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A New Beginning

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GIG- Day 3

April 27th 2013 2:58 pm
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Today at GIG!
Mom got up early because she had signed up for an art class with Linda Evens. She bought a print from Linda yesterday and was very excited about the class. 16 other women took the class too. Mom had fun. She now has a nice piece of art work that she created herself. Daddy and I met mom after her class. We walked around for a bit and visited some of the booths. We were just killing time until the costume contest. It was a great turn out. We counted at least 22 dogs in the contest. We paraded through the arena and went out side to the pavilion for the judging. The judges just went around with clip boards. It wasn't as formal as last year where each dog walked before the judges and was announced. We were towards the back area and the judges didn't really even give us much attention. Unfortunately we didn't win anything this year. There were some really good costumes that didn't win too. Oh well, guess the judges were looking for something else. After the contest mom and dad stopped at the food wagon to get some sweet potato fries. I hung out with them and kept them company. We took a little walk around the pond and explored a bit. After that we went to a lecture called "Why does my hound do that?" It was fun. The next activity was that you could participate in some of the recreation the Allstar center offered. One activity was miniature golf. Daddy bought tickets for mom and dad.They took me to the dog babysitting area. I was fine with that because I like being with other dogs any way. What I didn't like was that they required a muzzle!! Ugh!!! I was a good sport about it and found a blanket to sleep on. Mom and dad had fun playing and they weren't gone too long. We then went to a lecture on Galgos. They are Spanish Greyhounds. They have it rough in Spain. When they can no longer hunt they are discarded or killed. If we adopt a new family member it will be a galgo. We walked around a little more after the lecture and waited for the raffle drawing. No luck in the raffle this year. There were thousands of tickets so the odds weren't in our favor. When we got back to our hotel room we found out that we had to move rooms. Mom noticed that the toilet wasn't flushing this morning. Daddy called a maintenance man and he said he would fix it. He left us a note saying he couldn't fix it and we had to move all our stuff again!!! I'm tired now and need a nap. Mom and dad are going out to dinner. Tonight we are going to a beach party! I will write about that later.

Just came back from the party!! It was awesome! So many party animals! There were balloons and music. We all wore lei's and had fun socializing! I saw lots of old friends and some new ones too. As soon as we get home, daddy will put them in a photo album for me. We had a really fun time.


GIG- Day 2

April 27th 2013 4:14 am
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Yesterday was such a fabulous day!! We got up, mom and dad showered and got dressed and took me for my walk. Then we had to pack up all of our things! The hotel we were staying at messed up our reservations! When mom and dad first made it our reservations it was way back in January. After that the hotel was bought by new owners. They brought in all new staff and many of the reservations got messed up- including ours. Our hotel is two hotels in one! One side is the Eisenhower which is where we stayed the first two nights and the other side is the Aspire which is where we are now. We had to check out of the Eisenhower and then go and check in at the Aspire.The Aspire said our room wouldn't be ready until noon so daddy put all our things back into the car. After that we walked over to the Allstar for the festivities. First we had to register. It was very organized and much better that last year. Mo and dad got greyhound wristbands to wear. We checked in early so mom and dad took me the the off leash play area. The rule there is that all dogs have to wear muzzles. I don't like wearing muzzles at all but rules are rules. There was only one other dog to play with but I went in with mom and dad. I rubbed on the fence, I rubbed on the ground, but I couldn't get the muzzle off. I really didn't feel much like playing.WE went back inside and sat in the lunch room until the doors opened.A nice man came and told us we could go in. All I can say was WOW!! You should have seen the rows and rows of booths. It was beautiful!! We went to all the booths!! Mom signed up for an art class (that is today) and she met the artist ho will be teaching it. Mom was looking thought her art work and found one with 3 greyhounds running in front of the pyramids!! Mom made a rule with herself that she would look at everything before buying anything. She had worked hard to save up her spending money. After looking at everything mom knew what she would buy. She had always wanted a greyhound statue and found the perfect one. It is heavy!! It is made out of concrete. Mom paid for it and they put a bag over the statue's head with mom's name on it. Next mom and dad did the raffle entries. The winners will be drawn today! Wish us luck!! Next, mom went back to buy the art work and last she bout a really cool papermache/wire greyhound that looks like me!!! Then she bought something special for my Facebook boyfriend, Lucien, who lives in England. Then she was out of money!! BOL
It was now after noon so we went back to check in to our new room. I didn't want to leave but mom promised we would be back. We checked in and brought our stuff to the new room. WOW!!! It was a much nicer room! It even had a flat screen, high def TV!! We rode back to the Allstar with the car so mom and dad could pick up mom's statue.A nice lady held my leash so mom could help daddy. The statue is sitting in the back seat on the floor behind daddy! It fit perfect. After that we went to some talks. we walked around again and daddy bought my a rack for my leashes and coats. Then we saw one more lecture and the place closed for the day.

