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A New Beginning

Day Two Of GIG!

April 30th 2011 5:12 am
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I was very tired this morning! I slept like a log! Mom and dad didn't hear a peep out of me. I slept until after 7. Mom got me up to do my business because she wanted to jump into the shower. Events start at 10 today! There were 4 other dogs out when I got there. My energy was renewed once again! They went back inside shortly after I met them and I wanted to follow! Mom told me that I still needed to walk some more but I insisted that we go back inside. Since I had gone potty, mom brought me back in. I couldn't find the other dogs any where! I whined the whole time mom was in the shower! I only ate half of my breakfast! I whined until daddy got up. I am too excited!!! I want to get to the events! Daddy went to get bowls of cereal for him and mom. They were eating breakfast when we heard this awful sound. Mom and dad looked confused for a moment and then figured out it was a fire alarm! We had to leave our room and go outside. Mom gathered a few essentials on the way out. The noise from the alarm was very loud in the hall way! I didn't like it. It hurt my ears. We didn't smell any smoke or see any fire. I met all my friends outside. We waited but no fire truck came. It was a false alarm. Someone said that maybe someone burned their waffle at breakfast. We all got to come back inside. We are leaving in a few minutes. I am way too excited!

I was happy to be back at the outlet shoppes. Mom and dad headed right to the man who did caricatures. There was already someone getting their portrait done but we were next in line. I was a little nervous, but daddy sat right next to me and mom stood on the other side of me. The man was nice and drew a good picture of me. It didn't look exactly like me- more of a cartoon, but mom said that is what a caricature was. The man was the artist who had designed the T-shirts for Greyhounds In Gettysburg this year! After my picture, we brought it to the car so it would stay nice. Mom and dad then took me to get my nails trimmed. I was NOT having much fun at this point! Mom said that my nails needed to be short for the run tomorrow. The lady was very quick about it which I appreciated. We did a bit more shopping. We got a squeaky bone as a gift for GT, a catnip toy for Ben and Charlie, and greyhound decals for mom's car. Next it was time for the parade. We all lined up, some into groups, and walked through the outlet shoppes. There were people watching us and taking pictures. We met up with Tracey and Gino. Tracey had a gift for us! That was SO sweet of her. The costume contest was up next. There was 4 categories- most patriotic, best civil war, most creative and funniest. Mom signed me up for most creative. I was the second competitor in line. I competed against a greyhound dressed as a sheep, a Starbucks coffee hound, and a greyhound in a dress and flowery hat. I wore my usual costume of Isis, goddess of magic. I won two previous contests with this costume. I came in second place this time and won a nice ribbon. Mom was pleased. One dog in the funniest category was a greyhound bus! I think he won the grand prize. His costume was the best! We didn't wait to see because mom wanted to go to a seminar on therapy dogs. Mom doesn't think I am ready for it yet after listening to the requirements. We are going to look into it further and maybe take some classes. The next lecture was all about how greyhounds are bred and trained for racing. Mom and dad wanted more insight as to my life before I was adopted. They found it very interesting. By now it was after 2pm. We checked to see if we had won a raffle prize. We missed winning by one number! I was tired so mom and dad took me to the motel to rest. They went to play miniature golf. I could have gone too, but I really needed the nap. Dad won, but not by much! After mom and dad came back, they rested for a few minutes and then it was time to leave for dinner. The restaurant had a deck and greyhounds could be on the deck so I went too! I knew some of the humans there! Barbara from Greyhound Adventures was there and Pat from Greyhound Friends. Barbara got me a dog bed from her car so I could lay down. I used it but the people at the next table had a blanket that I liked better. There dog let me lie on the blanket! I was very good at dinner. There was a man in an electric wheel chair that went by me a couple of times and I wasn't even scared. I will make a good therapy dog some day! We were about to leave the restaurant when we heard a crash. Two cars had a slight accident. Daddy and I ran out to take a look. Mom was stuck at the table waiting for the bill! No one was hurt bad. We are back at the motel now for a few minutes to rest before our ghost tour. Mom is excited about that. I wonder if we will see any ghosts? More soon!

The ghost walk was fun! There were lots of greyhounds there! We broke into 3 groups to keep the groups small. I was very happy that my new friend, Gino and his mom, Tracey, got to go with us. A nice woman in a colonial dress named Nancy was our guide. I liked to follow right behind her. She had a lantern and a basket. We would stop walking every so often and she would tell us a ghost story. We walked for about an hour and a half. We didn't see any ghosts though. It was a very long day but I had fun. Tomorrow is our last morning here in Gettysburg. Time to say good night.


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