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A New Beginning

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Costume Parade!

June 28th 2014 5:23 pm
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Today was the first day of the Maynard Farmer's Market. You can imagine my surprise when mom started dressing me in one of my costumes! They had a costume parade! It was for anyone who wanted to dress up. Mostly it was children, but there were adults to. I was the only dressed up dog although they did say dogs were welcome. We got there just as they were headed out of the parking lot, so we jumped into line. We walked through town, down to the park and then back again. Everyone was taking my picture, pointing and looking at me! I felt famous!! A few people even called my name!!! A newspaper reporter came up to daddy and asked for my name and daddy's name. We might be in the paper! You never know!!! Wouldn't that be something!! It was hot at the Farmer's Market and I was panting quite a bit. Mom suggested that daddy take me to the pond to dip my paw pads. I ended up going right into the pond up to chest! The water felt so good!! It was too deep to lie down in so I stood there for about 5 minutes to cool down. That felt SO good. Later mom and dad went for the orientation for me to become a therapy pet. I couldn't go- only mom and dad. Next we have to schedule my test. I am not sure yet when that will be. The test we wanted to do is full. Mom wrote and asked them if they could still squeeze me in. If not I may have to wait until a future date. We shall have to wait and see.


I Got A Certificate!

June 23rd 2014 5:04 am
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Friday was a sad day. My Facebook friend, Gordon, made his journey to the Rainbow Bridge. He was 13 years old and had bad arthritis in his spine and hips and also had a muscular atrophy disease. He was in a lot of pain and although he fought it for a very long time, he finally told his mom that he had enough and was ready to make his journey into spirit. He always had a smile on his face and he loved to wear hats! We live about 90 minutes away from him and daddy had said that maybe this summer we would take a road trip to meet him. Now we won't be able to. Run Free at the bridge Gordon!

Sunday was a wonderful day. Mom, dad and I went to Greyhound Friend's volunteer picnic this afternoon. They gave me a certificate thanking me for being a great canine ambassador!! Wow!! I am SO honored! Mom says she will buy a frame for it so I can hang it on my wall. I also got to see a lot my best friends- Thor, Teddy, Ripley and my brother, Fast. Johnny B and Cella didn't come with their mom. I was hoping to see them too. Mom and dad got certificates too. That was so nice of Greyhound Friends to do that.Mom and dad also got a $25 gift certificate to spend in the store. Mom got a T-shirt and a stuffed greyhound. Daddy got a vest and I got cookies!!!!


Exciting News!

June 14th 2014 3:46 pm
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HI everybody. I have some exciting news! I may become a therapy dog! Mom and dad are looking into it right now. They have to go to an orientation in 2 weeks and then I get tested. I really miss not going to the nursing home now that grandpa is gone. I used to love being around the residents and making them happy. I am not scared of wheelchairs, walkers or oxygen machines either. Please wish me luck that my dream comes true.

BOL, BOL. I wish I had had a camera. Mom and and dad emptied my pool because it was getting a bit dirty. Mom went to refill the pool and when she turned on the water to the hose, she hit the connector piece and it fell off. Water was flying every where. Mom got soaking wet! She screamed and jumped about 5 feet. She yelled to daddy but he couldn't get to the turn off faucet because he was blocked by a wall of water!! Mom had to climb over the basement bulkhead to turn it off. Mom caught me laughing at her. I did a few zoomies around the yard, laughing the whole time. She finally did get my pool filled again and I went right in it.


The Whisker Walk

June 8th 2014 1:50 pm
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What a fun day I had today. Mom and dad brought me to the Whisker Walk, It is a huge pet fair held at the Lancaster Fairgrounds. I got so excited when I knew where I was. It was a hot day but every booth had water bowls out. We walked around and looked at all the booths and rescue groups. One booth asked me if I wanted a tattoo! Mom said I already had two real tattoos in my ears! This one was just a temporary spray on so I said I would get one. I choose a pink star and they sprayed it on my butt! LOL!!! I got to see my brother, Fast. It is always nice to see him. We went to the Blessing of the Pets ceremony and then we did the walk. I was near the front of the group the whole time. Mom cheered for me when I crossed the finish line. It wasn't really a race but it made it more fun! I spent some time in the Greyhound Option's rescue booth. Mom and dad talked with the people there and I laid down in the shade and took a rest. We also worked at the Greyhound Friend's booth for awhile. I let people pet me and mom and dad helped to talk about greyhound adoption. On our way back to the car, mom checked to see if I had won the Top Dog contest. I didn't win. A dog named Bella won. I crashed in my bed when I got home. I also drank almost my whole water bowl. It was really hot outside. I took a nap and mom and dad went out to get a few things. When they got back they told me I had a surprise in the back yard. They bought me a pool!! The water was nice and cold and felt good on my paw pads. I took a little drink too. What a great day!!!


Greyhound Rescue of New England's yard sale!

June 7th 2014 3:00 pm
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What a fun day I had today. Mom, dad and I went to Greyhound Rescue of New England's huge yard sale. All the money made went to help rescued greyhounds. The yard sale was held at my auntie Carla's house in her big barn. There were so many amazing things that they put some of the things outside too. I got to play in the big yard with my friend's Gill, Skylar, Izzy, Miya, Dash, Atlas and Dolly. We could go in and out of the house as we pleased. There was even a pool for us to play in. I had such a good time. Mom and dad helped at the yard sale and also bought some more things. The yard sale is going on tomorrow too, but mom said we are going to the Whisker Walk!!!


