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The Release -- Fly away sweet Nakai

March 21st 2008 7:14 am
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He lay on his hospital bed as we were given the choice to release him from his earthbound shackles. He looked at us with sharp searching eyes knowing us to be his human friends, friends that he trusted, who always knew what was best for him. We also were earthbound just as if we had permanent shackles on our legs. We made our decision. He would now have the ability to fly, to soar far above the earth and become one with the Universe while we would remain dependent, with an unseen umbilical cord that would keep us separated from complete freedom and separated from him. He knew if it started a cold chilling rain that we would run for cover and bind ourselves with cumbersome garments to ward off the chill from our poorly formed bodies, while his heavenly garments would give him complete freedom. freedom to soar...

Our world would be so small compared to his. From his new soaring heights he would see the world in its entirety, while we were only given glimpses here and there. We lived in a box while his world was now the Universe, the HEAVENS.

Symbolically, we released the jesses, and he gave us a longing look; and with a graceful lift of his wings he left the perch of illness and old age that had chained him. With elegant grace he stopped for a moment, gave his new wing feathers a shake out and looked over his shoulder down at us as if to say, "Thank you! And thank you for my time on earth. I will miss you so much. Please do not cry for me for I will always be near. There is so much I could show you, teach you, but you wouldn't understand with your earthly concepts." He then raised his magnificent wings and leaped into the Heavens, found a thermal, and we watched him soar until he was but a speck in the vast blue sky. Tears flowed as we felt a mighty, overwhelming loss and an envy, for we too would like to soar, to have complete freedom, and be part of the Heavens with him. But then for now we must stay... earthbound....


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