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Java's Somewhat Daily Dish

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New Home

January 20th 2009 7:13 am
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Finally, a real home instead of a small confined area and I didn't come home alone! The other human that came in with my adoptive mom brought home my brother! ^_^

She named me Java and taught me how to "sit", "come", "down", and yesterday we started working on "stay". I still get excited, though, and don't want to wait for treats.

My brother's name is Monkey.

They got us a big crate and it took me a little while to get used to it, I'd rather be with my mom, but it's warm and cozy and me and my brother fall asleep pretty quickly.

Mom taught me how to bark to go outside to go potty, though I forget and just run to the gate and whine, but she figured it out. Sometimes she asks me what I want but I don't answer, I need to get outside ASAP!!

I didn't get to meet my cousin Bertha (in my corral) yet, but I got to meet my other cousins, Spanky, Cleatus, Buster and Peanut. And I live with a cat, too, Neko, but Neko is very angry and makes mean growling noises and hissing noises and spits and swats at me. I just wanted to sniff her butt!! She comes by and watches me and Monkey play, but doesn't want to play with us yet.

Today is the first day mom left me alone confined to the kitchen because she felt being stuck in the crate for 8 hours would be too hard on my need to stay clean. She's worried me and Monkey will trash the kitchen, eat the table and paw paint our poop everywhere.


Shredding paper is fun!!!

January 21st 2009 7:08 am
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I discovered that when you run really fast and stop on paper, you slide! WHAT FUN!!! I also learned that it's fun to shred!!!!

I don't understand why mom tells me to stop! I know to use the paper to potty, but it's so much fun to fling the paper everywhere! It makes such awesome noise!!!

It's also fun to tackle Monks when he's trying to pee on the paper. It makes me laugh, he gets mad, but then he tackles me when I try to poop and then we both get all dirty and both our moms get mad, make us split up, then we get baths and get to nap in the crate. I didn't like that crate at first but now I like it, it's warm and quiet. And Monks gets mad and hits me with his paw when I whine too long. Mom and Aunt Jamie think it's funny, but I don't so I bite Monks. But if we're quiet, we get treats. I like that so we are both quiet in our crate as much as possible.

I love playing in the snow and told mom yesterday I wanted to go outside to pee and poop. She was so happy and I got to tackle Monks in the snow. It was a lot of fun!


My mom needs a clue

January 22nd 2009 7:36 am
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Mom really needs a clue. I'm not Monks, I'm not laid back and content as easily as he is. I need mental stimulation, I need to learn more tricks, I'm getting bored. I have way more energy than Monks does, Mom better learn to start challenging me or I'm going to go insane.

I'm also getting pushy because Mom said I need "four on the floor" to get petted. I can't help it though! I get so excited after not seeing her all day that I just want to play, run in circles around the table and give puppy kisses and learn new things, so I jump up and down for joy. I was so excited but she won't respond to me, though, until I sit down and wait or at least get all my paws on the floor.


I learned a new trick!

January 23rd 2009 5:15 am
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Aunt Jamie calls my new trick "the sprinkler"... I found it is great fun to take the newspaper, grab it and shake it really hard. It makes cool noise, shreds, and it just so much fun to throw around the room!!!!

I guess mom gets mad because it's the paper me and Monkey use to pee and poo on, but so what?! It's FUN to grab the paper and shake it and throw it around! It's also fun to run to it, stop fast and slide right into the gate! Me and Monks could do that all day. We've been careful not to get poop on ourselves!

My tummy is still upset, I think mom is going to try pumpkin in my food today because the doctor said I'm parasite free, so we don't know why my poops are so runny. Next week we go for more shots, so mom said if it's not better, we'll have the doctor check things again.

I gotta go, Monks is biting me and dragging me away from the computer.


Scary stuff

January 26th 2009 5:36 am
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Last night I ate dinner, but then I stopped and felt weird. I whimpered a little, jumped into mom's lap so she could make me feel better, then she said "oh no, get sick on the floor, not me" put me down and I threw up all my dinner. Mom said I need to learn to chew my food, not scarf n barf and took my food away until later.

I took a nap and felt better and had a little kibble snack stuffed into my kong before bed. Monkey and I slept a lot Sunday because Saturday we had two play dates and lots of romping in the snow. Mom worries too much that I'll fall into the pond or the pool because I don't know my surroundings yet, so she kept me on that stupid leash.

Saturday I got to see my cousins, Spanky and Cleatus, we played, Spanky kept us in line, she doesn't take any crap, and I think we make Cleatus nervous, but he did better this time. We all played and I got cuddled and kissed a lot by Aunt Jen and Uncle Joey. It was a lot of fun.

They have weird creatures in their house, too, that wag their tails then grow and hiss at us. Me and Monks don't get it, they swat at our noses, we just want to play!

Then we saw our uncles, Buster and Peanut, and Gammy bought us blankets for our crates! Gammy hugged us and kissed us but Gampy said I whine too much and am annoying. He likes Monkey better, but later he petted my head anyway. I was sad Gampy didn't like me but Mom said it's because he's crabby and uncomfortable around puppies.


Fetch is fun!

January 27th 2009 5:11 am
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Mom's been teaching me and Monks "fetch". I love it! She squeaks the toy, throws it, and I run and grab it and bring it back. She's also teaching me "mine", so I let go of the toy, but she also makes me play "mine" when I shred paper and have some in my mouth. She does this when I pick up other things, too. Since I sometimes get a treat, so far I've given everything up.

