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What a PAWSOME weekend!!

September 19th 2011 4:59 am
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Saturday I got mom up super early and we cleaned the apartment. We did a "Perimeter Patrol Walk" then came home. THEN I SAW AUNT BUFFALO AND THEN MONKEY JUMPED OUT OF THE CAR!!!!! I was so excited!!! Monkey was so happy he peed and pooped the minute he got out of the car!! We couldn't wait to wrestle and made all kinds of noise and two neighbours came out and said it sounded really scary and our moms just laughed.

We went inside and Monkey checked out my new place, he'd only been over once before, so he sniffed around and then we chased each other around and wrestled some more. Then we went outside so Monkey could pee again.

THEN SAMARA CAME OUTSIDE WITH MISS KIM!! Sammie was really excited and she and Monkey sniffed and circled each other then Monkey got real scared. I kept putting myself in the middle to let them both know it was okay. But I understand Monkey being scared, I was always scared of new dogs too for a long time but Sammie is really cool and Monkey calmed down just every now and then got a little snippy about it but we all did a Perimeter Patrol walk together and then...

we saw Creeper Rose and her psycho dog... OF course we did. So Miss Kim was nice and let Sammie and Spirit sniff each other and then Spirit went Cujo on Sammie! I wasn't having any of it so I rushed forward and went Cujo on Spirit so she went Cujo on me then Monkey decided he wasn't gonna let some stupid crazy dog mess with his sister so HE went Cujo on them as well. Creeper Rose really needs to learn to keep her dog calm and stop trying to be in everyone's business, it just causes unrest. Once we got away from her, we all fell in line behind Sammie and had a great walk together.

Sammie and I tried to play but Monkey was still very nervous about it. Sammie kept trying to be friends with Monkey and he was more and more approachable the more time we all spent together but any time he would get upset and wrinkle his nose and show his teeth, I would run between them to let Monkey know it was okay, that Sammie is our friend.

I think next time Monkey will be better and less scared. Sammie is a great pup pal and I hope by winter time we can all wrestle in the snow together because that would just be great fun!!


Rainy Day

September 15th 2011 5:23 am
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Mom was right! I did get a surprise yesterday! Miss Kim came to walk me at lunch! I was really good and listened and was a good girl! Mom was so proud that I got an extra treat when she came home and got a good report on me!!

Last night mom trusted me to let go of my leash again so I could play and wrestle with Sammie! I've been really good and staying near by and listening when mom tells me to come to her! I was so tired I didn't even care people were walking by! I like when mom lets me cut loose and really play hard!

Mom said Monkey is going to come over in a couple days! I get so excited to hear his name I start looking for him! I hope Monkey and Sammie get along because mom said we might go to the park if it's not crowded and we can all run and wrestle and play! Even if not, it will still be fun to hang out with my brother and Sammie!

Oh! And Sammie dug another hole in the mulch right where mom asked. Mom needs to get off her butt and get some flowers now. She said we might walk to Home Depot and buy some this afternoon. She said I could help pick out the flowers and go pay for them with her! I'm nervous, I only ever go to pet stores but this might be fun too!


Very Nervous Today

September 14th 2011 7:45 am
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I didn't want mom to leave today. I started shaking and getting really upset and panting really hard. Mom promised I would be okay and to just chill out and that something fun was going to happen while she was at work today. I dunno about all that, I just don't like when mom leaves lately. My schedule is off, our walks aren't always at the same time, sometimes she's gone all day, sometimes she comes home at lunch, and lately at night she's been really busy on the computer and it's just too much change for me and makes me very nervous. My Java Lounge playlist isn't really calming me down right now either.


quiet weekend

September 12th 2011 7:40 am
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Mom and I had a fairly quiet weekend. She spent a lot of time on her computer and we hung out on the couch and watched TV, went on a lot of walks, I got to play with Samara and I became friends with another neighbour's dog, Kingston and of course the two little dogs that these two really nice older ladies walk a lot. There's a manic pug that doesn't like other dogs too much so I don't have much interest in him.

Last week mom had to work late and Miss Kim came to walk me! I was really good, so much so that when we got back home, I got to walk AGAIN and this time with Samara! Mom was so proud of me! Even the neighbour ladies with the two little dogs told mom how well behaved I was on walkies! I was so happy to see mom and she was so proud of me I got to go for a car ride!!!

Mom said that she has to work long hours again this week but she will make sure she comes home to walk me at lunch. But since I was really good, I might get to go on walkies with Miss Kim and Samara again this week a couple time!


