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A New Beginning

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Blizzard of 2013

February 9th 2013 7:27 am
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I hope all my pup pals That live in my area are warm and safe. It was quite a wild storm. As of this writing it still isn't over yet. Daddy is outside right now trying to clean up some of the snow. Mom had daddy take me out this morning. We couldn't even get out of our front door! The snow was plied up so high that it blocked the door! Daddy took me in the back yard. We had to jump over 10 inches of snow to get out on the deck. I was over my belly in some places and I had to jump! It is hard to tell exactly how many inches we have so far because the wind caused a lot of drifting. Near the garden, the snow is almost as high as the 6 foot fence. In other spots there is very little. It is still snowing out, but not very hard now. I think most of the storm is over. I am glad that we didn't lose our power. It is dry and warm in here.

Update on my paw. I had to go back to the vet as I was still limping a week after I had my wart removed. I got x-rays and everything was fine. The vet moved my leg around and found where it hurt. I let him know and yelped. I have a sprained ligament in my left shoulder. I was put on a homeopathic ligament repair medicine and aspirin (2 times a day but only for 3 days in a row, then 3 days off)I was also put on exercise restriction. I wasn't happy about that. Mom explained I needed to rest so it would heal. After a while my tummy didn't like the aspirin any more. It made me sick and I lost my food. Mom had to clean it off the rug. I'm not taking aspirin any more and now I feel fine again. My shoulder is getting better and I only have a little limp left. I still have to rest for another week and a half before I can run again. I'll be glad when that is over! I want to run!!! Mom and dad wanted to do something special for me so last week they took me to Dirty Hairy's Dog Wash. I got a pedicure treatment! They trimmed my nails, shaved all the hair around my toes and then put some nice cream on my paw pads. That felt good!!! Then mom and dad bought me the biggest cookie I have ever seen!! That was nice!


A Trip To The Vet

January 15th 2013 2:03 pm
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I hope everyone had a very Happy New Year. It was quiet for us. Mom and dad were going to a party but stayed home with me instead. I slept right through the new year. Things have been very quiet so far. Besides my daily runs in the yard and weekly trips to the pet store, Nothing very exciting has happened.

Mom did notice me limping last week. Daddy noticed it too. I have been running very hard a couple of times a day in my new yard. Mom and dad figured I sprained a muscle or something. daddy said we should wait a few days to see if I would get better on my own. Mom said we would wait until after the weekend and if I wasn't better by Monday, she would call the vet. On Sunday, mom and dad had a Reiki group come over the house. They all do Reiki on each other. For those who don't know what Reiki is- it is energy healing. Mom has been a Reiki Master for over 10 years. Daddy is a level 2. I got a healing session myself. I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I was still limping on Monday so mom called my doctor. Now that mom and dad only have one car, daddy would have had to drive me in. Mom's friend, Chris, offered to take us so daddy wouldn't have to. Mom happily said "Yes". Chris came today and took me and mom for my appointment. I jumped right into Chris's car even though I had never ridden in it before. As long as mom was there with me, I knew it was OK. Mom was very scared because greyhounds are prone to bone cancer. It is called Osteosarcoma. It is never good and usually always fatal or they have to amputate the affected limb. We were sitting in the waiting room when a big golden retriever came in. He must have been really excited to see me because he had a major accident all over the waiting room floor. Maybe he was just nervous. A vet tech came out and cleaned it up. Finally we were called into the exam room. The vet tech had to take my temperature. That wasn't very pleasant. Then we waited and waited and waited. Mom was glad that Chris was there to talk to. Finally my doctor came in. I was happy to see him. He is SO nice and always helps me feel better. He gave me lots of treats. Normally I never eat treats in public and to eat treats at a vet office would be out of the question, but for my doctor I make an exception. I feel very safe, loved and comfortable with him. He gives me nice pets and scratches and he even gave me a chiropractic adjustment!! I was SO hoping he would. Well he found the problem. I had a plantar wart on one of my paw pads! It was sticking into my paw and making me hurt when I stepped on it. Mom was relieved and so was Chris. My doctor removed it with a drummel tool, just like what they use to trim my nails. The wart will grow back so mom and dad will get a drummel tool for home. My doctor said my paw will be tender for a couple of days but I should be limp free by Friday. If I'm not, I may have to go back, but I am feeling better already.


A Very Merry Christmas!

