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Slight problem last night but working on it

June 7th 2011 4:25 pm
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As Mom wrote for me, OB class went well fairly well last night except for one thing. I did snap at 2 dogs that got too close to me. They were a lot bigger than me. Mom decided to work with me at home about it. Tonight we biked down to the waterfront park and took my walk. She let me greet the small dogs and treated me every time I was nice. I air snapped at one dog, but Mom pulled me back. Then I went back over wagging my tail and being nice, so I got a treat. By the 3rd dog, I went over, sniffed her, then ran over to Mom for my treat bol.


First day of school

June 6th 2011 3:57 pm
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I went to school tonight. It was a little scary and interesting at the same time. There were big dogs there, but the instructor told everyone to give me my space. The little noisemaker that Mom called a clicker was kind of scary , but I got lots of treats when it made a noise and I saw the other dogs did too. We did a lot of walking around in circles and sitting down. I got lots of tiny treats for that too. The instructor told mom I did really good.


Going to school?

June 4th 2011 6:43 pm
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I heard Mom tell a couple of people I would be going to school starting Monday. Hmmm, I wonder what that will be like? Apparently there is a test in 6 weeks that she wants me to be ready for. I am kind of anxious for Monday to find out what that is all about.


A semi busy weekend

February 20th 2011 11:37 am
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Yesterday Mom gave me a bath and today I went for a walk. I am not sure how I feel about either of those things. Baths are not my favorite thing but they are ok. I feel nice and clean after, but standing there getting water poured all over me isn't my idea of a grand time. Same with the walk. I needed a sweater and my parka and I had to walk in the snow. I much prefer wearing just my harness and being able to run in the grass. At least I am clean and got some fresh air.


Belated anniversary

January 14th 2011 2:16 pm
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It just dawned on Mom today. My gotcha day was Jan 5. I have been with my forever family now for 2 years! Yay! In Mom's defense, she had alot on her mind. I have turned into an awesome member of the family, according to Mom.


Routine vet visit

November 5th 2010 3:01 pm
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Mom took me to the vet today. It wasn't the same one as when I lived with my first family. That was quite awhile back. The vet put a muzzle on me cause I got snappy. I didn't even cry when the she poked me with a needle. After that she wanted to see my teeth. I showed them to her, muhaha! The vet said I was a perfect weight at 5.4 pounds. Yay! Watching my girlish figure paid off! Mom was very proud of me. I behaved really well in the waiting room. I met a cat and let a man pet me *bats eyelashes*. He thought I had very calm diposition. Mom told him that I am always well behaved when she brings me somewhere. Its just in the house I get a little rowdy bol.


Some dogs just don't like the dog park

September 23rd 2010 4:38 pm
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Mom hasn't written in my diary for a long time. Shame on you, Mom! As Bunny said in his diary, we know have our own yard. I love it! We also got a dog park. That, I don't love so much. Mom brought me twice, but I just stayed in the corner and told the other dogs to leave me alone when they came to check me out. Then we went to the regualar park and Mom put my training leash on and let me run. That was so much more fun than the icky old dog park!


New name!

March 6th 2010 3:56 am
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Mom has been toying with the idea of changing my name for a long time now. She thought since I am supposed to be a purebred it would be ok to have a fancy name and a call name. Lily was one of the names my first mom liked and my forever mom did too. Mom had suggested Princess Lily but they stuck with just Princess. Actually, since they are French, the proper spelling of my name is Princesse. Mom has decided to give me the name *she* picked. You guys can still call me Princess(e) bol.


Bath day again

November 15th 2009 3:26 pm
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Mom figured I was overdue for a bath and since it was raining and we were all stuck in the house, she figured it was a good day. She had been bathing me in the sink, but I was scared and always tried to get away. She put me in the bathtub this time and I was much better. Its not so scary low down like that. She washed my bed and all my blankets too. She said something about maybe going to the groomer and getting a professional cleaning for Christmas . I think I remember that Christmas thing... something about a tree in the house and lots of people. Mom says she would like the groomer to clean my ears , as she is a little nervous she isn't doing it right. I smell soooo good now! I have also graduated from a playpen to a real crate. I am growing up!


Fun day!

October 11th 2009 1:52 pm
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I went for a drive to my "aunt" and "uncle's" house with Mom and Dad . I used to go there before with my first Mom and Dad. This Mom was sure I remembered going there because I was very excited when I got out of the car. I was excited to see my uncle too. I was less excited to see my aunt . Mom has noticed I like men better bol. They also have a dog that is Bunny's size. I have played with her before, but I didnt like how she ran up and stuck her face in my face. I growled and snapped but uncle said to leave me be, so Mom did and Nellie ( the other dog) and I got used to each other again. I didnt snap at my 10 year old cousin or his 7 year old sister . ( Good for me)! After that we went to check out the ballfield that may become a dog park next spring. Since Dad was with us , Mom dropped my leash and let me run. We played a game called "come" . It was lots of fun. I would run to dad and then to mom when one of them called "come". Mom says I am very good at that game! Then we went to see Dads daughter and her new husband. They gave me lots of pets and stritches. All in all it was a fun day, and I was glad to finally get out of the house!

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