A New Beginning

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Today Is My Birthday!

November 16th 2012 12:18 pm
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I turned 6 today! Mom and dad bought me special treats. They are called Boston Baked Bonz. I got pumpkin muffins and peanut butter crunchies! They are both my very favorite in the whole world. I had to laugh because Ben and Charlie both had to go to the vets this morning! Nothing serious-just their annual check up. I just thought it was funny because it is my birthday. Mom cleaned the whole house this afternoon. I think I may be having a party tomorrow. I know something special will happen when mom cleans like that. Usually people and sometimes dogs come over. I will let everyone know what happens!


My New Coat

November 7th 2012 4:44 pm
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My new sweater coat came from England today! Wow, that was fast! Mom didn't know how long it would take to get here. Even though I can't have it until Christmas, mom let me try it on. It was so soft and comfortable. It fits me really well too. I think it was made just for me! Mom put up a picture of me wearing it. Check it out on my page!

Today 2 men came. They made a lot of noise. I stayed upstairs most of the day. The cats stayed upstairs with me. When the men finally left I went downstairs. There are doors up in mom's "Reiki Room". Mom and dad both do something called Reiki. It is energy healing. I have had it done to me. I like it and it makes me feel better. Mom is making a special room so she can help people (and animals) heal. She needed doors to create a safe, secure and private place. The doors are called French Doors and they have little windows in them. That way the room still feels open and airy, yet creates what mom calls a sacred space. She will have candles and angel statues in the room. The men are coming back tomorrow to finish putting up the doors. I hope they finish fast!

This afternoon the weather got bad and it started to snow! I'm not sure if I like it or not. There wasn't enough to play in yet!


A Trip To New Hampshire

November 6th 2012 8:33 am
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Mom entered me in another Halloween costume contest again. This one was on Facebook so I didn't have to do anything. Mom just submitted a picture of me and asked people to vote. I got 71 votes and I won! The contest was in England so I won 20 British Pounds. Mom said it was about $32. Mom bought me a hand knitted coat with the prize money. My coat has already been shipped from England. I don't know how long it will take to get here. Mom wants it to be a Christmas present. Daddy worked from home on Halloween to greet the trick or treaters because mom had to work. At our old house we were lucky to get one kid. I was shocked to see all the kids that came to the door. Daddy guessed it was about 20. He was happy to see so many.

On Sunday we went to NH to visit with grampy. I always like visiting him. I knew where I was the moment we pulled into the driveway. I walked right in and made myself at home. Mom brought me kibble and cookies. I made a mess on grampy's rug again. He didn't mind though because daddy vacuumed all the crumbs up. Daddy took me out to grampy's yard and I ran like a crazy dog. Since I have my own yard to run in now, I am in really good shape! Mom says I don't have any fat on my legs any more. I am solid muscle. I like to exercise but I am glad I don't have to race any more. It is much more fun running when I want to.


Monster Bark!

