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Petey's new life

Petey's been with us 6 months......

June 6th 2009 2:29 am
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I answered an ad on a local site on the internet from a lady who was giving away her Purebreed Yorkie, His name was Petey and her family was growing up and away, she was very concerned about him being left alone quite a bit and felt this was the right thing to do.
We met her and Petey at their home, we brought our little dog Buggz to meet Petey and the family and they/we hit it off right away, they then decided Petey would be just fine with us, we took him home that day. A 2 hr. car ride with a 20lb Shih-itzu and a 10lb Yorkie on my lap was quite an experience! My arm was dead by the time we got home!
We were welcomed by our cat Banditt and boy was she not happy, but Buggz couldn't care less. For some reason Petey was very obsessive about our 2 budgies and kept jumping up trying to get at the cages, he's calmed down about them now but anytime one kicks up their heels and starts screaming Petey starts running around the table they are on and tries to get to them!(I'm affraid to let them fly around for fear of what Peetey will do).
Petey and Banditt even after 6 months are still at terms! Just 2 days ago I brought Banditt in for the night and she was very reluctant because it was a very hot day and I guess she slept most of it and was wanting to Party! but she knows at 8pm she is brought in the house every night because we have Racoons, Black Bears, and recently a Cougar has been spotted and beleived to be hunting ferrel cats not too far away from our home! But anyways back to their relationship, Banditt was Mad and when I put her down on the kitchen floor the closest thing was Petey 5 ft away, well she went after him like a tornato! right hooks,left hooks,hissing,and I guess Petey just had to protect himself so he went after her! (I've been trying to teach him to just ignore her and take the abuse like Buggz! and he was doing really well until this last attack,but I didn't repramand him, she kind of had it comming! she's really getting cranky for a 10 yr old!
When Petey's 1st Mom was talking with us she told us he runs when ever the chance-out the front door...gone. We take the dogs everywhere with us,and boy he loves that! Well he/ we can now walk him with no leash, he comes to a complete stop and doesn't move when a certain word is spoken,also he walks very well on a leash, he can now go around poles and tree's and knows to go back the way he came so not to get tangled. Buggz and him love to run wild in the park when they are allowed, even though Buggz isn't as fast as Petey, he's got a big smile on his face when he tries to chase Petey! Buggz has taught him how to be a guard dog, and Petey patrols the fenced yard almost compulsivly, and Petey is my husbands Guard dog! It seems only at nite when my hubby gets home from work,Petey goes into his...don't go near my master!!-- I'm warning you!!!--snarl,bark, snarl,tail wagging, and backing up between my hubbies feet and sitting there watching me and if I make a move Petey will jump out and bark and snarl at me, so I just snarl and bark right back at him or get down to his level and tell him to give me a kiss, and he starts to wagg and submitt to me and give me a big wet kiss!! I think it's turned into a game for him, every couple of days when he does this I grab him and Buggz and we sit as close as possible to "dad" and we all have a kiss fest! its so funny and cute! Petey's in la la land!! tail in overdrive!
The first week with Pete was trying, I noticed the little guy drank his weight in water and wanted out every 10 min., also his being alone alot when he had to go, he went and not outside. he had a few accidents, we had to learn his body schedule, and then change it to meet ours, we got it all figured out now (I think), I've been finding piddle stains on the side of the toilet and the mat in front of the toilet is wet quite often, it's either my husband isn't a very good shot at night or it's Petey??? A month into Petey being here, he got into the garbage, I caught him eating the cats poop right out of the litter box and he is the fastest little vacuum eater I have ever seen, he finishes his dinner in record time then stands behind Buggz to wait to see if Buggz has left any morsels behind! He is always hungry!
The poor little guy had an eye infection this month so I took him in to the vet, I mentioned a couple things to her and she also had some concerns when she felt his little pot belly, and once I told her about his excessive water drinking/peeing on every tree from here to tim-buck-two, his hunger and she said he was pretty lathargick for his type. So she suggested a full blood work up and a urine test(that was no problem) . The tests came back with a couple worries, high White Blood Count, hormones out of wack and a few other little things, so she wanted to start ruleing out Hypothyroidism, that came back neg. There weren't enough "signs" of anyone thing, so she said he could possibly be in the early stages of "Cushings" or a Kidney Disease or a couple other ones I can't remember, but she said basically just keep an eye on him and give him all the water he wants and if anything like he quites eating ect... bring him back in.
So little Petey Pie might be sick, but I'm not going to stop him from having fun and enjoying life to the fullest! I'm just a bit worried about telling the prev.owner, we still keep in contact and they are going to come and visit him this summer,when the time is right for them!
So there you have it Peteys first 6 months with us!


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