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A New Beginning

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Hosting The MayDOG walk

May 16th 2011 10:40 am
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On Saturday mom, dad and I hosted a group dog walk for MayDOG (Maynard Dog Owner's Group). Everyone met at our house. My friend Kiera came with her mom, Lisa and we also had 2 more dogs join us. We were all girls! Usually I prefer hanging out with the boys, but I still had fun. One dog was an Australian Shepherd mix and she sure liked to bark a lot. Her human decided it would be best to drive to the trail head and meet us there as she was disturbing the neighborhood. Kiera then proceeded to pick a fight with the other dog who was a Golden Retriever. The fight didn't last long and only lasted a few seconds. No one got hurt. I was thinking that the walk wasn't starting out too well. We crossed rte 117 to Winter Street and met up with the barking shepherd at the trail head. She did calm down as we kept walking and finally stopped barking. Kiera also behaved herself. We walked way past the rocks and almost to the air field and back! The day was overcast and cool and there were lots of mosquitoes around. I still got bit despite mom spraying me with bug spray. We all had a good time though. Kiera's mom said we walked 2.6 miles. After we said our goodbyes, it was time for the pet store. It was just our usual weekly shopping trip but I did get a flossie and a cookie. I thought we would be going right home but dad drove us to a yard sale! It was mom's idea! I don't think daddy would ever go to a yard sale on his own. Mom was looking for things for my next Halloween costume. She didn't find anything.
After lunch we all got back into the car to take a trip to visit grampy in NH. After going to Gettysburg, the trip didn't seem as long.We had a nice visit and watched a movie called Ice Castles. I napped through most of it. After the movie, mom and dad took me for a walk through the town where mom used to live. That was a second long walk in one day! We came upon one house and there was a bunch of chickens in the yard! All the chickens came running over to see us. Daddy peeled an acorn for them. I think they were very curious about us. Mom and dad stopped at the grocery store on our way back home. I had to wait in the car but it was cool outside and they weren't gone for very long. It was a busy day.

On Sunday mom and dad had to go to a fund raiser for a farm animal sanctuary. I wasn't allowed to go. Mom told me when they got home that the people who run the sanctuary asked if they could name a baby black chicken after me! I think that is cool! Now there is a chicken named Isis too! Mom and dad came home smelling like goats and rabbits. They had a good time despite the rain. Mom didn't win the raffle. They should have brought me with them. I am lucky in raffles! Mom said that next weekend will be even busier. It will be Greyhound Friend's Open House and Paws In The Park. I better get some some rest!


A Visit To GT

May 5th 2011 3:23 pm
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Today mom took me to visit GT. I hopped right into the car. I was so excited when I saw we were at Aunt Carla's house. I didn't even want to wait for mom! GT looked great! He came right up to me and mom. Mom gave him the stuffed bone we bought him at Gettysburg. He took it right in his mouth and carried it off to play. We couldn't play in the yard together yet because he is still healing from his surgery. He can only go on walks right now. I did get to run and play with Gill though. We had a fun time and had a hard run. We visited for a couple of hours. I made myself right at home in one of the dog beds and even played with one of the stuffed toys. Mom and Aunt Carla had a nice talk. They are planning a secrete costume idea for me and Gill at the October Greyhound Friend's costume contest! The Iggies (Italian Greyhounds) started a group roo! I joined right in. All of us dogs participated. It was fun! Mom and Aunt Carla laughed. I really didn't want to leave, but I didn't give mom a hard time. I got right back into the car when she asked me to. I know I will get to visit again soon. I am so glad that GT is doing better. I look forward to when we can run together again.


I Don't Think I Am In Gettysburg Anymore!

May 2nd 2011 12:37 pm
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It felt good to sleep in my own bed last night. I was pretty tired from all the activity this weekend. I would love to go back next year. It was about 9:30 when mom put my harness and leash on. I had no idea why. I had already had my morning walk and did my duty. Dad told me to get into the car. Wouldn't you know it- I ended up at the Vets! I think that was dirty trick! Mom told me it was time for my annual check up. I had to have blood drawn for my heart worm and tick panel and get a shot! It was called a lepto vaccine and mom said I needed it because I sometimes drink from puddles when no one is looking!! My exam went well. The vet said I am very healthy. while we were waiting to pay for my exam, I made friends with another dog in the waiting room. I also walked up and down the hallway, peering into the exam rooms. On our way back from the Vets we stopped off at the pet store near my house and got food and a cookie.
The Vet called around 3:30 with my panel results. Everything is negative except I am slightly positive for lyme disease. I have been positive on that for about 2 years now. I feel fine so they are just watching things.
This evening mom and dad took me for a nice walk at NARA Park. We hadn't been there in a while, so it was a nice change of pace. We walked about 45 minutes. It was beautiful weather. Mom and dad took me on a wooded trail for part of the walk. Mom picked up a tick. She is OK though. She found it and was able to remove it before it could cause any problems. Mom should use Frontline like me!


