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Busy Day!

August 18th 2013 9:27 am
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Yesterday was a very busy day. Mom and dad were working at the MayDOG (Maynard Dog Owners) booth at the farmer's market. MayDOG is letting mom advertise her doggy day care and dog training. It was a beautiful morning. It was not too hot- just the right temperature. Mom and dad let me go too! They brought my blanket and we were under a tent so we had some nice shade. Once I settled in, I had a lot of fun. I liked socializing with the people at the next table. On one side was a bakery and on the other it was the Maynard Community table. I got lots of attention from both! Mom got several interested people in doggy day care so I got to meet all of their dogs as I will be spending the day with them. I liked them all!! Another greyhound came to the market so daddy let me go over to meet her. She didn't need day care or training but it was nice to meet one of my own. Later in the morning daddy took me over to the groomers so I could get my nails trimmed. I didn't like that part very much. My nails were getting long, so I was happy when it was over. When we got back to the booth, daddy bought me a doggy muffin from the bakery next door! She had made special dog muffins!! Wow was that good!! It was a wonderful morning. A lot of people came by the booth and mom actually got one client who is bringing her 2 dogs on Wednesday!! I was tired when I got home and planed on a quiet afternoon. That didn't happen. Right after lunch, we all got in the car and daddy drove us to NH. He let me and mom off at Grandpa's house. Then he left to go to his class reunion. I am not sure what that means but daddy had fun. Mom and I hung out with Grandpa. I got to play in grandpa's back yard and mom had brought me some cookies to snack on. Later in the evening grandpa and mom took me for a short walk up the street. Grandpa can't walk very far, but he tries. Mom said that Grandpa's birthday will be on Monday and he will be 86 years old!! Happy Birthday Grandpa!!! I got a late supper. It was 9PM by the time we got home. I'm still a little tired!!


Daily Diary Pick!

August 14th 2013 7:46 am
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Wow! I just found out that my diary was selected once again as a Daily Diary Pick of the day! I am honored. Thank you Dogster!

A quiet day today. I have been mostly napping. Mom has been working with me everyday so I can learn my colors. I'm getting the hang of it!


International Day!

August 10th 2013 4:26 pm
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Two weeks ago, mom's granddaughter came to stay with us. I am usually afraid of kids but I like this one! Her name is Davina. I slept in her room every night. During the day, all the humans went off doing things. I had my new pet sitter come and let me out so I could do my duty. At first I was a little shy as I didn't know her very well. By the end of the week, I was looking forward to her visit. Now that Davina is gone back home, I kind of miss her. She was very gentle with me.

Today was International Day at Greyhound Friends. We left early this morning in order to get there on time. There was a big tent set up so we would stay cool. It was a beautiful day! In fact it was just about perfect except it was a bit windy. Things did blow around a bit. Mom was surprised and delighted to see that Linda Evans had come. No, not the actress. She is a greyhound artist that puts hidden greyhounds in her pictures. We have two of her prints in the living room. When we were socializing before the speakers, a whole bunch of people seemed to know me! They are friends with me on Facebook!! I felt almost famous. They kept coming up to me saying "I know Isis from Facebook!" Mom and dad got a kick out of it. We listened to all the speakers. They were all very interesting.They had speakers from Ireland and Spain as well the United States. Happy to say things are slowly improving for us all over the world. We did have one nice long break for lunch. I got to socialize with the other greyhounds that were there. During the second half of the day a huge gust of wind knocked over Linda Evan's tent! Her husband ran to rescue it. I don't think anything was damaged. I hope not! It was a wonderful day. On the way home we stopped at Petco. Mom is starting to teach me about colors! Dogs can see blue and yellow. She bought me two identical toys- one is blue and one is yellow. She is using the touch command which I already know. I can only distinguish the two toys by color (mom bought them at the same store at the same time and is keeping them in the same place so there is no difference in smell) I did very well for my first time. I'm tired now! It was a long day!


Band Concert!

July 25th 2013 2:06 pm
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I went to a band concert last night with mom! Every Wednesday evening during the summer, the Maynard Community Band performs in the park. I made friends with a nice young man who kept petting me during most of the concert. at one point a group of children started marching to the music. They were following one of the band members. He realized that I was a little scared so he made sure the kid s didn't march too close to me. I thought that was very thoughtful of him. My friend Bella and her mom, Sarah, came for a little while. There were a couple of other dogs who attended too. They didn't play too loud which I appreciated. It was a pleasant evening. Mom says maybe we can go again.


