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A New Beginning

Greyhound Friend's Open House

May 19th 2013 5:22 am
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Yesterday was an exciting day! Mom let me out into the yard like usual for me to do my morning business. Mom was at the sink when she noticed I was acting strange out in the yard. I usually take a morning run but I usually run large loops around the whole yard. This time I was making tight circles. Mom didn't have her contact lenses in yet so her vision was a bit blurry. She realized that I was chasing something! Mom ran out in her slippers! I was chasing a baby bird! The bird could almost fly. It could skim a few inches above the ground. I was just having fun. The bird was fast and I was playing. Mom caught the bird and brought it inside. It is in a cardboard box right now in mom and dad's bedroom. Mom called a friend who has experience rehabilitating birds. He gave her some suggestions on what to feed it. Today mom and dad are visiting this friend because he has an animal sanctuary and is doing a fund raiser. He will take the bird and care for it until it can fly and live on its own.

After the bird rescue we got into the car and daddy drove us to Greyhound Friends. As we were driving down the road to Greyhound Friends, we noticed a car from Vermont in front of us. They were driving slow so daddy thought they might be going to the kennel too. Sure enough, they turned down the driveway. We later realized that the car from Vermont belonged to Linda Evens! She is the greyhound artist we met in Gettysburg! That was SO cool! We worked the Silent Auction/Raffle table again this year. Daddy set up my exercise pen and mom and dad made a tent with my blanket for shade. Mom got me fresh water and daddy brought in a bunch of comforters which we donated to the shelter. The neighbor was giving them away in a "Free" pile so mom grabbed them all. They are always looking for bedding to be used at the kennel. Mom and dad worked hard to set up the tables. Daddy took me for a walk around the grounds. When he got back, he watched the table and mom and I walked around. We went to the different booths. Mom talked with Grammie from Grammies Jammies and Cindy Maxwell's Mom. (Cindy is a greyhound and we are all friends on Facebook.) After that mom went and talked with Linda Evens and her husband. They both remembered mom and Linda even remembered mom's name! Mom wand I went back to our booth and mom talked daddy into buying another piece of Linda's art. She bought "Moving Mountains" which has 100 hidden greyhounds in it! Mom found about 50!
Soon players from the New England Patriots football team arrived. They were giving autographs in exchange for a donation. Mom took pictures of them but we didn't get an autograph. They did a ceremony at the memorial garden. That is always sad because they read names of dogs that went to the rainbow Bridge recently. They read Troy's name! I still can't believe he is gone. He was such a dear friend. His mom was sad too and was crying. Then they did a parade of adoptable dogs. I hope many find homes this weekend. After that it was time for the dog show. Mom kept track of the events so she would know when to get me ready for the costume contest. When they announced oldest dog, mom got me ready. I was a Hawaiian Hula Dancer! I was up against a dig dressed as Eore and a flower. I won!!! I got a blue ribbon, a squeaky bear toy and a milk bone! By now it was getting late in the day. They announced on the loud speaker that the food vendors had left over sausages and if any dogs wanted a free sausage to come over and get one! I wanted one, so mom went and got one for me. It was yummy!!! I really enjoyed it. They did the raffle drawing- we didn't win anything. That was OK because there were only 2 prizes mom was interested in. We only bought 6 tickets. Mom and dad helped to pack up for the day. We talked with Aunt Carla for a bit and headed home. We stopped off at the pet store and bough a few things. Once we got home, mom and dad went outside to work in the yard. Daddy mowed the grass and mom pruned bushes. It was a greyt day!


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