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Milo's Day's

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Hi my friends

October 1st 2014 3:34 pm
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Hi my friends, it sure has been a long time since Mom has let me do my diary and I have to say it is about time too.

Well we live in a new state now, Mom and Dad retired, they wanted to live somewhere that is cheaper to live so we ended up in Arizona. We sure miss San Diego but we are learning to love our new home and where we live now.

It was a long process for us to move here, Mom & Dad had to leave us 3 times so they could get our new home and all that goes with picking everything out. Finally the day arrived that we all had to get in our cages and into their new crossover to make the trip over to Arizona and our new home. Of course none of us understood what was going on and we were all nervous. Seven of us piled in the car with our things and Mom/Dads things. Finally after many hours and stops for us to get out get exercise and potty break...we made it to our new home.

Of course me and Mia had to explore everything, Mom made us go outside, we have to tell you we have to be careful we live in the desert out in rural area so there are many wild animals out there like coyotes which Mom has seen while walking us and when she went out the front door. So we can't be out in our yard alone, one never knows.

When we got here our backyard was all hard and dirt, nothing. Finally Mom and Dad had someone come in our yard and fix it now we have artificial grass no more real grass for us and pavers for the patio and walk way to the gate. We have learned to like our new yard and we do have fun the first thing in the morning and later at night when it is cooler, way too hot for us, but now it will cool off for us and we will have more fun.

Mom takes me for walks most mornings if they are not going somewhere. I sure love getting to go for my walks, I get all excited when Mom gets dressed and she gets my leash. We were taking Mia but she doesn't like going as far so now it is just me and Mom. I get to go far too, I sniff and mark over other dogs pee. You see everyone walks their dogs here, it is great too. Mom hopes that I will loose some weight with me walking, she does too...last 2 days it has been great it is cooler, we go out before it gets too hot.

I am loving my new home and all my walks, that is about all from me today.

Sending hugs, prayers and love to all



Time Change

November 5th 2012 4:56 pm
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I haven't been here in a long time, human things just get in the way and Mom says there just isn't much going on here on Dogster so sad and with us. Mom is always so very busy!

Well I don't know about all of you but this time change is not for us dogs, no it isn't all if does is make us want our food early, but not really cause we are still on another time not daylight saving time...we have internal clocks and they don't change...we start the morning by wanting out of our cage and hour early, we hear Mom and Dad tell us it is too early be quite. So we have to wait another hour...then we are harassing Mom to get our breakfast, and so our the cats...they even get on the counter ( Tu Two and Kody)

Then the evening comes and we start in again with harassing Mom at 4 and again we have to wait another hour...I don't think I like this time change cause we are hungry and Mom makes us wait to get us used to the time change.

I am for not changing the time, keep it in one or the screws everyone up...Mom and us would rather it be like the summer it stays light out longer in the evening not lighter in the mornings...

OK well I gotta go and see if I can change Moms mind and feed us early...



Happy Mother's Day

May 8th 2012 4:34 pm
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"Happy Mothers Day"

"Happy Mother's Day" means more
Than have a happy day.
Within those words lie lots of things
We never get to say.
It means I love you first of all,
Then thanks for all you do.
It means you mean a lot to me,
And that I honor you.

But most of all, I guess it means
That I am thinking of
Your happiness on this, your day,
With pleasure and with love

I do not always behave, I love to bark and I go crazy whenever I am out with Mom....but Mom loves me and I love her...that is what Moms are all about.

Milo your crazy dog boy


Thank You HQ and love is in the air

February 19th 2012 4:24 pm
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Hello my friends, this is amazing first Mia is DDP of the day and now me...WOW BOL!!!!!

I am so honored you have chosen me today of all days because today is my Mom's birthday, I have given her a special gift!!!!

It is all about love and friends this month, we love our friends and Dogster is about love, support and fun...even though we haven't been on Dogster much lately we do come here and check in to see what our friends are up to...but we do have to ask why is catster so much more active and their are more pawrents helping them write in their diaries...that is what we love to do read our friends diaries...just asking!!!!

Oh Well I am so happy you have chosen me today and you chose my valentine diary entry because it is all about love and our friends...

We hope all of you had a pawtastic valentine's day and you feel the love in the air...

woof and hugs


February 13th 2012 3:59 pm
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Valentine Smile

On Valentine's Day we think of those
Who make our lives worthwhile,
Those gracious, friendly DOGGIES who
We think of with a smile.
I am fortunate to know you,
That's why I want to say,
To my rare and special FRIENDS:
Happy Valentine's Day!




