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February 6th 2009 8:57 am
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Oh what fun I am having on Dogster! Mommy seems to be learning more each day about this site and how do to things, thanks to Dad...

It is raining today and Mommy made me go out in it when I got up, I just hate to be wet even though I have my raincoat on.

Once I was done outside I came back in and ran into bed and under the warm covers I'm not stupid I know were to be when it is cold and raining out.

Mommy has to get ready to go walk dogs in the rain, she always has to dress warm when it rains, she tells me she has to go walk the dogs for their owners because that is her job and she also has to go take care of a cat this morning. I get all nervouse because I know when she leaves I have to go into my crate with all my pillows, covers and a heated disk that I get to sleep on to keep me warm, but I much rather be in my Mommy's bed. My brother Milo and I have to be in our crates because we like to chase and bother our kitties when Mom is gone. Well I gotta go now....



March 20th 2009 10:21 am
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Oh Oh I am DOG OF THE DAY!!!!!

Mommie just got on dogster and read my messages and found out I am dog of the day. We are so excited this is so unexpected and it's the first day of Spring.

I am so honored and thrilled to be pick for the dog of the day and to get so many gifts from my friends...

Me and Mommie are having so much fun on Dogster and getting to know new friends everyday..I love all of the groups I have joined, we are still learning new things everyday.

Thank you for picking me Mama's Mia to be the DOG OF THE DAY!!!!



I got Easter Tagged Echo

April 4th 2009 7:55 pm
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Easter Tag~
April 4th
I've been tagged by my sweet furiend Echo.
If you got tagged, copy these questions, answer them yourself and tag 6 other lucky pups or kitties!

1. What is your favorite color for Easter eggs?

2. Would you rather be a bunny or a chick?
Can't you tell by my profile pic.? Bunny

3. How many Easter eggs do you think you'll find when you get to hunt them at your house?
It will be hard to say, I will have to be pretty fast so my furbro doesn't get them all!!!!So I am hoping I get most of them!

4. What kind of Easter basket are you hoping for?
A pretty pink basket with lots of peeps and choklit



and the last one is... YOU! If you're reading my diary, then feel free to take notice that I just tagged you too! BOL! Have fun!

Wufs & hugs ....MIA



We did another dog/people walk to raise money

October 24th 2009 8:54 pm
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Well we did it again, Mom dressed us up, put our harnesses on so we knew something was up. Off we went into our car seats! yes car seats Mom does not let us go anywhere without being in our seats and seat belts attached to our harnesses too..Me in the front and Milo in the back. He doesn't like being in the back but he got too big to have in my seat and besides he gets on my nerves and then I just have to go after him, of course I get into trouble when I do that....

Well Mom drove and drove, we didn't think we would have to go very far but we drove about 15 miles to get to the Helen Woodward Animal Center where they were having their annual Spooktacular people and dog walk. They used to have it in the morning but this year they had it in the afternoon...

Mom got us out of the car and we walked to the sign up table so Mom could turn in her money and paper from her signing up on the puter to raise money from her clients...she raised $310.00. Mom usually raises more but with the economy the donations were down, but that's OK every bit helps orphaned animals....

So many big dogs boy do they make me scared I am afraid they might step on me....Mom finally picks me up and we go find the area so we can have our picture taken with our Mom. The first pictures I was not looking at the camera too busy watching the other dogs and what is going on around they told Mom we can have our picture taken again this time both Milo and I are looking hooray! But we have to wait to get our photo...

Now Mom tells me that she wants to go back to the car to get my doggie purse she has in the car so she can put me in it and then I will be safe...

OK we are now ready for the walk to start, it is pretty warm outside Mom says it was in the 80's, so Mom decides to do the one mile walk instead of the 2 mile like we usually do when it is in the mornings...we are sure glad she didn't do the 2 mile cause we got very hot and so did Mom...they had volunteers out to give Mom water and they had water bowls for doggies to drink...I don't do the water when we are out but Milo did drink a lot of water...he had to walk the whole mile I didn't me I rode in the purse I didn't want to walk today...too hot and I didn't want to get my pretty Halloween dress dirty...we get to walk between horse corrals, the horses love to come up to the fence and stair at us...they sure are big...we walked and walked, oh not me just Mom and poor Milo...he is so hot Mom stops to make sure he drinks water and she puts water on him too.Not me I am safe in my doggie purse.