This morning was very scary. I went outside and pooped but some stuck to me and I ran to Aunt Jamie not knowing what to do. I cried, saying "look! there's poop on my butt I dunno what to do!!!!" and Aunt Jamie cleaned me up. I think, when I got scared, I stepped in some, too, because she had to clean my paws. I hate stepping in poop and I sure don't like poop stuck to me. HOW GROSS!! BUT, I'll play on the paper even though we've peed on it.

Mom's also teaching us "stay" and the longer we stay, we get a treat! I LOVE school! It's so much fun! Then I get puppy ADD and want to bite Monks, so school doesn't seem to last very long, maybe 15 minutes.


More snow!

January 28th 2009 5:14 am
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When mom first got me, I hated the cold, I'd shiver, it felt bad and I didn't like it. Now, with the snow, I love it! Monks and I could play for an hour on the deck. It's so much fun and tastes good, too! I just wish we had a bigger place to run but mom said this weekend we could go to Aunt Jen's and play in their yard.

Mom's getting better at knowing my way of letting her know I have to go outside. I still pee on the paper when I'm not shredding and eating it, but I'd rather go outside. During the day, I hold my poop all day until Mom gets home and lets us out. Monks had an accident in the house this morning and didn't use the paper, but it wasn't his fault, he tried to tell mom but she was in another room. She put us in our crate and cleaned the floor.

I don't know why she crates us, we just try to help her clean things up but she gets mad, saying the stuff she cleans with isn't safe for Javas or Monkeys. Monkey is cool with that but I get upset, I just want to help her clean up our mess!!


I didn't mean it!

January 29th 2009 6:10 am
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Last night mom was working on "fetch" and "mine" with me and Monks. I got a little carried away and when she went to take the squeaky duck, I thought she wanted to tug so I bit down harder on the toy and her thumb got in the way and I bit hard enough to puncture her thumb and she bled a little.

She yelled and I got really scared and dropped the duck and laid down next to her. I then stood up and started frantically licking her hand and her face telling her I was really sorry! I bite Monks way harder but I guess people are sensitive!

I felt so bad I made sure I was good girl the rest of the night, no teeth at all, not even a nip. I sat every time she looked at me, too. I didn't mean to hurt mom. She didn't mad, either. After she washed her hand, she petted me and said it was ok, but to be careful about teeth when there's hands around.


Lots of fun!

January 30th 2009 4:37 am
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I love to shred paper and eat it. Mom gets mad at me, says it's gross. I also love to chew on the cedar chips, so mom and Aunt Jamie are cleaning all of it up because they said too much of it is bad for me. So I decided to chew on the cabinet corners instead, that's more fun than a nylabone, but then mom got mad and sprayed some nasty stuff on it. I don't like it but Monkey does.

When I get too tired, I don't listen and I get really bratty. Mom had to put me in the crate for a time out this morning because I wouldn't listen and kept chewing up the paper and trying to eat it. I'm just not in the mood to listen, I like doing what I want when I want. Mom said something about puppy-proofing her room and that me and Monks are getting isolated one-on-one time with our moms for school with no more distractions.

She also said she's going to make me get used to that thing she puts around my neck and that stupid leash. I don't want to!!!! I don't like those things, they make me scratch a lot and they make me angry! Mom said "tough, deal with it!" She's being mean to me lately. Monks says it's because I don't just shut up and listen like he does. Why should I? It's not fun!

Me and Monks got to meet Skip and Candy yesterday, they live in the den next door. They really liked us, said we were cute little fuzzballs and they were nice but I was scared. Monks said I need to toughen up that new people are fun to say hi to, that they pet you and talk nice to you. There's another den behind ours and a guy said I was very cute so I barked for him.


What a fun weekend!!

February 2nd 2009 5:08 am
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Sorry to my pup pals, my mom meant to help me blog this weekend, but we were very busy and she hasn't been feeling well from sleep deprivation.

This weekend me and Monks were very busy. We went to the doctor Saturday morning. They gave us our shots, examined us again, gave us lots of treats and cuz our nails are black, the doctor showed our moms how to trim them so we don't get hurt. I didn't like it much but I did get some treats.

All the staff at the doctor's office swooned over Monks and me. This ugly poodle got all in my face, she was pushy and her mom refused to control her, so my mom said something and then picked me up. I like to meet new friends slowly, not when they stampede to me and shove their noses between my legs before I even get to sniff their faces! How RUDE!! Monks just swatted at the thing and it left him alone. He said it was ugly and rude, too.

Then after that, we went to the pet store and Monks got a new crate. I need a new one too but mom said it would have to wait a couple days and that I could borrow Bear's old crate. I didn't mind, it was roomier than Neko's crate. We went to Gammy and Gampy's and had a play date with our uncles Buster and Peanut and when Buster would try to punch me, mom said it was ok to tell him off and stand my ground so I did. He hurts when he punches!!

Sunday we went to Aunt Jen and Uncle Joey's to play with Spanky and Cleatus and I got to RUN through the snow in their big yard. I LOVE TO RUN!!!!!!! Monks got tired but I could run and run and run. Cleatus is big, I wanted to play but he got angry. Mom said it's because he's so big and I'm still little that it makes him nervous. I just wanted to play; Cleatus is sooooo cool! I followed Spanky all around, she's got the diva role down and I just want to follow in her paw prints. I pranced behind her any time I wasn't running through the snow.

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