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October 27th 2009 7:45 am
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Hey, everydog. And those few pesky cats who dare read this diary. Tis right, Mr. Piddlepaws, I’m talking to you. Anyhow, Momma told me this holiday called Halloween is coming up. Wanna know the dumbest part of it? Momma getsa go ‘round, begging for treats, but I don’t get none! Nope, none for Bilbo the cutest dang Beagle any of ya have ever seen. The injustice of this is just appalling, don’t ‘cha agree? But I still getta go along and maybe Momma will bring meh a special treat. Hehe. If we’re lucky, we’ll run into some kiddies who’ll give me sweets! Oooooh, how good that’d be! I howl just thinking about it everydog (and Piddlepaws).

Momma said she ain’t dressin’ me up for Halloween though, which I suppose is a good thing since I don’t like wearin’ clothing too much. But guess what, everybody!! Momma taught me a “new” trick. (really, it’s an old one, but she ain’t told many people) I jump into her arms. Can do it on the left side and on the right. Can do it from some short distances or long ones. Really fun and she ain’t dropped me yet…well, she did, but she fell too so I say we’re about even.

Byeah, bye, folks!

-Bilbo Baggins Beagle Bagle


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