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Obedience Instead of Agility

October 28th 2009 7:45 am
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Heya folks! Yesterday Mama took me out for a run in the woods; good times, good times. The water had rose though and my paws got sooo wet!! Of course, I didn’t complain. Mama would give me funny looks if I complained; learned that the hard way. Anyhowl, didn’t find what I was trackin’. Mama made me go in ‘cause she thought she herd people, but I had to walk on my leash back home, which is no fun at all because I listened to Mama! Why listen then go on walking home on a leash?!
But after that we did some weave stuff. And chute. :D
Over and out,

(This be Bilbo’s Mama)
Ugh! I don’t know why I forgot, or thought it wouldn’t apply to me, but I may not be able to do agility in 4-H this year. You have to get to a certain level of obedience; Bilbo and I got a red last year, but in pre-agility we did get a blue. It kind of irritates me that they have pre-agility and then you can’t move on. I can see their reasoning, but it doesn’t mean I have to agree with it. ;)

But if they require us getting to a novice obedience level (or out of the beginner circle during practice) I think it may take awhile. Bilbo listens well for a Beagle, I’ve been told, but he’s no star at obedience and I don’t particularly enjoy the classes myself but it does help keep his mind sharp. I’m going to talk to my agility trainers- they do 4-H. I’m going to see if I could take Obedience at Rio Gran, pass the beginners one, and then be able to do agility in 4-H. Some people may argue that because he hasn’t passed our first obedience he isn’t ready for the next agility, but we do go to classes and he has a nice recall and the like. He likes agility.

Well, wish us luck!


Halloween, Folks, Halloween

October 27th 2009 7:45 am
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Hey, everydog. And those few pesky cats who dare read this diary. Tis right, Mr. Piddlepaws, I’m talking to you. Anyhow, Momma told me this holiday called Halloween is coming up. Wanna know the dumbest part of it? Momma getsa go ‘round, begging for treats, but I don’t get none! Nope, none for Bilbo the cutest dang Beagle any of ya have ever seen. The injustice of this is just appalling, don’t ‘cha agree? But I still getta go along and maybe Momma will bring meh a special treat. Hehe. If we’re lucky, we’ll run into some kiddies who’ll give me sweets! Oooooh, how good that’d be! I howl just thinking about it everydog (and Piddlepaws).

Momma said she ain’t dressin’ me up for Halloween though, which I suppose is a good thing since I don’t like wearin’ clothing too much. But guess what, everybody!! Momma taught me a “new” trick. (really, it’s an old one, but she ain’t told many people) I jump into her arms. Can do it on the left side and on the right. Can do it from some short distances or long ones. Really fun and she ain’t dropped me yet…well, she did, but she fell too so I say we’re about even.

Byeah, bye, folks!

-Bilbo Baggins Beagle Bagle



August 23rd 2009 8:04 pm
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What am I? A labrador?

August 6th 2009 1:10 pm
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Okay, okay, before any of you start to bark and howl at me I know I haven't written in here for, like, ever! But you can blame Mommy- she's been hogging this thing for the longest time. A dog just can't get time to himself anymore these days- you always have to be with Mommy, unless you're pooing, peeing, or sleeping. In which case Mommy just flees from you like you're the plague.

Makes me feel loved. ;)

But, anyhow, Faith come over today with her Mommy (who I just call Blondie. Haha!) and then we got to go on a walk. It was really hot out, but Mommy and Blondie let us go to the Water, where they took us offleash. Mommy threw a stick in the water and then a few treats. Can you believe that? She threw treats in the water, that crazy lady!

Being a Beagle I had to go save those treats and carry them safetly in my stomach. So I leapt into the water and swam out- but those poor chunks of meat had sunk. Faith wouldn't come in with me, though, to rescue the stick! She's huge, but she really can't swim all that well.

When I came back with the stick, Mommy threw it in again and again. Finally I just started swimming around randomly while they tried to get Faith in.

I ain't no labrador.


Summertime Adventures

June 11th 2009 10:23 am
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On Monday, Mommy woke up later then usual and she didn't leave on the big yellow bus! That's surprising, considering she's left on it most of the year. I was really curious as to what she was up to, but Mommy was busy showering, getting ready, etc. I had to go outside while she showered, to go potty, and it took awhile- I didn't like it. But then she brought me in and fed me, so I suppose it makes up for what she did, but Mommy better watch her back.

I know kung-fu.

Anyhow, Lady (Mommy's own mother) told Mommy to get my stuff together so she took some treats, her treat holder, and a bunch of other good stuff out to her Grandma's car before loading me in. My paws were muddy and got the leather all full of dirt- Mommy didn't like that, and neither did Lady. They didn't let me up front, either, so I just curled up in the back and thought of where we could possibly be going.

