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still no blankies!

November 8th 2011 11:15 am
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Mom didn't get to wash my blankies last night cuz I got to walk with Sam, then Aunt Stephanie came over with her mom & dad and we played then we did the 2mi lake walk with Sam and we played in the hall and I said hi to our neighbours then I came inside and played with my squeaky and my Linkables and mom watched hockey and then we went to bed.

I slept in again today, I didn't wake mom up, she practically had to wake ME up! BOL!

She didn't come home for lunch today. I hope she'll be home for afternoon walkies then we can play until evening walkies!!


no blankies!!

November 7th 2011 5:02 am
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Woofs!! I don't have blankies today! Mom was going to wash them so they are all picked up in a pile but she said she will wash them after walkies tonight! I hope so! My KONG bed is naked without my paw print blankies!!

After park walkies last night I was exhausted! Mom and I cleaned the entire apartment and it looks really nice now! I have more room to play because we moved things around!

OK, MOM did all that, I stayed by the patio door and kept watch over the neighbourhood. But that's how I helped! BOL!!

I was still so tired this morning that mom woke ME up! BOL!! That NEVER happens!!!

I hope I can run off-leash on walkies tonight, it looks really nice out for a day or two!


I hope my weekend is fun!

November 4th 2011 7:40 am
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Mom let me run off leash last night -finally! OMD it was so much fun!! If I could giggle I would! I love running off leash! Mom just needs to relax and trust me! Plus I would love for her to get some video of me running totally free with Samara because we don't have any video yet! Just some crummy grainy video from the *snore* hallway!

I don't think Mom is gonna come home for lunch but she said we're gonna walk to the lake before she runs errands.

We have new neighbours! They have two dogs that look like cousin Bertha!! I met them and they are very nice but a little scared, I made the girl pee, I didn't mean to, I was just saying hi, but I know how that is, I used to do that, too. So I backed off and will try again next time I see them.

Mom said this weekend she will be home and we are gonna go to the pet store cuz I got a birthday card from there and can get a $5 gift!! BOL I'm excited!! I want a new squeaky! She said we're cleaning, too, which means maybe I can invite Sam over to play on Sunday!!


Hoping for more Walkies!

November 1st 2011 6:40 am
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Mom blew me off at lunch yesterday but she said she had a LOT of work going on and PROMISED she would come home today to walk me at lunch. She also better remember to get me food, I'm on my last dish! She said she may get me some treats, too, because she found some Lamb & Apple treats that may not upset my tummy!!

We walked to the Lake yesterday but mom and Sammie's mom are being mean and won't let us run off leash! Something about it being "too dark" -meh whatevs yknow? We need to run and beat each other up.

We do play in the hallway at our apartment though, which is a lot of fun and mom thinks it's safer until it's colder and she knows no one will be at the dog park. I can't wait for snow! It will be a lot of fun to run with Sam in the snow!

I miss Monkey, though. Mom said I may not get to see Monkey for awhile because he doesn't have a ride over. I didn't get to see him Friday and mom's not sure if he's going to be in a puppy slumber party with me over Thanksgiving :*(


Boring Wednesday

October 27th 2011 4:53 am
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It was kind of boring for a Wednesday. Miss Kim walked me and I got to play with Sammie after work, but other than that, mom tidied up the kitchen and I played with my Linkables and barked at the dogs that aggravate me, stared at others that don't bother me and napped a lot.

Mom and I went on a car ride while she ran a couple errands -that was fun- but her back seat is getting dirty and there's a lot of dog hair back there and she really needs to take it and get it cleaned. She said after Friday since brother Monkey is coming over tomorrow and we will be muddy and dirty and hairy and probably very very wet if we get to go to the dog park.

I HOPE no other dogs are there so we can have free reign again!!

I met to wiener dogs this morning. They are insane. They bark and bark and squeal and pull on their leash and their mom gets all frazzled and upset.

There's a pug that does not like me at all. I totally ignore it (probably hates me more when I do that! BOL!!) and it goes insane on its leash and somehow drags its mom and dad around, runs in circles and mom complains this is why she HATES retractable leashes. That dog's gonna break it one day and end up on the losing end of an attack on a bigger dog like me, or hang itself while it's pawrents are too busy texting and smoking. Gross!


Mom & I are cool again

October 26th 2011 5:24 am
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I didn't stay angry at mom for very long BOL! When she got home from work I was very very huggy and clingy and we went on our usual walks, I helped mom work out (I supervise) and then we hung out. Mom loaded up my Linkables after evening walkies and I was exhausted and passed out.

Mom said Miss Kim is going to walk me today. That means I get to see Sammie!!!! WOOOFS!!!!!

Mom also said that it's pretty definite that Monkey is coming over Friday!!! WOOOOOFFFFSSS!!! I'm so excited!! I can't wait!! Mom said rain, snow, shine, mud, swamp, no matter if there's no dogs at the park Friday morning, we get to go off leash and beat the crap out of each other!! I wish Sammie could come but mom reminded me Sammie doesn't like to get too wet or dirty. When I play with Monkey, my Diva Attitude gets tossed to the winds!! I'm gonna get muddy and smell and shake all over everyone!! BOL!!


