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A New Beginning

Rainy Saturday

August 29th 2009 5:56 pm
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We had to wear our rain coats to the Farmer's Market this morning. We also drove in the car. The market was very quiet. Only a few people were there. After we got home and dried off a bit, it was time to hop in the car again. Daddy drove us to the pet store near our house. We were doing another Meet and Greet for Greyhound Friends. Johnny B's mom was there but she didn't bring Johnny. It was because of the rain. I thought I was going to be the only greyhound, but after a few minutes, Troy and his mom came. Oscar came too but he went home with his dad. Mom put my blanket on the floor and Johnny B's mom provided water. It was fun hanging out with Troy. The pet store was kind of quiet. Mom said it was probably due to the rain. I did very well at the Meet and Greet and I actually greeted some people and let them pet me. I was behind a fence so that made me feel comfortable. I am not shy if I am in a pen. When I am just on my leash, that is a whole other story. Maybe in time I will be comfortable enough to let people pet me when I am on my leash. Troy knows how to sit. I have a hard time with "sit". My hips don't work like that. Mom showed off a bit and showed everyone that I knew the "Leave it" command. They were impresed. I was actually taking treats from Troy's mom and Johnny B's mom. That was a mile stone in itself. I was also getting a lot of petting from Johnny B's mom. I even let a little girl come behind the fence to pet me. A lady with a love bird came over to us. The love bird sat on daddy's shoulder! After the Meet and Greet, mom and dad did pet food shopping. I got some treats (the same kind Troy had) and a big peanut butter cookie! Was that good!!!!
We came home after shopping, put the pet food away and then mom and dad wanted to get food for them. They were going to leave me home, but I wanted to go. They let me come. It was a cool day so I could wait in the car. I enjoyed going for a car ride. I did very well waiting for them. Mom and dad ate, we watched a scary movie, and then mom and dad took me for a nice walk. The rain had pretty much stopped. It was still misty. We wore our rain coats just in case. After our walk, we got in the car again and went to Petco in Hudson. It is only about 15 minutes away. We needed cat litter for Ben and Charlie. The pet store near our house is too expensive. Mom also wanted to get me a no pull harness. I still don't like my head collar very much. She thinks I might like the harness better. The pet store near our house had them but again, it was too expensive. We got to Petco and went inside. Mom went to the harness section. They had all the sizes except the one I needed! Wouldn't you know it! Daddy went over to see the ferrets. A store worker let mom and dad pet one. They look like they would be fun to play with. They smelled funny though. We did get cat litter so that was good and then we came home. It was a busy day. Mom got on line and ordered my harness. She is getting me a purple one to match my purple leash. I look good in purple. Mom says we might go to Horn Pond tomorrow if the weather is nice. Troy's mom also said I can come over for a visit and play with Troy and Oscar some time soon. That will be fun.


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