Mom and dad went out for dinner. When they came back we got into the car and drove into town. We went on a special doggie ghost tour! Our tour guide was very good. I listened to all her stories and followed right behind her when we walked along. We didn't see any ghosts but one lady got some orbs on her camera. daddy took pictures too. We will see what comes out when we make the pictures bigger.
More tomorrow!!


GIG 2013 : Day 1

April 26th 2013 5:06 am
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GIG Day two: Sorry I didn't write my update yesterday. We were just SO busy!! Mom and dad got up around 7:30. Mom took me out but it was quiet. Most of the dogs hadn't arrived yet. Both mom and dad went to the little gym down the hall and did a workout. It was a nice little gym- did the trick. They had it all to themselves. Mom did upper body and abs. After that we went exploring the grounds.The Allstar expo center is only a short walk from our hotel. They let us inside. We could see volunteers stuffing the goodie bags for today. Next we drove into town. When we arrived on Wednesday, mom had found flyers about a special greyhound ghost walk. Daddy stopped by and got us all tickets for tonight! That will be so much fun!!. After that we drove to the outlet malls to walk around. Some of the stores already had their signs up allowing dogs to go in. I love going into stores. Usually the only stores I am allowed to go into are the pet store, the hardware store and the groomers!!! We shopped for about an hour and then daddy got lunch for him and mom. They got veggie sub sandwiches. After that we played miniature golf. I helped keep score with daddy. I just couldn't seem to hold the club right,so I decided not to play. I wouldn't want to show up mom and dad anyway! BOL! By now it was a little after 1PM. The downtown shopping had already started. This is where they allow dogs to shop in the downtown Gettysburg area. It was fun. We met some other dogs and their humans. We even started seeing people we know!! The leaders of my Greyhound Adventure's group where there!! I recognized them right away. We stopped and chatted for a while and I made sure to say hello to every single dog. We continued to shop for awhile and I dragged mom and dad into any store that I could!! After that we were a bit tired so we drove back to the hotel for a short nap. After our nap it was back to the Outlet Mall for the official shopping. By now there were lots of dogs around. What Greyt fun!! There were Greyhounds, Whippets, Galgo's, Lurchers and even some little Italian Greyhounds. Mom saw her friend, Tracy, so we caught up with her. I remembered her dog, Gino, right away. Tracy was there with her boyfriend, Kurt, and their new dog Copper. Copper is only 3 and still very much a puppy. He had a lot of energy.Well we all shopped a bit more and then it was time to head for the "After Shopping Welcome Reception" . It was at a winery. We drove all these crazy back roads to get there. They were going to have a food truck and had said there would be vegan food for mom and dad. They were also selling greyhound etched wine glasses. Mom and dad don't drink things with alcohol, so mom just bought the glass. Mom and dad went to the food truck but the only food they could get was a salad and sweet potato fries. By now it was packed full of dogs and humans. There were hundreds of people there.We saw more people and dogs we know. Pat Hall from Greyhound Friend's was there and our friends Judy and Bill came with my friend, Claire. They had a new girl fresh off the track. Her name was Ginger. We stayed for about an hour and then mom and dad took me back to the hotel(They got a little lost going back!! BOL!). Mom gave me dinner. I ate most of it. Then they went out to dinner in town. I'm still tired this morning. Today is going to be another busy one. I may not get a chance to update. I will try my best so be patient!!


GIG 2013- Arrival

April 24th 2013 2:36 pm
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We have arrived in Gettysburg! It was a long drive. We left our house at 8:30 this morning and arrived at the hotel around 5. We ran into 2 areas of slow traffic. One was construction and one was an accident. We made 3 stops at rest stops to stretch our legs. The hotel is beautiful. we are staying at the Eisenhower for 2 days and then transferring to the Aspire which is the same building but a different area. Our room is very nice! Daddy is Taking a nap right now. I'm tired too. Our room has a sliding door that goes out to a patio!! We even have our own chairs!!Mom likes our room because the hotel gym is right down the hall!! The gym is small but it will work fine. I haven't seen any other greyhounds yet but the lady at the desk said there are some all ready checked in. I'll have mom take some pictures. Mom is getting hungry. She is going to wake up daddy in a bit so they can go out to eat. I have my bunny and my pepper with me. They are my two favorite toys. More later!!


