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A New Beginning

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Second Day of Gig!

April 28th 2012 2:20 pm
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We had to be at the event a little earlier today. Festivities began at 10:00. I was so excited I couldn't eat my breakfast. I just wanted to be out there with all the other dogs. After mom took her shower she painted my nails hot pink!! She said it was for my costume. She only painted the front feet. I put up with it. I must admit that I did get a lot of complements on them! We got to the vendor area and Aunt Carla and Uncle Jeff joined us along with Gill and Skylar. We walked around the booths again. Mom bought a greyhound mug. It is hand made and very nice. Mom also bought a leash to match one of my new collars, I usually wear a harness but collar and leash was more practical today since I would have to get dressed up in my costume. At 11:00am it was time for the parade. We all marched around the shoppes. People watched and took pictures. At the end we did a group roo. Aunt Carla wanted to go into a store so we did. I like going in all the stores that I usually can't go into. It was getting close to the costume contest time, so we headed back to the registration table. Mom and dad got me into my costume. I wore my workout outfit but this time mom embellished it a bit! She had bought this crazy wig for me to wear. It was a multi-colored wig with a mohawk! The silly thing even flashed. Mom stuffed it with a T-shirt so that it would fit my head better and the mohawk part would stand up. I was a "punk rock workout girl"!!! People really seemed to like it. Gill was dressed up as Hugh Hefner and Skylar was a playboy bunny (Skylar is a boy!). Mom was going to enter me in funniest but they said she could enter both funniest and most creative so we did both. My new friend, Claire was dressed up as a picnic! We all had to parade around for the judges. People laughed and took pictures of us. Then we had to stand in front of the judges so they could make their final decisions. First they juged Most Creative. Third place went to two dogs dressed up at greyhound buses. Gill and Skylar got second place! They got a ribbon and a dog toy. My new friend Claire won first place! I didn't win anything in most creative. That was OK because mom wanted me in funniest any way. First they chose third place. It wasn't even a greyhound- it was a lab with a monkey on his back! Then they announced second place- a dog dressed up like Harry Potter. When they announced first place I heard my name!! I won!! I got a blue ribbon and a gift bag with a stuffed squeaky bone, portable water bowls, a pet place mat and a sponge shaped like a dog bone for mom to use to wash my bowls out! There were two other categories in the show as well. Those categories where most patriotic and best civil war (After all we are in Gettysburg). All the first place winners then had to go before the judges for the best in show award. My friend Claire won! She got a huge trophy. I was happy for her. I was also happy to get out of my costume! We had a few minutes before the first lecture that mom and dad wanted to attend so we brought my costume, winning goody bag and mom's mug back to the hotel room. Once again we went back and forth. We went to a lecture on the Spanish galgos. It was interesting but I napped. The second lecture was cancelled because the speaker had a family emergency. Daddy wanted to go into the kitchen store because I had won a $5 off coupon in my winning goody bag. Daddy likes kitchen stuff so we bought a few things. After that we went to check out the raffle winners. On our way there a man with a microphone announced that someone had left a dog locked up in their car and the dog was in distress. That made mom very angry. One of the vendor ladies got very angry too. Mom and the vendor lady rushed over to the car to try to help. The police was called too. By the time they found the car the woman had returned and assured us her dog was OK. Mom and the vendor lady gave her dirty looks. Even though it is not a hot day outside, cars can get warm and stuffy very fast. We went back to the registration table to check the raffle winners but we didn't win anything. Mom was surprised because I usually win at raffles. Guess my mojo was spent all on the costume contest! Wouldn't you know it, daddy wanted to go back to the hotel again to drop off the kitchen stuff. I must have walked 10 miles this weekend going back and forth from the vendor area to the hotel!! Then, you guessed it- back for another lecture. This one was on neurological disorders in greyhounds. I was so tired I just slept. Mom got a brain. Not a real brain! It is a rubber brain that you can squeeze when you feel stressed out. We are back at the hotel now. I am sleeping on the floor. Mom says I can rest a few hours and then we will be going to the social again tonight.


