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A New Beginning

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What A Greyt Weekend!!!!

May 16th 2010 5:36 am
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We took our weekly trip to the pet store on Saturday. Mom bought me some new jerky treats. They have something in them called Glucosamine and Chondrioton. Two different vets recommend that I be on these because of my broken foot. Mom doesn't want arthritis setting in the future and sometimes when I run really hard, my foot hurts. I don't mind. The treats are really good! When we got back from the pet store, daddy took me for a walk. Mom stayed home and put the groceries away. Daddy and I walked by Copley's house and Copley's mom and dad were in the yard. They invite me for a run with Copley in the back yard!!! Oh Happy Dog!!!!! We had so much fun. I even went right up to Copley's mom and dad to thanks them. They were happy because I am shy with people until I get to know them. Copley and I both drank together from the water bowl. Copley's mom thought it was cute. When I got home mom had a special surprise for me!! On my bed was my cookie, my flossie and two of my new treats!! It wasn't even my birthday!!! Mom and dad left a little while later. Mom told me they were going to a very special dinner. Mom and dad and a lot of other people were celebrating! Greyhound racing has officially ended in New England!!! Only 7 more states to go and it will be ended in the United States!!! Grey2K USA was hosting the dinner. Mom and dad are supporters. They don't want any other greyhounds to suffer at the track like I did. Isn't that GREYT!!?? Daddy won a T-shirt and a tote bag in the raffle! Mom said the food was really good too.

Today we went to Greyhound Friends Open House. Mom, Dad and I worked at the silent auction/raffle table. Mom and dad set up my exercise pen so I would have a safe place to hang out. Last year we had a tent, but this year we were in the full sun. Mom and dad had an extra blanket in the car so they hung it over my pen and made me a personal tent so I could have some shade. Daddy took me to the big fenced in yard to run. My good friends, Johnny B and Sonie were waiting to go in too, so we got to go in the yard together! I did most of the running. Mom also entered me in the longest tail competition and the youngest hound competition. I took 4th place in the youngest hound. I am 3 years, 6 months old (I mean young!). I only got honorable mention in longest tail. My tail was only 21 inches. The winner's was about 24 inches. My boyfriend, Gil had a 23 inch tail and got 4th place. I still got a ribbon and dog bone. Mom hung my ribbons up on my exercise pen. Daddy took me for lots of walks so I got to see all the other dogs and also get a break from the crowds. The open house went very well. A lot of people came. We learned that it costs $1,300 a day to keep the shelter open!! They really need donations. Louise who runs Greyhound Friends said that this open house was the best they ever had! I agree!! I won a huge cookie and a gift basket in the raffle!!! I was surprised because I didn't even know I had entered!! I think mom entered for me. Mom was also the top bidder in the silent auction for a greyhound statue. It is displayed in the book case down stairs. Mom really wanted that. Mom's friend, Carla, (Gil's mom) made a hand painted slate for us!! It is really cool. Mom and dad hung it in the living room. I'm really tired now. What a Greyt weekend it was.


Special Play Date!

May 14th 2010 6:50 pm
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Yesterday was a wonderful day! I saw a toad when I went for my noon walk with mom. It sort of startled me at first. I wasn't sure what it was. I sniffed at it and it hopped away. Daddy came home from work a little early. He told me to get into the car. Dad, mom and I drove for a little while and ended up at a strange house. Gil's mom, Carla, came out of the house! I thought that was kind of strange. Mom and dad were trying to get me to go inside but I wasn't too sure about it. I finally went in. Gil was there. There was also another greyhound that I hadn't met before. Mom told me his name was GT. He was barking and barking. It took him awhile to settle down. Gil's other brothers and sisters (The Italian Greyhounds) also came out to say "Hi". There were two cats there too!! Carla let me and Gil go out into the backyard to run. We had a lot of fun. You can see the video on my Dogster page. They had a swimming pool on the side of the house. It is a lot bigger than my pool! It was still covered with a liner but I had never seen that before. I tried to run on it! Was a surprise that was! I didn't fall in or anything but I was careful not to go near it after that. After I got a short rest, I got to run with GT. He is very nice too! Daddy made a video of that too. It is in my video book. We had a nice visit. Mom says I will get to spend the day with Gil and GT in a week. Mom and dad are going to something called "Earthfest" in Boston and they will be gone for most of the day. They thought I would have more fun playing with Gil and GT than just going for a walk with my dog sitter. They are right about that!! I am very excited. It felt good to run with other greyhounds. As you watch my video of me running with Gil, watch how I fake him out!!! He was starting to pass me, so I made a quick turn and took off in the other direction.!! I'm tricky like that.


Beach Run!!

