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A New Beginning

Parties And Parks!

December 21st 2011 8:46 am
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On Sunday, mom, dad and I went to Greyhound Friend's holiday party. Mom and dad made gingerbread cookies again. The cookies all looked like greyhounds! They had white frosting on them. I didn't get any because they had a lot of sugar in them. I like going to Greyhound Friends. Everyone there loves greyhounds! I met a new friend named Mister. He was one of the kitchen dogs. The kitchen dogs are dogs that need a little more socialization and human contact than the others. They literally live in the kitchen area to simulate more of a home environment. Mister was going to be adopted the next day and mom said he is now in a happy new home. Mister and I hung out together on a bed. He is black like me. I knew a lot of the humans at the party. They are all friends of mom and dad. I made sure to make the rounds and greet everyone. I got lots of ear and chin scratches! Later my friends Fast and Lily came to the party. I had fun. Troy's mom Veronica held my leash so mom and dad could go back to the kennels to see the new dogs. She gave me a piece of cheese!

Daddy had the day off on Monday. A strange woman came to our house. She wasn't strange as in weird or anything, I just never saw her before. She had dogs! I could smell them on her. Daddy explained that we were refinancing our house to get a lower mortgage payment. I am not sure what that means but mom and dad were very happy. The woman told mom and dad about a secrete dog park. After lunch mom and dad took me. First we walked on some wooded trails. I was in sniff mode because a lot of dogs had walked there. We walked over bridges and through he woods. It was nice. We didn't see anyone else though. Finally we came to a large open field. There were lots of dogs there. Everyone of them was a different size and breed. They were all running and having fun. I got so excited. It wasn't fenced in but mom and dad knows that I will stay with the pack and I also like staying close to them. Daddy let me off my leash and I ran all around the field. One of the other dogs was a large mastiff/pit bull mix named Dutch. He was nice but he was a little too rough for me. He weighed almost as much as mom! He liked to wrestle and play rough. I easily out ran him but when I stopped running he bumped into me hard. It hurt my left hind leg and I yelped. That was the foot that was broken when I ran my last race. Mom and dad were worried and decided it was time to leave. They were afraid I wouldn't be able to walk, but I was OK. It only hurt for a few minutes. I am fine. I just have to be careful with that foot. I really want to go back there. It wasn't Dutch's fault. He only wanted to play. Greyhounds just don't play like that. We have thin, delicate bones.

I wish all my dog pals a safe and happy holiday season!


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