First Day Of GIG 2012

April 27th 2012 7:47 pm
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A little before noon we headed out to where the tents where. It was very cold and windy out so daddy ran back to get my fleece jacket. Mom and I walked to meet daddy. I was glad to have my jacket. We had to stand in line to get our registration package. I got a lot of goodies including two new stuffed toys. One is a pink seal and the other is a blue dog. Since we had bags of stuff,we walked back to the hotel again to drop them off. Mom didn't want to have to carry every thing around. Mom and dad made me take the elevator. Another dog rode up with me so that helped a lot. I'm starting to get used to the "room that moves". Then it was back to the main event we went. We got a lot of exercise walking back and forth. We looked at all the booths. Mom looked at the everything, trying to find me more Egyptian themed collars. She found two! I am wearing one of them now! Mom and dad both bought new sweat shirts. They wore them along with the sweat shirts they were already wearing! That was how cold it was outside! The wind made it feel even colder. The animal communicator was there again this year. Mom and dad had her talk to me again. I like her a lot. She understands me. We had a nice talk. Mom and dad bought me some yummy cookies and treats! I'm not eating much because everything is strange here and I am also very excited.I am eating the treats though! Next it was time for the greyhound games. I was in the "dress your dog" contest with daddy. Daddy didn't do very well! He couldn't get the shirt on me. Daddy gave up! Mom said he should have put it over my head and THEN got my legs in. It was all in fun. Mom and dad got hungry so they went over to the shoppes to a place called Quizno's. While daddy ordered sub sandwiches, mom and I went into a clothing store. It was actually MY idea to go into the store. Mom found a pair of pants she liked on sale. After they ate, mom went back and bought the pants and 2 shirts! Wouldn't you know it, we walked back to the hotel AGAIN to drop off the bag! Back and forth was making me tired. It was almost time for the Jean,animal communicator, to give her talk so we headed over to the lecture room. I fell asleep on the floor. A lot of other dogs napped too. I didn't want to leave because I was so tired. During the lecture daddy's phone went off so he left to answer it. It was Uncle Jeff and Aunt Carla. They were checking into their hotel. Daddy told them that he would call after the lecture and we would all make plans. After the talk we walked around the booths to see if Uncle Jeff and Aunt Carla were still there. The vendors were packing up for the day so Aunt Carla and Uncle Jeff went back to their hotel. We planned a time to meet for dinner. We had time to kill so mom and dad took me miniature golfing!!! That was very interesting. Mom and dad tried to hit a colorful ball into a hole with a stick. I watched them but I couldn't play. They had fun though. Daddy won. We went to dinner after that. They had an outdoor area so I could go to dinner. There were a lot of dogs there. Gill and Skylar came but Gill was uncomfortable because there were too many dogs. For me, the more dogs the better. Gill likes his space. Gill and Skylar went back to wait in the car. I socialized with all the other dogs. I even made myself at home on someone else's blanket. Daddy went and got my blanket but I stayed where I was. The dog whose blanket I stole laid down on mine. It was all good. Mom, dad, Aunt Carla and Uncle Jeff ate. Mom and Aunt Carla were getting very cold. They were glad to get the bill paid. Next we went to a social at one of the hotels. I went to this last year. I had to say "Hi" to every dog there. Then I laid down on a blanket and went to sleep. Skylar and Gill came to the social too. Skylar laid down next to me and somehow my face ended up under Skylar's butt! I was too tired to care. The humans got a kick out of it and they were taking pictures. I'm sure they will end up on Facebook and probably here on my Dogster page. Some of the dogs I met where from Spain. they are called Galgos. They are smaller than us. They are not used for racing but for hunting. They don't have it any better than us greyhounds. When they can no longer hunt many are often killed by hanging! The dogs who were good hunters are killed quickly but those who were not good are made to suffer. They are hung low enough so that their hind legs barley touch the ground. This makes their deaths go slow and painful. There was one dog there who was saved just in time! He still has the scars on his neck from the ropes. He is doing well with his new loving mom and everyone was giving him lots of love. Mom hates what some people do to us. Well, I am going to call it a night. I'm exhausted! Until tomorrow, Good night!! zzzzzzzzz


Back In Gettysburg!!