December 26th 2012 8:14 am
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I hope all my pup pals had a very Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice, Happy Kwanza or Happy Hanukkah. We celebrated Christmas. On Sunday we went to NH to visit Grampy and mom's daughter and granddaughter. They live in a town called Dover which is about 20 minutes from grampy's house. I had to stay in the car. For one thing, mom's daughter, Heather, lives on the third floor so there are lots of stairs. Also Heather has 10 cats who are not used to dogs. Mom thought it would be best for me to wait in the car. Mom and dad kept the visit short. I had my jacket on so I stayed nice and warm. I slept. Heather and Davina came down to see me before we left. I remembered Davina because she has stayed at our house a few times and took me for walks. After that visit we drove to grampy's house. I knew right where we were when we pulled into the driveway. I walked right into grampy's house. Mom gave me 3 cookies which I carried one at a time to grampy's rug. Daddy had to vacuum my crumbs! We had a nice time.

Yesterday was Christmas. Mom put all the presents under the tree. Ben came down with me to open presents but Charlie stayed under the bed and missed it! I got my new hand knitted jacket. It is so beautiful and soft as well as warm. It was made just for me! I also got a whole big gift box of cookies!! I ate 4 of them yesterday!! They are in a container shaped like a Christmas Tree. It was such a nice day.


I Got Stuck!

December 17th 2012 8:53 am
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It was a quiet weekend. On Saturday mom and dad had a lot of shopping to do. I usually go with them to the pet store but they said they had to go to a lot of stores and I would have to wait in the car. It was better that I stayed home. When mom and dad got home I sniffed them to see where they had been. They had my friend, Fast's, sent all over them! I couldn't believe it! Mom explained that they went to the pet store in Framingham. We have been there before but it isn't our usual store. They were having a short notice meet and greet for Greyhound Friends. Fast and his mom, Barbara, where there. Mom said she was very surprised to see them there too. Anyway, to make up for it, mom gave me the biggest cookie I had ever seen! That night daddy drove me and mom around our town to look at all the Christmas Lights. We sang Christmas songs too. That was fun.

On Sunday we were supposed to go visit Grampy in NH but the weather was too bad. It was snowing and raining ice pellets. The roads weren't good so we all stayed home. Mom and dad hung pictures on the walls. It was a good day to do that. We had freezing rain over night. I got stuck outside this morning! Mom let me out like always. I made it down the deck stairs to the yard OK, but I couldn't get back up! The stairs were covered in ice. I tried to climb them but I kept slipping. Mom saw me shaking and ran up to get daddy out of bed. Daddy came outside to help me. He put my harness on and tried to lead me up the stairs. It was just too slippery. He tried to pick me up but I wouldn't let him. Mom told daddy to lead me out the gate to the driveway and then to the side door to the house. Mom then realized that the entire driveway was all ice and those stairs weren't any better than the deck. Mom ran down the basement and got a tool that breaks up ice. Daddy had to use the ice breaker thing to get the ice off the steps and the deck. It was still freezing rain out too. I was glad I had my winter coat on. My coat was soaked by the time I got back in. Mom wiped the rain off my head. I'm glad to be back inside where it is warm and dry. Daddy is working from home today because there are a lot of accidents because of the ice.


Jingle Bell Walk

December 10th 2012 11:01 am
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I went to Boston yesterday with mom and dad! Greyhound Adventures was holding it's annual Jingle Bell Walk in the Boston Commons and Public Gardens. This walk is special for several reasons. First we get to all dress up in our holiday attire. I wore my reindeer antlers and a Christmas bandana. Secondly we pay tribute to all our brothers and sisters who went to the Rainbow Bridge this past year. I lost two VERY good friends- GT and Sonie. Last, it is the biggest walk of the year with about 100 dogs attending. Daddy drove us into Boston. We parked at a parking garage underneath Boston Commons!! It was dark inside the garage, like going into a tunnel. Daddy found a really good parking space. When I got out of the car, there were two other greyhounds getting ready to walk too!That is when I really got excited! You could take the elevator (Also known as the room that moves) or the stairs. I chose the stairs. As we got to the stairs I saw Brutus behind me! I remembered him form Greyhound Friends. We played in the big yard together once. It was nice to see him again. He looked good. We walked up the stairs and came out in the Commons. We did have to cross the street to get to the meeting place, but there were lights to help you cross. I like this part of Boston the best. I had only been to the city once before- for the Irish Greyhound Protest. It was smelly and noisy and I didn't like it at all. This place had lots of grass, trees and squirrels. We met at the swan boat dock. Johnny B and Cella where there with their mom and dad (Carolyn and John)I hadn't seen them since my birthday party. Lots of dogs started to arrive. Most where greyhounds but not all of them were. There was a pitbull in a wheel chair cart. There were also some other breeds too. The walk leaders came and gave everyone a jingle bell. I really liked my bell. They also took donations that went to help the Ohio State University Greyhound Health and Wellness Program. They are doing research on osteosarcoma which is a type of bone cancer we get. 1 in 4 greyhounds get this cancer! Daddy gave a donation and the money was matched by The Greyhound Project! We had such a nice walk! We walked along a path. People stopped and watched us. It was like a big greyhound parade. We walked all through the Public Gardens and the Boston Commons. We ended the walk on top of a big hill with a huge statue on top. We took a group picture but there was so many of us, you could hardly see everyone. Mom met a Facebook friend on the walk. Her name is Leslie and she had a black greyhound named Lex. He was very nice. 3 Of the bells had black dots on them and the dogs with those bells won prizes. My bell didn't have any dots on it. I didn't care because I loved my bell and I wore it the rest of the day!On our way back to the car mom and dad made me get in the room that moves. I will never get used to it. It feels strange and when the doors open you are in a different place!

