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A New Beginning

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Today is my Birthday!!!

November 16th 2015 6:01 am
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I turn 9 years old today!! Seems like just yesterday when mom and dad adopted me from the race track! Time sure does fly by. Mom gave me one of my favorite cans of dog food this morning. Then she let me wear a bandanna that say's "Today is my Birthday" It is pink with a cupcake on it.Later tonight mom and dad are taking me to the pet store so I can pick out a present and get a big birthday cookie!! On Saturday I am having a huge birthday party!!! I am SO excited!!!


An Adventure at Minute Man Park

October 18th 2015 12:22 pm
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Yesterday mom and dad took me to 3 pet stores!!! At he last store I got 6 boxes of cookies!!! That store has the best cookies of all the pet stores. Mom and dad like to stock up so I won't run out.

Today I went on a greyt adventure with Greyhound Adventures. We went to Minute Man Park. It is close to our house which is even better. It was a bit chilly but beautiful bright sunshine. SO many of my friends were there. I saw Lux, my nephew Bryndel, Trent, Calvin, Riley and many more. Mom guessed there was 40 to 50 greyhounds there today. There were also 4 Galgos which are Spanish Greyhounds. Two rescue workers from Argentina came on the walk with us. We even saw people dressed in colonial clothing giving tours at one of the houses. They came out and talked with us. My leg did just fine!! I was able to walk the whole way!! On our way back we stopped for a short rest. I saw that Calvin had a really cool collapsible bowl for his water. I joined him for a drink. On our way home, mom and dad stopped at another pet store and bought me one for my very own!!! I will take it on all our walks from now on. When we got home mom and dad went outside to do some yard work. I went out with them for a bit and helped. I really need a nap now!


A Big Scare!

October 1st 2015 9:55 am
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I gave mom and dad a big scare. At first mom noticed that I wasn't coming upstairs during the night.I usually love to go up there to sleep. Then she noticed that I was hesitating climbing the steps to the deck after I had been out in the yard. Yesterday I was noticeably worse and was limping on my right hind leg and holding it up. This morning I needed daddy to help me get up the stairs to the deck. Mom called the vet and I got an appointment. Mom and dad's biggest fear is Osteosarcoma. It is a bone cancer that many greyhounds get. In fact 1 in 4 greyhounds get it! Usually it means amputation of the limb if there is any hope in stopping it. Worse case is death. Mom couldn't go the vets with us because she had to go to the dentist. Daddy took me. They took X-rays. One I had to lie on my back for. I didn't like that one at all! The vet poked around and I told her where it hurt. I have a pulled quadriceps muscle in my leg. I have pain medication to take. It may take a while to heal. The vet said it can take a long time, but at least I know I don't have cancer. That is a relief. Mom wasn't so lucky at the dentist. She has to go back next Friday to get her crown replaced. The dentist saw a bunch of decay under the crown when he looked at her X-rays. No fun!



September 26th 2015 6:57 pm
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I had a lot of fun at Woofstock! Lots of interesting booth this year. I was so excited! My Vet hospital had a booth! I recognized one of the vet techs. I thought he was going to take my blood!! Instead he took my picture with mom and dad. I like that much better. He said he would E-mail it to mom later so I will post it then. Aunt Carla came with Dolly and Jeff came with Skylar. We walked around for a bit with them. We also listened to a good band that was playing. I got some dog treats too! They are banana and peanut butter! After Woofstock we went to the pet store to get food. I got a big cookie. I was thinking it was just about as perfect as a day could get UNTIL...... Mom and dad had me take a walk into town. I ended up at the dog wash! I got a bath!!!!! I was shedding out my old summer coat so I did need one. I just don't like getting one! Afterwards I did get a really cool Halloween bandana. After dad paid I walked home as fast as I could. Dad let me lead the way home. I knew just how to get there too!


A GREYT Weekend!!!

