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A New Beginning

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Labor Day Weekend

September 7th 2009 7:12 am
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On Saturday we went to Farmer's Market again. Daddy did the shopping while mom stayed with me. Mollie's mom Lisa came over and started chatting. She was upset because Mollie has been barking too much. She has been doing a lot of training with Mollie but nothing is working. She said she was thinking of giving Mollie back to her original owner. I hope not. I love Mollie. She is my best friend. Lisa showed mom and dad her new electric scooter. It was cool. Mom stopped at a yard sale on the way home. She bought a crazy witches hat, some beads and leggings. They were for ME!!!! I am going to be in costume contest next Saturday. It is for Greyhound Friends fall open house. First prize is a $50 gift certificate. If I win, mom will use the gift certificate to get me a good winter coat. I am going as Isis- goddess of magic! I will look like a greyhound Harry Potter!!! Mom and Dad went out to lunch with some friends. I wasn't invited, humans only. On their way home, mom and dad stopped at a party store and bought me a cape for my costume! Mom cut the feet off the leggings and shortened them. She cut a hole for my tail. Daddy said they looked good on me. I'm not too sure about this whole costume thing. Mom and dad took me to the pet store. We went to the NEW Especially For Pets. They moved to a new location. It was great!!! I got a great cookie. I was drooling all over daddy's arm and trying to get into the front seat of the car to get it!! On my last walk of the night, a lot of things that didn't sell at the yard sale had been left in boxes for people to take for free. There was a box of stuffed animals. Mom got me a rabbit and a kitty. She took a few for herself too!

Sunday was a busy day! We went to NH to visit grammy, grampy and cousin Leila. First stop was grammy's house. She is daddy's mom. I had been there a few times before. The humans left me alone in grammy's house while they all went to the store to buy lunch. They weren't gone long. Mommy said that dogs can't go into places that sell food. I don't know why not? After lunch, mom and dad went outside to pick blue berries. I visited with grammy. After the blue berries were picked, I got to go play at grammy's neighbor's house. She has a fenced in back yard and a golden named Casey. There was also a puppy visiting named Bella. I ran and ran and ran and played with both dogs. I had played with Casey before but I had never met Bella. What fun I had. The humans enjoyed watching me run fast. The puppy tried to keep up with me but couldn't. I also found a great bone and chewed on it for awhile. After the play date it was time to visit grampy who is mom's dad. He has a fenced in yard too. I had been there before too. They were building a new house next to grampy's house. Mom and dad went inside and looked around. It is just being constructed. I was too tired to run in grampy's back yard. I did run a little. Grampy has two cats- Blackie and Smokie. I got to meet Smokie. He has been sick and has to go to the Vets soon. Grampy is going to call for an appointment on Tuesday when the office opens. Mom brought a lot of things home from grampys. I did get a new blanket which is nice. Next it was off to Cousin Leila's. I had never been there before. She has two cats too- Sammy and Mollie. They were a little scared of me, but I just laid there and did nothing. After a few minutes, they were fine with me being there. Mom, dad and cousin Leila had dinner. I laid down and was very good the whole time. We spent about 3 hours with each person. I was very tired. I actually slept until 8 am this morning. Mom said we would have a more quiet day today. That is fine with me. Mom said that next weekend will be busy too. More adventures! I can't wait!


I Went To Work!

September 2nd 2009 7:21 am
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Last weekend, mom's car started to smell funny after we went over a rough patch of road. Mom and dad were worried it could be something serious. It smelled like burning rubber. Daddy worked from home on Monday so he could take mom's car to get looked at. He drove mommy to work. When he went to pick mommy up, he asked me if I wanted to go too! Of course I did! I got to see where mommy worked. I must admit it was a very strange place. Mom works at a gym where people go to exercise. It was late at night so most of the people were gone. I got to go behind the desk. I was glad to see mom and now I know where she goes during the week. I was nervous though and I was shaking a little. I met mom's boss, a woman named Linda and Rose was there too (I met her once before). I was happy we didn't stay too long. Mom's car is OK for now. The rough road damaged one of the struts on the car and some fluid was leaking out on something hot. That was what was causing the smell. Mom will eventually have to replace the strut.


