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A New Beginning

My adventure to New Hampshire

March 29th 2009 6:29 am
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Friday was a beautiful day. It was 60 degrees. Mom and I went for a long walk around the block to stretch our legs and enjoy the nice weather. We were walking down the street when I startled and jumped sideways into the road! A car almost hit me, but it was able to swerve in time. Mom almost had a heart attack!! It happend so fast. I still get jumpy at times. It is a trait of my breed. Mom took me back home by the trail and after an hour rest, we headed off to my obedience class. I played with the puppies and had a lot of fun. I still won't take treats except at home. We worked on the "leave It" command and since I wouldn't take the biscut anyway, I was the best in the class!! Actually that is a command I am very good at. Mom trains me at home. Mom can put a treat on my paw and I will not touch it if mom tells me not too.

Saturday I had a great adventure! Mom, dad and I drove an hour to New Hampshire. We went to a Petco there and had what is called a Meet and Greet with other greyhounds from the Seabrook race track . That is where I was adopted from. We also meet to tell people how wonderful we greyhounds are and to please adopt those who need forever homes. I saw some friends that I used to race with. Apple Tree was there. It was good to see her again and I hung out with her. She is almost my twin. We were there about 2 hours and I met a lot of nice people. I got lots of attention and petting. Mom bought me some bones to chew. People gave me treats, but I wouldn't take them. Mom put them in her pocket and I ate them last night when we got home.
After the Meet and Greet we went to grammy's house. It was the first time I met her. She is daddy's mother. I went into her house and even climbed a few steps. I explored her house a little and then settled down on the rug to rest. After mom and dad ate lunch, we went over to the neighbors house. She has a large fenced in back yard. I got to run off the leash. I ran and ran and got to stretch my muscles. I didn't quite get up to top speed, but I was very close. What fun I had. Daddy threw a ball for me and I chased it. I didn't bring it back yet, but that was OK. After my run we all got back into the car. Grammy came with us so mom sat with me in the back seat. We went to a park called Odiorne State Park and took a nice walk. It was near the ocean. I got to see it!! We couldn't go all the way down to the beach because it was too rocky, so after the walk, daddy drove us to another beach called Wallis Sands. I loved the way the sand felt on my feet and I got close to the water and the waves. I met some other dogs there too. The air smelled nice and salty. After the beach, mom and dad dropped grammy off at her house and we went to visit my grampy. It was the first time I had met him too. That is my mom's father. He has a fenced in yard too!! I was too tired to run a lot but I jumped and played and had fun. We spent some time in grampy's house. He has 2 cats. I was very nice to them. They weren't too sure about me though! I fell asleep in the car on the ride home. What a fun day I had!!


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