A New Beginning

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Paws In The Park

May 31st 2009 5:31 pm
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Saturday was a quiet day for me but very nice. Mom and dad went to Earthfest in Boston. They thought about taking me but they knew that I would be scared by all the people there. I don't like to be crowded. They didn't stay too long so they could spend more time with me. When they got home, we went to another plant place. This time I got to go in. Daddy asked them if dogs were allowed and they said "yes" We bought some tomato plants and an orange flowering plant that daddy really liked. Later in the day, mom and dad took me for a long walk in our town. We walked for an hour or so. I got to see some new places. In the evening, daddy took my old collar off and put on my new one. That was the collar mom won for me at Greyhound Friends open house in the raffle. Mom is washing my old one.

We left early this morning. Mom was excited. She told me that we were going to big dog fair called Paws In The Park. This fair was to benefit Save A Dog in Sudbury, MA. They are a no kill shelter that takes dogs that can't find homes and helps them. Both mom and dad got sponors for the walk. Together they collected over $600! I was very proud of them. Before the actual walk started we went and visited all the booths. Mom bought me a bright bandana to wear. It is very nice and goes well with my new collar. I was having fun until we got to one booth. I knew something wasn't quite right. Sure enough, I got micro-chipped!! Mom said it was in case I ever got lost. It only hurt for a minute. I got lots of free dog bones and treats. That was good. We saw all the booths and then it was time for the walk. We went on a nice path in the woods. I was near the front of the pack. The walk was supposed to be a mile, but it was shorter. I still enjoyed it. After the walk, we had to work at the MayDog booth. We are trying to get a fenced in, off leash dog park in our town. Mom set up my blanket, water and some snacks. Lots of people came. Daddy took little walks with me so I wouldn't get bored. Daddy and I entered a couple of contests. I won longest tail this time!!! I won by 3 inches!! What a great prize I got! It was a new stuffy squeaky bear. It's yellow. Daddy also took me to get my nails clipped. They were getting long. Mom wandered around for a while too to take a break. She came back with a box of Boston Baked Bonz. I got peanut butter cookies! Yummy!!! She also bought me a squeaky stuffed bone. Mom talked with a lady she knew who was trying to get a petition signed to stop dogs from getting devocalized!! I shudder to think about it. Vets will cut out dogs and cats vocal cords so we can't bark or meow!! The bill, if passed into law, will make this practice illegal. I hope it passes!! Mom took a signature sheet back to our booth and a lot of people signed it.
It was a long, but fun day. I got to see all kinds of dogs. There were other Greyhounds there too, and huge Great Danes. When we got back home, mom and dad went to buy food at the store. When they got back, they took me for a nice long walk. We went by the river. I'm tired now!!! I'll sleep good tonight. I think mom and dad will too!!


Minute Man Trail in Concord, MA

May 25th 2009 5:54 pm
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Today was Memorial Day, so mom and dad thought we should walk more of the Minute Man Trail. I was running low on dog food so we first went to the pet store. We got dog and cat food, a new rawhide bone, some doggie treats and, of course, my cookie. It was shaped like a bone and had carob on it. Carob is like chocolate but it isn't bad for dogs like chocolate is. It was yummy. I also got some duck chews. They are good too. After the pet store we went to a couple of plant nurseries. Mom wanted a second rhododendron for the front of the house. Daddy went in to get it while mom stayed in the car with me. It was hot so she kept the AC going. Daddy also got a second lilac bush. Mom was happy because this one was the dark purple kind that mom loves. After we brought the food and plants home, we headed off for the Minute Man Trail. There was a nice breeze. Lots of people were there. Some were walking, some jogging and lots of them were on bicycles. By the end of the walk, I wasn't scared of bicycles any more. I just look at them now, but keep walking at a normal pace. Before I would get freaked out. We walked a long time! Mom guesses that we went about 4 1/2 miles. I was tired. During the walk I made a poo- poo. Mom had to carry the bag. She says that she always left "holding the bag". I'm not sure what that means exactly, but she was holding it for the whole walk. Daddy used to work near the trail so he thought there might be a garbage can near where he worked. We walked to the building, but couldn't find a trash can. They had steps going up and down the hill in the parking lot, so mom and dad had me practice climbing the stairs. I did just fine. I am still scared to climb the stair in our house. They are too steep. I did these stairs OK. Mom and dad took me up and down several times so that I will feel more comfortable. I was tired by the time we got back to the car. Mom had brought my water bowl and I had a couple of good long drinks. I'm going to sleep good tonight