Later last night people came over. Mom and dad were having a Reiki group. I greeted everyone who came over. I knew some of them. I got to have Reiki too. It was a greyt day!


Maynard Christmas Parade

December 3rd 2012 11:26 am
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I marched in the Maynard Christmas Parade on Sunday. This was my 4th parade. I guess you could say I am a professional by now. Mom, dad and I walked over to the start point. There was a helicopter flying over head as we were making our way to the big parking lot where the parade starts and finishes. My friend Santa Claus was in the helicopter. He waved at me! I was happy to be on the ground walking. We found the other dogs and joined them. We are called MayDOG. It stands for Maynard Dog Owners Group. I knew a couple of the dogs from last year. Mom put on my reindeer antlers and I also wore my holiday bandana. We watched as the groups before us started to leave for the parade. There were some old cars, a couple of marching bands, the militia with muskets and a few other groups. Then it was our turn. There was an excellent turn out this year. The streets were lined with people. A lot of people took my picture and remarked about my reindeer antlers. Some said I looked like a deer. I was calm through the whole parade. Mom enjoyed the music from the marching band that was ahead of us. I must admit they played very well. Mom saw some people she knew and waved to them. It was fun. I didn't know it at the time but my pet sitter, Sarah, video taped us as we marched by. You can see the video on my Dogster page! There were a few times where we had to stand and wait. The parade was the biggest one yet and it was so long that the front met the back at Nason Street and Main Street (We do a loop around) We marched back to the start point and then we got to watch the part of the parade that was behind us on the way home. At the end of the parade was my friend Santa Claus. I had just seen him the day before when I had my picture taken with him. He must have been staying in our town over the weekend. We are good friends now. I know he will bring me something really good for Christmas.


I Saw Santa Claus!

December 1st 2012 7:45 pm
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I won a book this week! There was a contest on Facebook to win a book called "Comet's Tale". It is a story about how a disabled man adopted a greyhound and the greyhound went on to become a service dog and saved the man's life. Our friend Christine Dorchak from Grey2KUSA (Zoe's mom),was holding the contest. Mom really wanted to win the book. She entered, daddy entered and then mom entered me since I have my own Facebook page. There were 5 winners picked. I couldn't believe it when I won!! It is a signed copy too. Since I won the book and I really can't read, mom has been reading it to me. It is such a nice story. We are about half way through the book now.

Today was a very special day. After lunch we all got in the car and went to the pet store near our house. I thought we were just getting our usual food and supplies. Boy, was I wrong! My friend, Fred Levy was there! He is a photographer that we know very well. I like him because he always makes a big fuss over me every time he sees me. We are even Facebook friends! After I greeted Fred, mom took me around to the other side of the counter and guess who was there! It was Santa Claus himself! I couldn't believe it! Two years ago I met a fake Santa Claus. Mom said he was one of Santa's helpers. I could tell he wasn't the real Santa because his beard was half falling off!! I really do think this was the real Santa!! He was SO nice. He let me sniff him and he petted me. Mom put my reindeer antlers on me. These were the ones she got from Petco. I looked just like one of Santa's reindeer. I think I am now an official reindeer! Santa and I had our picture taken. I told him what I wanted for Christmas too! It really came out nice! Mom and dad just ordered another, bigger print. Mom already has a frame waiting for it.


