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A New Beginning

Happy HOWL-A-WEEN!!!!!

October 31st 2009 11:55 am
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Mom and I had quite the day. After my morning walk and breakfast mom did something very strange! I was relaxing on the rug, digesting my food when mom came over and put paper towels under my front paws. She had a little bottle with her. She opened the bottle and it didn't smell that good. Mom got down on her hands and knees and started to paint my toe nails purple!! That was a new one for me. I never can quite figure out humans. It didn't hurt or anything, so I patiently let her do all my nails- front and back. Next she put a beaded necklace on me. I had worn that before but I knew something was up. After my nails dried, mom finished dressing me. She put on purple and black stipped tights. It had a hole cut out for my tail. Then she put on a black cape over my harness. Next we got into the car. She drove me to Especially For Pets. Other dogs were there too and they were dressed funny. We got out of the car and mom put a silly purple wizard hat on my head. I didn't want to wear the hat and kept trying to dodge mom's attempts. Mom had brought along daddy's contact juggling ball to use as a crystal ball for a prop. The ball was in a bag on the trunk of mom's car. Well, some how the ball rolled out of the bag, and off the trunk. Mom heard it fall but she was still trying to get me to wear the hat. She finally succeeded and we spent the next 10 minutes looking for the ball! No luck!! Mom gave up and said that daddy was going to "be very mad at her". We went into the store and entered the contest. They took my picture and then we went shopping for dog and cat food and of course my cookie. Mom put the groceries in the trunk, me in the car, and set out to try to find the ball again. This time mom said a little prayer to her angels. A minute later, she found the ball!! We drove home and mom said we could take a break. She took the costume off. I thought that would be the end, but -NO! Mom had me entered in another contest!! Back into the costume I went! This contest was at Pet Source, which is the pet store near our house. They had a whole Halloween fair going on. It was called "Monster Bark". Mom went and I went into the store and entered me. We went back outside and I got to socialize with all the other poor dogs who were dressed in silly costumes. None of the dogs were too happy about it! Mom got free samples. I was entry number 4. They called my name and number and we had to go up in front of everyone. The announcer told everyone my name and who I was dressed as. I was Isis of course- Goddess of Magic. Some people thought I was a witch but mom corrected them. Mom got a few raffle tickets for entering me. They had contests for kids too. then they drew the raffle winners. I won a grooming brush!! That was cool. Mom can use it on me and the cats too. Then we all got togther for a group picture. I didn't like all those people close to me. I did OK though. After the picture we had a parade around the shopping center. My silly hat kept falling off and mom kept fixing it. After the parade they did another raffle for kids prizes. Since mom and I didn't have any kids with us, mom put all her free samples in the car and we headed back to the store to get a few things- like a bone and another cookie! Mom knew I was uncomfortable so she took the costume off. What a relief!! We were at the cash register when a lady from the pet store came up to mom and told her that I had WON!!! I won a $25 gift certificate to the store!! I couldn't believe it!!! Mom was very happy too. I am going to use it to buy a large bag of dog food. Since my birthday is coming soon, I know I will get some toys from that. I am glad to be home though. Mom said we might have kids coming over tonight and they will be dressed up funny too. Daddy wasn't with us today. He went to a vegetarian food festival in Boston. They are having the festival again tomorrow so mom stayed with me today and we had a girls day out- strange as it was!!! She will go with daddy to it tomorrow.

Well I was relaxing, thinking that all the excitement was over with for today when the phone rang. Mom answered it. It was the pet store where I won the contest. They said that they had made a mistake and that I had actually won $75 total!! Mom and I went back to the store and we got another $50 gift certificate to go with the $25 one!! I think I will get a toy after all!! Maybe, just maybe, I'll buy something for the cats.


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Barked by: Wendy G

November 1st 2009 at 11:09 am

OMD!!! Condogumatations, Isis!!! Dat r GWATE!!! WOW!!

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