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A New Beginning

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Happy Birthday To Me!

November 16th 2014 6:10 am
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Today is my Birthday! I am8 years old! Wow, time sure does fly by! My party will be held next Saturday! I am so excited! Mom and dad got me a special doggy cake as well as a human cake. A lot of my friends are coming- both dogs and humans. I wish all my friends from around the world could come too but mom said that would be really hard for all of them to fly to our country. I just want you all to know how much I love you all. Thank you for sharing my special day with me!!


Special Cookie

November 9th 2014 2:21 pm
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We had a house guest stay with for a week during Halloween. She was very nice. Mom met her on Catster years ago. She lives in a place called Maryland. While she was here, she would sometimes let me out in the morning and even fed me so that mom could get a little extra sleep. Our house guest went home last Sunday. I went to the airport to help drop her off. I had to share the back seat with her, but it was OK. I still had enough room to lay down comfortably. After the airport daddy drove us to see Grandma. Grandma is home now. She walks with a walker but is getting along fine. Daddy tried to fix her computer. It wasn't working right. Hopefully he fixed it. Daddy is good at that.

Yesterday we went to 2 different pet stores. We don't go to the one near our house as often now because it is more expensive then the new one we go too. The best store is called Pet World. It is in about 30 minutes away so mom buys 2 weeks worth of food so we don't have to shop every week. Mom and dad bought me a very special cookie. It was so big that I wasn't quite sure what to do with it! It looked like a pie! It had pink frosting on it and said Happy Birthday. Mom said it was an early birthday present. It took me 15 minutes just to eat it! I barely had room for my dinner!



October 31st 2014 5:58 am
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We had no internet access yesterday.In fact we had no home yesterday! Me and the cats had to stay at our old pet sitters house all day.Mom, dad and our guest, Debbie had to drive around and go places. Some how we got some nasty bugs called bedbugs in our house. Mom was getting bit everyday! A woman came with her beagles who are trained to sniff out the bugs. She found some! They either came from an antique table mom bought or from Mom's granddaughter's house. Yesterday men came and heated up the whole house to 135 degrees. That killed all the bugs. We weren't allowed inside because it was so hot!! On a fun note, at noon time mom, dad and Debbie picked me up and drove me to the river trail that we used to walk when we lived at the old house! I had SO much fun. I hadn't been there in almost 2 years. I sniffed everything!! Mom also bought me a special cookie.I didn't mind staying at the pet sitters house.Ben didn't mind either. Charlie hid in the closet and never came out until mom made him get in the cat carrier!


A Walk At Minute Man Park

October 20th 2014 1:23 pm
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Yesterday, mom and dad took me to a Greyhound Adventures walk!The walk was being held at Minute Man Park. That is the closest location they go to. It is only about 20 minutes away.At first mom and dad had to coax me downstairs.I was sleeping in my bed and didn't want to go.Once I got there, however, I got very excited! So many of my friends where there: Riley, Robin, Johnny B, Cella, Lux and Mr.Spock. I also made a new friend named Trent. He was just adopted a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful fall day.It was a bit chilly so I wore my fleece coat. It was nice and sunny though. The fall leaves are pretty much gone now.There was still one really colorful tree so mom took a picture.


An Interesting Visit

October 13th 2014 8:44 am
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I just had an interesting visit and I still don't quite know what to make of it all. Rosco's mom, Katherine, came to visit me this morning. She came to see ME, not mom and dad! She also didn't bring Rosco with her! She had papers with her and had me lie down and then stand up and then lie down again. She kept giving me treats which was nice. She felt my legs, hips and spine, she stretched me in all these different positions. She also gave me a lot of attention. Mom and dad watched the whole time. Most of it felt very good. Then she found an area around my scapular and 6th cervical vertebrae which hurt me some. I was able to let her know it hurt because I winced. She said that maybe that area is a bit tight since I have a corn on the opposite foot and may be compensating when I walk. She suggested that mom give me some massages. Mom explained afterwards that Rosco's mom needs to practice on dogs because she just got certified as a doggy physical therapist --CCRT (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist) . That is so cool. She said I did very well and she may be back to see me again. I was happy to help her and the treats were a pretty sweet deal too!


The Turtle!

September 29th 2014 7:41 am
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There was a big street fair in our town on Saturday. Mom and dad went and left me at home. They thought there might be too many kids and that I would be uncomfortable. Later, they had to go back to the street fair to drop something off at one of the booths. They decided to bring me along. I have been to many dog events but this was different. We got to walk right in the middle of the street. There was music playing and lots of people. There were some dogs too. I was looking all around. I was there for only about 5 minutes and that was long enough. I got to see it anyway.

Yesterday I got to visit grandma in the rehab place. She is starting to walk again with the walker and she doesn't feel any more pain in her hip or leg. She sees the doctor today and might go home on Thursday! She saved me some of her turkey sandwich! That was yummy! It was a very nice day and warm outside so we got to take her into the courtyard. There were some fall flowers blooming and some white butterflies flying around. The sun was warm. We stayed outside for a while and enjoyed the nice day. Grandma's lunch was coming so we brought her back to her room and said our "goodbyes". As we were waiting for the "room that moves" to open up it's door, a worker asked daddy if I could visit one of the patients there. I got to meet a nice woman and practice being a therapy dog. I am getting more comfortable with the room that moves now. I still hide behind daddy's legs while it is moving but I walk right in now. It still feels strange but I know it won't hurt me. On our ride back home daddy saw a turtle trying to cross the highway. She was on the side of the road and had not wandered into traffic yet. Daddy turned off at the next exit and mom and dad got out of the car and rescued her. If daddy hadn't seen her, she would have been run over. It was a very busy highway and there was a barrier in the middle of the road. Even if she had made it across she would have become stuck in the middle because of the barrier. Mom and dad let her go in the river near our old house. She was happy to be safe. She came out of her shell, looked around and dove right into the water! She was lucky!


