A New Beginning

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Play Date with Bella

August 20th 2009 3:18 pm
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This actually happened last weekend. Mom is behind in her writing again. On Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market. Mom stopped off at the dog groomers to bring them some brochures and business cards for her dog training business. We saw Lisa (Mollie and Keira's mom) there. Mom and Lisa chatted for awhile. They moved to a shady spot because it was hot. Later we went to the pet store near our house to buy food and cookies. Mom also left her cards there too. It was really hot that day and I didn't feel like walking a lot. It was a good day to chill with the central AC!

Sunday was cooler. especially in the evening. Mom and dad had to go to Sarah's house to drop off her check for when she took care of me and the cats. She invited me to play with her dog, Bella in her back yard. We had a lot of fun. I was running and jumping around. Bella is an Australian Shepard and she tried to herd me. She really couldn't catch me. One of Sarah's cats was in the yard. She jumped up on a table in the yard. I saw her and walked over to greet her. The cat wanted to play and took off running. The chase was on! The cat went into some bushes. It was a short chase, but Bella and I had fun. We were only playing. After that I was tired. I had a fun time.

Last night after mom got home from work we got in the car and daddy drove-- no where! Daddy almost hit two racoons that darted out in front of the car. Mom and dad were glad they were OK. Daddy didn't want to hurt them. Anyway, daddy drove for awhile and then we ended up back home!? I was a bit confused. Mommy explained that she had a new dog training client and she wanted to find their house before she had to go there in the morning. Mommy wants something called a GPS. Daddy said maybe soon.

Mommy says I have to work tonight! I am going to help her train two dogs. I have to walk up and down the street with daddy while mom works with the dogs. Doesn't sound like hard work. It is a lot easier than running a race.


Mom And Dad Came Home

August 15th 2009 7:28 am
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I was happy to see them. Sarah took good care of me and the cats, but I am glad mom and dad are home. They took me for a long walk down the trail by the river. After that we all hopped in the car. I had no idea where we were going. We ended up at the Vets!!!! I wasn't too happy about that. You can imagine my relief when mom just dropped off my track injury record to be put in my medical file. Mom also left some brochures and business cards for any one needing dog training. After the Vets we drove to the car wash!!!! What the heck?? The man at the car wash gave me a dog bone. That was nice. I was a bit scared going through the car wash. It made lots of strange noises and these big flapping sheets were slapping the car. Next these huge blue roller things were hitting the car, followed by hard rain and several huge blowers. I did well, all things considering. I don't want to go back there any time soon. It is nice to back on my regular routine. Mom said that next vacation, I might get to go too. They have an event called "Greyhounds In Gettysburg" every year. We might get to go.


I Was Injured

August 10th 2009 5:45 pm
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Don't worry, it was last October. I first want to update you about yesterday. Yesterday was Sunday. We didn't go on the Greyhound Adventure walk because it was too far away this time. Mom and dad had a lot to do because they were leaving for vacation the next day. They brought me to the fenced in soccer field to run. Mollie, Kiera and a new dog came too. The new dog was an Australian Shepard named Daisy. She had just been rescued and only with her new human a week. We had fun playing. Mollie and Kiera's mom gave us water and Kiera and Daisy got into a fight. No one got hurt. They both tried to drink from the bowl at the same time. After we ran, we went for a little walk.

Mom and dad left around 10 this morning. They put suitcases in the car. Mom said they would only be gone a few days and that she would miss me. I wanted to go, but they didn't allow dogs at the motel. Sarah is staying with me, Ben and Charlie now. Mom brought her lap top on vacation. The motel has internet access- very slow!! Mom got an E-mail from her friend Christine. She runs an organization called Grey2K. They are trying to end Greyhound Racing in the United States. Mom had entered me in a photo contest for a calendar. Mom gave Christine my history. She looked me up and found out that I had been injured on the race track last October 8th. I fractured a lot of bones in my left hind foot coming around the second turn. That was why I was retired. I had to be in a splint for awhile. The track where I raced (Seabrook, NH) just closed to live racing. I am the last recorded dog to be injured at that track. I hope that all the tracks close very soon so no other dogs have to be hurt


Pampered Pooch!

August 8th 2009 3:11 pm
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On Thursday, mom showed me a new kind of collar. It was called a Gentle Leader. It is like a halter that horses wear. Mom had to adjust it and readjust it so that it fit me. She had bought a large size because it went by weight. Being a greyhound, I'm built a little different from most dogs. I am tall and weigh 70 pounds, but I have a smaller head. The large was a bit too big. By the time mom finished adjusting it, there was a long strand of nylon collar hanging down my face! Mom took me for a walk. At first I didn't like the feel of the nose band. I pawed at it and tried to get it off. I am getting used to it now. Mom has an easier time walking me now. I used to pull sometime. For the most part, I walk with a loose leash, but there were times I would pull. Mom was afraid it was hurting my windpipe because I would pull so hard that I would cough.