Needless to say we did make it even if it was too hot to be doing the walk in the afternoon instead of the morning, we were the first to get to the finish line Mom just wanted to finish and get out of there.

We got our picture that Me and Milo were looking and Mom said let's go home I am too hot and so are you. We did have a good time, but we all like the morning walk better. Mom says she hopes they do a survey because she wants to let them know that she wants the walk to be in the morning instead of the afternoon cause in October here in San Diego we still have hot weather....

We did get to see lots of dogs in costumes and their humans too. They do have a costume contest, but this year Mom just didn't want to stay cause the animal center is under some renovations and construction of new buildings so they moved it to the asphalt and in the sun...too hot for us and Mom...and not as many vendors this year...Mom just wanted to go home, rest and get some more liquid in all of us....



Our walk for animals

October 25th 2009 10:26 pm
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I helped Mom and Milo raise money for orphaned animals, Mom & I have been doing this for 6 years now...We do this 2 times a year, the other is in May for the Humane Society and this one was for Helen Woodward Animal Center...

Yesterday it being 10-24-2009 I didn't walk this time. Mom usually has us in our doggie stroller, but she wanted to try letting us walk. Well I wasn't happy too many people and their big dogs it was just too much for me, so I started jumping and crying to Mom----please Mom pick me up..after Mom checked in and we had our picture taken which by the way wasn't a good one both Milo and I were looking away, so the man taking the pictures told Mom to get our picture taken again so we did....Mom took us back to the car to get my doggie purse that Mom has for me to get in...Once I was in my safe purse I felt better and I was up near Mom's face and felt secure once again....and that is where I wanted to stay...

We walked back to the fun area and we looked around, Mom saw some fuzzy blankets she wanted to get up for our beds but wanted to wait and think about it...

Now it is time for us to go get ready for our walk, it was hot out there and poor Milo being too big and heavy for Mom to carry had to walk, you see we walk between horse corrals at the Jenny Criag Horse Farm and it is pretty ruff to push our stroller Mom did that a few years and decided she just couldn't do it any Milo walked, I did last year.

With it being hot out Mom decided it would be best if we walked the one mile instead of the 2 mile like we usually do when it is in the morning, this year they changed it to the afternoon and it was too hot for us...Poor Milo he walked the whole way, he drank a lot of water and did his boy doggie marking all the way...but we did have fun walking by the horses they were very interested in us and us with them...big animals they are luckily they are behind fences for us I say...

Well we walked in honor of our cat sisfur Tallulah for being a fighter and survivor, she never gave up and she now is in remission so we couldn't give up just because it was hot, we had to keep going for our Tallulah!!!! so we finished and Mom was so happy that we didn't give up and kept going to the finish line and we were the first to finish the one mile...we raised over $300 dollars, Mom usually raises more but she didn't sign up to do it until a week before, she did good I say!

Poor Milo he is so hot and needs more water so we stop and Mom sits on a bale of hay and gives us water and she gets some for Mom says we need to go get our picture and we are going to leave, Mom just got too hot and needed to get home..she also had to go take care of a kitty that is diabetic and Mom has to give her her shots 2 times a day!
We find our pictures and what do you know we both are looking at the camera. they are really cute, it is a different picture from the one on our pages, Mom has to figure out how she can get it on our pages...hopefully she can....Mom bought us new warm fuzzie blankets it helps the animal center so Mom didn't mind spending the money.

Even though I didn't walk this year I had fun cause I was up in the air near Mom and I am so proud of Milo and Mom....hopefully next year it will be in the morning again and not so hot so I can eventually get out of my purse and walk with Milo...our next walk is shorter and I will walk on that one it is near the beach...cooler that's for sure...

That was my day at our walk for the animals...we are so happy we are able to help orphaned animals and we hope they all get forever homes!!!!



November 22nd 2009 10:01 pm
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My birthday is in 7 days and I wonder what Mom is planning, I have seen her bring in bags from our favorite pet stores but she won't let me see...she usually lets us see and if she gets us something she will give it to us, so she is hiding it in her closet....