I Got A Bath!

April 6th 2013 5:39 pm
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Grandpa's cat Blackie attacked me the other day! I came into the computer room with mom and dad. Blackie was under the bed. I was just minding my own business when all of a sudden she exploded from under the bed, hissing and snarling at me! I was startled!! I barked and snapped at her. Then she got scared and ran back under the bed. I left the room as I didn't want any part of it. I'm glad I scared her. Maybe now she will respect me and leave me alone. I think she will. The next day daddy let her out of the computer room to explore the house some (Charlie was put in the computer room so the cats could exchange scents)I was sleeping in my bed upstairs. Blackie didn't come anywhere near me. She needed to be put in her place.

Well I got a bath yesterday! Daddy drove us to Dirty Hairy's self service dog wash. It wasn't so bad. The water felt nice and warm. I got shampoo and conditioner. Mom cleaned my ears too. Then they put me on a table and mom and dad used the blow dryer on me. A nice lady trimmed my nails and shaved the hair between my paws. I got a new bandana!!! It is blue with dragonflies on it! I smell funny now!!! BOL!! It actually felt good to get all that dead winter hair off. I'm shiny now. Mom says we are going to Gettysburg in a couple of weeks. She wanted me to have a bath before we leave.

We went to NH to visit Grandpa today. Mom and dad stopped at Lowes on the way. I had to share the back seat area with 2 chairs for the deck! I wasn't too happy about it. Daddy made me get out of the back seat and he folded the seats down to make more room. I was basically riding in the trunk! Mom also bought another blueberry bush. Now we have 2. They are supposed to pollinate each other. We visited with Grandpa in the sun room. He saw our car drive in so he walked down the hall to meet us. He looked good but he is a bit too thin. We had a nice visit. Some other people came into the sun room and they had a dog who was also visiting his Grandpa! His name was Zak. He was a cute little fluffy guy. We made friends and hung out together. That made it much more fun! Grandpa might go home next week. We shall see.


Happy Easter!

March 25th 2013 9:51 am
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Wow, a lot has happened lately so this will be a long diary entry. Seems like everything happens at once! The snow is slowly melting and we are heading into Spring. It is still a bit cold outside but the end is in sight. I hope all my pup pals have a fun, safe Easter. Please remember that chocolate isn't good for us!

My prize bunny and medal came from England. My bunny is SO cute. I keep him near my bed at night. I will post a picture. Mom and dad got a little silly with the picture taking. That's OK though. I had fun posing. I am now officially in a long distance relationship with a greyhound from England. We met on Facebook! His name is Lucien. He is white. He is very handsome. I know we will never meet in person so it will be a virtual romance. That is OK with me. His mom was the one who held the contest where I won my bunny!!

My corn is doing well. Mom continues to put the softening cream on my paw every day. It seems to have stopped growing. I am now pain free and can run as much as I want now. In fact it feels so good that mom and dad took me on a Greyhound Adventures walk to Horn Pond. It was on March 17th which was also St. Patrick's Day. I wore a shamrock necklace to celebrate. About 30 or 40 dogs came! It was very cold! I wore my winter coat. The wind was strong too. Once we got walking, however, we all warmed up a bit. I think the humans were colder than we were.

This past Saturday we went to the Easter Pawlooza. Last year it was awesome!! That was were I won a gift basket in the costume contest and mom won a 20 gallon fish tank. This year is was a huge disappointment. The man who ran it last year no longer works for Pet Source. He did a great job organizing these events. We only stayed an hour. The raffle prizes were nothing we even wanted. I did have my picture taken with the Easter bunny, but the picture I took last year was better. Daddy doesn't want to buy it and I don't blame him. Mom said the background they used was too busy and takes away from the picture. I agree. We did buy some pet food and then went to check out another Pet Source location that just opened. This one is in Bolton,MA and is close to my Vet. The store was very small and not all the inventory had arrived yet. We chatted with the lady for a bit and then left. Mom was still looking for 2 varieties of cat food so we decided to go to another Pet Source in Concord, MA. Mom and dad figured they could stop and get lunch at the same time. On our way to the pet store we passed a park. Daddy noticed a loose dog in the parking lot. It was a greyhound! Usually we can never be off leash. If we get the urge to chase something, we are too fast and most of us don't come back when we are called. I am an exception to this. I stay close to mom and dad and I am very good about coming when I am called. Thankfully this greyhound was like me. Mom had grabbed a leash from the trunk of the car but she didn't need it. The dog's name was Zamboni (like the ice machine at skating rinks) He was 13! He looked a lot younger. Mom and dad talked to Zamboni's dad for a while. Daddy took my leash off so I could play. At the other end of the field was a man and a dog. I raced down to see the other dog. Mom called me and I raced right back. It was fun! I hope I see Zamboni again sometime. When we got to the pet store, everyone there knew Zamboni! What a fun day!

