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My Newest Home (furever?) We'll See

Feeling Better!

November 9th 2015 12:48 pm
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Hi everyone!

I am doing better. I got well after a couple days of not feeling good. What happened was.....(and I am ashamed to say) I got into the garbage at home. And what ever I got into, well it made me sick! So I was a naughty girl for doing the garbage dump.

I would like to thank all the dogs/cats and their pawrents for sending me prayers and their thoughts for me to get well.

I know not to get into the garbage anymore! BOL! As my pawrents have made sure that there is no way I can garbage dump ever again.

Thank you all from the tip of my ears to the tail-end of my body and all down to my paws for your prayers/thoughts.

Hugs and kisses,


Still Living in MD And Very Sick!

November 5th 2015 6:37 pm
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Hey all:
Though my grandmom human moved down to Tenn. with my other furamily, I still live in Maryland with my human brother Aaron(grandmom's son). He takes really good care of me. I am his most precious baby girl he says.

Well, I am very sick! I don't know what is wrong with me. Dad is taking me to the dogter to find out what is wrong.

The Dogter gave me a shot to settle my tummy. And some pills. But they need to do blood work and my Daddy didn't have the monies to get it done.

I ask for prayers/thoughts from all of my dogster furiends to help me get through this sickness. Thank you!



Back Living With My Human Brother

July 5th 2015 7:26 am
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Hi there every fur!
Just wanted to give you an update on my life. My human brother has a home of his own now. He is even getting married in Sept.(what he told me)and I am living with him and his g/f and her cat. Used to living with cats, so that don't bother me.
I stayed living in Maryland while my other sis-furs has gone onto living down in Tenn. with my grandma/grandad skins. Along with the 3 cats.

I am an old girl now @ 10 yrs. old. hard to believe! My joints hurt at times and hard to get up and down the steps. But me won't have to worry long! Skin brother is moving with his soon to be wife in another house that has no steps for me to climb up and down! Woof, woof!

So......until the next time I bark something to you, stay safe, stay loyal and love, love, love your skin/fur family.

Lucky Lucy


Belated Thank You

May 18th 2014 12:11 pm
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My Skin Grammy-mom has forgotten each and every one of us furs with our Gotcha Day or Birthday. She knows that she is bad about it. But I do forgive her. As I love my Grammy-mom so much.

Thank you all for your prezzies you left on my site. And I do hope to get back here soon. The reason I say this is that my skin Dad will be moving out of Grammy-mom's home and I'll be going with him.(of course) This will happened in July. So I only has just a little over a month to be living with Grammy-mom and sisfurs.


Living @ Grammy-mom Home With Dad

April 20th 2013 4:29 pm
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For a long time,I have been living @ grammy-mom's home with Dad. It is a long story that I cannot get into. But the short of it is, my Dad lost everything, his life with his g/f, his job and his apartment. So we have been living here since 2010.
But on a good side, my life has been pretty good. I miss my skin-Dad when he goes to work. When he comes home, oh boy! me has a toy in my mouth that squeaks for him so that he plays with me. I have been able to walk in the neighborhood right by his side. No leash!, But he keeps me on one to be safe. The love he has for me and I for him is all we need for each other. I am a proud girl to have this guy as my Dad and I couldn't ask for anything more! at Grammy-mom is always action! I have the 2 nieces to play with and dealing with the "Queen Bee" Kimmy gives everyone of us pups a lot to bark at.
Until I come up with anymore news, I say to all your furs, be safe, be happy and be well.



Being Babysat By Grammie

January 10th 2010 7:35 pm
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I'm sad. Yeppers, I'm sad. My dad had to go on a business trip for his job. Dad works at the airport in Maryland. So his company sent him to a place called Texas for training. Why he couldn't take me was not an option. Mom had to go to work. And Grammie didn't want me to be left alone! So off I went to visit Grammie and all of my other cuzs in her home. I jump up on my hind legs and gave Grammie licks and tail wags. She was so happy to see me. Grammie just loves me............
While I was there, mean ole Binx (that dude with no tail) had it in for me. He was not happy of me being there. Well let me tell you, Binx had a total fit that I was there. And he had it out for me. Well, I got a couple of swipes from him and he made me cry. And then he started chasing me in the house. Grammie had to go after him and punish Binx for being a naughty boy! So Grammie put him in the bedroom to "chill out" as Grammie says. That will teach him to be nasty to me.
Mom came at night to pick me up and I had to say "good-nite to Grammie.
What a day it was of being babysat at Grammie's.



Diary Pick of the Day!

August 1st 2009 5:18 pm
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I would like to take this opportunity to thank the dogs/cats at Dogsters for picking me as the Diary of the Day! I am very honored for having this bestowed on me.
I am also so glad that my life has turned around for the better. My new pawrents are just great. The need me as much as I need them. Dad Aaron and Mom Amanda are young adults, and having me around gives them the edge on what is it like to have a human baby around. They are learning what it is to become responsible adults and I am helping them. So just to let all pups know, there is a rainbow after a storm. My life is full of love and happiness.

This is Grammie right now speaking. Lucky-Lucy has been a challenge. When I say a challenge, I mean it. She still has her little quirks, but then what pup/cat doesn't. L.L. will always have a home. I love her very much and am glad that my son Aaron and g/f Amanda agreed to take L.L. with them. This pup couldn't ask for anything more. She is the greatest dog anyone who love to have.
Thank you to Sunny-Lee and her mom for asking me to take L.L. in.

Thank you all.............
Lucky-Lucy & Grammie-Debra


My Real New Home!

July 29th 2009 7:45 pm
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Oh pup pals, I just haven't been able to tell you about myself. It seems that now I am in a furever home! Yap, yap, yap. That's right! My foster mom son has moved out and he is living with his g/f in an apt. So I went with my new human dad! I am a spoiled girl. Arf, arf, arf. My human dad has shown me new tricks to do. But I have to tell you this, I love my dad and mom. Yeppers, it is love all around! My dad/mom just love me to pieces! I even go back over to my foster mom who is now my Grammie. I have Mollie, Kimmy and Brewster to keep me company so that I won't be alone in the apt while my pawrents go to work. So it's like going to day-care as Grammie puts it.
What more can a girl get!

So happy........................ :~)

Tail wagging excitedly,
Lucky-Lucy a.k.a. Lucky Butt, Lu-Lu



February 14th 2009 5:05 am
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I'm learning today, what's the meaning of L. O. V. E. that hoomans use to express their pleasure (or not) to this word. So I is going to give you mine here.
L living in a furever home
O open hearts to see my faults
V victory to me
E enjoying every day in my home

I nose that it is very hard to be good, but me's think that mom is the softie in this home and will put up with my undying terror.
So share your LOVE. Give our hooman parent(s) alot of attention. (theys need that alot) Arf, arf, arf. The smoochies, the tail wagging, and your best paw forward says it all.......................


New Home And Loved

January 28th 2009 6:39 am
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Soooo, my new home here in Maryland. I'm a mess as hooman mom says. I love to get into the trash cans and tear out anything to eat! I know it is a no, no, but I just have this awful thing that I do! Mom is trying her best to keep me in line. I'm a handful as she says, but she is willing to try to keep me in line and learn to keep out of the trash.
I play all the time with my little sisfur Mollie. She is such a fun girl to play with! We share toys and tug on the toys for fun and growl at each other when we are rough housing with each other. Ahhhh, Mollie is so fun to be with and to PLAY WITH! I just love Mollie. And believe it or not for a Yorkie, she doesn't take any crap off of me. WOOF!


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