April 27th 2012 5:10 am
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We left yesterday morning at 8:30AM. It was a long drive but smooth sailing the whole way. Daddy said it took us about 7 1/2 hours to get here. I just laid down on the back seat. We stopped at several rest areas to stretch our legs and take care of business. Mom and dad played music most of the way to help the time go faster. The minute we pulled into the hotel parking lot, I saw the other greyhounds!! It was like a family reunion. I had to say "Hi" to every single one! We went into the hotel to check in. They even had a sign in the door welcoming all the dogs. In the lobby I got to meet about 5 more. Mom and dad got me to ride in the "room that moves". I didn't realize it until it was too late!! They tricked me!! Our room is amazing! Much better than the one we stayed at last year. We have a little living room and separate bedroom area. There is even the perfect place for my bed right next to mom and dad! It is very nice. After daddy rested for a bit, we took a walk around the outlet shoppes. We are SO close to the main event area that you can see the tents from out hotel room window. Many of the stores had greyhound welcome signs posted. That means I could go into those stores! I went into 2 stores that sold clothing, a book store and a really cool store that sold crafts. I met other greyhounds and their humans as we walked along. I had to stay in the room while mom and dad went to get dinner. When they got back they got ready to take me for a walk. Even though we are on the 3rd floor, I insist on the stairs! No more rooms that move!! We had just entered the stairwell when mom looked out the window. It was pouring outside!! The wind was blowing too!! We went back to our room and waited until the storm passed. To say I am excited to be back in Gettysburg would be an understatement. I had a hard time finishing my dinner!! At 1AM I started whining. Mom couldn't sleep. Daddy took me out to go potty. I really didn't have to go! I only wanted to see other dogs!!! To my surprise there weren't any!!! They were all in their rooms sleeping. I used the bathroom anyway and went back inside.I settled down and finally fell asleep. Humans claim that we animals don't anticipate or think about the future. That of course just isn't true. I know where I am and I am thinking about the events that today will bring- and I am very excited!! This morning mom took me out for potty. I met some really nice greyhounds.Mom chatted with the man who adopted them. We are back in the room now. It is time for daddy to get up and for me to have breakfast. I will write more later. Stay tuned!!


Visit To Aunt Carla's

April 16th 2012 11:30 am
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Saturday Afternoon mom, dad and I got in the car and headed to Aunt Carla's house. We had to make a few stops before though. First we had to go to Whole Foods. That is a grocery store. It was a hot day outside so mom stayed in the car with me while daddy ran in. We kept the air conditioner on so we wouldn't get too hot. daddy wasn't long. He got pizza making supplies to bring to Aunt Carla's. The next stop was the Petco in Hudson. Mom wanted to pick up dog cookies and look at the fish. The tank still isn't ready for fish yet. We will most likely not get fish until after we come home from Gettysburg. Mom wanted an angel fish but our tank isn't big enough. I guess they grow very big! We are getting fish called platies and mollies instead. They come in many bright colors so they will be pretty in the tank. We finally went to Aunt Carla's after that. This was the first time we had seen Aunt Carla since GT went to the Rainbow Bridge. It was very strange not having him be there. My other friends where there though- Gill, the Italian Greyhounds- Dash, Iggy and Miaya, Uncle Jeff's greyhounds - Skylar and Ninja and Aunt Donna came with Kitty and Kinley. We had a nice party! We dogs got to run and play. Uncle Jeff filled the kiddie pool for us. The humans ate food like they always do. Later Troy and Oscar's mom came. She didn't bring Troy or Oscar because they had been at a meet and greet and they were too tired. It was a nice time. Later mom and Aunt Carla started going over our costumes for Gettysburg and Greyhound Friends Spring Open House. I will have a different costume for each event. I will be wearing my workout outfit to Greyhounds In Gettysburg as I haven't competed there with it yet, and I will be going as something called a Playboy Bunny to Greyhound Friend's Open House. The ideas humans come up with!!!
Mom says we leave for Gettysburg in 10 days!! I can't wait!! I had SO much fun last year. This year will be even better because Aunt Carla, Uncle Jeff, Gill and Skylar are coming too!!!


Photo Shoot

April 8th 2012 10:14 am
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I hope all my pup pals are having a very Happy Easter, Passover or Spring Celebration today! Thank you everyone for all the wonderful Easter Eggs in my special gift box!