May 10th 2010 5:33 am
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What a greyt day I had yesterday!! Mom, dad and I went to New Hampshire to visit grammy and grampy. We took daddy' s new Prius to save on gas and be greener. First we went to grammy's house. I wanted to go to the neighbor's yard and run right away but daddy said we had to go inside grammy's house first. We visited awhile and then mom, dad and grammy left to get lunch. I had to stay at grammy's while they were gone. I didn't like that part, but they weren't gone very long. After lunch grammy called the neighbors but they weren't home. Grammy said we could still use the yard. That made me happy. I ran and ran and had a fun time. Daddy filmed me on his camera. I hope to put it up on Dogster soon. Mom wanted to take me for a walk on the beach because it was still the "off" season. We all got into the car. Mom sat in the backseat with me so grammy could sit in front with dad. We drove to the beach we went to last year but there all these horrible signs up saying I wasn't allowed! That really makes me mad!! Grammy knew of another beach called Pirates Cove. It is a private beach and we could go there. It was even bigger and nicer than the other beach anyway! There were about 6 other dogs there too with their people. It was a windy day but the ocean was calm and the sky was bright blue. It was cool so I had to wear my fleece, but I didn't care. I walked on the sand and even walked into the ocean. I tried to drink the water once but it tasted funny. A lot of the dogs were running free and it was frustrating being on a leash attached to daddy. Mom and daddy looked around and realized the beach was pretty much enclosed. Along the beach were private houses with walls and on the other side was the ocean. There was only one small opening to the parking lot. Mom and dad decided to let me run free!!! Oh what fun!!! I was a bit tired from my run in the yard and the walk but I didn't let that stop me. I was having too much fun. I ran and ran. Everyone on the beach stopped to watch me run! I didn't go too far and came back to mom and dad. It was nice to be free but I still stayed close to my family. I was sad when we had to go.
After grammy's we got back in the car and drove to grampy's house. I got to run a bit in his yard too. We visited with grampy and then mom, dad and grampy went to have dinner. Once again I had to stay at grampy's house. Oh well, I was tired anyway. I slept on the ride home. Last night I dreamed about running free on the beach. Mom and dad said in the fall they will take me back again. I will like that!


Playing In My Yard

May 7th 2010 1:47 pm
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Yesterday morning it was cool and I felt invigorated! The minute mom let me out of my harness I took off in my yard and ran and ran. Mom was having fun watching me. I would run up to her and play bow. Mom would do her human version of a play bow back and I would take off again. Mom sat in a lawn chair and watched me. Then I did something I have never done before! I started digging in the dirt! Mom likes it when I do doggie things. It shows I am recovering even more from my life at the race track. Dirt was flying everywhere. I think I killed some of the grass mom and dad was trying to grow. Mom didn't care because it is MY yard!! I had fun.

When daddy got home from work, we all went on a family walk together. We tried to go on the river trail but the mosquitoes were just too bad. Daddy forgot the bug spray!! We left the trail and walked on the residential street instead. We came to one lawn and there was a wild rabbit sitting there. Mom and dad noticed it first. Then, sure enough, I saw it. Oh I wanted to chase that rabbit SO badly!!! That is the animal that I was bred to hunt!! Mom kept telling me that the rabbit was a friend. Maybe it was, but it took every thing within me not to lunge at it! The rabbit ran off and I was a bit frustrated. Mom and dad told me I was a good doggie. I did get a cookie when I got back home!


Hikes and Swimming Pools

May 5th 2010 4:03 pm
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We had a very hot weekend last Saturday and Sunday. It felt more like mid summer than early May. Mom and dad took me out to my yard and there was a strange round plastic thing filled with water. I was confused at first. I went over and sniffed it and took a drink. This was the biggest water bowl I had ever seen. I lifted my front paw up a few times but I wasn't sure that it was OK to go in it. I had been in these things a few times last year at different doggie events. I knew it was OK then because other dogs were going in them. Daddy put his hands in the water and splashed around in it. Mom and dad kept telling me it was OK. I finally put my front 2 paws in it and then my back feet. The cool water felt good on my paws. I stood there for a minute, got out and went back in again. I went in and out of the pool about 10 times. It was fun. Then I took my front paw and slashed a bit. We didn't go for our long walk until later in the evening. It was just too hot. Mom said it was 90 degrees. I'm not sure what that means but I was panting a lot. On the evening walk mom and dad took me to a nature trail near our house. This is different than the river trail we usually walk. This one is all in the woods. We kind of got a little lost. Daddy told mom to take the orange trail which did eventually meet up with the white trail, but then the white trail went around a pond. Mom and dad didn't want to go around the pond because the mosquitoes were already really bad. Mom took another trail instead which had no markings on it. We ended up in back of the elementary school. Daddy kept trying to keep the mosquitoes off of me and he was getting bitten too! They didn't like mom and she was fine. Mom says me and daddy are sweeter than she is.