Greyhound Friend's Fall Open House- 2014

September 22nd 2014 5:39 am
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I had another fun day today. We went to Greyhound Friend's Fall Open House. As usual we worked at the Silent Auction and Raffle table. Dady set my exercise pen for em. At first the humans who predict what the weather is going to be said it was going to be a nice weekend. Then at the last minute they decided to make it rain! Mom and dad were setting up the silent auction table when all of a sudden it started to pour! I got wet! Mom and dad were trying to save some of the items from getting ruined. A couple of the framed prints did get water damage. It happened so fast that mom and dad couldn't get everything in time. Later the sun did come back out for a bit. We didn't get more rain, but it did stay mostly cloudy. I still had fun. My brother Padfoot came. Do did Robin, Gill and Skylar. I enjoyed socializing. We didn't get as big a turn out as we had hoped but it still went well. I wore my new costume in the costume contest. I was a "MUTTical DOGter!!! BOL!!! I was surprised that I was the ONLY one in the contest. I won a toy, a blue ribbon and a milk bone. I am happy I won, but it would have been more fun competing against other dogs.


New England Pet Expo

September 21st 2014 6:17 am
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I went to the New England Pet Expo yesterday! What fun I had! I remembered it from last year and I got all excited as we pulled into the parking lot. We got there right when it opened so we didn't have to stay in line very long. I used that time to greet all the other dogs waiting with me. Mom had to drop off copies of my vaccination records and then we were allowed inside. We made sure we visited every booth. One booth had 2 greyhounds in an exercise pen and I made friends with them right away. Daddy had a hard time getting me to leave! We visited a few booths and then it was time for the first talk. It was about cat behavior. Mom and dad have had a slight issue with my cat brother, Ben. He sometimes marks doors in the house. The talk was very disappointing as the man talking really didn't have a clue about cat behavior. There was, however, a woman in the audience who was a cat behaviorist. She was able to help mom and dad. After the talk we went back to where we left off and continued to see all the booths. They had rescue groups, treat palaces, toys, collars, leashes- every thing you can imagine. It was all indoor too! I saw my brother, Fast. It is always nice seeing him. We went to a couple more talks later in the day. I got a "Pawdicure" that is a fancy way of saying I got my nails trimmed! Not the highlight of my day! I also got acupuncture! I never had that done before. It was very interesting! It didn't hurt at all. I was very relaxed. I looked like a porcupine when the doctor was finished! She worked on my back, hind legs, kidneys and gall bladder. I would do it again! On our way our daddy bought me a special cup cake! It was such a fun day!


Visiting Grandma

September 9th 2014 7:11 am
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Daddy took yesterday off of work. He has a lot of vacations days left and needs to use them up by the end of the year.He thought it would be nice to take a 4 day weekend for his birthday. We went to visit grandma in the afternoon. She is going to be in the rehab place for a while longer. I like going there now.I still don't like the "room that moves", but I will get into it now without any trouble. It never hurts me but I still don't entirely trust it.We had a nice visit.Grandma gave me some of her hamburger. That was yummy.One of the nurses was afraid of me! Can you imagine anyone being afraid of ME?! daddy had to take me out into the hallway so she could come into the room.She told mom that she had been attacked by 5 dogs when she was young. On the way home I had a slight accident, Daddy had to put on the breaks and I slid off the backseat and got stuck in between the back seat and the front seat. daddy pulled over.I was able to get back up. We stopped at a farm stand and mom took me out to make sure I was OK.I got all tangled up in the seat belt! It just wasn't me day!! Thankfully I am fine. To make it up to me mom and dad stopped off at the dog park. There was only one dog there and I didn't feel much like playing so we went home.


Pet Rock Festival

September 7th 2014 5:44 pm
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It was another fun day today. We went to the Pet Rock Festival. It is a pet fair that has rock and roll bands playing music.This year it was in a different location so we had to drive a bit further. It was in a place called Sturbridge. It was a bit confusing at first because everything was divided into 2 locations on opposite ends of the parking lot. The workers doing the admissions told mom that the Greyhound Friend's booth was on the other side. We got i for free because we worked at the booth for a couple of hours. Mom and dad started looking at few booths until we found ours. Worlds Best Litter was hosting the festival this year. Mom and dad buy that litter for Ben and Charlie. Mom says it really is the best cat litter in the world. To get a coupon for a free bag mom and dad had to pretend to be cats and go through an obstacle course. They had to play with cat toys, go through a litter box (A big fake one) walk a balance bean and play with a big ball through a set of cones. Mom really hammed it up. They said mom was the best "Cat" there. Someone recorded it. I went through with daddy. We all had to wear cat ears including me! After that we found Greyhound Friend's booth and worked there for about 2 hours. We met a lot of nice people and dogs. Mom gave everyone information and invited them to the open house which is a couple of weeks. I let a lot of people pet me, including some kids. I did a good job. There was band playing music near by and they were very good. Mom was getting hungry so daddy went and got food. By the time mom and dad finished, my brother, Fast, and his mom and dad came to take over. We got to walk all around the fair and see all the different booths. It was fun. It wasn't as hot as yesterday so it was quite pleasant. I did get to go into the lake for a few minutes and really enjoyed that. They had a booth there that was donating money to help an animal in need of emergency medical care. You could vote for which ever animal you wanted to. Mom finds it hard because they ALL deserve to be helped. There was cat there that needed surgery to remove a foreign object. The cat looked like my brother, Ben. Mom and dad both voted for him. It was a wonderful day but we were all tired. I know I was! It was daddy's birthday today too! Now he is as old as mom- at least for the next 6 months!! BOL.

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