September 21st 2015 7:18 am
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I went to the New England Pet Expo on Saturday with mom and dad. I had such a good time! I met Hercules from the TV show Pit Boss!! He was very nice and gave me a kiss!! Wow!!! His Dad, Shorty gave a talk. We walked all around and saw all the booths. I even got a chiropractic adjustment. Those always feel good. I also got to chat with a pet communicator. I got a new ID collar and a real yummy dog treat. Later I got to work at the Greyhound Friend's booth. My brother, Fast, was there as well as Minion, Lux, Ozzie, Bryndel and Riley (He isn't a greyhound though) I later found out that Bryndel is my nephew!! I had such a good time I didn't want to leave!!! I also got to meet a strange lizard called a Chilean Iguana!! I saw lots of dogs too!! Everyone was nice and I got lots of pets and attention. Mom went to some of the talks. She got to have a big spider called a tarantula crawl on her and she got to hold a snake called a ball python. She also petted a bearded dragon and a blue tongue skink! It was quite a day!!!

Yesterday I went to Greyhound Friend's Fall Open House. Mom and dad had a tent so they could stay in the shade. It was a very windy day so mom made sure to tape all the silent auction sheets down so they wouldn't blow away. I had my exercise pen but daddy took me for frequent walks so I could socialize with all the other greyhounds. At lunch, daddy got me a sausage sandwich! Later I played some doggy games.I got 5th place in Musical hoops. 2nd place in oldest dog and 3rd place in find your twin with Max. I wasn't in the costume contest this time because mom didn't have time to come up with anything new. I am going to Woofstock next Saturday though so I will do that costume contest if they have one. I will wear my Party Animal costume. We sold lots of raffle tickets and my friend Calvin and his mom won a TV!! My friend Thor's mom and dad got a lot of things in the Silent Auction. It was a fun weekend!!


GRNE and Pet Rock Festival

September 14th 2015 6:26 am
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What a fun weekend I had!! On Saturday we went to Greyhound Rescue of New England's annual walk and fund raiser! Mom raised $100 to help the rescue.She also set up a little table to do Tarot readings for people. It was a beautiful late summer day. Not too hot. We walked along the river and saw turtles and a blue heron! We walked all the way to the end of the trail and walked back with some friends I made along the way. I was very hot and thirsty when we got back. Grammie of Grammies Jammies (her real name is Jean) had a water bowl for me. I drank it all down. Mom entered me in 2 of the Doggie Games.I won 3rd place for the prettiest eyes and won the costume contest. I also won mom and dad 9 free games of miniature golf in the raffle! Mom and dad love to play. Mom did a tarot reading too!!! The woman enjoyed it and told mom she was very professional. Mom donated the money to the rescue. Maynard Waltha came too. He had fun and hung out with me and my friend, Gil.

On Sunday we went to the Pet Rock Festival outside of Worcester,MA. It was a cool, drizzly day. Pet Rock was at a new place this year. Mom and dad didn't like the new place very much. The parking was very disorganized and all the food was up on this huge hill.Mom's back has been sore since last Thursday so she had a hard time with the hill. I had a lot of fun. I made friends and took a rest in the Greyhound Friend's booth. Mom got a massage which helped her back. A vet said my weight and condition was perfect! That was a nice compliment. Lots of my friends were there too- Gil,Skylar, Teddy, Ripley Rose, my brother Fast, Minion, Riley, Calvin and Lucy!


Slow Summer

August 31st 2015 11:14 am
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Hi Friends,
Sorry I haven't written in my diary for a while. It has been a slow summer with not to much exciting happening. I have been doing the usual dog things like sun bathing in the warm summer sun, going for walks and enjoying the air conditioning. I did go to the Farmer's Market but later found out it was a trick! Mom and dad just wanted me to get my nails trimmed!! I also attended the one year anniversary of the opening of the Maynard Dog Park. That was fun. I got to play a bit with some other dogs. I really don't like the dog park all that much though. They have all this wood chips in the park and they hurt my feet- especially where my corn is.It was fun to go though.

A few weeks ago my friend, Rosco, came and stayed with us for a couple of weeks. His mom went on a cruise in Europe. It was nice having him around. We get along very well and he is good company. I enjoyed our walks together. I was sad to see him leave.