Mom, dad and I went to the pet store near our house yesterday. I thought it was going to be a regular shopping trip but I was wrong! Mom got all the food and then we went into a section of the store that I had never been in before. Mom was looking at the fish supplies for the tank we won in the raffle last week. Mom only bought a thermometer as she didn't care for any on the decorations there. A few minutes later the manager of the store came in. He wanted to take pictures of me with the dog food I had won in the St. Patrick's Day contest. He wanted pictures for the store's newsletter. Mom and dad knew about it!! We all had to pose for the camera with the dog food bags. Later, when mom was on the store's website there I was right on the home page!! It was a picture of me in the St. Patrick's costume announcing that I had won. Mom will put it on my dogster page. Later that morning mom and dad got the fish tank all set up. Mom and dad went to another pet store that specializes in fish. They got nice decorations and got the filter and the bubble wand working. Mom is still waiting for the heater. It was out of stock and was back ordered. It should arrive early this week. Then mom has to do something called "cycling" to make sure there is good bacteria in the tank to keep the fish healthy. It may be a week or two before we can get the fish. After the tank was set up, we all got into the car again. Daddy drove me and mom to Grampy's house. Daddy went to his mom's house to pick up things he had stored there. Grandma is selling her house soon. Mom and I had a nice visit with Grampy. Mostly I just slept but mom brought two cookies for me to eat. I was careful not to leave too many crumbs on Grampy's rug.


Easter Palooza!!

April 1st 2012 5:33 am
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Yesterday was an incredible day! After my noon walk we all got into the car and drove to a pet store that I had never been to before! It was a Pet Source just like the one we go to every week but this one was much bigger. Daddy had a hard time finding a place to park the car. When we got inside there were lots of people and all kinds of animals. Most were dogs but there were even cats, guinea pigs, fish and rabbits! There were tables set up all over the store with different samples, services and raffle baskets. We walked around a bit and suddenly I saw the biggest rabbit I have ever seen! This rabbit was about 6 feet tall and taller than daddy! Mom said it was the Easter Bunny. Next thing I knew, I was standing in line to get my picture taken with him! Yikes! This was one bunny I wasn't going to chase!! Daddy had to pick me up and put me on a platform next to this giant rabbit. To add insult to injury, mom put bunny ears on me! I was a little nervous but after a few pictures I relaxed. Mom and dad were happy and I took some good pictures. I wasn't afraid after that. This bunny didn't smell anything like a bunny. He smelled like a human! The photographer told us it would take a few minutes for the photos to be developed on the computer and to come back in 20 to 25 minutes. Mom decided it was a good time to get our shopping done. They were offering 20% off everything in the store. On our way to shop I got some treats. My favorite Carnivore Kisses were being displayed. Despite being a little stressed I ate them. Next I got my nails trimmed. The lady trimming the the nails were very nice and I stayed calm. We got our supplies and went to the checkout line to pay. As we were standing there a man on a microphone said he was going to announce the winner of the St. Patrick's Day contest I was in! Mom was excited. He said there was one very clear winner and was excited about it. Next thing I knew he said "The winner is Isis!!" I won!!! I had to go up with mom to the man and everyone clapped for me. I won 3 giant bags of dog food for Greyhound Friends! Thank you to all my pup pals here on Dogster that voted for me!! The fun didn't stop here though!!! Mom and dad got raffle tickets. We actually got a lot of raffle tickets. We got 10 tickets for having my picture taken with the Easter Bunny, 3 for the pet food we bought and 5 for me winning the contest. The raffle prizes were nice but nothing that mom really wanted. Mom put most of the tickets in a 20 gallon fish aquarium, a gift basket with a large dog bed and she put one ticket in a supply of wild bird food. We hung out at the store while various contest went on. The children had an Easter egg hunt. They had a cutest bunny contest and critter races for small animals. Next they announced the fashion show. Wouldn't you know it, mom started dressing me in the exercise costume that her friend Jen had made for me. If you remember I won with this costume at Greyhound Friend's fall open house last year. Other dogs were dressed up too. I had to wait for them to call my name and mom and I had to walk the runway! It was a bit embarrassing. The things we do for our humans!! Anyway, I tried to be a good sport about it. There were about a dozen contestants. I ended up winning the funniest costume! I got another huge gift basket! I was very happy when mom took the costume off. What a relief!!! The next and final event of the day was the drawing for the raffle. When they choose the winner for the giant aquarium, it was mom!!! Looks like we are getting fish!! We didn't win the dog bed but that was OK. I have a really nice one that I love. Mom told dad that she thought she put one ticket in the bird food. Seems that she did, because she won it! It was a comical ride home! The truck of the car had the aquarium stand in it, the back seat floor was filled with bags and mom was sitting in the front seat with a huge aquarium in her lap! What a day!!!