My grampy got sick again. He spent a week in the hospital. I wasn't allowed to go see him. This week they moved him back to a rehab center in Dover. He was there once before. That means I could go and visit him. Yesterday we all made the trip to go and visit. It was a long car ride. It is about an hour and a half away. Everyone who saw me wanted to pet me. I think most of the people in the center are lonely and miss their homes. A dog brightens up their day. They would talk about dogs they used to have. I'm glad I could cheer them up a little. We spent an hour or so visiting and then we drove back to grampy's house. We picked up his cat, Blackie, and brought her home with us. Another cat!! Oh, I wish it could have been a dog. Blackie stayed with us before. She was mean to everyone. I hope grampy gets better and can go home again. Then Blackie can go back with him. Mom hopes we can all get along better this time. I hope so!!


Corn And Coats

March 4th 2013 11:18 am
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My corn is still making me limp a little but it is much better. Mom used a dremel tool to grind it back down because it was growing back again. She did some research on the Internet and learned that certain creams used for dry skin can help. She bought some and has been putting it on the corn every day. It is working! I only have a slight limp now and I can run again.

I hope everyone had nice Valentine's Day. Mom and dad bought me some special cookies from Boston Baked Bonz. They came with a nice card and ribbons on the boxes. It made my day very special. Mom and dad went to a movie and out to dinner. Mom said it was a wonderful day.

I won another contest! This one was a picture contest on Facebook. I have two new friends from the UK- a whippet named Floyd and a Greyhound named Lucien. They have a virtual hotel and all sorts of contest and activities. It is called Angels Fiesta Fantasia Hotel. They run the Hotel & Events to raise funds & aid for Yorkshire Coast Dog Rescue & Ryedale Dog Rescue. They are a wonderful family of humans and hounds and I am proud to be their friend. They had a collar and coat contest. Mom entered my picture of me as Isis. I won the coat and collar combination category. I am waiting for my prize which might take a while since it is coming from the UK. I won a stuffed rabbit and a medal! I will post pictures when my prize arrives.

We all went to visit grampy in NH yesterday. It was nice to see him. Mom brought me cookies so I could make crumbs on grampy's rug again. Don't worry, Daddy vacuumed for me. We had a nice visit and watched movies.

I do have some very sad news. My good friend, Troy went to the rainbow bridge. We still don't know exactly what happened. His mom posted about it on Facebook. She said she was looking for an ophthalmologist specialist to see Troy. The next thing she posted was that they had to let Troy go to the bridge! Mom thinks he must have had cancer. He was one of my best friends. We did many meet and greets together and he came to many of my birthday parties. He was the best shopper I knew. I still have the squeaky stuffed duck he bought me for my birthday. I will treasure it always. He will be very missed. Run free at the bridge Troy!


Blizzard of 2013

February 9th 2013 7:27 am
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I hope all my pup pals That live in my area are warm and safe. It was quite a wild storm. As of this writing it still isn't over yet. Daddy is outside right now trying to clean up some of the snow. Mom had daddy take me out this morning. We couldn't even get out of our front door! The snow was plied up so high that it blocked the door! Daddy took me in the back yard. We had to jump over 10 inches of snow to get out on the deck. I was over my belly in some places and I had to jump! It is hard to tell exactly how many inches we have so far because the wind caused a lot of drifting. Near the garden, the snow is almost as high as the 6 foot fence. In other spots there is very little. It is still snowing out, but not very hard now. I think most of the storm is over. I am glad that we didn't lose our power. It is dry and warm in here.