July 31st 2011 8:48 pm
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One way for Mom to honor and remember our TALLULAH this month she asked a special sweet friends Mom to make a background for all of us to honor TALLULAH FOR HER FIRST ANNIVERSARY BEING AT THE RAINBOW BRIDGE! No matter had hard it is Mom wants to honor Tallulah.
Yes even Zeke and our doggie Milo has the same background and of course it is pink! And they say so what boys look good in pink too…
This whole month we honoring you Tallulah for your fight and bravery, you fought so hard for 13 months and you never once gave up not even in the end….
We honor you for being the best mascot for the breast cancer three day walk last year in San Francisco, you guided and helped Chai Latte’s Mom …what a good girl for showing her the beautiful butterfly while she was walking on her 3rd day….you will be their mascot again this year, we are so proud of you and the kitty Moms for walking and spreading the word about kitty breast cancer
We honor you for just being you, the sweet cute beautiful kitty our precious gift from God.
We honor you for watching over Xena when she had her surgery and made sure the lump was benign, if it weren’t for you teaching Mom that she needs to check us all the time for lumps she may have not found the lump when she did….you saved Xena and for that we honor you always…..
We honor you for helping others and we hope that one day there will be no girl kitties getting breast cancer.
We honor you for helping Mom spread the word about cancer, yes we want others to know that kitties get cancer not just breast cancer and we have made sure Moms know how important it is to check us kitties for lumps and get us to the vet ASAP it could save their lives.
We hope all of our friends will take a moment and remember our Tallulah how hard she fought and wanted to live, but God had other plans for her to help others in the fight to spread the word about breast cancer…she did not die in vain….she has saved lives!



Take your Dog To Work Day!

June 11th 2010 8:13 pm
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With Mom being a pet sitter she wants me to pass this information on to all of our doggies might know this, but just in case you don't :


Mom can't take us cause she takes her clients dogs for walks & cares for other clients pets...we are sad she can't take us, but we know if she could she would...

So check with your companies and she if they will let you take your dog to work...

Milo and Mom


Swollen faced Milo no more!!!!

February 10th 2010 9:15 pm
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Good news!!!! Mommy is happy to report this evening that I am OK, my swollen face is no more, that's right no more...

We will never know what made my face and around my eye swell up, & I have the itchy skin.
Mom got up all night long to check on me and I was doing OK, I had no other problems all night long, I did drink a lot of water so early this morning I got Mom up again to let me outside, then I finally settled down to sleep until Mom got up.

She got me and checked my face to see if I was still had any swelling, but then I saw the smile on her face and I knew I was more swelling...hooray and no more itching even better.

So I am better and we will never know what happened last night and we will always wonder what happened to me to make me have a reaction...Mom is so happy I am OK today....

No swollen face Milo


I am having a reaction to something

February 9th 2010 10:29 pm
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Mommy noticed that my face was a little swollen earlier this evening. She got up and followed me out into the family room...oh oh she noticed I had accident on the floor little poops in several places. I was busy getting treats from Dad and was acting fine.

Mom asked me to come to her and she looked at my face again and it was swollen even more and now around my right eye was swelling up. I still seemed fine, but Mom was worried, I told her I was getting itchy by scratching and rolling on the floor.

Mom said Milo get up in the chair with me so I can keep an eye on you. Mom and Dad are trying to figure out what happen to me to make my face swell up and they don't have a clue. It happened after Dad ate his dinner and before I got my treats...they are looking all over to see if there is anything on the floor that I might have tried to eat, but they find nothing. Dad told Mom go look in my bed to see if there is a bug in there that could have bitten me. Nothing but Mom finds a surprise poop again...I guess I had a poop reaction too....

Mom decides to call the Emergency Vet for advise if they think I need to go in to see the Vet...she talks to a Vet and she asked Mom questions about my breathing and if I am acting strange...she said if it was a bee sting I should come in right away. Mom said it is raining out she doesn't think a bee would be out in the rain and there are no bee in our house. She asked if I was vomiting and Mom said no I just pooped in my bed and on the carpet. So with nothing happening except my face being swollen the Vet said I should be OK but Mom has to keep watch over me...I am having a allergic reaction to something.

Mom really didn't want to have to take me to the Vet ER if she didn't have to in the pouring rain, so if I still have a swollen face in the morning Mom will take me to my Vet and have them check me to see what is going on...

So I am in my bed resting finally, breathing Ok , I am comfortable, my face is still Mom will see how I am in the morning....wish me luck and we may never know what happened to me cause Mom & Dad have no clue.

I am OK and we will let you know tomorrow how I am doing...Mom took a picture of me in my swollen face how imbarrassing...

Swollen faced Milo


Oh My I am Dairy Pick of the Day

January 19th 2010 8:58 am
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Thank you HQ's for picking me today as one of the Dairies of the Day! I am so honored and it came at a good time for me and my Mom

Mom hasn't been on the computer for the last 3 days so she got on today and what a surprise to find I have been chosen for my dairy....Mommy's Mom had emergency surgery Sunday so Mom has been at the hospital and at her Mom's house cleaning. Her Mom is 80 and has been having lots of memory problems. Mom is having to go through her things and now she will have to find a place for her Mom to live so someone can help with her...Mom is very sad and has been stressed.

Mommy finding out that I am being honored today has mad her so happy and I am running around I have been giving her kisses cause she gave me lots of kisses and a treat...WOW BOL BOL I can't beleive it. I have made my Mom happy today & so has Dogster HQ'S and I am helping her feel better I am being a good boy,I am doing my job by giving my Mom lots of love.


Love and doggie kisses from a happy dog


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