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A Little Sunshine in your life.....

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Some Days it's a Bad Idea to go Out of the Yard

October 2nd 2012 10:06 am
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I was told never to go out alone, but being the curious boy I am, I went for a stroll without Mom.....but I heard her calling me and I tried to hurry back home so she wouldn't be upset.

I guess the driver didn't see me and I didn't know I had to wait for him, so you can guess what happened. But when I woke up, I was in a really beautiful place with lots of friends around to play with and you know how I love to play...and you won't believe how beautiful my new wings are and I have my very own Earth Window to keep track of my family.

Well, I think I better go for now...I have lots of playing to do and I think I see a familiar fur coming this way! Love, Sunny Sunshine


From Rainbow Bridge

October 3rd 2011 5:41 am
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Mommie, I am sorry to have left you in such a way. I know it was very difficult for you to see and I regret that my call came so quickly. I wish I could have given you one more hug and one more kiss before I had to leave, but be assured that I am still guarding you when you sleep just the way I did when I was there with you....I am just doing it from the Rainbow Bridge now. Sweet Sadie and Gizmo were here to greet me and several others that said they were family but I never met until I got here. We are all waiting to be your escorts when it is time, but please take your time.....we are happy to wait for you.

Could you tell Ravan and Sweetheart and the kitties that I wish I could have said goodbye but there was not time for me to do that. I will miss them and be here to greet them when they come to wait for you too.

Give my very special love to Ashley and baby Kendra and Joe. I know this has hurt them as well. But you must all remember that I love you very much and I will be here waiting patiently for each of you.

Please don't cry now. I am fine and my teeth don't hurt and I don't have those limping spells anymore either. I love you so much and I am sending puppy hugs and kisses to comfort you.

All my love,
Sunny Sunshine ~ Angel Dog


Happy Anniversary to Me and my Bon Bon

May 25th 2009 8:25 pm
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A year has passed and I can't believe it. My Bonnie and I celebrate our first Annifursary today. What a wonderfur year it has been. She is my dream come true and I hope we have many more years together.

I have a little pressie for you sweetie. Keep your eyes open. It will be there soon.

Kisses to my Bon Bon,

Sunny Sunshine


Bonnie and I will soon be Married......

May 24th 2008 10:08 pm
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I have spent the evening doing the final preparations for my wedding to the girl pup of my dreams. My beautiful Bon Bon will soon be my wife. This time tomorrow we will be on a flight to our honeymoon destination.

If I sleep tonight, it will be a minor miracle. I am so excited I can hardly wait for Sassy to pronounce us dog and wife. Then our lives will be forever one and we will begin our adventure as husband and wife.

Bonnie, I promise to love you always, to treat you with respect, and to honor you in every way I possibly can. You are the light of my life, the wind beneath my wings and a joy to me like I never dreamed possible. Thank you for agreeing to be my bride. I love you my sweet girl, now and always.

Dreaming of you,
Sunny Sunshine


My Winter Wonderland

December 11th 2007 8:25 pm
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A Dogs Christmas Carol
(sung to the tune of Winter Wonderland)

Dog tags ring, are you listening'?
In the lane, snow is glistenin'.
It's yellow, NOT white I've been there tonight,
Marking up my winter wonderland.

Smell that tree? That's my fragrance.
It's a sign for wandering vagrants;
Avoid where I pee, it's MY pro-per-ty!
Marked up as my winter wonderland.

In the meadow dad will build a snowman,
following the classical design.
Then I'll lift my leg and let it go Man,
So all the world will know that it's

Straight from me to the fence post,
flows my natural incense boast;
Stay off my TURF, this small piece of earth,
I marked it as my winter wonderland."


My Beautiful Bon Bon tagged me.....

October 16th 2007 3:28 pm
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Here are the rules of this dogster game of "tag" in case you've never gotten a chance to play. When you are tagged, you post 7 random facts about yourself, compose a "new DIARY entry" along with the rules and put them in your own DIARY. Then you pick 7 furs (kitties or doggies) to tag but make sure you tell them... a simple p-mail will do fine, or a rosette to tell them, but you must let them know that they have been tagged. Post their names also in your DIARY.

1. I love to to tricks.

2. I can jum really high.

3. I go to the beach with my hooman sister.

4. I have have moved to Michigan with my hooman sister.

5. I was adopted from a nail-tech who didn't want me anymore.

6. I my own "babies" that are tiny stuffies.

7. I am afraid of new people until the let me decide to make up with them.

The seven friends that I am tagging are:
Scrappie Dew
Jumpin' Jack Flash

Tag you're it!


I'm Happy to Announce...............

August 11th 2007 4:39 pm
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I am sooooo honored and pleased to tell efurrypup that the beautiful Bonnie (dogster # 581800) has agreed to be my girlfuriend. She is sweet and wonderful and I am the luckiest pup around. She and I are hoping that our hoomans might be able to meet someplace when I move to Michigan so we can meet. It might still be too far, but we have our paws crossed.


I'm Leaving for Michigan in a week

August 10th 2007 2:12 pm
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Yes, it is true. I am going for a really LONG bye bye with my hooman sister and her boyfriend. They are moving to Michigan and I get to go!!!!! We will be gone for two or maybe three years before we come back to Denver. I AM SOOOOO EXCITED! I will have my very own hoomans and I won't have to share them with anypup!

I am going to miss mommy and Ravan and Sweetheart though. But it will be a great adventure and my hooman sister will have me there to take care of her. That makes mommy feel better about her going.

Mommy says she will keep giving me a voice on Dogster though, so you will all be hearing from me.

Sunny Sunshine


It's My Bark Day Everypup!

May 27th 2007 10:44 am
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WOW! I like Bark Day's! You really must have one.

I had a pawty last night with my MPMM pals and this morning mommie helped me open ALL those packages that have been showing up with my name on them. Boy I thought I would never get to do that, but check out the pictures of all the Pressies I got from my pals.


Hugs from Sunny Sunshine


Just to Clarify things............

February 11th 2007 2:46 pm
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When entering my domain remember the following:

1. If I like it, it's mine.
2. If I saw it first, it's mine.
3. If it's in my mouth, it's mine.
4. If I can take it from you, it's mine.
5. If I had it a little while ago, it's mine.
6. If it's mine, it must never appear to be yours in any way.
7. If I'm chewing something up, all the pieces are mine.
8. If it looks like mine, it's mine.
9. If you're playing with something and you put it down, it automatically becomes mine.
10. If it's broken, it's yours.

Great rules don't you agree?

High five,
Sunny Sunshine

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