When the car stopped, we were in front of Mommy's cousin's house! She took me right up to the door and, as Lady pulled away, knocked. A huge thing came running up the stairs and let out a muffled woof! Mommy just smiled and said, "Hey, Faith," before opening the door.

Then I remembered: Faith, she's a Great Dane (but what's so great about them? They can't smell anything!), is Mommy's cousin's dog. I wondered what we were doing here, though, and why I was inside because I was never allowed inside there. Turns out, it was a playdate!

I got to play with Faith all day, although she doesn't know how to play all that well, and we practiced some tricks. Mommy has come along well, guys. Yesterday, I got to do it all over again AND we went for a walk along the Black Path! Mommy never lets me walk on it, but that doesn't bother me.

The Black Path is where cars go.

And I'm no car!


There is only one

April 22nd 2009 6:15 pm
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There is only one:

Dear Bilbo:

I have never really understood the bond between dog and owner before. I thought I knew, I thought I was the expert, but then you came and what I felt was something new and strange…a thing I never expected. Bilbo, my dear, you’ve brought me frustration among other things, but you’ve also brought me bliss…you’ve allowed me to be me and no human has ever done that. I am forced to hide inside a shell that I don’t really want, but if I dare try to shed it rebuts come from friends and family. Dear, you and only you allow me to shed it for that brief time we have together after school, you allow me to walk down the street as Vanessa.

You, Bilbo, have showed me how to be a true dog owner; a friend. And you are my only true friend. There are nights where I must cry and you allow me to cry beside you. There are nights I must curse and rage and you sit and watch, then calm me, as only you can do. Nights come where I feel worthless and want to run away, but your gaze –so warm and loving- is all that makes me stay.

I was not always the best, I must admit, nor am I the best I truly can be. But, you see my efforts and you acknowledge them with efforts of your own and for this I thank you. I know that for each step I take up my battered staircase, you will be there beside me, and when my feet start bleeding on those bare parts, you’ll rest alongside me and wait until I’m well. When it gets dark, we’ll hold onto each other and walk with confidence no human has ever seen.

Bilbo, for the years that come, I will protect you and I will make sure you are healthy and happy. I will do my best, because I know you’ll do the same for me.

No human could ask for anything more.


We'll see

April 9th 2009 5:59 pm
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They /want/ a Great Dane.

I wanted a Golden Retriver.

They'd like a Basset Hound.

Same here.

They think a Lab would be nice.

I'd love to have one sitting by my side.

But I don't. And I love it, too. I have a Beagle; the dog breed that I never envisioned myself with. No, I always saw myself in the pool with a Lab or Golden, laughing as it tried to get the balls. I never saw myself laughing because I dropped a treat in the water and Bilbo doesn't like to get his butt wet so he's straitning to reach it. I saw myself taking long walks, or maybe short ones.

I didn't see myself getting home, eating, and going out with the most energetic animal on our block.

So, we'll see what they get.

It may be a Great Dane- but I doubt it. It's probaly that breed they didn't want. It'll work out best. Just like a Beagle is the best for us.

We'd have never known, though.

We'll see.


For the Love of Dog

April 4th 2009 10:24 pm
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For the Love of Dog, for the love of yours and mine, keeps yours on a leash. I don't care if he is supposedly nice around other dogs; I don't care if he is 10 pounds or 5 or even 100. There is a law, abide by it. I'm not afraid to report you to the city for pure ignorance. There are /children/ around. There are /babies/ around. How many people enjoy having your maltese or poodle or labrador or rottweiler run at them? How many enjoy hearing their bark? Few people know how to read dogs, few even attempt to, and most think the worst. They'll think "OMG, I'M BEING ATTACKED!'. How many do you think will hesitate before aiming a blow at your dog? Few. Very, very few. Espiecally with the drunks who wander around this neighboorhood.

Undoubtedly, your dog will end up hurt, even if not badly, hurt. It may affect it mentally and will begin to act'll notice, but I'll walk by on the sidewalk with my dog behaving nicely on a leash and yours will freak and you won't be there. Then what? I'll be one of the few who'll try and read your dog, yes, but am I really capable of stopping it? I'm not fully matured physically or mentally- I'll panic like most people. Even though I'll look back and think "Wow, that wasn't cool". I'll panic- nothing else to it.

Panic doesn't help. The anger that sometimes follows panic doesn't help. And, in the end, I may not help. So watch your dog. For the love of all dogs and for the love of saving it -not you, your dog, I really don't care about you anymore- watch your dog.

Just because it is a hot day doesn't mean you have to sit inside while your dog is outside, off leash, unsupervised. Today, I walked by and I could see girls in the back; I could see you in the window. When your dog ran up and barked at me and Bilbo, you did nothing.