I Am Dog Of The Day!!

July 21st 2013 5:14 am
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Wow!! I have been selected as Dog of the Day today!! I am being featured on Dogster's community page. I have never been a Dog of the Day before. I am honored! Thank you Dogster!

The heat wave we have been having has finally broken. I was able to spend more time in the yard this morning. I am glad the hot weather has left us. Yesterday mom went to the Farmer's Market to promote her dog training business. She was there for 4 hours and it was 93 degrees. I couldn't go because it would have been too hot for me. I stayed home in the air conditioning. I would have liked to have been there to support mom. Maybe next time I will be able too.


I Got A Massage!

July 14th 2013 5:45 am
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I was just notified by Dogster that I am a Daily Diary Pick again today! Wow!! Once again, I am honored.

It was just me and mom yesterday. daddy had to run a table tennis tournament. It is called the Bay State Games and he helps to run it every year. It is a long day for daddy. Mom and I went to the Framers Market together. It is just a short walk from our house. Mom got strawberries at one booth and then we walked around and looked at the rest. Mom was trying to fine broccoli but didn't have any luck. Then right in the middle of the market we saw a big tent. We went to take a look and they were giving away free doggie massages! There was one small dog getting a massage and no one else in line so mom signed me up. while we were waiting a man with a Great Pyrenees got in line too. He started talking to mom about me. He worked for Greenpeace. He said that he knew an organization called Grey2K USA! Mom told the man that she knew Christine who is the founder of Grey2K USA! The man said to tell Christine "Hi". Then it was my turn for my massage. I was a little nervous at first and my tail was tucked. After a few minutes I relaxed and really enjoyed it. It felt very good! The massage lady found a tight spot on my back and got it to relax. It was on my left side which is the same side that I broke my foot during my last race. Mom has a coupon and said that maybe I can get a full hour massage for my birthday. The woman said they might be back at another Farmer's Market. I hope so!!


Daily Diary Pick!

July 9th 2013 7:54 am
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I was So excited to learn that I am a Dogster Daily Diary pick today! I'm honored! Mom has been keeping a diary for me since I was adopted over 4 years ago. She slacks off sometimes, but does her best to catch up!! BOL!!!

This weekend was pretty quiet. It has still been very hot and humid here. I did go to the Farmer's Market with mom and dad. There were very few vendors for some reason. We only bought some strawberries and left. We took a short cut on the walk home and stopped at the little park near our house. We sat on mom's favorite bench and watched the river for a bit.

On Sunday we went to visit Grampy in NH. On the way we stopped off at Petco Unleashed so mom could get a new training treat bag. She is doing a dog Training demo soon and can't seem to find her old one. They didn't have any she liked, so daddy bought me some cookies. The man at the store gave me a free lollipop made just for dogs!!! When we got to NH, mom went to the pet store where she used to work a long time ago. She found a treat bag there. When we went to check out, the store was collecting money for greyhound rescue. Daddy gave them a dollar. We had a nice visit with Grampy. Mom brought me a rawhide chew instead of a cookie this time. That was so I wouldn't get crumbs all over the floor. We got stuck in slow traffic on the ride home. A lot of people where coming home from vacations. We had to stop at a rest stop for mom! I didn't mind because I got to meet another dog while mom was in the rest room.

PS: I am happy to report that the dog that went missing because of the fireworks was found!!! He is back safe and sound with his family!!! YAY!!