Not Happy!

October 25th 2011 6:42 am
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I am very upset with mom!

She left early this morning and then she got to see Sammie and I didn't! I let her know I was VERY UPSET but she didn't come back and get me so _I_ could see my friend! That was no fair! Sammie's mom and my mom stood BY THE PATIO and talked why Sammie got to sniff around and I WAS STUCK INSIDE!!!!! OH I let mom know I was VERY UPSET!!!! Now I'm pouting and wondering if mom's gonna come home at lunch or ignore me again like she did yesterday and not come home until after work!

I did get to go to the lake yesterday but mom wouldn't let us play! It sucks! She kept telling me it was too dark and I can't go off leash when it's dark cuz there's too many deer and other animals SHE can't see and Sammie is all black and blends in and blah blah just more excuses to be mean!!

Mom said that Brother Monkey may be coming over Friday. Geez I wonder if we'll get to play then or if I'll get more excuses! >:[


Fun Weekend!

October 24th 2011 8:06 am
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I got to play a lot with Sammie this weekend and finally yesterday we got to run off leash in the park! We were so excited to be free we raced right at mom and plowed into her and she has an awesome bruise on her leg!! It was so cool and funny! Miss Kim was laughing so hard we thought we'd run Mach-10 into her, too but she didn't face plant like mom did!! BOL!!!!!

I also got to see Kingston yesterday morning then Creeper Rose and her psycho dog Spirit came around the corner and Rose let Spirit loose!!!!! She just let go of the leash!! Spirit raced to all of us, Kingston's mom gasped and I ran in front of my mom because Spirit was growling and fangs were bared and no way I was gonna let that crazy dog near my mom! Mom pulled me away and we went between some cars, mom said some not-so-very-nice things and we went home and I got lots of love and cookies for going Cujo on the crazy woman and her dog. Mom thinks that woman's an idiot but is also glad she didn't get bit. I am too. Mom would not be a very nice neighbour to them if that happened or if something happens to me because Spirit and her mom are imbeciles!!

Wonder if mom's gonna come home for lunch walkies today. She said unlikely this week as she has a lot of work stuff BUT that she will be home for playing and lots of walkies to make up for it. I hope so! I miss my mom!


Mom got really upset with me :*(

October 18th 2011 4:58 am
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So yesterday Miss Kim came to walk me and we walked Sonic twice! It really confused me and threw me off my routine! I kept trying to look back and tell her "we're supposed to go this way" but we walked around again!! It's okay though, it was still a lot of fun and I got to play with Sammie.

Then finally mom came home and she was getting ready to workout when the people come with those dogs that I don't get along with and TWO of them were on MY PATIO!!!! I got so upset I raced to the window and pushed through the blinds and jumped up on the glass and then ran at the glass again and sent some of the blinds flying. Then I heard mom bark at me really loud and she was ANGRY!!!

I immediately ran to my blankies and sat down. She yelled at me good! I laid down and kept to myself until it was time for walkies. Mom was really mad!

On walkies I kept pulling and trying to sniff things and didn't listen to mom at all! We kept having to stop and turn around, stop and turn around and I just kept defying mom and wanting to run around and sniff things so then I didn't get to run in the park!!

Mom's so mean! She said she wouldn't let me run free and play with Sammie because I wasn't listening to her and she was afraid I would defy her and not listen and get hurt! So we went back home and Sammie and I wrestled and played in the hallway instead. Then when we were done, I didn't even get my linkables! I ALWAYS get my Linkables after walkies but mom said "no". I begged but she said "no". So I pouted on my blankets until bed. I was mad at mom. I slept in the hallway. She's no fun!

I didn't like that she left this morning for work. I sat by the TV and shook but she left anyway. This sucks!


Wow I feel so light and fluffy!!

October 13th 2011 5:07 am
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Aunt Jamie groomed Monkey with a FURminator and he looks as little as me!! He was all fur! He even lost his booty! His looks svelte like mine now! Since I'm shedding like mad, mom decided to take me to Petsmart and we picked one up for me. Mom filled the Petsmart bag with hair and we still need to do more of my butt!!! Mom says my hair is really soft now and I noticed I'm not really as itchy -just on my belly where my stitches were from when I was a puppy but that's because I run and play really hard and mom needs to go buy me more Bag Balm -Udder Cream burns and feels nasty I don't like it!

Mom said something about trimming the hair between my cushies now that it's wet again, she doesn't want me getting athlete's paw again BUT I HATE GETTING MY CUSHIE HAIR TRIMMED!!! IT'S SO SCARY!!!! Then she wants to take me to the doctor so they can trim my nails!!!!!!!! I HATE HAVING THAT DONE!!!!!!!!!! I love getting brushed but I HATE this other stuff why do I have to have it done!?!??!? I HATE IT!!!!

BUT mom said if I was really good she would buy me a new antler... I dunno if I can be bribed at this point. We'll see.

I wonder if Miss Kim is gonna walk me again today. I get a little moody about it at first but once we get going, I have a lot of fun walking with Sammie -though we try to play and wrestle, she doesn't let us unless she AND mom are there to keep an eye on us. We DO get a little carried away BOL!!!

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