The next day was just as hot. Once again we went for our walk in the evening. This time we went in the car. We went to the place that I had walked with my boyfriend, Gil. This time mom and dad had awful smelling bug spray. They sprayed me too. Mine was especially for dogs. A few minutes later another car arrived. I couldn't believe it! It was Gil and his mom!! The Iggies came too. They are Italian Greyhounds and they are Gil's brother and sisters. We were joined by a few more dogs and people. In all there were 8 dogs and 6 people. We walked around the lake and even got to go for a dip. Gil walked right in and laid down in the water. I stood in the lake and took a drink, but I didn't lay down. The Iggies wouldn't go in at all. We had a Huskie dog with us too. She kept going in the water every chance she got. It was a lot of fun. We walked about 2 miles.

Monday I went to the Vet. Nothing bad, just a check up. The vet said my teeth looked really good. I did have to get a shot and I also got my nails clipped. I don't have to go back for a while. I'm glad about that!!!


I Have My Yard!!

April 27th 2010 3:38 pm
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The men came a little before 9 am this morning. I watched them put up the fence through the living room window. It only took them about 2 hours. It looks very nice. Mom says I can't use the yard until tomorrow. There is concrete that needs to harden. Daddy was afraid I might hit the fence before the concrete was ready. It is raining out too. The rain didn't start until this afternoon so I was able to get my long walk in with mom. When we got home from the walk, mom let me explore my yard a little bit. I had to stay on the leash today.

Daddy made a funny video. Here is a link if anyone of my pup pals wants to watch it

Mom wants to put it on my Dogster page but she doesn't know how to do it.


Taking The Good With The Bad

April 26th 2010 5:55 am
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Mom and dad took me for a long walk down the river trail on Saturday. It wasn't too hot and it was very nice. We stopped to sit on the rocks and watch the river before we turned around to go back home. On our way back home we passed my friend Copley's house. Copley's mom and dad were outside doing yard work. Copley was in the back yard and they invited me to a play date!! I was so happy!! They have a big back yard too!! Copley and I ran and ran. He could keep up with me pretty good too!! He isn't a full greyhound, so I was still faster, but he did great!! Copley's mom brought out a bowl of water for us. Well, I tired myself out and then we had to walk home!!!! Mom kept teasing daddy that he should carry me!! I was tired but it wasn't too far. I crashed on my bed when we got home. Later in the evening daddy went to his annual "end of year" skating party. Mom decided to stay home with me and the cats. She gets a bit bored at the party and doesn't know the other people there that well. It was a good thing she stayed home. After daddy left I started to feel sick in my tummy. I got sick about 4 times while daddy was gone and twice after daddy got home. I couldn't eat my supper either. Mom thinks that either I ran to hard or I ate grass that might have had lawn chemicals on it. I don't know either, but I sure didn't feel well. The next morning I felt a little better. My tummy was making strange noises and I still didn't feel much like eating. Mom put my bowl down and I didn't eat it at first. Mom was getting worried now and went upstairs to talk to daddy. My hearing is very good and I heard her talking about bringing me too the vets!! I figured it was time to eat after all and cleaned my bowl. Mommy was very happy. I kept it all down and felt much better. Later in the afternoon some people came over to watch a DVD and eat food. Mom's friend, Lisa, asked if she could bring her dog (and my friend) Kiera over. Mom said "yes". It was nice having another dog over. After the humans ate and finished watching the DVD, we all went for a walk down the river trail. I walked with Kiera and it was very nice. I ate a good supper last night and finished my breakfast in record time this morning. I'm glad I am all better now. Despite getting a little sick, it was a nice weekend. Mom says my fence goes up tomorrow!!!


Ouch! My Ears!!!

April 23rd 2010 4:40 pm
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We had an interesting day today. It started out like any other. Mom came home from work and took me for my noon day walk. It was nice outside and I enjoyed it. Mom gave me a cookie when we got back and I took it to my bed to enjoy. Mom rode her exercise bike and took a shower. Mom had just got out of the shower when this terrible loud noise was blasting through the entire house. It was high pitched and hurt my ears. Mom ran downstairs in just a towel and was looking all over the house! She even ran down the basement. I didn't know it then, but it was the smoke detectors! Mom was checking for a fire in the house. There wasn't any fire, thank goodness, but the sound wouldn't stop. It hurt my ears so badly that I started howling. My cat brother , Ben, also started crying!My other cat brother, Charlie, just looked scared. Mom ran back upstairs and put some clothes on. I kept howling, Ben kept crying and the smoke detectors kept screaming. Mom put my harness on me and put me in the car. Then she ran back inside and started pulling down the smoke detectors and pulling out the batteries. After she pulled the batteries out of the second one, they all stopped. What a relief!! Mom went out and got me from the car. It was chaos for a few minutes. I hope that doesn't happen again!!!