October 28th 2012 2:57 pm
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Mom and dad brought me to Monster Bark today! The pet store near our house has it every year. It is a big costume contest. I actually won it back in 2009. The weather wasn't very nice because we are having a hurricane come tomorrow and the next day. Mom said there will be a lot of wind and rain. It won't be too bad by the time it gets here.(at least we hope not)Daddy thought that maybe there wouldn't be many people or dogs because of the weather. Boy was he wrong!! It was packed! First we had to go to the registration table. There mom filled out a paper and we had to pick things to donate to the charity organization. This organization helps deaf people by training service dogs. Mom and dad donated 3 items. Then we went to the cash register to pay for the donated items. Then we had to go to another table where we got our number and raffle tickets. Because mom and dad donated 3 items we also got a goody bag and a plastic container for the cat food. Daddy ran the goody bag and plastic cat food container out to the car. We found a quiet place in the store and mom and dad put my costume on. Mom's friend Jen, who made my costume, came to wish me luck. Her daughter, Anna, came too. It was getting really crowded inside the store. People and pets kept coming in to register. The man who manages the store announced that photos needed to be taken, so mom, dad and I made our way to the photo line. I had wings on so mom held them up and out of the way because there wasn't much room. I finally got my pictures taken. Mom said they will be E-mailed to me later. After the pictures we went outside because the store was just too crowded. Jen had to leave so we said "Goodbye". Next they had a trivia question competition to kill time while the last minute entries registered. Mom answered some questions and got prizes ( dog shampoo and 6 cans of dog food) Finally we had to line up for the costume contest. Mom and dad couldn't believe it. There were 45 dogs and cats in the contest! This was the biggest costume contest I have ever been in! We paraded around the shopping center. People from some of the businesses in the shopping center were the judges. After we came back to the pet store, we each got to go up in front of everyone and individually show off our costumes. We were number 13 so after we went up, mom took my wig and head piece off so I could relax a bit. I appreciated that. Finally it was time to announce the winners. They had several categories like funniest, most creative etc. Then they said they were going to announce the grand prize winner. The store manager said that the winner was.... "Isis"!!! I couldn't believe my ears!! Mom and I walked back up front to get congratulated. I won $100 gift certificate to the store!! Next they drew the raffle prizes. Mom was shocked to learn she won the Nature's Miracle gift basket! What a day!!! Mom and dad undressed me and we took the Nature's Miracle gift basket to the car. Then we went back inside the store to spend my winnings. We got all sorts of pet food, kitty litter, fish supplies and two of the biggest cookies mom could find. She said I deserved them. I spent almost the entire prize money but I still have 6 dollars left. We went back home and mom and dad went through everything. Mom and dad had to go to Buddy Dog to pick up my raffle prize from Woofstock. They are a no kill shelter not too far from our house. I won a dog feeding station in their raffle. There were some dog and cat food we couldn't use in my goody bag (Ben is allergic to chicken)and they had some potty pads in the Nature's Miracle gift basket. I decided to donate those to Buddy Dog. I love to give back, especially to shelters and charities that help other animals. Mom said they were very happy. Especially for the pads. I am now passed out on the floor of the computer room. I will post some pictures as soon as we get them.



October 13th 2012 5:03 pm
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I was used as an advertising model again! Mom got an E-mail from my favorite pet store. When she opened the E-mail there I was in the costume that I had won the Monster Bark contest a few years ago. I'll post a picture of it.

Today we went to Woofstock. This was the first time we had ever been. It was close to our town so it was only a short drive. I got all excited when I saw the other dogs. We paid the admission and went in. Mom was drawn to the raffle table. She bought some tickets and put them in the things she wanted to win. daddy noticed a big sign on the fence that said "Costume Contest"! Mom had checked the website to see if they were having a costume contest but it was never posted that they were. Mom made daddy drive all the way back home to get my costume! Daddy was a little mad at first, and he never gets mad at mom. We were back to Woofstock in plenty of time though. It took less than an hour. We walked all around the fair and saw all the booths. They were most of the same booths we have seen before at other events, but it was still fun. Dirty Hairy's had a booth. That is where I go to get my bath. Also my vet was there. I'm glad I was feeling well. We also stopped at a greyhound rescue called Amazing Greys. I liked seeing all the other dogs the best. Finally it was time for the costume contest. Mom dressed me up in my Isis costume. Everyone kept thinking I was Cleopatra. I don't know why they always think that. One lady thought I was Nefertiti. And older woman kept petting me and messing up my wig! Mom kept trying to fix it and the woman would mess it up again! There were a lot of other dogs in the competition. I would say there were at least 10 or 12. Some had really cool outfits too. I couldn't believe it when they said I had won! I got the best prizes ever!! I got a really nice dog blanket to sleep on, 4 different toys and a huge metal can to keep all my dry kibble in! I liked the big can a lot. Ben is always ripping up my dog food bag and spilling my kibble all over the floor. Now it will stay safe and fresh. The can even says "Dog food" on it! I like my new toys too!

We stopped off at the pet store after Woofstock to get food for the next two weeks. Next weekend will be very busy so mom wanted to stock up on food. When we got home mom and dad went out into the yard. Of course I went along too. Daddy started to dig a big hole in the ground. I helped daddy dig! I did a good job. Daddy dug a very deep hole and he put a plastic pail in the hole. Mom told me the pail was for my dog waste. There are special enzymes that will break it all down into harmless substances. You add water, enzymes and my contribution to the pail. I though that was pretty cool! Daddy took some of extra dirt and fill in under the fence where there were holes. Mom and dad wanted to make the yard safe so Ben could go outside. Ben always tries to get outside every chance he gets. With the high fence and supervision, now he can go outside sometime. He was a happy cat. He stayed in the yard and walked all around. I went into a play bow and chased him a bit. I was very gentle and knew I was just playing. We touched noses. It was such a fun day!

