A New Beginning

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A Very Merry Christmas

December 27th 2011 12:25 pm
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I hope all my pup pals had a very safe and Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Solstice or Happy Boxing Day! Wow! So many celebrations throughout the world! We celebrated Christmas at our house. My big present will be coming in a few weeks. It is the special collar that mom is having custom made for me. It was nice having both mom and dad home with me for the last five days. I enjoy being with my family. Mom had a wrapped present under the tree for me. It had pretty green paper and a bow. A small raw hide candy cane was taped to the paper. That is how mom gave it to me! I wasn't sure what to do. My cat brother, Ben was having a bit more luck with his package. He likes ripping things up. I took my present and carried it upstairs. I was able to get the raw hide candy cane off so I ate it. After that I didn't know what to do. Mom came up and helped me. I got a new full sized raw hide bone! I went back downstairs and mom and dad opened their presents. Mom is like me when it comes to stuffed toys. She really loves stuffed animals. Daddy got one for her for Christmas. When I saw it, I really wanted it! I was trying hard to get it away from mom and dad. I even tried going over daddy's shoulder to get it! Mom and dad were laughing. I finally realized it wasn't for me. Of course I have a whole big basket full of stuffed toys, but I really like moms because it has big eyes. Mom says it is a bush baby. Charlie was afraid of it!

On Monday, we drove to NH to see Grampy. It was nice to see him. Mom brought me a cookie to eat while we were there. I tried not to make crumbs on Grampy's rug. I didn't do too bad. We had a good visit. I got to have a run in Grampy's big back yard. I wish I could have that yard to run in all the time.

Both om and dad are back to work today so I am back on a normal schedule. Mom says as long as we don't get snow, I may be able to go back to the dog park next weekend. I'll keep my paws crossed.


Back To The Park!

December 22nd 2011 6:40 pm
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Mom and dad took me back to the dog park again today. Daddy had a vacation day today and mom had the afternoon off too. It was a nice day today- in the 50's. I was able to go without a jacket. Mom brought my light fleece in case I got cold, but I didn't need it. I remembered the path very well and knew just how to get to the field. When we got there it was empty! Last time there were lots of dogs there. This time I was all alone. Daddy let me off my leash. I jogged around a bit and sniffed a lot. I just did some exploring. Daddy tried to get me to run by running around. I did chase him but daddy is very slow and I was able to catch him with just a fast jog. After a while I decided to run. I did a fast sprint all around the big field. I was flying! It felt really good. My bad foot was fine. Just as I finished my run two white German Shepherds came. One of them came up to say "hello". She was a girl dog so I wasn't too interested. I was polite and said "Hello". They moved on down another path with their dad. We were leaving the field when another dog and his mom came. He was a 10 month old puppy. We played for a bit. He was nice. As we were leaving the field, the two white German Shepherds and their dad had looped around. We all walked together back to the parking lot. Mom and dad talked with the German Shepherd's dad the whole way back. We were almost to the parking lot when a Border Collie and his dad came along the trail. The Border Collie and the male German Shepherd didn't like each other. They got into a fight. It wasn't a real fight, just a loud display. I stayed clear.No one got hurt. I had a good time. I'm glad mom and dad brought me back. Mom said she got an E-mail from our MayDOG group. It Looks like we are going to finally get a dog park in our town! It will be 1 1/2 acres, all fenced in and paid for by the Solar Farm who will also be using the land. The owner of the Solar Farm has a dog and is very supportive of the idea. There is plenty of land for both. I don't know when it will be built- probably next summer. I'm glad I will have two good places to run.

Mom ordered me a very special collar today. She has been looking for an Egyptian themed collar for me for over a year now. Since my name is Isis (Isis was an Egyptian Goddess) and my breed originated in Egypt, mom thought it would be cool to have an Egyptian collar for me. It even has hieroglyphics on it! It will take about 2 weeks to be made. I can't wait! Mom says I can wear it when we go to Gettysburg in the spring. I will put up a picture of me wearing it when it arrives.


Parties And Parks!