Maybe I can sneak in the closet and discover just what she has in that bag...hmmm I wonder!!!!Milo oh Milo do you think we can figure a way to get in that closet and find out what Mom is hiding in there....Milo are you not going to help me...then you must know what is in there and what Mom is up to.

I sure hope I get some goodies and maybe a pretty new necklace to wear or a new toy, what do you think????

Well I am guessing that I will just have to wait for 7 more days!!!!

Won't you stop by and help me celebrate my 7th birthday and find out what Mom has hidden in her closet just for me!!!

Mia the almost birthday girl


Tomorrow is my birthday

November 29th 2009 5:23 pm
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WOW BOL it is finally here my birthday is tomorrow and I can't wait!!!!!

It has been a long wait, especially since I saw Mom put something from Petco bag in her closet and didn't let me see....

Mom will be gone for part of the day, but when she gets home she is giving me my present....can't wait

I don't know if I can sleep tonight, maybe I will and I will dream of wonderful things for tomorrow...




December 1st 2009 10:09 am
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WOW what can I say I had a great birthday yesterday, thanks to all of my friends here on Dogster and my family...

Mom and I woke up early she grabbed me and told me it was my birthday and she gave me lots of kisses, cuddles and hugs...

For the most part it was a normal day until Mom came home with another bag from Petco, she got me more gifts....I got a bag of new treats, yummie they are really good fish and sweet potatoe and they are tiny little bones just my size.

Mom also got me a new dress and a sparkle necklace to match and a new toy. Milo thinks all toys belong to him so Mom had to give it to me on her bed, Milo can't go on the bed he isn't a good jumper like me he too big haha!!!my safe place...

I took my new toy and shook shook and shook!!!!driving Milo crazy!!!

Mom took pictures of me with my new dress on, but needs to get a few more she doesn't like them cause I don't sit still and I don't care to wear clothes.

I got a tiny blueberry toaster muffin with a candle and Mom sang happy birthday to me and took my picture....

Finally I got a special dinner last night and I even told Mom to give some to Milo so he wouldn't fill left out...mmmm it was good.

Well that was my exciting Birthday and I am so happy all of you helped me celebrate, thank you all for my gifts, my songs, barkday cards and special wishes!!!!'

Hugs and Cuddles to you



I Like Christmas

December 1st 2009 9:21 pm
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I like Christmas with turkey brown and fat
and seated by a roaring fire all curled up on the mat
We all have tastes of turkey as we toast our many

and as I am the special one I get the parsons nose!
I like Christmas with the family together
and the parcels to be opened and never mind the
weather. The table groans with goodies that Mom had time to make,
and as I am the special one I get a piece of cake.

I like Christmas with callers by the dozen
and the lovely smell of spices and pies in the oven.The mistletoe is hanging there, and please
remember this,

As I am the special one.
I get the biggest KISS!


Bath time oh no!!!!

January 10th 2010 4:38 pm
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Boy Mom was busy today, first she gets Xena with that furminator Xena hates and now I get the bath!!!

I jumped into Moms lap and she tells me I stink, Me miss Mia stink I don't think so!

I hear the water running in the tub and I run to the door I want out Dad do you see me let me out so I can hide in the yard, don't want Mom to find me...I am running all over the yard trying to find that perfect spot so Mom won't find me.

Oh no here she comes and I know what is going to happen, I don't know about the rest of you but I just don't like getting wet and having to be all lathered with soap. With it being in the 70's today Mom says I have to have my bath before it gets cold out again.

So out comes the shower then the water, soap and a good scrubbing I try to shake off the water and soap but Mom holds me so I can't DARN you know I wanted to shake shake and shake!!!!

I got through the bath, Mom covered me up dried me off and put me on her bed oh the heavenly bed so nice warm and soft. Now I am all cuddled under my own blanket, but Mom isn't done yet NO she now wants to cut my know I really hate to have my nails cut, but I am not as bad as Milo you should hear him yelp you would think Mom is hurting him.

I smell so pretty like roses, I am all cuddled back in my favorite spot Mom's side of the bed under the covers dreaming of dinner and having fun with Mom....

DON'T TELL MOM BUT I DO FEEL BETTER AND SMELL LIKE ROSES!!!! After having my bath and nails cut I always have a great nap


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