Later in the week mom got a phone call from Buddy Dog. I won a dog feeding station in the raffle! Mom said she would pick it up within the next few weeks and they said they would hold it for her in the office!


My New House!

September 29th 2012 7:17 pm
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We moved to the new house yesterday. Mom and dad had to get up very early. They took me, Ben and Charlie to our pet sitters house. She took care of us while mom and dad moved. Mom told me they got professional movers to help them. I guess it was a hectic day from what they are telling me. When they came to get us, all of our stuff was already in the new house. Daddy's mom and his sister were there helping mom organize the kitchen. There were SO many boxes. I found my bed and laid down to watch. Mom and dad worked late into the night and most of today as well. The boxes are disappearing and things are finding their places. Mom hoped to be mostly unpacked by the end of tomorrow. Knowing mom, it probably will get done. Today we did take a walk over to the farmer's market. There was a lady trying to pet me. I kept trying to let her know I was uncomfortable. She just wasn't getting it. Mom even told her, but she kept persisting. Why do humans do that? Later in the afternoon we went to Petco. I got a pooper scooper for the back yard. Mom and dad also bought a privacy box for Ben and Charlie. It is supposed to be for a litter box, but the cat food is inside instead! In the old house there was a cat door to the basement so mom put the cat food on the stair landing so I wouldn't eat it. Here there isn't a cat door and mom doesn't want to put one in the door. Well, I ate the cat food today! I knew I wasn't supposed to but I did. Now I can't!! The cats can go right through the hole in the box. Oh well. Guess I will just have to eat my own dog food. I love running in my new yard. It is great!! I'm glad mom and dad bought me this house!


I'm On Facebook!

September 25th 2012 1:40 pm
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Mom made me a Facebook page! Wow! I was surprised to see how many other dogs have their own pages too. It is nice because I can talk to my friends right away. Don't worry, mom is still going to keep my diary- always!! If any of my pup pals is on Facebook- PLEASE friends me!!!
http://www.facebook.com/isis.langlois.9 or just search for Isis Langlois

Mom and dad are having the floors and carpets done in our new house before we move. Daddy had to meet the cleaning company yesterday so our realtor gave him the keys! Last night mom and dad sneaked back to the house and brought me with them! They opened the gate to the back yard and led me through. Mom said that my face lit up like a Christmas Tree. The minute she took my harness off, I bolted!!! I ran and ran! Oh, happy doggy!! I can't wait until I can run there all the time. I did my business in the yard and mom praised and praised me to let me know that it was OK to do that. I got to go inside the house too for a few minutes. I only went downstairs because mom and dad have to get carpet treads on the stairs first so I won't slip. The stairs are just wood and slippery. We met some of our new neighbors too. There are dogs across the street!! I think I will like our new house!


Greyhound Friend's Fall Open House!

September 23rd 2012 11:52 am
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Yesterday we went to Greyhound Friend's Fall Open House! Usually we always work at the silent auction and raffle table, but this time mom and dad felt they couldn't make the commitment. We are moving to our new house on Friday and there is still so much more work to do. Mom and dad have been busy packing all our stuff and throwing out what we don't need. It was a beautiful day and I knew where I was the moment we pulled in the driveway. The field was full of cars. There where more people and dogs there than ever before. They had a huge yard sale going on. This was the first year they did this. Mom found a dinning table and chairs that she wanted very much. Daddy reminded her that money was too tight because of the move. Mom was sad but agreed that the timing just wasn't right. Mom and dad took me to see the vet there. A vet volunteers her time every open house to answer questions. My neck has been bothering me for the last week or so. Mom noticed that I kept scratching at my collar. She looked and saw that I have a rash on my neck where my collar goes. I haven't worn my collar now for about 4 days. Mom put all my ID tags on my harness. I always walk with my harness any way. It keeps me from pulling and doesn't cause me to choke. I love my harness and I will actually put my head right into it when I go for my walk. The vet thought it was something called a "hot Spot" Mom and dad are getting me some aloe vera cream. Next we walked around and looked at all the booths. Mom finally got to meet Cindy Maxwell. She is mom's Facebook friend. She is a greyhound! Cindy walked right up to mom and said "Hi". Maybe I should have a Facebook page too? Soon the dog show started so mom got me ready for the costume contest. Once again everyone was taking my picture. This one was judged by judges. I won! I got a really cool squeaky soccer ball, a milk bone, a big blue ribbon and a $15 gift certificate to Petco! I am going to buy a pooper scooper with my prize money. It will come in handy for mom and dad to clean up my new yard. I have enough toys and I want to keep my yard clean. We entered the raffle but I don't think we won anything this time. That is OK. I had a fun day.