Memorial Day Weekend

May 24th 2009 4:17 pm
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Mom and dad did yard work yesterday. I watched them from the window. Mom had promised me a nice walk and I was eager to go. Finally they finished pulling weeds and raking leaves. We drove for awhile and then daddy stopped to get food at a cafe. He and mom had sandwiches and cookies. Mom gave me some of the cookies too. They were good. We drove a little further and ended up at the Minute Man Park. It was the same trail I did with Greyhound Adventures, but we started at the other end of the trail. This part of the trail was more wooded. It had wooden cat walk bridges too. We saw a snake sunning itself on a rock. There were other dogs, people and bicycles. I did very well. It wasn't too crowded. We came upon a man and his kids who were riding bikes. The man's little girl had fallen and she was crying. Daddy let the man use his cell phone so he could call his wife for help. After that we turned around and headed back to the car. It was a nice walk

Today, Mollie and Kiera came over with their mom and dad. We walked down the long trail across the street from us. We met another lady there who had a beagle named Rudy. We went on a very long walk. It was fun but the mosquitos wouldn't leave me alone. Mom and dad tried to brush them off of me. We walked about 3 miles. I was tired. After the walk, Mollie, Kiera and their mom and dad came in the house and had supper with us. It was fun having Mollie and Kiera over. We all drank water and laid on the floor. Mom and dad had fun with Mollie and Kiera's mom and dad too. They sat at the table, ate and made the strange sounds they always make. Mom calls it "talking". I was sad when Mollie and Kiera had to leave. I walked over to the door to say "good bye". Mom said I will see them again soon.


Return To Horn Pond

May 22nd 2009 3:19 pm
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Both Daddy and Mommy were off work today for the long holiday weekend. They wanted to do something special for me, so they took me back to Horn Pond in Woburn. Horn Pond was the very first walk I did with Greyhound Adventures. It was Winter time then and it was actually snowing a bit. It was very different today. It was sunny and about 92 degrees! The walk was pleasant because there was lots of shade and a nice breeze. I got to dip my paws in the lake a few times and I also took a few drinks of water to stay hydrated. We met some very nice people and dogs. I did much better with the bicycles, joggers and baby carriages. There was a man in an electric wheel chair. I had never seen that before. I was a little scared and walked as far away as I could around him. We saw two swans with their babies and also a mommy duck and a whole bunch of baby ducks. It was a beautiful day. After Horn Pond, we went to a nearby Petco. Mom and dad bought the new litter box. Ben and Charlie aren't sure what to make of it yet. Ben went right inside. Well, time to relax now. I have a big rawhide bone with my name on it.


A Day With Daddy

May 22nd 2009 7:46 am
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Daddy had the day off yesterday so he took me with him to visit grammy in New Hampshire. Mom had to work so she couldn't go. It was just me and daddy. When we got to grammy's house I went into my shy mode. I didn't want to inside but eventually I did. Later daddy took me to grammy's neighbor's house where they have a big fenced in back yard. I got to meet the neighbor's dog named Casey. I got a little over excited! When daddy let me off the leash, I started to run. I was so happy about running that I wasn't paying attention. I ran right into the fence!!! It took the wind out of me for a second or two. Daddy was afraid that I hurt myself, but I shook it off and took off running again. I was fine, it was just a bit embarassing. After my run, I was tired. We went back inside so I could rest. I watched daddy move grammy's TV's around. When daddy left to get lunch, I waited for him by the door. I was over being shy at this point and let grammy pet me. We got stuck in traffic on the way back home. The air conditioning in daddy's car doesn't work too well any more and it got kind of hot. When we got home, I went to my bed and feel asleep.

I have been a bad girl lately. I have discovered a tastey treat that mom and dad don't approve of! They kept noticing that my muzzle had white stuff on it. They weren't sure where it was coming from, but they knew I was getting into something. Daddy caught me! I was snacking in the cat litter box! I don't understand what mom and dad are so upset about! It is actually quite tastey. Today mom and dad are buying Ben and Charlie a new litter box. This one will have a cover and is shaped like an igloo. It has stairs that twist into the box. Looks like I won't be getting any more kitty tootsie roll snacks!!


Dog Day Jubilee!

May 17th 2009 5:13 pm
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I had another fun day today! Mom and dad took me to the pet store to go shopping this morning. We bought dog and cat food and some oil for my skin and coat. Mom also bought me a large rawhide bone and a cookie. Later, it was back in the car. We went to a place called NARA Park in Acton, Ma. It is only about a 20 minute drive from our house. We got there early so we took a walk around the park. It was very nice. As we made our way around the park, we saw the tents for the Dog Day Jubilee. It was a small event, but it was still a lot of fun. I met a lot of nice dogs and people. Unlike yesterday, I was the only greyhound there. I met a nice male Great Dane! He was a lot bigger than me!! We saw all the booths and I got a lot of free sample treats. Yummy!!! They had a live band play music. I really wanted to run and play with the other dogs but I couldn't because the park isn't fenced in. When we got back to the car, daddy called Oscar's mom to see if I could come over to run with Oscar. She said "Yes", so we went! I ran hard and fast. It felt so good to stretch and play. I had a lot of fun. Oscar tried to teach me how to play fetch. We both collapsed in the grass!! What a great time we had. I'm back home now, lying on my bed, chewing my big rawhide bone. What a fun weekend!!!


