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new home

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new home

January 11th 2009 2:39 pm
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Well, here I am at my new home. I have been here almost a week now. I am settling in nicely. My former mommy and daddy ( now my grandparents?) came to visit today. My new mommy thought I might cry to go home with them but Ididnt. I like it here, mommy has done alot of reading about dogs since she got Bunny and is becoming a pack leader so I feel safe here. Bunny is learning to be gentle with me and mommy calls a halt to playtime when he gets too rough.


little accident

January 18th 2009 4:45 pm
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Well ,my poor human brother stepped on me today. I am feeling better now but mommy was scared. He felt really bad. He is a grownup too so it just goes to show you that you have to be really careful around chihuahuas.


the chihuahua in the mirror

February 17th 2009 6:23 pm
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Well, things are going well here. Mom is letting me have more of a run of the house, Bunny is being nice, and I have picked a favorite human. I picked the one who is supposed to be my human sister, but she calls me her baby and that she is my mommy. I guess its mom and mommy bol. They both laughed at me when I started barking furiously at the mirror. I dont see what is so funny, didnt they see that intruder that I was trying to protect them from?



February 21st 2009 4:13 pm
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Today was a busy day. I went to the groomers and got my nails cut, then mom and my favourite human and her boyfriend ( he is my second favorite), and my human brother and I all went to McDonalds ( I stayed in the car with mom). After supper I went to my doggie cousin Poochies house. It was the first time we met. He wanted to play ALOT , he is only 2 and 1/2 months old . Now I know how Bunny feels when I always want to play. There was also another creature there that mom called a cat. It seemed very interesting. I thought he was more interesting than playing with Poochie. Mom said she was glad I wasnt dog aggresive ( or cat agressive for that matter) ... Bunny hates cats. I heard he only got along with Spot because she was too smart to run from him. I got kind of agressive with mom and dad when they put my sweater on and boy did they get mad at me. They told me NEVER to bite or growl at them again. ( I didnt bite them hard) Anyway , I learned my lesson and let them put it on the second time without complaining. It is very cold here and chihuahuas need sweaters in the winter.



March 3rd 2009 3:46 am
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Mommy had to stay home from work because of the weather , so she gave me my first bath here. I wasnt overly thrilled but mostly stood for it. Then she sewed me a cover for my bed because its not washable and she didnt want to put a clean dog in a dirty bed bol. She also noticed I am getting better with the barking. 90 percent of the time its because there is someone at the door or coming in the house. She is still working with me on when to stop. Good thing she has lots of patience bol.


So excited!

March 6th 2009 6:09 pm
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Wow! I got doggie diary of the day. What an honour. Thanks everyone for the rosettes and group invites. Its been a great day and I got to make some new pup pals. Thanks again everyone!


New harness

March 8th 2009 3:33 pm
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Well, yesterday mom and dad bought a new harness for me ( I chewed the one I came with bol) This one is a harness/carrier. They figured it would be harder to chew. I did not like putting it on and got agressive again. Mom gets so mad when I do that, so she gave me some treats to help me know that harness time isnt so bad. They had a very hard time with it since it had no instructions. They had to try like 4 or 5 times. It has place for all for 4 paws but I couldnt walk with the 2 back paws in so mom said never mind, and just put in the 2 front ones. So tonight I went for a really short walk outside ( wow!) and visited the next door neigbour . It was all great fun and mom says since the weather is getting nicer there will be more outings like that soon. I guess I better get used to that harness.


Train Station

March 10th 2009 4:08 am
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I went to the train station last night so my mom could pick up my favourite human . ( she was gone on a trip) Mom put on my new harness and we went early so I could see new things and meet new people. A man asked mom if I bite, which I dont bol, and then he asked if he could hold me, she said yes. I went to him and licked him like crazy. Then there was a little girl who wanted to see me, mom let her come and told her how to be gentle with me ( I stayed in moms arms though) and I licked and sniffed her fingers. She was a very little girl , only 3 human years old. The train was late so we walked outside the train station quite a few times. When it finally came , I got scared and tried to climb off mom but she wouldnt let me and told me calmly that it was ok. Then the FH ( favorite human) and her boyfriend and mom and I got in the car and went home. When we got there , I jumped straight into dads lap for a cuddle , then after I had my fill, I went in my dog bed and slept all night . I was POOPED!


Finally a nice day!

March 15th 2009 2:28 pm
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Wow , what a beautiful sunny day today and warm enough so mom could take me outside .Yipee! First I put on my harness with no protest ,then we drove to the video game store with FH's boyfriend. (poor FH has been sick with something called the flu). Mom even brought me in the video game store ( she checked that there was no sign saying no dogs first). I stayed in her arms (she didnt want to push her luck bol) 2 men came in and 1 said I was cute. Then another man came and he came over and let me sniff his fingers, so I started licking them ( hey, I am a chihuahua after all) . After the video game store we went back home and then mom took me for a walk around the block . What great fun! Its the longest walk I have been for yet and mom told dad I was a great walker. I know she is pack leader and walked beside her, not in front ( and since I am litter trained and a female , none of this sniffing and leg lifting business. ) I was going for a WALK , so thats what I did (BOL). Then Mom, Bunny and I spent the afternoon soaking up the sun on the sun porch. I hope we have lots more nice days soon.


Busy day

March 21st 2009 2:42 pm
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Today Mom decided to try positive reinforcement for my barking (thanks Asher!) so we worked alot on that. My former parents came over and I was estactic to see them. Then mom took me for a walk. Mom and Dad went out for awhile , then Mom took me to the pet store , I got to meet bunnies, fish, and a kitty . I even got a treat! All in all it was a pretty good day.

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