Update on my paw. I had to go back to the vet as I was still limping a week after I had my wart removed. I got x-rays and everything was fine. The vet moved my leg around and found where it hurt. I let him know and yelped. I have a sprained ligament in my left shoulder. I was put on a homeopathic ligament repair medicine and aspirin (2 times a day but only for 3 days in a row, then 3 days off)I was also put on exercise restriction. I wasn't happy about that. Mom explained I needed to rest so it would heal. After a while my tummy didn't like the aspirin any more. It made me sick and I lost my food. Mom had to clean it off the rug. I'm not taking aspirin any more and now I feel fine again. My shoulder is getting better and I only have a little limp left. I still have to rest for another week and a half before I can run again. I'll be glad when that is over! I want to run!!! Mom and dad wanted to do something special for me so last week they took me to Dirty Hairy's Dog Wash. I got a pedicure treatment! They trimmed my nails, shaved all the hair around my toes and then put some nice cream on my paw pads. That felt good!!! Then mom and dad bought me the biggest cookie I have ever seen!! That was nice!


A Trip To The Vet

January 15th 2013 2:03 pm
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I hope everyone had a very Happy New Year. It was quiet for us. Mom and dad were going to a party but stayed home with me instead. I slept right through the new year. Things have been very quiet so far. Besides my daily runs in the yard and weekly trips to the pet store, Nothing very exciting has happened.

Mom did notice me limping last week. Daddy noticed it too. I have been running very hard a couple of times a day in my new yard. Mom and dad figured I sprained a muscle or something. daddy said we should wait a few days to see if I would get better on my own. Mom said we would wait until after the weekend and if I wasn't better by Monday, she would call the vet. On Sunday, mom and dad had a Reiki group come over the house. They all do Reiki on each other. For those who don't know what Reiki is- it is energy healing. Mom has been a Reiki Master for over 10 years. Daddy is a level 2. I got a healing session myself. I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I was still limping on Monday so mom called my doctor. Now that mom and dad only have one car, daddy would have had to drive me in. Mom's friend, Chris, offered to take us so daddy wouldn't have to. Mom happily said "Yes". Chris came today and took me and mom for my appointment. I jumped right into Chris's car even though I had never ridden in it before. As long as mom was there with me, I knew it was OK. Mom was very scared because greyhounds are prone to bone cancer. It is called Osteosarcoma. It is never good and usually always fatal or they have to amputate the affected limb. We were sitting in the waiting room when a big golden retriever came in. He must have been really excited to see me because he had a major accident all over the waiting room floor. Maybe he was just nervous. A vet tech came out and cleaned it up. Finally we were called into the exam room. The vet tech had to take my temperature. That wasn't very pleasant. Then we waited and waited and waited. Mom was glad that Chris was there to talk to. Finally my doctor came in. I was happy to see him. He is SO nice and always helps me feel better. He gave me lots of treats. Normally I never eat treats in public and to eat treats at a vet office would be out of the question, but for my doctor I make an exception. I feel very safe, loved and comfortable with him. He gives me nice pets and scratches and he even gave me a chiropractic adjustment!! I was SO hoping he would. Well he found the problem. I had a plantar wart on one of my paw pads! It was sticking into my paw and making me hurt when I stepped on it. Mom was relieved and so was Chris. My doctor removed it with a drummel tool, just like what they use to trim my nails. The wart will grow back so mom and dad will get a drummel tool for home. My doctor said my paw will be tender for a couple of days but I should be limp free by Friday. If I'm not, I may have to go back, but I am feeling better already.


A Very Merry Christmas!

December 26th 2012 8:14 am
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I hope all my pup pals had a very Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice, Happy Kwanza or Happy Hanukkah. We celebrated Christmas. On Sunday we went to NH to visit Grampy and mom's daughter and granddaughter. They live in a town called Dover which is about 20 minutes from grampy's house. I had to stay in the car. For one thing, mom's daughter, Heather, lives on the third floor so there are lots of stairs. Also Heather has 10 cats who are not used to dogs. Mom thought it would be best for me to wait in the car. Mom and dad kept the visit short. I had my jacket on so I stayed nice and warm. I slept. Heather and Davina came down to see me before we left. I remembered Davina because she has stayed at our house a few times and took me for walks. After that visit we drove to grampy's house. I knew right where we were when we pulled into the driveway. I walked right into grampy's house. Mom gave me 3 cookies which I carried one at a time to grampy's rug. Daddy had to vacuum my crumbs! We had a nice time.

Yesterday was Christmas. Mom put all the presents under the tree. Ben came down with me to open presents but Charlie stayed under the bed and missed it! I got my new hand knitted jacket. It is so beautiful and soft as well as warm. It was made just for me! I also got a whole big gift box of cookies!! I ate 4 of them yesterday!! They are in a container shaped like a Christmas Tree. It was such a nice day.

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