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A New Beginning

Party Animal!!

June 14th 2009 5:03 am
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Yesterday we went to the pet store closest to our house. Mom and dad wanted to do some work in the garden and didn't have much time. They were going to a party at my friend Mollie and Kiera's house. Their mom was going to be teaching everyone to make seitan. When we got there we saw a lady sitting at a table talking to another lady. Dad got curious and saw that she was a pet psychic giving free mini readings. He told mom and mom thought "Hey, this should be fun." Mom went to get my dog food and cookie and waited for the psychic lady to finish with the woman she was giving the reading too. While we were waiting, guess who came into the store? It was Mollie and her mom, Lisa!! I was SO happy to see my friend. Lisa asked my mom if she wanted to bring me to the party too!!! I was invited to my own doggie party with Mollie and Kiera!!! A few minutes later, another greyhound came into the store. It was Troy!! My mom knew Troy's mom. We are going to have a play date sometime soon. Next it was time for my reading. She picked up that I was sensitive and shy and that I hadn't been with mom and dad all that long. She also said to be careful about I ate. Well, a few days earlier I had found a pen on the floor. While mom and dad were upstairs, I chewed up the pen! I even swallowed some of it. Mom said that wasn't good for me. Next the psychic talked about my cat brother Charlie. Charlie has been with our family longer than I have. Mom told me that when Charlie was adopted, mom, dad and Ben lived in a rented house in another town. Charlie never liked that house and didn't feel comfortable there. The psychic lady said it was because of bad energy and something to do with a canary that lived in that house. Well the couple who rented the house before mom and dad did have a parakeet, and they were going through a divorce. Mom and dad found that pretty interesting! We left the pet store, mom and dad did their gardening and then it was time for the PARTY!!! I got to run around in Mollie and Kiera's yard and hang out with them while the humans made this seitan stuff (Mom said it is also called wheat gluten). Mollie's mom left the basement door open so we dogs could come in and out as we pleased. We had water and everything. It was fun!! Later in the evening, we dogs joined the humans upstairs. We all had a fun time. Kiera had a new hedgehog toy and she growled if I got too close. I didn't want her toy. I have my own hedgehog at home. We left the party and went back home for the evening. When we got home, my tummy started feeling bad. I ended up throwing up. Guess what came out? Part of the plastic pen I had chewed up and a bunch of grass. I ate the grass to help get rid of the plastic pen. I don't think I should eat pens anymore. I didn't feel much like eating supper, but I was fine this morning. Mom gave me duck stew. I ate it all- even my peas!! I was supposed to go on a walk this morning with Greyhound Adventures, but it is raining outside. Mom thinks it will be cancelled. She said their is something else we can do later. I'll close for know and write more later.


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