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A New Beginning

Easter Palooza!!

April 1st 2012 5:33 am
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Yesterday was an incredible day! After my noon walk we all got into the car and drove to a pet store that I had never been to before! It was a Pet Source just like the one we go to every week but this one was much bigger. Daddy had a hard time finding a place to park the car. When we got inside there were lots of people and all kinds of animals. Most were dogs but there were even cats, guinea pigs, fish and rabbits! There were tables set up all over the store with different samples, services and raffle baskets. We walked around a bit and suddenly I saw the biggest rabbit I have ever seen! This rabbit was about 6 feet tall and taller than daddy! Mom said it was the Easter Bunny. Next thing I knew, I was standing in line to get my picture taken with him! Yikes! This was one bunny I wasn't going to chase!! Daddy had to pick me up and put me on a platform next to this giant rabbit. To add insult to injury, mom put bunny ears on me! I was a little nervous but after a few pictures I relaxed. Mom and dad were happy and I took some good pictures. I wasn't afraid after that. This bunny didn't smell anything like a bunny. He smelled like a human! The photographer told us it would take a few minutes for the photos to be developed on the computer and to come back in 20 to 25 minutes. Mom decided it was a good time to get our shopping done. They were offering 20% off everything in the store. On our way to shop I got some treats. My favorite Carnivore Kisses were being displayed. Despite being a little stressed I ate them. Next I got my nails trimmed. The lady trimming the the nails were very nice and I stayed calm. We got our supplies and went to the checkout line to pay. As we were standing there a man on a microphone said he was going to announce the winner of the St. Patrick's Day contest I was in! Mom was excited. He said there was one very clear winner and was excited about it. Next thing I knew he said "The winner is Isis!!" I won!!! I had to go up with mom to the man and everyone clapped for me. I won 3 giant bags of dog food for Greyhound Friends! Thank you to all my pup pals here on Dogster that voted for me!! The fun didn't stop here though!!! Mom and dad got raffle tickets. We actually got a lot of raffle tickets. We got 10 tickets for having my picture taken with the Easter Bunny, 3 for the pet food we bought and 5 for me winning the contest. The raffle prizes were nice but nothing that mom really wanted. Mom put most of the tickets in a 20 gallon fish aquarium, a gift basket with a large dog bed and she put one ticket in a supply of wild bird food. We hung out at the store while various contest went on. The children had an Easter egg hunt. They had a cutest bunny contest and critter races for small animals. Next they announced the fashion show. Wouldn't you know it, mom started dressing me in the exercise costume that her friend Jen had made for me. If you remember I won with this costume at Greyhound Friend's fall open house last year. Other dogs were dressed up too. I had to wait for them to call my name and mom and I had to walk the runway! It was a bit embarrassing. The things we do for our humans!! Anyway, I tried to be a good sport about it. There were about a dozen contestants. I ended up winning the funniest costume! I got another huge gift basket! I was very happy when mom took the costume off. What a relief!!! The next and final event of the day was the drawing for the raffle. When they choose the winner for the giant aquarium, it was mom!!! Looks like we are getting fish!! We didn't win the dog bed but that was OK. I have a really nice one that I love. Mom told dad that she thought she put one ticket in the bird food. Seems that she did, because she won it! It was a comical ride home! The truck of the car had the aquarium stand in it, the back seat floor was filled with bags and mom was sitting in the front seat with a huge aquarium in her lap! What a day!!!

Today I went to Horn Pond in Woburn with Greyhound Adventures. Horn Pond is one of my favorite walks! I made sure that I greeted every single dog there. It was a beautiful day. It started out cool so I wore my fleece jacket. By the end of the walk it had warmed up to the point that I didn't need it any more. We saw ducks and geese. Lots of flowers are starting to come up. We had about 30 greyhounds on the walk. It was nice seeing all my friends. What a wonderful weekend it was!


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