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A New Beginning

It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times

September 10th 2013 1:00 pm
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The last week and a half have been a mixture of good times and bad times. Last Thursday,mom came home from work to find a message on the answering machine.It was from Grandpa. He had fallen late Wednesday night and had broken his hip and hit his head. He tried to reach his phone by his chair but ended up pulling it out of the wall jack. He had to crawl into the kitchen to get to that phone to call 911. Luckily the ambulance came quickly. They brought him to Exeter Hospital which is near his house. Mom talked with him on the phone. he was in good spirits. He had to have 5 stitches in his head and had a small bleed in his brain. The doctors there wanted to do surgery to repair his broken hip but they were afraid to operate considering grandpa's poor health. Grandpa has a very bad heart and kidneys. The anesthesiologist even called mom to say that he was uncomfortable operating. He suggested grandpa be transferred to a Boston Hospital with better equipment and more experience. Mom agreed. Mom and dad planned to drive to NH to visit grandpa on Saturday night after we went to Greyhound Rescue Of New England. Now for some good times!

Saturday daddy drove us to Uxbridge, MA where they were having the fund raiser for Greyhound Rescue Of New England. Mom and dad raised $365 in sponsor money for the walk! It was a beautiful day. I was SO excited!! I love being with my fellow Greyhounds. Mom registered us for the walk and got a goodie bag and a T-shirt. Grammy of Grammies Jammies was there. Mom wanted to get me some new jammies as my other one is getting old. Grammie was doing a fund raiser herself- to help a greyhound named Chevy. Chevy was attacked by 3 dogs. After the attack he got a bacterial infection is his leg and needs surgery. They are trying to raise money on Facebook with an auction. Grammie said that if anyone mentioned Chevy, she would donate 50% for his operation. Mom found me new jammies and of course mentioned Chevy. After that we walked around and looked at the different booths. We saw Auntie Carla, Uncle Jeff and Donna. Everyone was talking to mom about Grandpa. At noon a reverend gave us all a blessing and we started the walk. It was such a nice day that we walked the whole two miles. Not everyone walked the whole way. I was glad we did. The walk was by a river and we saw turtles. After the walk, mom signed me up for the pet games. She entered me in the prettiest eyes and the costume contest. Then she took a look at the raffle table and bought some raffle tickets. Mom and dad ate some lunch and we rested in the shade. Soon it was time for the contests. I got a 4th place for prettiest eyes. Mom said the judges were blind!! BOL!! I got second place in the costume contest. I wore one of my older costumes as mom couldn't think of anything new. After the contest, Diane, the president of GRNE came up to mom and gave her a basket full of stuff. She was the 3rd highest sponsor collector and won a prize!!! Next it was raffle time. Mom put tickets only in the things we really wanted to win. Grammies Jammies had a gift basket with another pair of jammies, a blanket and a cool toy. You can imagine my surprise when they called my name! I won!!! I also won a stuffed bear which wasn't a dog toy. I gave it to mom. Then it was time to head back home. I was tired. Mom called the hospital about grandpa. The nurse said that he was going to transferred to Beth Israel Hospital in Boston that night!!! They planned to do the surgery right away! Grandpa said not to drive all the way to NH because he didn't know when they would be taking him to Boston. Since it was daddy's birthday, mom and dad went out to dinner to try and relax.

Sunday was the Pet Rock Festival. Mom called the hospital and was told the surgery was postponed so they could do more tests. It wouldn't be until Monday. Mom and dad decided to take me and then visit Grandpa that night. Daddy kept his cellphone with him in case the hospital need to contact them. I always love going to Pet Rock.We walked all around and saw the different booths. The booths are lined up around an outdoor track. There is an inner ring and an outer ring. Mom and dad did all the outer ring booths first. Then they did the inner ring. That way they don't miss anything. Mom and dad saw a lot of people they knew. I was on the lookout for other greyhounds. I found some too!!! Greyhound Friend's had a booth along the inner ring. We hung out there for a bit. I saw my half-brother, Fast. We had a good visit. I stayed at the booth while mom and dad grabbed a bit to eat. Mom and dad love Pet Rock because everything is vegan or vegetarian. usually mom and dad have to bring their own food to eat. After they ate we took a last walk around the track. Mom wanted to get to the hospital to see grandpa, so we headed home with a quick stop to the pet store along the way.

I stayed home while mom and dad visited grandpa. Dogs aren't allowed in hospitals unless they work there. Mom and dad visited for an hour and a half. The surgery was scheduled for 6:15 AM on Monday morning. Mom wished grandpa good luck and didn't sleep all night. The operation was postponed Monday and scheduled for today. they wanted to do another echo cardiogram and check on grandpa's head. Grandpa called this morning to say that the surgery was postponed again! He is getting frustrated and he wants it over with- one way or the other. Mom tried to tell him that the doctors want to give him the best chance of making it through surgery as possible. Grandpa is 86 and very weak. His spirit is strong though. I have never seen mom so stressed out. Mom is going to call grandpa's nurse to get more information. Grandpa isn't good understanding medical stuff.Please say a prayer for grandpa. I will keep you updated.

In other news, mom has started a doggy day care in our home. We have Petey 3 times a week. He is a chihuahua. Sometimes we have Chiqui and Pancho. They are terrier mixes. Mom loves it and so do I. I get to play with dogs all day. It is fun.


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