December 21st 2011 8:46 am
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On Sunday, mom, dad and I went to Greyhound Friend's holiday party. Mom and dad made gingerbread cookies again. The cookies all looked like greyhounds! They had white frosting on them. I didn't get any because they had a lot of sugar in them. I like going to Greyhound Friends. Everyone there loves greyhounds! I met a new friend named Mister. He was one of the kitchen dogs. The kitchen dogs are dogs that need a little more socialization and human contact than the others. They literally live in the kitchen area to simulate more of a home environment. Mister was going to be adopted the next day and mom said he is now in a happy new home. Mister and I hung out together on a bed. He is black like me. I knew a lot of the humans at the party. They are all friends of mom and dad. I made sure to make the rounds and greet everyone. I got lots of ear and chin scratches! Later my friends Fast and Lily came to the party. I had fun. Troy's mom Veronica held my leash so mom and dad could go back to the kennels to see the new dogs. She gave me a piece of cheese!

Daddy had the day off on Monday. A strange woman came to our house. She wasn't strange as in weird or anything, I just never saw her before. She had dogs! I could smell them on her. Daddy explained that we were refinancing our house to get a lower mortgage payment. I am not sure what that means but mom and dad were very happy. The woman told mom and dad about a secrete dog park. After lunch mom and dad took me. First we walked on some wooded trails. I was in sniff mode because a lot of dogs had walked there. We walked over bridges and through he woods. It was nice. We didn't see anyone else though. Finally we came to a large open field. There were lots of dogs there. Everyone of them was a different size and breed. They were all running and having fun. I got so excited. It wasn't fenced in but mom and dad knows that I will stay with the pack and I also like staying close to them. Daddy let me off my leash and I ran all around the field. One of the other dogs was a large mastiff/pit bull mix named Dutch. He was nice but he was a little too rough for me. He weighed almost as much as mom! He liked to wrestle and play rough. I easily out ran him but when I stopped running he bumped into me hard. It hurt my left hind leg and I yelped. That was the foot that was broken when I ran my last race. Mom and dad were worried and decided it was time to leave. They were afraid I wouldn't be able to walk, but I was OK. It only hurt for a few minutes. I am fine. I just have to be careful with that foot. I really want to go back there. It wasn't Dutch's fault. He only wanted to play. Greyhounds just don't play like that. We have thin, delicate bones.

I wish all my dog pals a safe and happy holiday season!


Went To The Dog Wash!

December 17th 2011 1:09 pm
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Mom and dad took me to the dog wash this afternoon. I smell funny now! I thought we were just going to the pet store like we always do, but I was wrong. Mom said she got a post card in the mail today. Dirty Hairy's Dog Wash had reopened in a new location. I had been to the old location several times before. The women are very nice there, I must admit. One trimmed my nails. Mom said they were way too long. She used the drummel tool on them. Next daddy lifted me into the tub. They have new tubs there. They look like real bath tubs. There was a rubber mat in the bottom so I wouldn't slip. Mom made sure the water was nice and warm but not hot. I had holly berry shampoo and another Christmas conditioner sent. daddy scrubbed one side and mom did the other. I must admit it felt kind of good. I got a lot of loose hair from my summer coat off. I was all nice and shiny. I also enjoyed getting toweled off. I did manage to get mom and dad all wet. I waited until just the right moment and then I shook as hard as I could!!! They deserved to get wet too! Next I got blow dried. It was OK, but I really didn't like the part very much. Mom said I needed to though because it was cold outside. She didn't want me to get a chill. The nice lady there gave me a new holiday bandana. It is very pretty. It is blue so I can see the color. Mom sprayed me with Holly Berry perfume after and also sprayed my bandana. I was prancing when I left! I did feel all nice and pretty. On our way home we stopped off at the pet store. Mom made me wear my reindeer antlers again! The things we dogs put up with to please our humans. The antlers really do seem to please humans for some reason. Every human smiles and laughs and says nice things to me when I wear them. I may never totally figure humans out. I got a cookie and a raw hide candy cane so I guess it was worth it. Glad to be home. Mom says we have a party to go to tomorrow.



December 13th 2011 11:14 am
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Sunday was an interesting day. Mom and dad wanted to take me somewhere special for my walk. Mom put my holiday bandana on so I knew it would be special. First we went to the pet store down the street. Mom said my canned dog food was on sale so she wanted to get me some. After the pet store we got back into the car. I thought that this time we were going for the walk. I was wrong. We ended up at Petco Unleashed! Mom went over to where they had all the Christmas stuff. Next thing you know, I am wearing reindeer antlers! All the people who worked in the store were making a huge fuss over me. Mom and dad bought the antlers! Finally we arrived at NARA Park. It had been a long time since we had been there. To my surprise, mom and dad made me wear the antlers- all around the park! Everyone who walked by would stop and talk or chuckle. I must admit I was a bit embarrassed. I tried a few times to shake them off my head, but either mom or dad would just fix them again. I was finally able to take them off when we got back to the car. I was glad that was over!