I love the cooler weather

September 7th 2011 4:36 am
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I got to go to the lake with Sammie again and we played really really REALLY hard but mom wouldn't let me off my leash!! I think she was still nervous from the day before. She said she wishes the dog park down the street wasn't so busy because at least there I could run and wrestle and mom wouldn't have to worry but I'm still not good with a lot of dogs, I get very nervous and lash out because I'm afraid.

Mom said Monkey is going to visit in a couple weeks. He might get to meet Sammie and if everyone gets along maybe we could go to the park and it won't be busy and we can all play! That would be so much fun getting to play with my two favourite dogs and be totally off leash!! Mom said even if it's rainy and muddy she would let me and I know Aunt Buffalo doesn't care if Monkey gets messy. It could be a LOT of fun!!


I think I scared mom

September 6th 2011 5:12 am
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Sammie and I were playing and the leash broke from mom's grip and I went into a full on sprint with Sammie right on my butt and I think mom thought I was going to bolt into the parking lot and she shouted my name in a really scary alpha voice and I stopped on a dime and looked at her. She told me to get over to her right away and I sort of did but I was staying on the grass and ran past mom then turned and came back and stopped.

I got lots of hugs for being a good girl and listening and mom said that probably won't happen again unless we are at least at the park. There's too many cars and people don't pay attention and she is very nervous I will get hit by a car. Sometimes I DO get so caught up in play I forget my surroundings but I was really good and listened to mom but she was kind of rattled for awhile about it.

I miss having a fenced in area where I could run and chase and be chased and mom didn't have to worry about my getting hurt. Apparently so does mom.


Calmer Today

September 2nd 2011 6:57 am
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No annoying people followed us around last night so our walk was a lot of fun except for the annoying pack of teenagers at Burger Fling and a swarm of gnats. (mom said they are one in the same)

We only walked to Giant Eagle, though, because mom is trying to fix her ankle and it was getting dark and she forgot her flashlight too! Silly mom, who needs a flashlight?!

I guess mom is coming home early today, I'm excited, but she said it will be way too hot to go to the Lake then so we may end up just walking around Sonic when she gets home later on. BUT this whole weekend she said is a Mommy & Me weekend, except she might have to go spend time with Auntie Kirkles for a bit but otherwise will be home for lots of playing and lots of walkies!

I really like our walkies!

Mom also said she found a walking path by her work and if the weather isn't too hot, I can go for a car ride and we can go for a walk around that path for something different to do!!


I'm getting so brave!

August 31st 2011 12:44 pm
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Last night was REALLLLLY fun! I got to go to the Lake with Samara and her mom and guess what?!!?

Mom actually let me run totally free!



This morning I saw Kingston and we said hi to each other and then I sat real nice so he could sniff me while our moms talked. Then that crazy Pomeranian Snickers and whatever that other manic dog is came barreling out and they make me nervous so we left.

Then mom came home at lunch and we went potty and we saw Creeper Rose's dog Spirit and I dunno what to make of them, they're weird. Spirit is odd, I never know how to react so I just sniff the ground.

I hope mom comes home soon!


Wonder what we're gonna do today?

August 30th 2011 9:19 am
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Mom didn't come home for lunch though she said she would. I hope she comes home soon I want to play and need my Linkables filled.

The people upstairs are moving out and they have been very noisy the past few nights, keeping both me and mom awake. Sometimes the noises scare me, it sounds like stuff is gonna fall from the sky on me!!

I wonder if that weird lady is going to move in with the crazy dog. Another lady moved in upstairs with a dog but I have met it yet. I hope no one with little kids moves in, though I'm getting better about little kids.

Last night there was a little kid on my walkies that kept looking at me and crying and clinging to her parents. I didn't do anything, I didn't even really care other than she made me feel bad because I was being really good and didn't do anything to scare it. But we kept walking behind them and I think that mom enjoyed that the kid was crying and scared. BOL!


What a great weekend!

August 29th 2011 5:51 am
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It was mostly a Mommy & Me weekend! I loved it! Thursday and Friday mom and I walked a lot together and I got to walk a few times to the Lake with Samara! Of course we played really hard randomly just to entertain our moms!!

Saturday I was really bored though because mom was busy and had to go do things away from home.

Sunday I got to walk a lot in the morning then I got to chew on my antler and nap in the sun, snuggle with mom while she watched something about vampires and even got to walk with Samara and her mom last night and we played until we were tired and then went to bed.

Mom's back at work today and said she will have really long hours but will come home every day for lunch and maybe, if I'm good, she might send someone fun around to check on me in the afternoons!

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