New England Pet Expo

September 19th 2012 7:25 am
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Saturday was an incredible day. We left early in the morning and drove for about an hour. We ended up at a place I had never been before. The doors hadn't opened yet so we all stood outside and socialized. A lot of humans wanted to pet me but I wasn't that comfortable with it. I was more interested in the other dogs. We did see two humans I knew. They were from Greyhound Adventures. I let them pet me. Finally the doors opened and we went inside. Mom had to show my vaccination papers and give them a registration form. Them we got to go inside. Mom started filling out a raffle entry at the entrance but daddy came and told her to forget it and to walk inside and over to the the left. Mom let daddy finish the raffle entry and did as daddy said. I went with mom. Shorty Rossi from the TV show Pit Boss was there sitting at a table! Mom ran and got in line. Daddy came back and took me because the isle for the line was kind of narrow. Mom didn't have to wait too long because the line was short. That is why daddy came and told her. Mom met Shorty and talked to him. She had her picture taken with him and bought a T-shirt. After that we started to look at all the booths. It was strange because everything was inside a building! There were rows and rows of booths with all kinds of pet related things. We were looking at a booth when the man at Casey Jones Bones came up to mom. They actually knew each other form many years ago! When mom knew him he was a chemistry grad student and worked out at the gym she worked at. They hugged each other and talked for a while. I have a box of Casey Jones Bones in our cabinet. Mom and dad bought them for me as a gift when they went on vacation. I have eaten most of them. Next we went to Greyhound Friend's booth for a while before looking at all the other booths. We listened to some of the talks too. Shorty gave a welcome speech, there was a talk on pet first aid and CPR, a talk on breed specific legislation, a parade of breeds and a talent show. Mom and dad recognized one of the dogs in the talent show. She was a special needs girl who had been on Pit Boss. She had wanted to meet Shorty and had adopted a pit bull puppy from him! That so so cool! Mom's favorite talk, however, was the one given by Shorty. He talked about how pit bulls are good, sweet and loyal dogs and it is the people who should be blamed, not the dogs. Shorty asked the audience which breed was responsible for the most dog bites. Mom raised her hand and Shorty called on her!!!!! Mom said Golden Retrievers. Shorty was impressed because mom got it right. That made mom's day. Finally it was time for the costume contest. Mom and dad had left my costume in the car so they wouldn't have to carry it around with them. It was nice to go outside for a bit and relieve myself. Mom and dad took me to a quiet area and dressed me. People going by started taking my picture. The contest was different from others I had been in. This one was judged by how many people clapped and cheered. Mom's friend, Jen, was supposed to come with her kids to cheer for me but she didn't show up. There were about 20 contestants in the contest (2 were cats)! I made the top 5 but that was as far as I went. The winner had their family and friends there so they won. That was OK with me. Being in the top 5 out of 20 was pretty good. I was a tired dog when we got home. It was a fun day and one I will remember for a long time.


Happy News!

September 11th 2012 10:09 am
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In my last diary entry I mentioned that a little Yorkie was lost on the river trail. I am happy to say that she has been found and is back home with her brother. When mom, dad and I were walking up the street we saw her in the yard. She seemed happy and was playing with her toy. I am happy that she is OK.

On Sunday we went to the Pet Rock Festival. I think this was my 4th time going there. I was so excited to see all the dogs. We went and saw every booth. All the booths are placed around a 1/4 mile track. Mom guessed that there were at least 50 booths and probably more. First we did the outer circle and then we did the inner circle. In all it was 1/2 mile to see everything. I played with some other dogs in the water park. They has swimming pools to wade in. There were a lot of other greyhounds this year. I said "Hello" to every one of them. Mom got to hold a rat that a lady was carrying around. Mom has had many rats and misses having one in her life. With Ben and Charlie around, it wouldn't be safe to have one at our house. Mom and dad got some food and we ate in the shade. We were there for over two hours. It was another fun day!

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