More Adventures At Horn Pond

August 31st 2009 5:45 am
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The weather cleared up by morning so I got to go back to Horn Pond with Greyhound Adventures. A lot of dogs came this time. I think Horn Pond is a favorite walk for a lot of us (dogs and humans). It is very pretty and quiet. One thing I was very glad about was that the Indian statue was gone. It stands in the woods near the little beach we go to. It scares me every single time! I don't know what happened to it. Only the base was there. Everyone went into the pond. We cooled our feet and splashed around. Some of the dogs actually laid down in the water. Beau taught us to do that. He does it in every lake or pond we go to- even in the winter time! Louise laid in the water with Beau. Mom got a picture. After the dip in the pond we continued on our walk. A huge swan was standing on the bank. He looked like he meant business. We all kept our distance. Mom got a picture of him too. We went a little further and then took a new trail that I had never been on. It went through some woods. It was fun! I liked exploring new trails.
Later in the day dad arranged a play date for me with Oscar. This is the yellow Lab, Oscar, not the Greyhound, Oscar! We were happy to see each other. I ran fast circles around the yard. I was making everyone dizzy. I even let Oscar's dad pet me for the first time! That made him very happy. I have been over Oscar's about 4 or 5 times now and I would never let Oscar's dad pet me. Oscar's mom could, but not his dad. I warm up to women faster than men. Mom thinks that more men handled me at the track, so I don't trust them as much. We were getting ready to leave when I got a second wind and did another fast sprint around the yard. I had a fun weekend!


Rainy Saturday

August 29th 2009 5:56 pm
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We had to wear our rain coats to the Farmer's Market this morning. We also drove in the car. The market was very quiet. Only a few people were there. After we got home and dried off a bit, it was time to hop in the car again. Daddy drove us to the pet store near our house. We were doing another Meet and Greet for Greyhound Friends. Johnny B's mom was there but she didn't bring Johnny. It was because of the rain. I thought I was going to be the only greyhound, but after a few minutes, Troy and his mom came. Oscar came too but he went home with his dad. Mom put my blanket on the floor and Johnny B's mom provided water. It was fun hanging out with Troy. The pet store was kind of quiet. Mom said it was probably due to the rain. I did very well at the Meet and Greet and I actually greeted some people and let them pet me. I was behind a fence so that made me feel comfortable. I am not shy if I am in a pen. When I am just on my leash, that is a whole other story. Maybe in time I will be comfortable enough to let people pet me when I am on my leash. Troy knows how to sit. I have a hard time with "sit". My hips don't work like that. Mom showed off a bit and showed everyone that I knew the "Leave it" command. They were impresed. I was actually taking treats from Troy's mom and Johnny B's mom. That was a mile stone in itself. I was also getting a lot of petting from Johnny B's mom. I even let a little girl come behind the fence to pet me. A lady with a love bird came over to us. The love bird sat on daddy's shoulder! After the Meet and Greet, mom and dad did pet food shopping. I got some treats (the same kind Troy had) and a big peanut butter cookie! Was that good!!!!
We came home after shopping, put the pet food away and then mom and dad wanted to get food for them. They were going to leave me home, but I wanted to go. They let me come. It was a cool day so I could wait in the car. I enjoyed going for a car ride. I did very well waiting for them. Mom and dad ate, we watched a scary movie, and then mom and dad took me for a nice walk. The rain had pretty much stopped. It was still misty. We wore our rain coats just in case. After our walk, we got in the car again and went to Petco in Hudson. It is only about 15 minutes away. We needed cat litter for Ben and Charlie. The pet store near our house is too expensive. Mom also wanted to get me a no pull harness. I still don't like my head collar very much. She thinks I might like the harness better. The pet store near our house had them but again, it was too expensive. We got to Petco and went inside. Mom went to the harness section. They had all the sizes except the one I needed! Wouldn't you know it! Daddy went over to see the ferrets. A store worker let mom and dad pet one. They look like they would be fun to play with. They smelled funny though. We did get cat litter so that was good and then we came home. It was a busy day. Mom got on line and ordered my harness. She is getting me a purple one to match my purple leash. I look good in purple. Mom says we might go to Horn Pond tomorrow if the weather is nice. Troy's mom also said I can come over for a visit and play with Troy and Oscar some time soon. That will be fun.


My new video!