Last Day In Gettysburg

May 1st 2011 8:12 pm
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We all had to get up early this morning. I was still tired from the day before. Mom and dad had to pack all the suitcases and put them in the car. The morning events started at 9 o'clock which was an hour early than Saturday. I was so tired that I laid down to eat my breakfast! We checked out of our motel room and headed off to the recreation field for the speed run and fun run. Daddy told me and mom that our motel might not allow us to come back next year. It seems that a lot of people were not picking up after their dogs. That is such a shame. Mom and dad always pick up after me. It isn't hard to do!

We arrived at the field early and there were already many greyhounds and people there. Mom signed me up for the speed run test. I was the 3rd dog to run it. They had set up orange fence that we had to run down as fast as we could. A person at the other end had a radar gun to see how fast we could go. Daddy was supposed to go all the way down to the other end to get me to run faster but the man in charge told mom to release me before daddy had a chance to get down the field. People had a white lure that they were waving for me to get me excited about the chase. I wasn't sure exactly what to do. I did run but not at full speed. I was clocked at only 27 mph. I could have easily run 35 or more. That was OK. I still got a certificate. One dog reached 39 mph! She was the fastest one there.
After an hour, they shut down the speed run so everyone could go to the pet blessing and rainbow bridge memorial service. It was very nice. All the people had candles and prayers were said.
Once the blessings were over, mom and dad took me to the fun run. Tracy and Gino came too so we could run together. This was held in a different field because the speed runs started up again. We went in groups of 4 or 5 dogs. Daddy will post the video of me soon. The only part I didn't like was that I had to wear a muzzle. It was a rule and requirement. I personally don't need one, but some greyhounds nip when they run in a pack. I still had fun, but I kept trying to get it off!

After the fun run it was time to get back into the car and start our long journey back home. Mom and dad stopped for lunch and got a sub. They ate at a picnic table outside so I could join them. It is nice to be home but I do miss Gettysburg. Mom and dad said we will go again. Maybe even next year. I hope so. I had a lot of fun.
Here is a link to pictures! Gv1sRgCO_t9rqgyOX06wE#


Day Two Of GIG!

April 30th 2011 5:12 am
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I was very tired this morning! I slept like a log! Mom and dad didn't hear a peep out of me. I slept until after 7. Mom got me up to do my business because she wanted to jump into the shower. Events start at 10 today! There were 4 other dogs out when I got there. My energy was renewed once again! They went back inside shortly after I met them and I wanted to follow! Mom told me that I still needed to walk some more but I insisted that we go back inside. Since I had gone potty, mom brought me back in. I couldn't find the other dogs any where! I whined the whole time mom was in the shower! I only ate half of my breakfast! I whined until daddy got up. I am too excited!!! I want to get to the events! Daddy went to get bowls of cereal for him and mom. They were eating breakfast when we heard this awful sound. Mom and dad looked confused for a moment and then figured out it was a fire alarm! We had to leave our room and go outside. Mom gathered a few essentials on the way out. The noise from the alarm was very loud in the hall way! I didn't like it. It hurt my ears. We didn't smell any smoke or see any fire. I met all my friends outside. We waited but no fire truck came. It was a false alarm. Someone said that maybe someone burned their waffle at breakfast. We all got to come back inside. We are leaving in a few minutes. I am way too excited!