Today was Saturday which meant our usual trip to the Farmer's Market. Mom bought bread, berries, corn and a purple pepper! We drove to the Farmer's Market in the car because mom said we didn't have much time before my appointment. I had no idea what appointment I had, but sure enough, after the food was put away, we were back in the car again. We drove for a while and ened up at Dirty Hairy's Dog Wash. I had won a free dog wash in the raffle last week. I was the only dog there when we went in. I got the royal treatment! Dad lifted me into the tub and they put a collar around my neck so I wouldn't jump out. Mom and dad wore water proof aprons and they gave me my bath. The water was nice and warm. It felt good. I was a little nervous, but I really enjoyed it! Mom got me wet and then I got a medicated treatment for my dry skin. Mom and dad scrubbed me good. It felt wonderful. Next was Green Tea shampoo, followed by Green Tea Conditioner. Then mom and dad towled me off. Daddy lifted me out of the tub and onto another table to be blow dried. A nice lady came and trimmed my nails. A little girl helped mommy brush me. Everyone was SO nice there. I liked them very much. I even felt comfortable enough to let them pet me. I smelled really good too. The little girl really liked me and gave me a pink bandana! I'm still wearing it now. After my spa treatment, daddy took us to Petco down the street. Mom bought me a new Gentle Leader. This one was size medium and it was blue. She was going to get me a matching leash but the leashes there were too expensive. Mom said that was OK because next we were going to my favorite pet store to buy food for the week. Mom said the leashes there were more reasonably priced. Also it was my cat brother, Charlie's, Birthday. He turned 4. Mom had a coupon for a free Birthday present for him. We got to my favorite pet store called Especially For Pets. I had to use the bathroom before we went in. They have a nice big field out back. Daddy saw blackberries all over the place. Mom picked a lot of them and put them in one of my bags (It was a clean one!) We went into the store and bought food, a new leash to match my new head collar and my cookie. They had a cat rescue group there. We got to see the cats. They let me look too because I like cats. Mom fell in love with a kitten. He was all purry and kept smiling at mom. Daddy had to remind her that we have a full house. He liked the kitten too, but we couldn't bring him home. We got all the way home and mom remembered the coupon for Charlie's present!! She forgot all about it! Mom felt bad. Daddy got a call from a friend of his. He invited us all over. On the way to daddy's friend's house we passed another Especially For Pets. Of course, mom had left Charlie's coupon at home!! Daddy suggested that maybe his friend, Andrew had a computer and printer and that we could print out a new coupon. We got to Andrew's house and went inside for a bit. Andrew plays piano. He played for us. Daddy played some too. I laid on the rug and enjoyed the music. Later we went for a walk. We ended up at a fenced in soccer field AND a fenced in football field. I got to go in both and run and play! Daddy and Andrew ran around with me. It was fun. It was a bit hot outside and I was panting a lot. We went back to Andrew's house and I got some water. Andrew let mommy print a new coupon for Charlie. We left Andrew's house and drove to the new Especially For Pets store. We got Charlie his birthday mouse and I got another cookie!! We stopped off at an organic farm stand and then headed home. After a rest, mom, dad and I went for a nice evening walk. It had cooled down some and it was a nice evening. We mailed some letters and daddy went into the bank to deposit a check. Then we walked home. What a busy day!! I'm crashed out on my bed and Charlie is playing with his mouse! What a great day!!


Adventure At Spy Pond

August 2nd 2009 3:15 pm
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Today I got to go on a Greyhound Adventure to Spy Pond in Arlington, MA. It was a smaller group than usual- about 16 to 20 dogs, but we had a lot of fun. I was so excited to see everyone. My friends Aiken, Johnny B, and Louise were there. We couldn't go into the pond because they had bad algea in the water. Mom said it could make us sick. We had a nice walk. We didn't find any spys though. I don't know why they call it Spy Pond? On our way home, mom and dad stopped at a pet store. I had never been to this one before. It was on our way home. Mom and dad bought me dog food, a new raw hide bone and a cookie. It was good! Daddy stopped in at a store called Debra's Natural Gourmet to get lunch for him and mom. Mommy stayed in the car with me. After that we drove for awhile and then we stopped at another store! This one was a hardware store in our town. This store had won the most dog friendly business at the Farmer's Market yesterday! I got to go inside with mom and dad. It was interesting. I saw things I had never seen before. Daddy bought a new welcome mat for in front of the house. Our old one was "Icky" (That's what mom said!). Finally we made it back home. I crashed on my bed, then I moved to the rug. Mom and dad left to go grocery shopping.I slept. After mom and dad came home and put the groceries away, they told me to get back in the car again. We ended up at my friend, Oscar's house! I got to play and run around the back yard. We had fun. I watched Oscar chase a ball. I haven't tried it yet. Daddy was trying to get me to chase it, but I wasn't too sure. It was another fun day with lots of exercise. My bed feels very good right now!