August 28th 2009 6:06 am
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I am really starting to play with my toys now! I had never had a toy at the race track, so I didn't know how to play when I first came to live with mom and dad. They bought me lots of toys but all I would do with them was hoard them and keep them close to me. I liked them and was proud of them, but I didn't know how to play. I kept watching Ben and Charlie playing and I finally figured it out. Daddy caught me playing with the recorder on his digital camera. The toy I am playing with was the green pepper that I won in the raffle basket!


I Went To College

August 24th 2009 7:36 am
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Yesterday was Sunday which means it was Greyhound Adventure's day! Mom said the walk was close enough to our house, so we could go. The walk was at Wellesley College around Lake Waban. As usual, I was all excited to see my friends. Aiken was there, and so was Louise and Johnny B. My new head collar was bother ing me and I was rolling around in the grass, trying to get it off. I was also rubbing against mom and dad. It wouldn't come off. Mom knows how to put it on right. Once the walk started, I settled right down. It was a beautiful walk. At one point, I got to go into the lake. That was refreshing. We came to a place that had funny looking trees. I think some one had made them funny looking. Mom and dad took pictures of them. The walk was a little shorter than usual because it was so hot outside. We did stop for several rests and water breaks.
When we got back home, mom told me to get some rest. I had another walk with Mollie and Kiera later in the day. Mom and dad went to Mollie and Kiera's house for a garden party that their mom was having. I wasn't invited to that. That was OK. I was kind of tired.
Mom and dad came home from the party, rested up a bit and watched a movie. After that we got back into the car and went to Mollie and Kiera's house. We were all happt to see each other. Another dog named Finnagan, joined us for the walk. This was a different Finnagan from my white boxer friend. He was a ridgeback. He had been very sick and he was skinny. He didn't have much energy and was able to walk only a short way. His mom only did half the walk and then she turned around and went back home. As we were walking, we past a house. A man was sitting on the steps talking to a lady. The lady turned out to be Victoria. She is a friend of mom and dad's and also a friend of Mollie and Kiera's mom and dad. We visited at the house for a few minutes. He has a dog too. I got to meet him. Victoria joined us for the rest of the walk. We all went back to Mollie and Kiera's house and went inside. The humans had home made, soy icecream made from cherries from the garden. I played and hung out with Mollie and Kiera. It was a very fun day! Mom said that next week she is going to buy me a no-pull harness instead of the head collar. I might like that better.


Meet And Greet At Petco

August 22nd 2009 3:32 pm
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Mom and dad got up late. Well, mom got up at the usual time, walked and fed me and the cats, but she went back to sleep. When they got up, mom and dad were jumping in the shower and acting kind of crazy. Mom said they slept too late and we were going to be late. We took the car to Farmer's Market. Daddy was shopping and mom was in the grass with me talking to a man. He was asking questions about me. All of a sudden I saw another greyhound! I couldn't believe my eyes. I startled mom a bit when I went over to greet him. Mom talked with his human for a while. They live close to us. It was nice meeting another greyhound in my town. After the market, mom and dad put the veggies away and then we all got into the car. We drove by the dog wash place and went to Petco. We were going to a Meet And Greet for Greyhound Friends. Troy was there. I also met two other new friends. One was Oscar, Troy's new brother, and a very handsome man named Gill. I liked Gill and he liked me. We are about the same age. Mom said we may be able to go over Gill's house sometime and I can run with him in his yard. I would like that. They had a pen set up for us at the store. Mom brought us water and daddy brought in my blanket. I did very well today. I even let people pet me outside the pen. Mom was proud of me. She said I did very well. I wanted to show Gill what a brave girl I was. Gill was so relaxed that he laid on the floor right near the entrance. We all got a free cookie from the Petco Staff. Petco donated lots of bags of dog food to Greyhound Friends. We met a lot of nice people. Some of them were interested in possibly adopting. That would be great. It really started to rain hard while we were there. By the time we left the rain had stopped and the sun was out. We were almost back home when it started to rain again. Not very hard. Mom wanted me to do my business so she brought her umbrella to hold over us. I never got to pee because it started to really pour. We went back inside. Mom grabbed a towel and dried me off. After lunch, the rain had stopped again so we went for a nice walk. It was a bit cooler after the rain and the roads were wet so it cooled my paws. We went for a medium size walk. it was nice. I had a good drink when we got home. So did mom and dad. They went outside after to pull grass and weeds from the garden. I took a nap! It was a busy day