I was happy to be back at the outlet shoppes. Mom and dad headed right to the man who did caricatures. There was already someone getting their portrait done but we were next in line. I was a little nervous, but daddy sat right next to me and mom stood on the other side of me. The man was nice and drew a good picture of me. It didn't look exactly like me- more of a cartoon, but mom said that is what a caricature was. The man was the artist who had designed the T-shirts for Greyhounds In Gettysburg this year! After my picture, we brought it to the car so it would stay nice. Mom and dad then took me to get my nails trimmed. I was NOT having much fun at this point! Mom said that my nails needed to be short for the run tomorrow. The lady was very quick about it which I appreciated. We did a bit more shopping. We got a squeaky bone as a gift for GT, a catnip toy for Ben and Charlie, and greyhound decals for mom's car. Next it was time for the parade. We all lined up, some into groups, and walked through the outlet shoppes. There were people watching us and taking pictures. We met up with Tracey and Gino. Tracey had a gift for us! That was SO sweet of her. The costume contest was up next. There was 4 categories- most patriotic, best civil war, most creative and funniest. Mom signed me up for most creative. I was the second competitor in line. I competed against a greyhound dressed as a sheep, a Starbucks coffee hound, and a greyhound in a dress and flowery hat. I wore my usual costume of Isis, goddess of magic. I won two previous contests with this costume. I came in second place this time and won a nice ribbon. Mom was pleased. One dog in the funniest category was a greyhound bus! I think he won the grand prize. His costume was the best! We didn't wait to see because mom wanted to go to a seminar on therapy dogs. Mom doesn't think I am ready for it yet after listening to the requirements. We are going to look into it further and maybe take some classes. The next lecture was all about how greyhounds are bred and trained for racing. Mom and dad wanted more insight as to my life before I was adopted. They found it very interesting. By now it was after 2pm. We checked to see if we had won a raffle prize. We missed winning by one number! I was tired so mom and dad took me to the motel to rest. They went to play miniature golf. I could have gone too, but I really needed the nap. Dad won, but not by much! After mom and dad came back, they rested for a few minutes and then it was time to leave for dinner. The restaurant had a deck and greyhounds could be on the deck so I went too! I knew some of the humans there! Barbara from Greyhound Adventures was there and Pat from Greyhound Friends. Barbara got me a dog bed from her car so I could lay down. I used it but the people at the next table had a blanket that I liked better. There dog let me lie on the blanket! I was very good at dinner. There was a man in an electric wheel chair that went by me a couple of times and I wasn't even scared. I will make a good therapy dog some day! We were about to leave the restaurant when we heard a crash. Two cars had a slight accident. Daddy and I ran out to take a look. Mom was stuck at the table waiting for the bill! No one was hurt bad. We are back at the motel now for a few minutes to rest before our ghost tour. Mom is excited about that. I wonder if we will see any ghosts? More soon!

The ghost walk was fun! There were lots of greyhounds there! We broke into 3 groups to keep the groups small. I was very happy that my new friend, Gino and his mom, Tracey, got to go with us. A nice woman in a colonial dress named Nancy was our guide. I liked to follow right behind her. She had a lantern and a basket. We would stop walking every so often and she would tell us a ghost story. We walked for about an hour and a half. We didn't see any ghosts though. It was a very long day but I had fun. Tomorrow is our last morning here in Gettysburg. Time to say good night.


First Day Of GIG

April 29th 2011 4:19 am
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I woke up my usual time this morning- around 6:30. I slept well during the night and was quiet so mom and dad could sleep. Mom got up and checked the computer to see what the temperature was outside. It was 55 so I didn't need my jacket. Mom took me out to let daddy sleep a little longer. We left the motel room and I immediately saw 2 other greyhounds! I almost pulled mom off her feet. After a few minutes, more and more greyhounds appeared. There were at least 10 of us! I was so excited! I had to introduce myself to each and every one! We had a virtual play date! This is one time I wish leashes didn't exist! After socializing and doing what a dog has to do, mom brought me back in for breakfast. Mom said I will have even more fun later!

After mom and dad ate breakfast and took their showers we got into the car. Daddy drove us to a parking garage. This one was better than the one in Boston. It was smaller and didn't have a room that moved. Mom, dad and I walked through the town of Gettysburg. Mom made me and daddy stand by a huge statue of someone called Abraham Lincoln. I was scared of it but mom told me the man wasn't real! We took a lot of pictures as we walked. We went to one of the battlefields that had other statues and cannons. I liked that because it was all grass. On the way back to the car there was a store that had dog treats and a water bowl. I got a treat. We came back to the motel for a little while to rest. We leave for the main event in about a half an hour. I will report more later.

