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A New Beginning

First Day Of GIG

April 29th 2011 4:19 am
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I woke up my usual time this morning- around 6:30. I slept well during the night and was quiet so mom and dad could sleep. Mom got up and checked the computer to see what the temperature was outside. It was 55 so I didn't need my jacket. Mom took me out to let daddy sleep a little longer. We left the motel room and I immediately saw 2 other greyhounds! I almost pulled mom off her feet. After a few minutes, more and more greyhounds appeared. There were at least 10 of us! I was so excited! I had to introduce myself to each and every one! We had a virtual play date! This is one time I wish leashes didn't exist! After socializing and doing what a dog has to do, mom brought me back in for breakfast. Mom said I will have even more fun later!

After mom and dad ate breakfast and took their showers we got into the car. Daddy drove us to a parking garage. This one was better than the one in Boston. It was smaller and didn't have a room that moved. Mom, dad and I walked through the town of Gettysburg. Mom made me and daddy stand by a huge statue of someone called Abraham Lincoln. I was scared of it but mom told me the man wasn't real! We took a lot of pictures as we walked. We went to one of the battlefields that had other statues and cannons. I liked that because it was all grass. On the way back to the car there was a store that had dog treats and a water bowl. I got a treat. We came back to the motel for a little while to rest. We leave for the main event in about a half an hour. I will report more later.

We left a little before noon to go to the main event. When we got there I couldn't believe my eyes! There were greyhounds everywhere! There were many tents set up in a section of the parking lot of The Outlet Shoppes Of Gettysburg. I wanted to get to socializing but mom said we had to register first. We had to stand in line for a few minutes, so I just socialized with the other dogs waiting to register. We got a huge goodie bag with all sorts of things inside. Mom and dad had to wear badges around their necks like a collar. Next we went to all the booths. There were so many wonderful things to see. Mom said she wanted to look at everything before we chose what to buy. That made sense. I was greeting every dog I saw- and there were lots of them! Mom and dad took me to talk to an animal communicator. Her name was Jean and she was very nice. She understood me! I told her that I was very happy with mom and dad and that I would be interested in trying to become a therapy dog someday. I made it very clear that I wouldn't work with children. Mom already knew that but I wanted to be sure. Mom had Jean tell me not to be afraid of people. She talked with me for a long time and I really likes her. I even tried to go back to her tent after we left! Mom bought me a beautiful soft blanket! I LOVE it!! I also got a new purple collar. I got many complements on it. Mom and dad also bought me this cool bone! It had a peanut butter cookie on the outside and peanut butter filling on the inside of a real bone (I am actually working on that bone right now as I dictate to mom). I also got a squeaky plush bone. Mom met a Facebook friend in person today. It was the first time they have really met. Her name is Tracey and she has a greyhound named Gino. He is very nice. It was time for the greyhound games. Mom, Tracey and Gino went ahead. Daddy and I were talking to some people so we lagged behind. Mom wanted to try competing in the first game which was dressing you greyhound as fast as you can. Daddy and I were too late and we missed it. That was OK with me! The other games were bobbing for treats in a bucket of water and wagging your tail. I didn't try those. I don't eat treats often in public and I also don't wag a lot! Mom and dad were hungry so we walked to the shoppes to get them a sub sandwich. Daddy went inside to order and mom and I found a table outside. I got to hang out with some greyhounds at the next table. Mom and dad ate and then we went to a seminar talk. The talk was on the second floor. There were some hounds there that didn't know how to climb stairs. I am an expert now, but it took me a long time to get used to it so I understand how they felt.I tried to show them how to do it and climbed right up to the top. They couldn't follow. We were early and another talk was going on. Mom and dad took me to the end of the hall to wait. We waited near the entrance to one of those rooms that move! Well you can imagine my surprise when the door opened and two greyhounds walked out! They were the ones that couldn't climb the stairs! A few minutes later the door opened again and out came more greyhounds! This just kept happening!! All these dogs kept coming out of that moving room! Some also went inside and disappeared. Next it was time for the talk so we moved closer to the door. I met a black male named Cairo! He looked like me. I thought it was funny that he was Cairo and I was Isis! We found seats in the front row. Guess who was talking? My new friend the animal communicator, Jean! She remembered me and actually told a couple of stories about me from earlier in the afternoon! I approached several people during the talk to get petted and attention. After the talk daddy gave me a choice of using the stairs or going into the room that moved. I was brave and chose the room that moved! I walked right in. We ended up on the bottom floor near the exit door. Mom and dad were very proud of me. It was late and everyone was leaving for the day. Daddy drove us back to our motel. Mom and dad left me to nap and went out to have dinner with Tracey. They weren't gone very long. When they came back, they put my harness on and we went to a greyhound social that was being held at one of the larger hotels in town. There were a lot of dogs and their humans at the social.I made the full rounds several times. I didn't want to miss anyone! Tracey and Gino came too. I rested on several of the dog beds that were laying on the floor. I laid with several of my new friends. Tracey brought me and Gino a bowl of water. that tasted good! It was warm inside the gathering room. We stayed a little over a hour. We were all tired. We came back to our motel and mom gave me a can of dog food. I am exhausted! Time for bed! Until tomorrow!


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