Play Date with Bella

August 20th 2009 3:18 pm
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This actually happened last weekend. Mom is behind in her writing again. On Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market. Mom stopped off at the dog groomers to bring them some brochures and business cards for her dog training business. We saw Lisa (Mollie and Keira's mom) there. Mom and Lisa chatted for awhile. They moved to a shady spot because it was hot. Later we went to the pet store near our house to buy food and cookies. Mom also left her cards there too. It was really hot that day and I didn't feel like walking a lot. It was a good day to chill with the central AC!

Sunday was cooler. especially in the evening. Mom and dad had to go to Sarah's house to drop off her check for when she took care of me and the cats. She invited me to play with her dog, Bella in her back yard. We had a lot of fun. I was running and jumping around. Bella is an Australian Shepard and she tried to herd me. She really couldn't catch me. One of Sarah's cats was in the yard. She jumped up on a table in the yard. I saw her and walked over to greet her. The cat wanted to play and took off running. The chase was on! The cat went into some bushes. It was a short chase, but Bella and I had fun. We were only playing. After that I was tired. I had a fun time.

Last night after mom got home from work we got in the car and daddy drove-- no where! Daddy almost hit two racoons that darted out in front of the car. Mom and dad were glad they were OK. Daddy didn't want to hurt them. Anyway, daddy drove for awhile and then we ended up back home!? I was a bit confused. Mommy explained that she had a new dog training client and she wanted to find their house before she had to go there in the morning. Mommy wants something called a GPS. Daddy said maybe soon.

Mommy says I have to work tonight! I am going to help her train two dogs. I have to walk up and down the street with daddy while mom works with the dogs. Doesn't sound like hard work. It is a lot easier than running a race.


Mom And Dad Came Home

August 15th 2009 7:28 am
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I was happy to see them. Sarah took good care of me and the cats, but I am glad mom and dad are home. They took me for a long walk down the trail by the river. After that we all hopped in the car. I had no idea where we were going. We ended up at the Vets!!!! I wasn't too happy about that. You can imagine my relief when mom just dropped off my track injury record to be put in my medical file. Mom also left some brochures and business cards for any one needing dog training. After the Vets we drove to the car wash!!!! What the heck?? The man at the car wash gave me a dog bone. That was nice. I was a bit scared going through the car wash. It made lots of strange noises and these big flapping sheets were slapping the car. Next these huge blue roller things were hitting the car, followed by hard rain and several huge blowers. I did well, all things considering. I don't want to go back there any time soon. It is nice to back on my regular routine. Mom said that next vacation, I might get to go too. They have an event called "Greyhounds In Gettysburg" every year. We might get to go.


I Was Injured

August 10th 2009 5:45 pm
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Don't worry, it was last October. I first want to update you about yesterday. Yesterday was Sunday. We didn't go on the Greyhound Adventure walk because it was too far away this time. Mom and dad had a lot to do because they were leaving for vacation the next day. They brought me to the fenced in soccer field to run. Mollie, Kiera and a new dog came too. The new dog was an Australian Shepard named Daisy. She had just been rescued and only with her new human a week. We had fun playing. Mollie and Kiera's mom gave us water and Kiera and Daisy got into a fight. No one got hurt. They both tried to drink from the bowl at the same time. After we ran, we went for a little walk.

Mom and dad left around 10 this morning. They put suitcases in the car. Mom said they would only be gone a few days and that she would miss me. I wanted to go, but they didn't allow dogs at the motel. Sarah is staying with me, Ben and Charlie now. Mom brought her lap top on vacation. The motel has internet access- very slow!! Mom got an E-mail from her friend Christine. She runs an organization called Grey2K. They are trying to end Greyhound Racing in the United States. Mom had entered me in a photo contest for a calendar. Mom gave Christine my history. She looked me up and found out that I had been injured on the race track last October 8th. I fractured a lot of bones in my left hind foot coming around the second turn. That was why I was retired. I had to be in a splint for awhile. The track where I raced (Seabrook, NH) just closed to live racing. I am the last recorded dog to be injured at that track. I hope that all the tracks close very soon so no other dogs have to be hurt

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