We left a little before noon to go to the main event. When we got there I couldn't believe my eyes! There were greyhounds everywhere! There were many tents set up in a section of the parking lot of The Outlet Shoppes Of Gettysburg. I wanted to get to socializing but mom said we had to register first. We had to stand in line for a few minutes, so I just socialized with the other dogs waiting to register. We got a huge goodie bag with all sorts of things inside. Mom and dad had to wear badges around their necks like a collar. Next we went to all the booths. There were so many wonderful things to see. Mom said she wanted to look at everything before we chose what to buy. That made sense. I was greeting every dog I saw- and there were lots of them! Mom and dad took me to talk to an animal communicator. Her name was Jean and she was very nice. She understood me! I told her that I was very happy with mom and dad and that I would be interested in trying to become a therapy dog someday. I made it very clear that I wouldn't work with children. Mom already knew that but I wanted to be sure. Mom had Jean tell me not to be afraid of people. She talked with me for a long time and I really likes her. I even tried to go back to her tent after we left! Mom bought me a beautiful soft blanket! I LOVE it!! I also got a new purple collar. I got many complements on it. Mom and dad also bought me this cool bone! It had a peanut butter cookie on the outside and peanut butter filling on the inside of a real bone (I am actually working on that bone right now as I dictate to mom). I also got a squeaky plush bone. Mom met a Facebook friend in person today. It was the first time they have really met. Her name is Tracey and she has a greyhound named Gino. He is very nice. It was time for the greyhound games. Mom, Tracey and Gino went ahead. Daddy and I were talking to some people so we lagged behind. Mom wanted to try competing in the first game which was dressing you greyhound as fast as you can. Daddy and I were too late and we missed it. That was OK with me! The other games were bobbing for treats in a bucket of water and wagging your tail. I didn't try those. I don't eat treats often in public and I also don't wag a lot! Mom and dad were hungry so we walked to the shoppes to get them a sub sandwich. Daddy went inside to order and mom and I found a table outside. I got to hang out with some greyhounds at the next table. Mom and dad ate and then we went to a seminar talk. The talk was on the second floor. There were some hounds there that didn't know how to climb stairs. I am an expert now, but it took me a long time to get used to it so I understand how they felt.I tried to show them how to do it and climbed right up to the top. They couldn't follow. We were early and another talk was going on. Mom and dad took me to the end of the hall to wait. We waited near the entrance to one of those rooms that move! Well you can imagine my surprise when the door opened and two greyhounds walked out! They were the ones that couldn't climb the stairs! A few minutes later the door opened again and out came more greyhounds! This just kept happening!! All these dogs kept coming out of that moving room! Some also went inside and disappeared. Next it was time for the talk so we moved closer to the door. I met a black male named Cairo! He looked like me. I thought it was funny that he was Cairo and I was Isis! We found seats in the front row. Guess who was talking? My new friend the animal communicator, Jean! She remembered me and actually told a couple of stories about me from earlier in the afternoon! I approached several people during the talk to get petted and attention. After the talk daddy gave me a choice of using the stairs or going into the room that moved. I was brave and chose the room that moved! I walked right in. We ended up on the bottom floor near the exit door. Mom and dad were very proud of me. It was late and everyone was leaving for the day. Daddy drove us back to our motel. Mom and dad left me to nap and went out to have dinner with Tracey. They weren't gone very long. When they came back, they put my harness on and we went to a greyhound social that was being held at one of the larger hotels in town. There were a lot of dogs and their humans at the social.I made the full rounds several times. I didn't want to miss anyone! Tracey and Gino came too. I rested on several of the dog beds that were laying on the floor. I laid with several of my new friends. Tracey brought me and Gino a bowl of water. that tasted good! It was warm inside the gathering room. We stayed a little over a hour. We were all tired. We came back to our motel and mom gave me a can of dog food. I am exhausted! Time for bed! Until tomorrow!


Arrived In Gettysburg!

April 28th 2011 4:42 pm
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We left early this morning before 8AM. I didn't realize that we would be in the car for so long. After we rode for about 3 hours, mom and dad stopped at a rest stop. It felt good to walk around and stretch my legs. Then it was back into the car again. We got some very heavy rain storms. It got so bad that daddy had a hard time seeing. Many cars pulled off to the side of the road. We continued on but very slowly. We also passed an accident. It looked like a truck had skidded off the road. I hope no one was hurt. Once we arrived in PA we stopped at a second rest stop. This one was nicer and had really green grass. We arrived at our hotel just before 4 o'clock. I even got to go into the hotel lobby to check in! After we got our room keys, I turned around and saw two other greyhounds! We were very happy to see each other. There are 9 greyhounds staying here tonight. There will be a lot more arriving tomorrow. Mom got me all settled into our room with all the comforts of home. I have my bed, some toys, food and water bowls and even a bone and treats. Our room is very nice. Mom and dad just back back from diner. They drove around Gettysburg and found all the places we needed to find. Mom and dad ate at a very nice restaurant that looked like it did during the colonial days. it was called the Dobbin House Tavern. The fun starts tomorrow! I will say good night for now!


