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We did another dog/people walk to raise money

October 24th 2009 8:54 pm
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Well we did it again, Mom dressed us up, put our harnesses on so we knew something was up. Off we went into our car seats! yes car seats Mom does not let us go anywhere without being in our seats and seat belts attached to our harnesses too..Me in the front and Milo in the back. He doesn't like being in the back but he got too big to have in my seat and besides he gets on my nerves and then I just have to go after him, of course I get into trouble when I do that....

Well Mom drove and drove, we didn't think we would have to go very far but we drove about 15 miles to get to the Helen Woodward Animal Center where they were having their annual Spooktacular people and dog walk. They used to have it in the morning but this year they had it in the afternoon...

Mom got us out of the car and we walked to the sign up table so Mom could turn in her money and paper from her signing up on the puter to raise money from her clients...she raised $310.00. Mom usually raises more but with the economy the donations were down, but that's OK every bit helps orphaned animals....

So many big dogs boy do they make me scared I am afraid they might step on me....Mom finally picks me up and we go find the area so we can have our picture taken with our Mom. The first pictures I was not looking at the camera too busy watching the other dogs and what is going on around they told Mom we can have our picture taken again this time both Milo and I are looking hooray! But we have to wait to get our photo...

Now Mom tells me that she wants to go back to the car to get my doggie purse she has in the car so she can put me in it and then I will be safe...

OK we are now ready for the walk to start, it is pretty warm outside Mom says it was in the 80's, so Mom decides to do the one mile walk instead of the 2 mile like we usually do when it is in the mornings...we are sure glad she didn't do the 2 mile cause we got very hot and so did Mom...they had volunteers out to give Mom water and they had water bowls for doggies to drink...I don't do the water when we are out but Milo did drink a lot of water...he had to walk the whole mile I didn't me I rode in the purse I didn't want to walk today...too hot and I didn't want to get my pretty Halloween dress dirty...we get to walk between horse corrals, the horses love to come up to the fence and stair at us...they sure are big...we walked and walked, oh not me just Mom and poor Milo...he is so hot Mom stops to make sure he drinks water and she puts water on him too.Not me I am safe in my doggie purse.

Needless to say we did make it even if it was too hot to be doing the walk in the afternoon instead of the morning, we were the first to get to the finish line Mom just wanted to finish and get out of there.

We got our picture that Me and Milo were looking and Mom said let's go home I am too hot and so are you. We did have a good time, but we all like the morning walk better. Mom says she hopes they do a survey because she wants to let them know that she wants the walk to be in the morning instead of the afternoon cause in October here in San Diego we still have hot weather....

We did get to see lots of dogs in costumes and their humans too. They do have a costume contest, but this year Mom just didn't want to stay cause the animal center is under some renovations and construction of new buildings so they moved it to the asphalt and in the sun...too hot for us and Mom...and not as many vendors this year...Mom just wanted to go home, rest and get some more liquid in all of us....


Barked by: Tinker Bell Forever (Dogster Member)

October 24th 2009 at 11:42 pm

You raised a lot of money, Mia!! That was great!! I'm glad you were able to ride in a dog purse!! I bet Milo wished that he fit, but I bet he loved marking everything!


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