Spring Activites

April 15th 2010 11:39 am
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Spring is in full bloom here. The leaves are coming out on the trees and flowers are blooming every where. So many wonderful smells being carried on the wind. Last Sunday I went to a Meet and Greet at a pet store in Lexington, MA. My good friends Johnny B, Sonie, Troy and Oscar where there. I also met a new friend named Benny. He was a big boy! I hung out with Oscar most of the time. We shared a nice comforter. After the Meet and Greet, mom and dad took me for a nice walk on the Minute Man trail. It was only a short drive away. We walked a new part of the trail that we hadn't walked before. I really enjoyed that. I have been going on a lot of long walks along the river trail. Mom took me there again today. we did about 2 miles because we were gone over 45 minutes. On the way back home, we passed a little pool of water that was along the side of the road. Mom let me go in for a dip!! It was SO refreshing!! I was jumping around in the water and then I shook myself all over mom!!!! She didn't mind though. I get my yard on April 27th. Only a week and a half to wait!! I don't know much about the passing of time, but mom says it will be soon. Mom and dad are getting me a wading pool of my very own. That way I can take a dip when I get hot outside!! I think it is going to be a fun summer. My picture appeared in an article about greyhound racing on Facebook. The article was about the race tracks closing in New Hampshire. That is the race track I use to race at- Seabrook . Here is a link to the article:! /note.php?note_id=278477364977&id=59572733353&ref=mf

I hope the tracks all close down soon.


Easter Picnic

April 5th 2010 7:49 am
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It was just me and mom on Saturday. Daddy had to help run a ping pong tournament at MIT. He is one of the coaches for the club. It was such a beautiful Spring day. Mom and I walked the Assabet River Trail. We went down to the rocks and took a rest there before we headed back. We sat for a while and enjoyed the river. I started to get hot on the way back home. The trail is a dirt road (cars do go on it but they don't go on it often) and there were lots of puddles from the flood rains we had last week. I enjoyed walking through the puddles to cool my paw pads. Mom even let me take a quick dip in the river. When we got home,we jumped right into the car and mom drove us to the pet store near our house. Mom told me that the pet store would be closed on Sunday because it was Easter. We went inside the store and there was my friend Kiera and her mom and dad, Lisa and Mark. What a surprise!! They were shopping too!! Kiera got excited seeing me and had an accident in the store. Her mom had to clean it up. Mom chatted with Kiera's mom for a bit and then we bought our weekly supplies. We got dog and cat food, 2 raw hide bones for me, a flossie and of course my cookie. Daddy still wasn't home by my evening walk, so mom took me to Winter Street. We met a nice man and his dog and stopped to talk for a few minutes. The man and dog were working on a large machine that mom called a backhoe. It was big and noisy. The dog was riding inside it with the man so I guess it was OK.

Sunday was another beautiful day. Mom and dad made food and started packing stuff in a bag. They put my harness on and we all got into the car. You can imagine my surprise when I realized that we were driving on Winter Street! We never drive there, we always walk there!! I started shaking from excitement. Daddy parked the car at the little park at the beginning of the River trail (The one mom and I walked the day before) We got out of the car and mom carried the bag to a small table in the park. Mom called them picnic tables and there were 3 of them. Mom connected 3 leashes together and tied me to the table. I was able to walk around a bit and explore as far as the leashes would let me. Being a greyhound, I am never allowed off leash unless I am fenced in. I could run off and get lost because mom and dad could ever catch me!! Mom gave me a plate of dog cookies and she also brought me a water bowl. Mom and dad ate their food at the table and enjoyed looking at the river. I drank some water but then as I was walking around, my leash got caught on the water bowl and tipped it over! Daddy gave me some of his water. Wouldn't you know it, I managed to knock the water bowl over again!!! I am just not good with leashes. I always get all tangled up!! After the picnic, mom, dad and I walked the river trail again.We went past the rocks this time and walked further. We met some other dogs and humans and saw humans riding bicycles. It was fun.On our way back, we stopped at the rocks for a little rest. It was a nice Easter afternoon.
Later mom and dad went and got some dirt for my yard.They filled holes left from where the trees had been. Daddy says we need a bit more and will get more later. The fence is going to cost more money than daddy had hoped. I will still get my fence soon but we have to wait until daddy can sell something called "stocks" to help pay for it. Daddy wants the stocks to go higher. I am not sure what he means, but I can be patient. I am better than mommy at being patient!!! BOL!!!

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