Yesterday was a very fun day. Mom and dad took me to auntie Carla's house. Mom and dad did Reiki for an auntie Carla's Italian Greyhound, Dash. He is getting a bit older now and having digestive and other health issues. He really enjoyed the energy work. Later more people and dogs came! I was happy to see my brother, Fast and his sister Minion. Also Gil, Riley, Atlas, Skylar and a whole bunch of Italian Greyhounds came. It was quite a pack! We had a lot of fun.

Mom says there are lots of dog events in September because the weather gets cooler. That will be nice. I don't like to stay out in the heat very long- especially being a black dog.


The Blessing Of The Pets

June 15th 2015 1:03 pm
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Mom and dad's church held The Blessing Of The Pets on Saturday. We were there almost all day. The event was noon until 6 but we had to be there to help set everything up. Mom and dad set up my exercise pen for me in the shade of a big tree. They set up their table right next to me. Mom and dad offered pet Reiki. They had other people come to sell things too. Some had tents outside and some were inside a building. All the money went to help Greyhound Friend's. My friends, Ozzie and Bryndle came with their parents to help out. We had musicians come and play songs for us. After the Blessing, mom led a healing circle and then we played doggie games. Daddy and I won the human/dog look a like contest again! We win that one often! It was a beautiful day. Mom had wished that more people had come, but maybe next year it will be even better. We still managed to raise $140 for Greyhound Friends!

On Sunday we went to Boston to visit a friend at a rehabilitation center. A few months ago, mom's friend tripped and fell. She had severe damage to her spinal cord and needed surgery. She is doing great now and is even walking again. She will be in rehab a few more weeks. I couldn't visit her in the hospital but dogs are allowed at the rehab place. We were almost there when daddy saw that all the roads were blocked by the police!They were having a parade. We never got to visit mom's friend and had to come back home. Mom and dad called her to let her know that we tried. Mom says we will go back on Thursday to visit.


My Dental Cleaning!!!

June 9th 2015 9:03 am
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I am a bit upset! Last night daddy didn't give me any treats. This morning mom didn't feed me! The cats and the fish got fed! Mom says I have to go for something called a "Dental". She tried to explain to me that a vet will be cleaning my teeth. She said that I will sleep while my teeth get cleaned. I guess the stuff the makes you sleep can cause your tummy to get upset and that is why I can't have any food. I think I would rather have food than have my teeth cleaned! Mommy says I really need to them cleaned though and that I will feel better afterwards.

I arrived a bit before 9AM. I was happy to be at Greyhound Friends at first! I was confused because the silent auction table wasn't on the lawn. I walked right over to where we usually set up for open house. Then daddy made me go inside the building! I knew something was up then! A woman tried to get me to go down the hallway and I put on the breaks! I refused to go with her so mom and dad walked me to the back and into the kitchen. There they made me get into a crate right next to another crate with 2 beagles in it. I was really upset now. Then mom and dad left me there!!!!

I am home!! I did great! They didn't have to pull out any teeth! I am a bit wobbly on my feet right now so I think I will take a nap and sleep for a while. I'm glad to be home.


A Walk at Horn Pond!

May 31st 2015 10:34 am
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It was a fun weekend! Yesterday I got to go with Mom and Dad to their church for a meeting. They have a new cat there! His name is Jack Sparrow and he only has one eye. He was a little bit scared of me and hid under the couch. I just laid on the floor and listened to the meeting. We did a lot of planning for the Blessing Of The Pets which is 2 weeks. We even all got in the cat and went to the place where it will be held. It is a perfect spot and very beautiful. We also have full use of the building and a lot of the vendors will be inside. After the meeting, We went to the fish store. Mom's favorite angelfish passed away last week so mom and dad went and got a new one.
Today we went to Horn Pond for a Greyhound Adventures walk. It was so much fun and I got to see old friends and made some new ones! I got to walk with Lux, Thor and Ripley and also saw Trent. It was raining a bit, but it felt good and kept me cool. I went into the pond and dipped my feet. Lux laid right down in the water. It was a beautiful day there. Lots of geese and babies. I made sure not to get too close.

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