I Made Mom Laugh

June 4th 2014 8:27 am
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I made mom laugh this morning. Daddy made her a new CD to ride her spin bike to. I was laying in the workout room on the floor. Mom started playing the first song to warm up and I really liked it! It is called something like "Best Day Of My Life". About a minute into the song I started to sing! Mom was laughing so hard she almost fell off the bike!! Mom was glad I only sang to that one song as she wouldn't have been able to do her ride. Mom rides really intensely and that is hard to do when you are laughing!

Petey has been coming again for Day care. His mom still lives far away but Petey's new pet sitter broke her leg and can't watch him any more. he will be with us for a few more weeks. He is nice and I like him. He likes to play with my cat brother, Ben. They chase each other around.

Mom says I have a big weekend coming up. I think I will get plenty of naps in this week to get ready.


I Ate A Muzzle!

May 26th 2014 7:20 pm
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We had a fun day today. It was Memorial day so mom and dad invited a few friends to our house for veggie hot dogs and veggie burgers. Caryn Amy and Jeffrey brought Thor, Ripley and Teddy over! We got to run and play in my yard and we all got some veggie dogs. Thor and I had a great run together. Thor had a muzzle because sometimes he doesn't like people reaching towards his face. He was fine with everyone though so his mom took off his muzzle. I saw it and decided that I wanted to bring it to my bed, so I did. For some reason I like muzzles. I took Johnny B and Cella's muzzle too when we visited their house. Anyway one minute I was laying in my bed next to the muzzle and the next minute I decided that it looked rather tasty! I ended up eating the strap that goes around the head! Mom isn't too worried as it was mostly a cloth like material. I did eat some plastic though. I ate a good dinner, kept everything down OK so mom thinks it will pass through me just fine. She will keep an eye on me and my poop over the next couple of days. Mom and dad feel bad because I ruined Thor's muzzle. Mom offered to buy a new one to replace the one I ate. Mom says I should just eat real food from now on.



May 25th 2014 5:53 am
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This morning I thought it would be fun to get back at mom and dad for giving me a bath yesterday. When she let me out into the yard this morning I did a little excavating. Daddy had filled up the hole I had dug last night. I carefully re-dug my hole. I tried to look very sweet and innocent when I came back to the door but mom took a quick look down at my feet and saw......muddy paws! She went back to the sink and came back with wet and dry paper towels. She came out onto the deck and washed my legs and all four paws! Busted! Oh well. I still had fun digging and daddy doesn't know it yet be has the hole to refill!!



May 24th 2014 4:32 pm
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Today mom and Dad took me to Petco so I could spend my gift card that won at Greyhound Friends in the costume contest. I was so happy to see that my canned dog food had some new flavors. Mom bought me two of each kind. I also bought some treats for myself. I like going to Petco as there are always other dogs there to meet. We got back into the car and I thought we would be going home. I thought everything was great until daddy turned the car into Dirty Hairy's Dog Wash! OH NO! I was getting a BATH! Sure enough, they took me inside. Mom and dad had the crazy idea that I was willingly going to walk up the stairs and get in the tub. No way! I just put on the breaks and stood there. Daddy had to pick me up and lift me into the tub. Once I was in there, I was OK. Mom and dad put on their aprons and gave me a shampoo and conditioner. I didn't mind the warm water and I was good about not shaking and getting them wet. They dried me off with towels which felt nice. Daddy had to lift me out of the tub too. I didn't want any part of those steps. Once out of the tub I did a good shake. A man that worked there trimmed my nails and then, the best part, I got a new bandanna. This one has minions on it. It is really cute! Now I smell funny but mom thinks I smell good. She said I was getting stinky. I totally disagree but you have to please the humans. My coat is all nice and shiny though and it felt good to get rid of some of the dead winter hair. On our way home we stopped at the other pet store near our house to get cat food for Ben and Charlie. Petco doesn't carry that brand. Since Ben is allergic to chicken mom has to buy several different brands of cat food. Mom and dad bought me a cookie. That was good. I guess it was a good day after all.


Mom Won A Ribbon In The Dog Show!

May 18th 2014 3:04 pm
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What a fun day I had today! Mom, dad and I went to Greyhound Friend's Spring Open House! It was a beautiful day!! We worked at the Silent Auction and Raffle booth again. Mom and dad set me up in my exercise pen and put my blanket over it to make some shade. Believe it or not, the neighbors white rabbit came to the open house. He kept his distance but he was really taking a chance on his life! Things got even better when daddy bought me a hot dog! That was so yummy! A lot of my friends where there. I saw my half brothers Fast and Padfoot and my friends Thor, Teddy and Ripley and many others. New England Patriots Michael Hoomanawanui and Joe Vellano came to sign autographs and take pictures. One of daddy's co-workers is a huge fan. He couldn't come so he asked daddy to get autographs for him. Daddy did. Mom took pictures of daddy with the Patriots! The Patriots even judged the dog show! Mom tried to get me to sing in the Best Trick competition. Only mom ended up singing! BOL!!! I just stood there and made mom look very silly!! Mom won 4th place!!! She gave me the milk bone but she told me that the ribbon was hers!!! When we were leaving the ring we saw a dog that just looked just like me. Our mom's decided to enter the Find Your Twin contest. We did and we won!!! I got a nice blue ribbon and a cool toy. While Longest Tail was going on, mom dressed me for the costume contest. I was a girl leprechaun! She bought most of the costume in Gettysburg and added my pink wig and orange shirt. The New England Patriots where taking pictures of ME!!!! I am not joking!! They had their phones out and both of them took MY picture! WOW!! I won first place!! I got a huge rosette, another cool toy and a $25 gift certificate to Petco. I am not sure what I want to buy yet. After the contest I went back to my pen and relaxed a bit. I did win mom a polo shirt in the raffle. Mom was happy. The polo shirt is white and it matches the ribbon she won!!! BOL!!

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