Farmer's Market

August 1st 2009 5:55 pm
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We go to the Farmer's Market every weekend, but today was different! Mom was running all over the house gathering things up and brining them to the car. I knew something was up. We all hopped into the car and daddy drove us there. We waited for a few minutes and then Mollie's mom and dad came. Daddy set up my exercise pen and mom filled my water bowl. I knew we would be there for a while. Mom set up a little table. Mom just became a certified dog trainer. She already has two doggie clients and wants to get more. She had brochures and business cards to hand out to people. Mom and dad were also helping out Mollie's mom and the MayDOG group. They are all working hard to bring a fenced in dog park to my town. Today was a big day. Another trainer, who knows mom, was holding a safety workshop for kids and dogs. MayDOG was also announcing an award to the most dog friendly business in Maynard. It was a 3 way tie! Daddy made the announcement and handed out the awards! He did a good job. Mom met a lot of people and gave away 15 brochures and some business cards. They also had a raffle basket, so mom bought 6 tickets. We were there for 3 1/2 hours. I didn't mind. My pen was in the shade under an apple tree. I also had a rooster keeping me company! He was in a cage beside me. I had my blanket and mom bought me 2 peanut butter cookies. People came over and pet me and mom and dad came over to make sure I was OK. I met other dogs and watched everything going on. After we left, mom and dad brought me home and then they went to see the new Harry Potter movie at the IMAX theatre. Mom told me dogs couldn't go. That was OK, I was tried anyway. When mom and dad got home, there was a message on our answering machine. I had won the raffle basket!!! Mom and dad grabbed a quick bite to eat and then we drove to Mollie and Kiera's house to get my prize. We also went for a long walk with Mollie, Kiera and her mom (about 3 miles). It was so much fun!! When we got back home, mom opened all my goodies. I have a new squeaky pepper, a dog bowl, a bandana, some treats, a poop bag holder that goes on my leash, and a gift certificate for a free dog wash! COOL!!! What a great day I had! I'm tired now!!


Running Free And Fast

July 31st 2009 3:17 pm
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Mom has been slacking on my diary! This should have been written last Sunday!! It has been a busy week so I guess I will cut her some slack. I met a woman last Sunday named Sarah. She used to work with daddy years ago. Now she is a pet sitter. Mom and dad are going to take a short vacation the second week of August. They were looking to find a boarding place for me to stay. Daddy had won 2 free nights stay at a place called Best Friends in Sudbury, MA. Mom and dad went to check out the place. Mom said there was NO WAY I was going to stay there. Considering my past, living in a small cage at the race track, mom said I would never be in cage again, no matter how big it may be. The other thing mom didn't like was that the dogs are allowed to go to the bathroom inside! I am fully house trained now. Mom doesn't want me getting the idea that it is OK to go inside. That being said, Sarah will be taking care of me while mom and dad are away. She will be sleeping here at night and will take me for walks 3 times a day. Her dog, Bella, will also be staying over. I also met her on Sunday and we got along just fine. Bella sure likes to eat though! Sarah will also take care of Ben and Charlie, water the plants and take out the trash and bring the mail in. She took notes on where everything is and then Bella and I went for a nice walk together.
Later that day, we all got in the car and daddy drove us to Rockland Ave fields. That is the fenced in soccer field I went to once before. I remembered it! We were meeting Mollie and Kiera there for a walk. We were the first ones to arrive and no one was around, so we went through the hole in the gate and into the field. daddy let me off my leash and ran as fast as I could. Mom said I sounds like a race horse! It felt SO good to stretch out and reach top speed. After my run, we went back to the road and waited for Mollie and Kiera to come. They arrived a few minutes later along with a shepard mix puppy named Zoe and a Saint Bernard (Can't remeber her name). Mollie's mom decided it was a great idea to go back to the field and let us dog's play for awhile. We had a blast! We did go for a short walk after we played for a while. I was tired when we got home. It was a great day!