Gettysburg Or Bust!

April 27th 2011 6:23 pm
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We leave for Greyhounds In Gettysburg tomorrow! Mom has been packing all day! I even have my own suitcase! It is small because I don't have much clothes. I am bring my light fleece jacket, my heavier fleece coat and my raincoat. I may not need them, but just in case. We are supposed to have wireless internet at our hotel. Mom will help me keep a log of my adventure. Right now I am a bit bewildered. I am not sure what to make of all this packing!


I Caught A Quail!

April 21st 2011 7:50 am
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The lady came back to our house on Monday to let us know how much our house is worth.She was afraid of Ben! She liked me though. Mom and dad didn't think it was enough so we won't be moving any time soon. I hope the dog park gets approved for our town. Then I will have room to really run! At least I have a small yard and nice hiking trails near my house.

GT is home and doing well. Once again, thank you everyone for your prayers. They really helped! Mom and I were hoping that we could visit him today but his mom thought we should wait a little longer. He needs more time to heal and rest.

This morning I caught a quail! Mom didn't even see it because it was hiding in the brush near the rail trail. The rail trail is the small trail that runs parallel to our street (not the long river trail).I smelled it and then I saw it! Mom just thought I was going over to the brush pile to sniff. Boy was she wrong! I grabbed it in my mouth and held on for all I was worth! The quail was flapping it's wings really hard and slipped my grip! It flew away and I was left with a mouthful of feathers! It scared mom half to death! Mom sang the song "Bird Dog" as we finished our walk. She said it is a very old song that was popular before she was born. Mom said we can go on a long walk this afternoon on the River Trail. Maybe I will find another quail!


I Made A Donation!

April 18th 2011 8:53 am
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On Friday, two strange people came over our house. daddy worked from home that day because he had a dental cleaning and also needed to get his car inspected. Shortly after mom came home from work, the two people came. It was a man and a woman. They walked all around our house- inside and out. The woman was writing things down on a clipboard. I was curious so I followed them. Mom told me they were going to figure out how much our house is worth. Mom and dad would like to find a new house with a bigger yard for me. It would be nice to run. After the people left we went for a long evening walk. It was nice but I didn't see anyone I knew.

On Saturday I made a donation! Most of you must have heard about Patrick, the pitbull from NJ? He had a really bad mom who almost starved him to death. He was also thrown down a garbage shoot and left for dead. Luckily he was rescued just in time and is now recovering in a shelter in NJ. He is now a famous ambassador against animal abuse and he had many pages on Facebook. Mom joined a couple of his fan pages. This weekend people from all over the country made donations to their local shelters in Patrick's name. Mom thought it would be nice if I made the donation for Patrick. I gave up some of my new tennis type balls and the cats gave a few cans of cat food and some food bowls. We selected Buddy Dog as the shelter to donate to. Mom is doing a walk for Save A Dog in May and is getting sponsors now: That is her sponsor page in case anyone would like to sponsor mom. Anyway, we also donate to Greyhound Friends every year too. We thought it would be nice to give to Buddy Dog. We went to the shelter and the woman behind the desk was very happy to receive the items. She thanked me, mom and dad very much. It felt good to help. I remember what it was like to be in a shelter.

Yesterday was a quite day for me. Mom and dad went to a place called Worcester, MA to a vegetarian festival. I couldn't go to that- although I do enjoy vegetarian dog food once in awhile! Mom and dad took me for my long walk when they came home. We walked down the river trail. I met a Chocolate Lab along the way. He was still a big puppy but very friendly. We had just reached the rocks when I saw two people and a dog walking towards us. It was Copley!!! I was SO happy. I got to walk back with Copley. I am so happy the weather is better now and I can see him again.

My boyfriend, GT comes home from the hospital tomorrow. I am looking forward to seeing him. He has been through so much. Mom said we find out how much our house is worth tonight. The house mom and dad looked at last week with the big yard is still available and has dropped to a price we can afford! I don't know if we can buy it though because we have to sell our house first. We shall see tonight.

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