Today I went to Horn Pond in Woburn with Greyhound Adventures. Horn Pond is one of my favorite walks! I made sure that I greeted every single dog there. It was a beautiful day. It started out cool so I wore my fleece jacket. By the end of the walk it had warmed up to the point that I didn't need it any more. We saw ducks and geese. Lots of flowers are starting to come up. We had about 30 greyhounds on the walk. It was nice seeing all my friends. What a wonderful weekend it was!


St. Patrick's Day Contest

March 24th 2012 6:56 pm
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My picture is finally posted on a contest web site. I guess the pet store couldn't decide who the winner was so they are having people vote. Here is the link to the voting page: IRISH-2012.html
All the names are listed in alphabetical order along the left hand side of the page. You will see a row a shamrocks with names in them. If I win, I will be donating $175 worth of dog food to Greyhound Friends! Greyhound Friends is such a wonderful organization and they have found many dogs wonderful forever homes. Mom thought it would be nice to donate the food if I won and I agree! Thanks in advance to all my pup pals!!

For a voting link,please go to "Comments" or copy/paste the link above.


My Friend Went to The Rainbow Bridge

March 19th 2012 9:04 am
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It is with a heavy heart that I write my diary today. Yesterday I lost a very good friend. You may have remembered that I had asked for prayers last year for Aunt Carla's Greyhound, GT. He had a raging infection in his abdominal cavity and had to have major surgery. He pulled through and was doing well until about a month ago. He started to have problems breathing and was coughing up blood. He was diagnosed with pneumonia and was put on antibiotics. He seemed to be doing better until Saturday night. Aunt Carla came home to find him in respiratory distress. She rushed him to Tufts Veterinary Hospital at 3 in the morning! The doctors put him in an oxygen tent but he still couldn't breath! They made the decision to put him on a ventilator so the machine could breath for him. Aunt Carla called my mom and mom and dad rushed down to Tufts yesterday afternoon. GT was sedated and in ICU. GT's doctor was still hopeful. Mom and dad both said prayers and gave him Reiki. It was hard seeing him like that. I wasn't allowed to go but mom kept me posted on his condition. Last night around 8PM, Aunt Carla called to say that GT had just passed away. I felt him go and let out a howl that scared mom and dad. I will miss my friend. We will all miss him very much. You can see GT in 2 of my video's.

On a happier note, I was in another contest again. I haven't heard who the winner was yet. The pet store near our house was having a "Dress Your Dog For St. Patrick's Day" contest. I don't have anything green except one bandana that has watermelons on it. That wasn't very St. Patrick's. Mom and dad bought me a head piece that had shamrocks sticking up like antenna. I looked more like a bug than a dog. They also bought me a shamrock necklace. Everyone at the store made a fuss over me and took my picture. They said I was the best one they had seen all day and that most dogs just came in with green collars on. I am competing against 3 or 4 stores so we shall see. Daddy took pictures so I am sure they will be posted on my Dogster page soon. Mom and dad are too upset right now to think about it.


Meet And Greet

March 7th 2012 7:59 am
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Mom got her tickets in the mail on Saturday! They came the day after her birthday! Mom said that was a great birthday present. There was a note included with the tickets. They wanted a picture of mom with the tickets to be posted on Facebook. Mom included me in the photo. She said that without me, she would never have won. Mom put it on my Dogster page too!

On Sunday we went on a meet and greet. I got to see Johnny B and Sonie. We haven't been on a meet and greet for a while because of mom and dad's schedule. I had fun. I met a new friend named Hanna. She came with her mom. Bronson stopped by for a while too. It was good to see him. We got some donations for Greyhound Friends, but the best part was that we got to meet a couple who was interested in adopting a greyhound! They came just to see us. They asked a lot of questions. I hope they do adopt.

The weather is getting nicer now. Mom hopes all the snow melts. It is already up to 50 degrees outside. Tomorrow they say it will be the the 60's. Mom has tomorrow afternoon off, so we have a long walk planned. Spring is coming fast. We were very lucky this Winter. We really only had the one snow storm.


Mahna Mahna update!

February 29th 2012 6:18 pm
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Mom was up in the computer room when she started screaming. She came running downstairs and almost scared me half to death! She was jumping all around and screaming. Then she ran to the cookie box and gave me an extra cookie for no reason at all. She kept saying "Thank You" to me. Seems that everyone whose video made it into the main video won tickets! Mom and Dad will see John Edward when he comes to Boston in November.

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