester can go back to all his normal activities... he came home and let the rabbits know that he was back in action!!!!!!! he put them on the run!!!!!



August 30th 2010 2:44 pm
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Today Chester is up walking around watching out at the rabbits and the birds!!!!!! I cannot express my thankfulness for answered prayers, loving pals and an incredible veterinary staff!


Chester is home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 27th 2010 1:27 pm
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Thankyou to all of his pals for the love, prayers and gifts. As you know, Chester was bitten Wednesday night by a rattlesnake. It was very serious. I would also like to thank his wonderful vet, Dr. Rob and the entire staff at Big Sky Pet Center in Billings, Montana. They not only gave him all the treatment and tests he needed, but showed him so much love and support during his entire stay. I am sure that made all the difference!!! We were able to bring Chester home today!!!!! He still needs prayers as he is very swollen all over and severely bruised all over and in a lot of discomfort. We are so happy to have him home!!!! he is the sweetest little being in the world! Thankyou to everyone for all the prayers and support! That got us both through!


thankyou all

August 26th 2010 11:15 am
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thanyou to everyone for prayers and gifts. He is still at vet's in bad shape. please continue to pray


urgent prayer requests

August 25th 2010 10:54 pm
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Chester was bitten by a rattlesnake Wednesday night. He is at vet's in bad shape. Please pray for him to pull through


My Christmas!!!!!!

December 27th 2009 8:58 am
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Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I sure did!!!! My Mom posted some pics of our Christmas...... I was having a great time!!!! My Mom, my Grandma and me!!!!!!....... and the presents !!!!!!!!!! Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!


I won!!!!!

November 4th 2009 11:36 am
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I won a contest and my photo will be published in a book!!!! the book will come out later this month!!!!!! one step closer to being a star!!!!


uh-oh! it's winter again!!!!

October 9th 2009 9:06 am
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already freezing outside and snow is falling! what's a boy to do???? I get bored so easily with menial tasks, I need something to keep my attention at last!!!! My sweet Mom had an idea. She took the part that makes animal sounds out of the part I destroyed and put it in something else. I was intrigued, but still this just wasn't enough... so she tied a leash around the treadmill and hooked the new version of the toy on it and tied a rag to it so I could play tug of war with it too!!!!! now that is fun!!!! I work and work trying to free the anmals in there!!!!! so far to no avail, but fear not dear critters in the toy, I'll get you out! after all I am Wonderboy!!!!!!



September 24th 2009 11:04 am
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What a surprise...
Ok..I've been tagged
September 24th 2009 10:38 am
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by my friend Sandra Marie

here are the rules: Answer all the questions & post them in your diary, then tag 5 friends by sending them a rosette or pawmail.

1. WHAT COLOR IS YOUR COLLAR? My collar and Harrness are caramel colored leather

2. WHAT KIND OF FOOD DO YOU EAT? My Mom and Grandma cook all my meals and treats!

3. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE TREATS? oatmeal and pumpkin cookies and bits of roast, steak or chicken. in the summer I like frozen cubes of pumpkin


5. DO YOU GET TABLE SCRAPS? scraps??? I get a whole meal!!!!

6. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE TOY? anything I can play tug of war with and antlers

my vet and my Mom determined my birthday to be around June 15th

8. HOW MANY TIMES A DAY DO YOU GET TO EAT? because of being so deprived in my former environment, I eat 3 times a day, just smaller portions for breakfast and lunch so I won't feel neglected.


10.DO HOPE ALL YOUR PALS PUT THIS IN THEIR DIARY? If they want to & have the time...yes.

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