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Charges Upgraded on Patrick's Abuser

April 1st 2011 6:09 am
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Thank the gods! To "torment and torture"

I hope this bitch woman rots in the unquenchable flames of hell

Patrick looks better and better though.


More videos posted!

April 1st 2011 5:35 am
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I'm so excited! Mom finally pulled the videos from her phone and uploaded them to my blog earlier! This is when I was just learning how to play with 2 Linkable pieces. I'm up to 3 now but mom hasn't taken video yet. Here's where you go...

Last night I got brushed and got a wipe-down bath and my ears and eyes and everything cleaned I look so pretty! Mom uploaded pictures to her Facebook but not on here yet. She said the free accounts don't show enough but she may make an album for me on her Picassa account so my non-Facebook pup pals can see my pix too!!

I miss my brother Monkey and wrestling with him and running around at Gammy's house. Mom keeps trying for a play date but no one seems interested. This makes me sad but it's okay.

Last night mom and I walked to Starbucks (about a mile round trip) and she redeemed her coupon for a free latte and I got a free plain biscotti for being cute and well-behaved. I wouldn't eat it until mom gave it to me at home, I don't take treats from strangers. I'm still not good with people approaching us or talking to me, but if they ignore me, I do okay and don't get scared. I was very nervous though and shaking but I got through it and we walked home where I got lots of chest rubs and praise and a dish of chicken and rice then I got my biscotti and went to bed. It was fun.


Excellent Quote

March 31st 2011 6:15 am
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He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals. – Immanuel Kant


Update on Patrick

March 31st 2011 6:08 am
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Here's the link to the report on Patrick... he IS looking better and I'm glad they caught the bitch that did this to him... but $1,000 OR 6 mos in jail? Disgusting. Mom and I agree, what was done to Patrick should be done to her. THEN, after she's allowed to recover, SHE should be financially responsible for all of Patrick's care and recovery and expenses and trained in how to express dogs anal glands as THAT should be her community service. (and be supervised of course) ed-in-the-case-of-starved-garbage-chute-dog/#comments

And if you're here via mom's Facebook and and think it's a fair penalty because Patrick is "just a dog", keep it to yourself. People like this are sick and need help or at least be tazed. Repeatedly.


Saw cousin Spanky's twin today!

March 30th 2011 6:22 am
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So me and mom were on our morning Perimeter Patrol and it was fairly uneventful until I saw this little Jack Russell Terrier trotting towards us. I tried to tell mom, but she was ignoring it so I let out a warning "woof" and she finally turned around to see this little white thing coming right for us. Mom put me behind her and grabbed the little guy's collar until his owners came running over to retrieve him.

Mom thought for sure I was going to go Cujo on it, but I just let mom handle it and stayed behind her. I was curious about it but I heard mom tell the owners that I tend to be reactive and she didn't want the little dog getting hurt. The owners said he was a friendly little guy but old and not too bright about other dogs warning growls, but I just stood by and let mom deal with it. After, she gave me lots of pets and praise cuz I didn't freak out like I have in the past.

Immediately after, we turned to go home and a neighbour came out with a German Shepherd and a Chihuahua. They looked at me. I looked at them. Mom waited until they got across the road and we went home. She told me how good I was because I just looked at all these dogs and didn't react. Then I got some broiled chicken breast and steamed rice for breakfast!!!

I can't wait for our lunch time Perimeter Patrol!! I'm gonna go terrorize the cat and then take a nap. Tonight is Spa Night, too.


So many people today!

March 29th 2011 10:34 am
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Mom went to a website called MapMyWalk and put in our Perimeter Sweep and other details and it turns out we are walking .82 miles every time I have a "Power Walk"! Since we do that at least 4x a day, I'm walking a little more than 3 miles a day!!

Today at lunch there were a lot of people. The gas company was reading meters. Other neighbour pawrents were taking their pups for walkies. I was on walkies, too. A man was walking home with groceries and there were lots of kids on bikes. There was lots going on to make me nervous but I didn't bark too much and mom promised none of them would hurt me and they didn't!

Mom says my threshold is getting better. It used to be well over 100 feet and now I can usually be okay with about 30-40 feet. Under that and I still get very uptight and nervous.

Mom also calls me Gladys Kravitz now because any time I hear anything outside, I run to the sliding doors and shove my nose thru the blinds and peep to see what's going on. I don't bark as much as I used to, but I do still go crazy whenever the Dixie Stampede comes or goes. They just make a whole lot of noise and I just want them to be quiet!


Today I get another link!

March 25th 2011 7:37 am
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I'm up to 3 links now, 2 elbows and a twisty piece. I LOVE my linkables even though mom is afraid I'm going to throw them through the television. I have hit Neko a couple times but she just hisses and runs under the futon.

I'm short on time, mom's coming home soon for our lunch time Power Walk so I have to go fluff my tail and get ready but here's a video mom made of me and Monkey playing with our Linkables when Monkey first got introduced to them. He's silly. Mom has more videos of me but hasn't had time to put them on my blog yet. with_linkables


This is so horrible

March 24th 2011 5:33 am
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This is gutwrenching. ed-dog-rescued-after-thrown-down-garbage-chute/

People are a-holes.


Lunch with Mom

March 23rd 2011 12:35 pm
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I wanted to chase it!
I wanted to catch it!
I wanted to throw it around and kill it!

But mom wouldn't let me.

I got a cube of turkey breast instead.

How effin lame.


Monkey and I are split up

March 23rd 2011 7:05 am
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I'm getting used to it, but I miss my brother, Monkey. We used to have a lot of fun hanging out and playing when our people were at work. Now I'm across town, in an apartment and I'm getting used to it, but I miss my brother.

Mom and I go on walks every day, though and we are up to 2miles a day. I LOVE our Power Walks! There's so much to sniff, see, and do where we live now. There's so many dogs around, mom says it's really cool to be around so many other dog people but she gets mad people don't pick up their poop. It IS kind of gross, but I do my best not to step in it. Mom grumbles about it a lot, but we saw the landscapers cleaning a lot of it up so maybe now that there's no snow, it will get cleaned up more.

I learned a new word since I moved. "Exfoliate!" After I go potty, I wipe my paws. Mom says I'm "exfoliating" because it keeps my cushies soft.

I'm also getting really good at "loose leash" walking. I'm getting the hang of it. If I'm on pavement, I need to walk right by mom's side but in the grass she lets me wander a bit. It's cool. I LOVE our power walks because people tell mom how good I am and proud I walk now compared to when I first moved in and was nervous.

I still get very bored, though. Mom is back at work full time but comes home to visit me at lunch and we go on power walks before she eats and goes back to work. But I still get lonely without Monkey.

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