Last night mom put the antlers back on me again. Daddy got out his camera and tripod and made me stand in front of the Christmas Tree. He took lots of pictures. I was very patient and stood there. Daddy kept telling me to "Work the camera"! Mom gave a huge cookie after. I didn't even have to do a trick to get it! You can see my humiliation in my photo gallery.


I Love A Parade!

December 5th 2011 4:46 am
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Wow! My diary was chosen as the Dogster Daily Diary Pick today! I am very honored.

Yesterday was an exciting day. I knew something was up when mom put on my holiday bandana when we went out for our afternoon walk. I usually only wear bandanas on special occasions. Next mom did something even stranger! She attached a huge red and white candy cane ribbon to my harness! It was the kind of ribbon you see on holiday wreaths. Mom and dad took me for a walk down the rail trail. We often go there for quick walks. We got to the end where we usually turn around, but mom kept walking. We walked off the trail onto a side street. I could see a lot of people on the main street. That was where we were heading. We walked to a parking lot that was full of strange things. Lots of children dressed in uniforms, music was playing, lots of cars and people! I was very happy to see my friend, Sammy. I remembered where I was and I knew what was going on. I was going to be in a parade! This was my 3rd one. Mom, dad and I were marching for MayDOG (Maynard Dog Owners Group). My friend Willy and Mom's friend Jen came too! We had about 15 dogs. One dog was pulling a cart with candy canes in it. They were to hand out to people who were watching the parade who had dogs with them. Each candy cane had a card about MayDOG. Suddenly a helicopter started to fly over head. Santa Claus was in the helicopter! I don't know why he didn't come in by sled and reindeer! Guess Santa wanted a more modern approach. All the kids where excited. Jen took her daughter, Anna, to meet Santa. Guess Willy met him too. Anna got a candy cane from Santa. The parade started after that. We followed a marching band and the library. The music was good. We marched to the beat of the drums. It was a beautiful day out- in the 50's. There were SO many people lined up along the street to watch us. It seemed like the whole town had come! We marched all around town, went past mom's work, and then came back to the parking lot. We were near the beginning of the parade this year so we got to watch everyone come back. We saw Santa. This time he was in a sleigh but his reindeer were stuffed! He waved to me! I was a good dog this year. I hope I get something good at Christmas. I was very tired when we got home. I had a long nap in my bed. It was a fun and exciting day!


A Strange Weekend!

November 28th 2011 10:57 am
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On Saturday we went to Aunt Carla's house. It was a very strange visit! Gil, GT and the Iggies were gone! Most of all of Aunt Carla's things were gone. The house was very empty. At first I couldn't run in the yard because daddy and Aunt Carla's friend, Jeff had to move furniture to the drive way. Once they were done, I got to run. I knew inside that it would be my last time there. Mom helped Aunt Carla get her cat in the crate. The other cat was already gone to the new house. Mom got scratched but she is OK. I have always lived in this one house. I found it all unsettling. I was glad to come back home. We all had dinner and then Aunt Carla and Jeff came to our house. Aunt Carla got in my bed with me! That was a bit strange too. All the humans went to see a movie called Twilight. It was about vampires and werewolves. I think I would like the wolves.

After my noon walk on Sunday, mom and dad started to put colored lights all around the outside of the house! It looked very nice when I went for my early evening walk. I like the blue tree. Dogs can see blue, green and yellow. Mom said there is a color called red, but I can't see that one. It was still very pretty. Mom has a lighted deer on the lawn. It looks like a dog with things coming out of its head. It makes mom happy though, so I like it too.

Today I got to go for a long walk with my new friend, Willy. He is the corgi who came to my birthday party. His mom is my mom's friend, Jen. We had a nice walk. I must admit he walks pretty fast for having such short legs. He is a very happy little guy and I had a lot of fun. Well, time for a nap now. Mom says something exciting will happen next weekend so I have to rest up!


Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26th 2011 6:13 am
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I hope all my pup pals had a safe, fun and delicious Thanksgiving. I know my Thanksgiving started off in a very nice way. Mom took me for my early morning walk. I had just finished my business and started to walk up our street when I saw him. He was a very handsome boy! I got to meet him. His name is Blue. He is an Australian Shepherd/ husky cross. We really liked each other. Maybe Blue will help me to get over Copley. Only time will tell. Mom, daddy and I watched the Thanksgiving parade. Mom really likes it, but thought it was getting too commercial. After the parade was a dog show. The hound group was up first so we watched it. The Whippet won! They greyhound wasn't selected in the top dogs. After the hound group was judged we went for a nice long walk. It was a really nice day. After we got back mom and dad started cleaning again. I knew people were coming over. They didn't have to do a lot of cleaning since they did the whole house before and after my party. Daddy's mom and sister came over. Daddy's sister used our kitchen to cook the food. Daddy helped. He is the better cook in the family. The humans ate their food and I laid in my bed. Mom had a surprise for me though! I still had a left over piece of dog cake from my party! When it came time for desert, mom gave me my cake! It was a nice day. Quiet, just the way I like it. For dinner mom gave me Merrick's Thanksgiving Day Feast! It was yummy.

On Friday we went to Bark Friday! It was a huge sale at our pet store up the street. Mom and dad bought all sorts of things and saved $17. After the pet store we all got in the car and drove to grampy's house in NH. I had this awful gas all the way there! Daddy kept rolling down the window and mom kept saying "Oh Isis!" I couldn't help it! When we got to grampy's, mom and dad took me right to the back yard. A dog came out from a house and I got all excited. I ran around really fast and then I did what I needed to do. No more gas! We had a nice visit and watched a movie. Then the humans went out to eat again. I really wish dogs could go too. I had to stay in the house with Blackie. She just hid under the bed. Mom had left me some kibble and 3 cookies. I ate the cookies on grampy's rug in the living room. Mom had to vacuum the rug. I was glad to get home. It was a nice Thanksgiving.


My Birthday Party!

November 21st 2011 10:23 am
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On Saturday daddy brought home a huge box. It smelled really good. Daddy said I couldn't have it and put it in the refrigerator. Then mom and dad spent a lot of time cleaning the house. I knew that people were going to come over. Mom even washed both my dog beds. She wouldn't let me eat my cookies in my bed! I must admit there were lots of crumbs in it. Mom said I had 5 cookies worth of crumbs! On Sunday morning the door bell rang. A man delivered another box! This one smelled even better than the first one! Mom and dad left for a little while and came back with balloons. They always smell kind of funny. Then mom and dad did even more house cleaning. After lunch they started making their lasagna. They made 2 of them! Now I really knew that people were coming! I just hung out in my bed and watched. It was a little after 4 when the door bell rang again. It was Julie. She is a friend of ours. She had a bag with her. Mom put it on the glass table that Ben likes to roll around on. A few minutes later, Aunt Carla came with Gil! She had a bag with her too. I was happy to see Gil. He was my boyfriend for a while, but now we are just good friends. Later more people started coming over- and more dogs! Mom's friend, Jen came with her daughter, Anna and their corgi, Willy. This was the first time I had met Willy. He had very short legs! He was cute though. No one made fun of him even though everyone else had long legs. Next Mark came with his new friend, Catherine and her greyhound Roscoe. This was the first time I had met Roscoe too! he looked a lot like Gil. He was very nice and I liked him. Everyone who came brought begs for Ben's table. Some of the bags smelled really good. We sat and socialized for awhile and then the humans all ate food. I never think it is quite fair that the humans get food and we don't! Roscoe feels the same way. He was trying to tell everyone that we wanted food too! We had to wait. Finally daddy got the boxes out from the refrigerator. Everyone sang "Happy Birthday to YOOOOUUU" I started to roo. Daddy made a movie of it. I will put it on Dogster soon. Everyone laughed and then we got to eat! The cake was yummy. It had beef, peanut butter, carrots and liver. The humans had a chocolate cake. Us dogs also got milk bones. It was worth the wait. Next mom opened up the bags. Everything in the bags was for me! I got a lot of toys! Mom put them all in my bed. I didn't have much room left for me! My friend Skylar came late with his dad, Jeff. I got to go out to the yard and run and play with Skylar for a few minutes. That was fun. We all had a great time. I was sad when everyone left. It was a nice birthday celebration.


Today is my Birthday!

November 16th 2011 4:53 am
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I was born 5 years ago today! Boy, time does fly! Mom sang Happy Birthday to me. I also got a cookie with my breakfast! I never get cookies for breakfast!!! When daddy got up he sang to me too. He sang "Happy Birthday to Yooooouuuuu" He got me into what we greyhounds call a Roo. I sang along! It was fun! Mom says that we will celebrate on Sunday. I am having a party!!!

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