4th Of July

July 5th 2013 9:11 am
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I hope all my pup pals had a fun and safe 4th of July.
I went to a picnic with mom and dad. We left about noon and daddy drove us in the car for about an hour. We went to a brand new place where we have never been before. It was the annual Boston Vegetarian Society's 4th Of July picnic. Daddy actually drove right passed the house. There weren't any signs out or car parked on the street. Daddy had the ladies phone number so he called to make sure we were at the right place. We were! We had to walk down a path to the side of the house. They had all the tables set up inside the basement. It was nice and cool there. We were one of the first ones to arrive! Evelyn, who is the president of the BVS, brought her little dog Gigi. It was nice to have a friend. After a few minutes people started to arrive and bring food. Mom had made pasta salad. Some of the other guests brought their dogs too. Mom gave me a veggie hot dog.It was really very good! I ate the whole thing! I looked up at mom for more but she said I had eaten all. She said that if any where left over that I could have another one, but the humans ate all the rest. The humans ate and talked and I made friends with a toy poodle and a chihuahua. After mom and dad finished eating we went outside. It was hot but there was some shade in the yard and a nice breeze. We were on a lake which was very pretty. One dog was chasing a ball and swimming. I didn't go in the water as mom and dad were afraid I would go to deep again. Mom and dad met a couple from England. They were very nice. The man had my leash and he took me for a walk. We ended up going back inside for a bit. Mom and dad knew I was in good hands so they weren't worried. After awhile we came back outside again. The time really flew by fast and it was time to go. We went back inside to get our things and met a new friend named Jane. She knows Christine Dorchak of Grey2K USA!She loves greyhounds and helped to close the race tracks down in our state! She is our new Facebook friend! When we got back home, mom and I went out into the back yard. Mom needed to water the vegetable garden. All of a sudden the back gate opened and who was there but my friend, Rosco and his mom Catherine!! I couldn't believe it!! I ran around and tried to get Rosco to play with me, but I think he was tried. He just went up on the deck and wanted to come inside. It was still nice to see him. Later mom and dad went to see fireworks. I had to stay home. There were too many people and loud noise. Mom said it wasn't safe for dogs. Mom was right! Later that night I found out on Facebook that a greyhound had panicked during the fireworks and was now missing! I hope they find him.


My Dear Friend, Keira

July 1st 2013 7:43 am
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Things have been kind of quiet lately. No big doggie events to go to. Mom says there will be more later this Summer. It has been very hot outside. I have been spending most of my time in the air conditioning. I do enjoy running in my yard early in the mornings though. I have been going to the pet store and we did visit Grampy in New Hampshire since my last entry. Last week was the first Farmers Market. We were able to walk from our house. I met a whippet and another greyhound there! I really enjoyed that! I also now have a new pet sitter. She is very nice and I liked her. She promises she won't forget about me.

Today I learned that my good friend Keira has cancer and will be going to the rainbow bridge today. I am very surprised because I just saw her a few weeks ago. She came over with her dad and went out into the yard with me. She was one of my very first friends after I got adopted. In fact I had my very first play date at her house. Keira didn't like other dogs very much. She and I always got along fine though. She was a good friend and I will miss her very much. Run free at the bridge dear friend.


I Was Forgotten!

June 9th 2013 2:59 pm
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It was an interesting weekend!! On a positive note Mom and I both ended up winning art work in a free give away!! I have some friends on Facebook who have a Facebook page called The Houndies Stall. They sell donated items, many handmade, to help a dog rescue in England. They were trying to reach 250 likes so they were asking people to share. If you shared you were entered into the free giveaway! Mom won the first week and I won this week!!! The art work I won has an Egyptian theme and my name will be written in Hieroglyphics!! Isis, being a Goddess has her very own Hieroglyph! I can't wait to see it. Mom's is beautiful too. It is a greyhound next to a cherry tree in blossom.

Yesterday mom and dad went to a Star Trek Convention in Boston. Mom had always want to go to one. She has been a big fan all her life. Mom didn't pay extra to meet the stars or get autographs but she did see them all. Gates McFadden (Dr. Beverly Crusher) Said hi to mom!!! Mom was grabbing on to daddy as she was so excited. She also saw Micheal Dorn (Worf), Brent Spinner (Data) and George Takei (Sulu), Oh and Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troy, Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar) and Levar Burton (Geordi LaForge) Mom bought a Tribble. It actually squeals and shakes like the real ones. Mom asked my pet sitter, Sara to take my for my mid day walk. Mom even E-mailed her the day before to remind her. She never came!!! When mom and dad came home, the check was still on the center isle! Mom felt sick to her stomach knowing that I had to hold it for over 12 hours!!! Mom was almost in tears!! She let me out right away! Boy did I have to GO!!! I was OK though. Mom is looking for a new sitter. This lady is a friend of dad's. They used to work together. Mom feels bad about that, but my needs have to come first. This is the second time she has forgotten me.

Today was the Whisker Walk. It is another annual dog fair that we always go to. I had SO much fun!!! We did the walk and saw all the booths. Greyhound Friends had a booth so we visited with them for a while. My friend, Fast was there. I got a lot of cookies and other free goodies too. I met a pitbull who is a real heroine! She saved her owner from being hit by a train. She dragged her unconscious mom to the side of the train tracks and then got hit herself. She lost a leg and had internal injuries! She is OK now though. She led the walk. We only stayed for 2 hours because it was very hot!!! Mom didn't want me to over heat. I was fine with that. We saw every thing. I am tired now. It was a fun day!!

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