July 26th 2009 8:55 am
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Saturday started out like any other. Mom, dad and I made our usual journey to the Farmer's Market down the street. At this point, I had no idea what an incredible day it would be. We got home from the Farmer's Market and mom and dad started making lasagna again. this time they made 2. After the lasagna was cooked, mom started gathering up a whole bunch of stuff. We all got into the car and drove a long time. We were on the road for about an hour. I could smell the lasagna in the trunk of the car. Mom told me that we were going to the MARCnic. It is MARC's annual picnic. MARC stands for the MA Animal Rights Coalition. Mom and dad are members. They are a group that loves all animals. Daddy parked the car and mom got me out of the car. There were already a lot of people there, and a lot of dogs! I was both nervous and excited all at the same time. We got to the house and Steve, who is one of MARC's founders made sure all the gates to the back yard were closed. They were! Mom let me off the leash. I ran to the other dogs and we sprinted all around the yard! It was SO much fun. Daddy brought my exercise pen and mom and dad set it up for me. They left it open so I could go inside if I felt stressed out and needed time to chill out. I did go in a few times, but stayed out most of the day. Some of dog friends went inside with me too! At Steve and Helen's house (Where we had the MARCnic) there is an animal sanctuary. They have goats, chickens, ducks and turtles. They also have a dog and cat. The yard was all fenced in so I could be free and off leash. It worked great except for the two times I was able to escape! The first time some people left the back gate open. It led to a huge field. I walked right out of the yard. Mom and dad were hot on my heels. They called and called me, but I was having too much fun. Mom and dad are very clever though. Daddy started to run AWAY from me. I chased him! I got caught!!! By this time, it was time to eat, so all the food came out. I spent dinner time in my pen. Mom had brought a big bone cookie for me. I ate half of it. After dinner, mom and dad put the leash on me and we walked all around that big field. It was fun. A little later a friend of mom and dad's named Maynard, organized a walk around the same field. I thought mom and dad were going on the walk, but they decided to play badminton instead. BORING! I can't hold a racquet! I decided to join the walk. I went with all the people!! Mom and dad got their badminton stuff and realized that I wasn't anywhere around. They panicked and started to look for me. A woman told my mom and dad that I had gone on the walk! Mom and dad ran all over the field looking for me. Dad went one way, mom went the other. Mom caught up with the people on the walk. They were all standing there pointing at me in the tall grass. I was fine and still with the group of people. The group told mom that they enjoyed watching me run and go nuts in the field. Mom wasn't amused! Daddy caught up to us with the leash! We went back to the yard. Mom and dad did play horse shoes and badminton for a bit, but they kept checking in on me. One of my Dogster friends, Lydia was there with me. She heads the group called "Tofu Pups". It was fun meeting her in person. She has a lot of energy!! It started to get dark and they built a bonfire. All the humans sat around it. I stayed away from the fire and hung out with some poodle friends. One started to get fresh with me. He was fixed but he was still interested. I wasn't! I put him in his place. I was a tired, happy dog when we left. What a great day!


Doggie "Ice Cream" and Blackberries

July 19th 2009 5:59 pm
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Mom and dad took me to the pet store closest to our house today. It was getting late and they didn't feel like driving to the one we usually go too. The pet store was having a big sale and was giving away Doggie "Ice Cream" It wasn't really ice cream, but it was frozen and very yummy. I got one! I also got a cookie and a new raw hide bone. I met a whippet puppy. Whippets are small versions of greyhounds. He was cute. Later mom and dad took me for a long walk around town. We found a some blackberry bushes. Mom and dad used one of my poop bags to put the berries in! Don't worry, it was a clean bag! They got quite a few. After berry picking we walked through town. They have a little park there and it is fenced in. There wasn't any "No Dogs Allowed" signs, so we went in. Mom closed the gate and I was able to go off leash. I stayed right with mom and dad though. Dad and I saw 2 cats. They ran away. After the park we walked by the river. Dad let me go in the water. I went right up over my belly! I could almost swim!!! I have never actually gone swimming before. Greyhounds aren't very good swimmers. Maybe some day I'll get a chance to try it- with mom and dad there just in case. Anyway, the water felt good and I got to cool off. I really enjoyed my walk


Play Date With Mollie And Kiera

July 18th 2009 8:05 pm
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We went to the Farmer's Market this morning. I did much better today with all the people. Mom and dad bought lots of fresh produce. We walked to the market which is right down the street from us. When mom and dad got home, mom started to work in the kitchen. Mom and dad made something called a lasagna. They said they had to go to a pot luck event. They told me that I couldn't go this time. Dogs weren't allowed. I was a bit disappointed. Mom gave me a peanut butter stuffed Kong to keep me busy while they were gone. I do love peanut butter stuffed Kongs. When they got home we went for a walk. We ended up at Mollie and Kiera's house! When we got there, Mollie was waiting in the yard with her mom. Mollie was so happy to see me that she pulled her mom to get to me. We were all tail waggie and ready to play. I got to play in their back yard for awhile. Kiera was in the yard waiting for us. I had fun. We ran and played while our moms and dads sat and talked. Humans just don't know how to have a good time like we do! After we left, mom wanted to check out a public garden that was just down the street. Wouldn't you know it, we found a trail! It was just like the small trail next to our house that was once a railroad track. We walked the whole trail and took some side roads back home. We got to see new neighborhoods. It was a nice walk. I'm tired now. It was a wonderful evening.

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