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New pics!

September 20th 2009 6:33 pm
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I got some pictures taken by a professional photographer today and it didn't cost Mom a thing! Her new step son in law took them. Mom and I went to the mall yesterday so that we could work on my snapping. I was good with the adults, at least after a bit, but lost my patience with the kids ( opps). I was good to the photographer today though, and I have only met him a few times. Mom is going to take some dogster advice and keep me away from the kids for a bit and get me used to them little by little .


Paws for the cause walk

September 12th 2009 1:20 pm
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Today Mom , Dad and I walked to raise money for the spca and awareness of cruelty to animals ( Mom walked me and Dad wore a sign , that was funny bol) . Mom and I entered a judging contest and although I didnt win, the judge said in spite of my nervousness , I was very well behaved. Mom was very proud! The only thing she wasnt proud of was that I am proving over and over again that I dont like children. I will let them put their hand out for me to sniff me but if they try to to pet me, I snap at them . I dont hurt them but it sure scares them! I am ok with children who dont pay attention to me though. I cant help it , I just dont like them , Mom!


What I did this summer...

August 26th 2009 4:26 am
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I have nowbeen in my new home longer than I was in my old one. Its great here! I have learned I should only bark when people come to the door. Mom worked with me all summer on meeting new dogs and people. They arent so very scary . We went for bike rides and then for walks almost every night. I sat on mom or dads lap and listened to music down by the waterfront quite a few times. Its been quite a busy and fun filled summer! Mom says soon I will be going to something called obedience class and hopefully get a diploma called CGC. She is also brainstorming how to keep me busy this winter when I may not be able to go out. Summer in my now not so new home has been wonderful!


Pretty pink harness

July 4th 2009 7:07 pm
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Mom went to some place called walmart the day before yesterday and bought me a pretty pink harness. I slipped my paws out of the other one a couple of times ( both times in the car thank dog) , which made mom kind of nervous. So today she took me to the park and I fell into a puddle and got my pretty pink harness all dirty. I keep trying to tell mom I am a tomboy!


5 months!

June 10th 2009 4:44 pm
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I have now been here for 5 months and I am doing great! I am barking a whole lot less and being a pretty good doggie bol. Mom says if only she could train me to stop shedding!


No longer a puppy!

May 18th 2009 4:00 pm
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My birthday was Tuesday May 12 and I turned one! I didnt get any presents . Mom said something about I already had a bunch of new things bol. Bunny mentioned something in his diary about ice cream for both of us but it hasnt happened yet. Today Mom took me for a walk in the woods . Ok its just a patch of trees , but it looked like a forest to me. The scary part was before the woods, in our backyard. The BBQ cover blowing in the wind was very spooky. I recovered quickly as I am a very brave girl.


4 month new home anniversary!

May 5th 2009 7:00 pm
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Something was nagging Mom all day about May 5, but she couldnt put her finger on it because there are alot of birthdays in May , included hers and ours bol. Finally she remembered! I have been here for 4 months. Life is good here too and I am trying really hard to be a good doggie and succeding more and more bol.


Merry Chase

May 3rd 2009 3:50 pm
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Yesterday , I decided that Mom needed a bit of excercise. When she put Bunny out for his pee, I slipped out the door. Mom ran after me, calling "Princess come look at this", but I was having too much fun to come. Then a car went by on the road and I think Mom got scared that I would go on the road and yelled "NO!" , so I immediately lay down and rolled over on my back and she picked me up. My fun was over. I heard Mom tell someone about it and they thought it was funny. Mom thought the neigbours must have had a good laugh, but she wasnt laughing for some reason. She told Dad from now on when Bunny goes out , I have to stay in the house. ( We were all out on the sunporch when I took off.)


Sick mom

April 25th 2009 6:06 pm
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Mom has been sick with a cold since Thurs , so no outings for me this weekend. Last weekend I went to the pet store and got a new collar. A pink Harley Davidson one to match Bunnys black one! Then mom got a decoration called a dog tag to put on it. We also went to the second hand store where there were lots of teenage girls and they gave me lots of attention. Mom went there alone today, she had to go out to buy me and Bunny some food... oh yeah the humans needed some too bol. Anyway, on her way home she bought me this weird thing she calls a playpen. I am supposed to sleep in it tonight. Mom sure has some weird ideas.


A Real Chi!

April 16th 2009 7:05 pm
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On the weekend, Mom, Dad and I were heading for the car, and these two big furballs ( Mom said they were terriers) came charging at me in my own yard! I stood my ground and barked like crazy. They just looked at me. Then Mom made me get in the car and they went away. I was a big brave girl and that will teach Mom to say in a dogster forum that I would hide behind her if there ever was a threat.

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