A Hike At Minute Man Park

November 26th 2012 6:30 am
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I hope everyone had a safe and fun Thanksgiving! My grandmother and aunt Ruth were supposed to come to dinner at our house but Grandma got sick and went to the hospital. She came home but she had to go back in again. They are running tests. I hope she is OK. She is 87 years old! Mom and dad went to a friend's house instead. Dogs weren't invited so I had to stay home with the cats. Mom gave me some cookies as my Thanksgiving treat. Mom and dad were home with me a lot this weekend. That was nice. On Saturday we went for a hike at Minute Man Park. I have been there many times before. At first I thought it was a greyhound adventure. I was looking for other greyhounds but I didn't see any. I had to walk with a group of humans. I did meet other dogs along the way. I enjoyed that. We walked the same path that I usually do with the other greyhounds.
Mom put up the Christmas tree and some of the light in the windows this weekend. She wanted to string up the lights outside but she got sick after doing the hike. It was a very cold and windy day. Daddy had been sick and mom was fighting it off. Being out in the cold for an hour and a half was too much for her. Mom is all stuffed up with a headache. She is home with me today. I hope she feels better soon.


My Birthday Party!

November 17th 2012 5:40 pm
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Mom and dad gave me a birthday party today! Mom left this morning and came back with 4 balloons. Two were blue, one was yellow and one was green. Mom picked all the colors that dogs can see. A little while later a man came to the door. I recognized him. It was Rob who is the president of MayDOG (Maynard Dog Owners Group). He had a box for mom. He gave her the box and left. Wow did that box smell good! I followed mom and the box into the kitchen but she put it in the refrigerator. Daddy came home a little while later and he had a box! This box smelled good too. That box went in the refrigerator too. Then mom and dad started making lasagna. Now I knew something was up. Sure enough, a couple of hours later people and dogs started coming to the house! They had presents for me too! My doggy friend Johnny B, Kitty and Zoe came. A dog named Cella came to. She is Johnny B's new girl friend. Johnny B's sister Sonie went to the rainbow bridge. I miss her because we were good friends and she always let me steal her cookies! Johnny B's mom and dad adopted Cella. Some human friends came too! One was Zoe's mom Christine Dorchak! She is the president and founder of Grey2KUSA! She is helping to shut down all the greyhound race tracks in the United States and also over seas! She is a very special friend. We all got to run and play in my new big yard. We had a lot of fun. Soon it was time for food. All the humans ate their food first and we dogs had to wait patiently. Finally it was time for the cake! We got served first. Everyone sang happy birthday to me. Daddy cut up big pieces of cake for all of us. I tried to get Zoe's cake at first! Mom called to me and I realized I had cake of my own. I grabbed mine off my plate and carried it off. I tried to eat it in one bite but it was too big. We all had seconds. Wow was that ever good! Then the humans had their cake. I think ours was better. Next I got to open my gifts. I got lots of yummy cookies, and a stuffed tiger. Then mom opened my gift from Johnny B and Cella. I got a $25 gift certificate to Pet Source! Wow, what an awesome gift. There was something else in my bag and mom started laughing! It was a stuffed cow. I couldn't believe it! It is exactly like the stuffed cow mom has! Yes, mom has a dog toy! Mom has a thing for cows. Daddy bought it for her for her birthday last year. Mom went upstairs and got her cow. They were twins. Everyone got a kick out of it. Now I have my very own! I was sad when everyone started to leave. Kitty didn't want to go home. Her mom, Donna, put her leash on and Kitty just laid down on the blanket and wouldn't get up. Donna tried for 5 minutes to get Kitty to leave. Finally Donna showed Kitty some cake and then she got up. Zoe stayed for a little while longer. I was glad. I really like Zoe. WE did a protest once together in Boston. We were trying to tell the Irish government not to sell greyhounds to China. Finally Zoe had to leave too. What a wonderful day. I think I will have sweet dreams tonight.


Today Is My Birthday!

November 16th 2012 12:18 pm
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I turned 6 today! Mom and dad bought me special treats. They are called Boston Baked Bonz. I got pumpkin muffins and peanut butter crunchies! They are both my very favorite in the whole world. I had to laugh because Ben and Charlie both had to go to the vets this morning! Nothing serious-just their annual check up. I just thought it was funny because it is my birthday. Mom cleaned the whole house this afternoon. I think I may be having a party tomorrow. I know something special will happen when mom cleans like that. Usually people and sometimes dogs come over. I will let everyone know what happens!

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