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A New Beginning

A Trip To The Vet

January 15th 2013 2:03 pm
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I hope everyone had a very Happy New Year. It was quiet for us. Mom and dad were going to a party but stayed home with me instead. I slept right through the new year. Things have been very quiet so far. Besides my daily runs in the yard and weekly trips to the pet store, Nothing very exciting has happened.

Mom did notice me limping last week. Daddy noticed it too. I have been running very hard a couple of times a day in my new yard. Mom and dad figured I sprained a muscle or something. daddy said we should wait a few days to see if I would get better on my own. Mom said we would wait until after the weekend and if I wasn't better by Monday, she would call the vet. On Sunday, mom and dad had a Reiki group come over the house. They all do Reiki on each other. For those who don't know what Reiki is- it is energy healing. Mom has been a Reiki Master for over 10 years. Daddy is a level 2. I got a healing session myself. I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I was still limping on Monday so mom called my doctor. Now that mom and dad only have one car, daddy would have had to drive me in. Mom's friend, Chris, offered to take us so daddy wouldn't have to. Mom happily said "Yes". Chris came today and took me and mom for my appointment. I jumped right into Chris's car even though I had never ridden in it before. As long as mom was there with me, I knew it was OK. Mom was very scared because greyhounds are prone to bone cancer. It is called Osteosarcoma. It is never good and usually always fatal or they have to amputate the affected limb. We were sitting in the waiting room when a big golden retriever came in. He must have been really excited to see me because he had a major accident all over the waiting room floor. Maybe he was just nervous. A vet tech came out and cleaned it up. Finally we were called into the exam room. The vet tech had to take my temperature. That wasn't very pleasant. Then we waited and waited and waited. Mom was glad that Chris was there to talk to. Finally my doctor came in. I was happy to see him. He is SO nice and always helps me feel better. He gave me lots of treats. Normally I never eat treats in public and to eat treats at a vet office would be out of the question, but for my doctor I make an exception. I feel very safe, loved and comfortable with him. He gives me nice pets and scratches and he even gave me a chiropractic adjustment!! I was SO hoping he would. Well he found the problem. I had a plantar wart on one of my paw pads! It was sticking into my paw and making me hurt when I stepped on it. Mom was relieved and so was Chris. My doctor removed it with a drummel tool, just like what they use to trim my nails. The wart will grow back so mom and dad will get a drummel tool for home. My doctor said my paw will be tender for a couple of days but I should be limp free by Friday. If I'm not, I may have to go back, but I am feeling better already.


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