Greyhound Friends Open House

May 16th 2009 2:54 pm
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Today was Greyhound Friends Open House. It is the shelter that mom and dad volunteer at. They go once a week to walk dogs and mom also does a little training. We got there early to help set everything up. We worked at the silent auction/raffle table. Mom likes things like that. They have a huge fenced in field out back. Before the open house started, mom and dad brought me there so I could run. I had a lot of fun. Mom and I explored the field together. There were some neat trails. Mom and dad practiced calling me to them. Just in case I was to ever get loose, mom wants to make sure I would come back when they called me. I did! I saw lots of people and met lots of new greyhounds. Mom set up a blanket for me on the grass and filled my water and food bowl. My friend, Louise, from greyhound adventures was there! I said "hi" to her. I was in 2 contests and won 2 ribbons. The first contest was for youngest greyhound. I came in second. I am 2 1/2 and the winner was 2. The second contest was for the longest tail. I was in a 3 way tie for 5th place. My tail was 21 inches long. The winner had a 24 inch tail. It was fun. I also won 2 milk bone biscuits. They were yummmy! Daddy took me for several walks and we visited all the tables. Mom won 3 things in the raffle! She won a greyhound candle holder, a greyhound for dummies book (she's not a dummy though) and a new collar for me. I usually wear my fancy "goddess" collar that has a purple leash. I also have a black leash, so this new collar will match that one. You know us girls, we like to be fashionable. Always good to have another collar.


Pet First Aid Class

May 15th 2009 3:07 pm
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On Wednesday, mom and I went to a pet first aid class together. Mom wanted to know what to do if Ben, Charlie or I got injured. She is most worried about my cat brother, Ben, who gets in to all kinds of trouble. We were the first ones to arrive so mom had her choice of seats. Mom put the loop of my leash around her chair leg so I could walk around a bit. I did get tangled up in my leash a few times, but mom came to the rescue. Other dogs came too, so that was nice. I got to meet them. Mom found my pulse and checked my gums. A few other ladies checked my pulse too. It was a bit embarassing as they were checking my femoral pulse. It is located on my inner thigh. Mom said it was nice and strong. I almost had to be a demo dog for bandaging, but a little poodle was eager to volunteer so they used her instead. That was fine by me. Mom and I had a nice time together. I got to meet some nice new people too. Mom says the more nice people I meet and the more positive experiences I have, the more comfortable I will be in all situations. I am making great progress. I am a lot less shy around people. I've always been great around other dogs!


Last weekend

May 13th 2009 8:31 am
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Mom has been a slacking off on writing my diary entries. Humans!!
I was a little thrown off when Mom and dad told me to get in the car on Wenesday(May 6th)! I was all excited and expecting to go somewhere fun. I ended up at the Vets!!! Not exactly what I call fun!! Mom said it was for my yearly check up. The worse part was that I was due for shots! I got 3 of them. I am also on hook worm medicine. I had a bad case when I came off the rack track. The first treatment got most of them but there were still some left in my digestive tract. The doctor gave me another round of medicine to get rid of the last ones. Mom and dad also got me a lyme disease vaccine. There are a lot of ticks this year. Even though I am on Frontline, mom and dad don't want to take any chances.

Saturday we all went to a Pet Fair in Waltham, MA. It was in a big building next to a vet hospital. It was a very small fair and not many people came. Mom, dad and I worked at one of the booths. We are trying to get a fenced in dog park built in our town. Mom brought me a blanket to lie down on and I had food and water too. We met some nice people.

Sunday, I ended up at a plant sale of all things! I was the only dog there! What were mom and dad thinking? I had to ride home with mom in the back seat with me. The front seat had a big lilac bush in it!!! I watched mom and dad plant it from the window.


Lots Of Walks

May 3rd 2009 4:26 pm
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Mom and dad got me this great new food! It is bison meat! Mom says they are also called buffalos. It is so yummy. Mommy jokes and says that she doesn't even need to wash my dish when I am done. I lick every last bit.

On Saturday I had a nice long walk with my friend, Mollie. Some other dogs were supposed to join us, but no one showed up! We waited for them for awhile and then we just went for our walk. It was a beautiful day. After the walk, I played at Mollie and Kiera's house for a bit.

On Sunday I went for another walk with all my friends at Greyhound Adventures. This time we went to the Minute Man Trail in Lincoln, MA. This walk is close to our house. It was a lot of fun.

A greyhound named Baily got lost on Thursday. He got loose from his mom's car. I don't know him because he isn't part of our group. He went missing close to our house so mom and dad tried to find him. He is 12 years old and everyone was very worried about him. Mom, Dad and I were going to do a search tonight but happily we didn't have to! Baily was found and is back with his mom. He went to the vet tonight. This is why I can't run around without a leash. I have to be in a fenced in yard to run free. I am a sight hound so I can get lost at chasing something. I could easily get lost too! I don't want that to happen. I'm glad Baily is OK

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