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More bunnehs!!

April 25th 2013 4:32 am
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Wow I thought I went crazy and got on high alert for bunnehs but Sammie really gets into her hunting mode! We saw a bunneh on walkies last night and both of us tried to take off after it and our moms stopped us! We wanted so bad to go off-leash and track it! Mom said I get too focused and there's too much traffic and way too much danger so I could only pull on my leash and wag my tail and Sammie whined and puppy barked then we just gave up. It really IS totally NOT fair.


Geese and Bunnies

April 23rd 2013 4:12 am
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Mom's silly she thinks she can distract me from a bunny by saying things like "no bunny! that's an ugly kitteh!" BOL as if! Sometimes I believed her but then I catch its scent and I KNOW! I KNOW IT'S A BUNNEH!!! I am obsessed with bunnies!! I want to chase them! They give the BEST chases but I've only ever caught one and that's because all my cousins and brother were helping. Everyone's moms and dads were a bit upset though when we all came home covered in fur and blood and said it was a bit unfair that 6 dogs ran down one bunneh and was so fast the humans couldn't respond quick enough. So now I have the taste for the chase, I'm crazy when it comes to bunnehs!


Monkey Visited!!!

April 15th 2013 4:19 am
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Me and Monkey had a play date on Saturday and it was pawsome fun! We wrestled and chased the kitty and each other and it was a LOT of fun!! I miss my brother! He needs to visit more but he's been really busy with the new additions to his family, a step-sister Gaia and TWO kitties, Thor and Keno! I haven't met Gaia yet but I am supposed to at the park in the next couple weeks.

I hate to say it, but mom's probably right, I AM a bit smitten with Granite, a Shiba Inu that lives in our community. Monkey startled Granite's daddy so I didn't get to say hi. Monkey tends to be a bit more reactive than me and if you don't know him, you'd think he was Cujo. BOL!1



April 11th 2013 4:34 am
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Me and Sammie were NOT pleased last night! Scary storms, lots of rain, we didn't want to walk let alone go potty in it! It feels gross on my cushies!! Wet muddy grassy and heavy rain, scary thunder and lightening!! Not a fan.

Yesterday was mayhem. Mom dashed home because some stranger was trying to get into the apartment and me and Riley were very upset. Mom struggled to get Riley into his crate and said he needed to be more like me, trust mom and let her get us geared up so we can be safe when we leave the apartment. Mom said it was a man to spray for spiders and inspections because there's too many bugs which brings the spiders and that our neighbours are borderline hoarders with way too much junk.

Riley wasn't happy, he complained a lot while mom put us in the car to keep us safe. I wasn't thrilled but I trust mom. Riley, not so much. He tried to climb a wall BOL!!! Mom was annoyed but after a short time we were allowed back home but Riley wasn't allowed out because he crawls and climbs on everything but mom put a towel down by the patio door to keep our paws safe from chemicals and we were allowed to sit there and look outside.


It was HOT!

April 10th 2013 5:18 am
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I'm not used to super hot weather and it was close to 80deg after being in the 30s for months on end. Me and Sammie were so hot our moms decided to make a shorter walk and we chose to do the lake in the evening. I was SO WIPED OUT when we got home that I passed out, sprawled on the living room floor like a speed bump. The cat used me as a hurdle while he had his evening snits and I couldn't care less. I was beat.


I hate Mondays

April 8th 2013 5:30 am
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cuz Mondays mom goes back to work and it just SUCKS! And that CAT... he doesn't SHUT UP! BOL! He has taken to thwapping my nose and attacking my tail and then being all cute about it! I smacked him this morning because he's just too dang noisy about getting breakfast! Mom's not gonna let us starve, but he thinks it's the end of the world if his wet food isn't presented at the same exact moment every morning. Yeesh.

Mom got mad at him last night because there was a BIG SPIDER in his room and he didn't slay it. Mom had to, and she wasn't pleased.


Creepers in the Dumpster

April 4th 2013 7:08 am
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Me and mom see the strangest things on our walks sometimes!! Saturday there was a creepy guy following us around but we mostly ignored it and then went for a car ride and the creepy guy was forgotten.

Last night Sammie's mom told my mom there was as weird guy in the dumpster with a knife cutting up a mattress. She went upstairs and got Reggie's mom on her way. They watched from Sammie's room then called the cops. I was upset I wasn't with mom but she said I was safe locked up at home (just downstairs anyway) but mom brought her pepper spray and tazer and I've been on high alert in case he comes back. We told Bishop and Granite's moms, too, to be careful and to call the police.

Mom said maybe this weekend I could get to see Sammie's new home since her mom and dad are getting a house! Sammie insists SHE is getting the house for her and her brother Luke, but humans think it's about them. BOL


Pawsome weekend!

April 1st 2013 5:56 am
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Thanks everyone for my zealie gifties and whatnot! Monkey's mom doesn't let him online as much but I know he's grateful for the love, too!

I had a pawsome weekend with mom! I got to play with Granite, Reggie, and Sammie quite a few times. There's a little jack russell I think his name is scooter, I played with him. I met two new pups that live in another building and a little runt that's friends with Peanut and Li'l Bit. I was wary of it, I have squeakies bigger than this thing, but I was still very gentle and submissive so I didn't scare it.

I chased a ground hog and a stray kitty.

Me and Sammie walked the lake and chest bumped a lot but mom won't let me off leash because there's too many geese and she says I'll get ADD and forget to listen.

I'm still anxious when mom left for work this morning and she ignored me!! Mom told me yesterday that our trainer, Holly, told mom that she's not to acknowledge when I get nervous and stressed when mom leaves for work, that she's just to leave or it encourages me to still be scared. She also told mom that I will have some random setbacks but it will pass as long as she's consistent and keeps me on a solid routine.

Now, if that dang cat would just stop singing and shut up maybe I could sleep off my nervousness! BOL!!



March 27th 2013 9:37 am
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I don't want mom to leave. I'm very upset and stressed out. My anxiety is very high! I dunno how to tell mom what's wrong either.



March 25th 2013 4:48 am
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This morning we woke up and when mom opened Riley's window for him she showed me how much it snowed!!! Mom said if Sammie feels better from over-eating mulch at the park last week we can go when she gets home from work! OMD I'M SO EXCITED!!!! I wanted to go NOW and Sammie said OK but our MOMS both said "no" cuz they have to go to work. Whatever "work" is, I hate it, it take mom away from me and snow days!!

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