When I found your dog and took her home, even though I could've had her taken away her left her, you didn't say thank you. Didn't say anything.

For the love of dog.

(This is a random rant aimed at numerous people in my neighboorhood. I haven't edited it, so it may make sense to only me. Oh well.)


Janauary 15th, 2009

January 15th 2009 3:01 pm
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Have I ever mentioned that I absolutely loathe Minnesota in the winter? It is just abhorrence. Like today, for example, I got up on my scheduled time (6) so I got get ready for school. Our principal had announced that school may be closed or delayed the day before and I had told my mom, so she had me watch the news to see if Hastings was on it. To my disappointment, we were not on the list for school delay or closed. However, Goodhue and Redwing were on. Both are only about twenty minutes away…I think. Anyway, after my mom sent me out, she told me she checked a website on the internet and Hastings was CANCELED! She had no clue why it wasn’t on the news.

Meanwhile, I was standing in the cold, fingers numb, one hand stuffed in my pocket, the other clutching onto my binder. Where is the bus? I had wondered. I had left the house at 7:09 and that would mean I’d gotten to the bus stop around 7:11. The bus comes at 7:14, but I knew I had been waiting longer then expected. Suddenly, a sound penetrated my thoughts and it sounded like my name. Often, though, I can conjure a sound in my mind when I want to hear it so I brushed it away. After it stopped, I looked in the direction of our house, wondering if I had really heard my mom. But why would she stand outside yelling for me?

Well…since I didn’t answer my mom had to come up with another way to reach me, without leaving my baby brother alone, of course. In the distance, I saw a shape, running towards me. It was moving at a steady pace, but often veered off in random directions. Could it be? I had thought and then I called, “Bilbo!”

The shape froze and looked at me. I called once more, “Come, Bilbo!” And he ran towards me. I walked forward and began to think of the reason behind Bilbo being at my bus stop and then it hit me. My mom must’ve let him out off leash and, since he doesn’t listen to my mom yet, he ran to me. I knew she’d be angry, so I tried to walk slowly home. Besides that my legs were numb.

Long story short: School was canceled, I was mad. THEN I got yelled at because I wanted to buy some stuff for Bilbo and the total was a little over $100. She kept talking about how I could find dog food like Purina, which would be just as good as things like Taste of the Wild. Lucky, lucky me. If I hadn’t been a master at holding my tongue, I would’ve snapped.

I took Bilbo out then and finished shoveling the driveway while he ran about. I was worried about him coming limping, for it was impossible for anybody to avoid ice chips and, often, he stepped on them. But every time I inspected his paw, there was nothing there, and he walked off putting on full pressure. Luckily, nothing happened.

Only recently did I take Bilbo out again and, once more, he ran down to Dirty’s. There is a deer head there he tries to eat. I swear, soon I’m going to bag it and throw it away. Who uses the deer head anyway? (I am not hunting educated, deal with it)

After coming in, I attempted to train Sparky, one of our three cats. You see, each cat has a collar and I have a leash. I wanted to train them to walk on the leash. Especially Sparky; we got both Longhorn and Sparky from a lady who did not play with them and they both were overweight, Sparky being the worst, but Longhorn got lost and came back…thinner. Anyhoo, I was trying to get Sparky to follow me and so long as I coaxed him and petted him, he followed. But Bilbo is a jealous hound and my boy came right up and, whenever I said “C’mere Sparky” he would put his face very close to mine. Really, I couldn’t say anything but hey. He was trained to respond to “come” and “c’mere”. He was, technically, listening.

Loopholes suck.


Gracie's Story (Jan. 14th, 2009)

January 14th 2009 1:08 pm
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Gracie’s Story:

I don’t know what to do. I’m tired of watching her suffer day after day after day. Why can’t these idiots get out there and care for the dog they bought? They don’t have a mental illness of any kind, unless stupidity is one. I suppose I should start from the top, right? Well, here goes, Gracie’s story as I know it.
Excitement was clear in my mother’s eyes, she was hitting thirty and she knew she’d accomplished a lot, but a house had never been one of those things. I was born when she was 17 and, clearly, a house of her own would be out of the option. Oh, she could go for a high, fancy job that paid a lot- but she didn’t. And even now she could make more money then she is, but she chooses to work for a non profit organization. But, now, my mother had bought the house she’d always wanted: one acre, 3 rooms, 1 bath, and a sunroom. Along with an acre of land and her family.

The house, though, was a fixer upper (she said) so day after day we went and fixed it up. One day, my step-dad was mowing the lawn and all of a sudden Vickie, our neighbor, walked up and said, “Thanks for mowing my lawn!”

Long story short: Vickie tried to say some of our land was hers; we really didn’t need some of it so we gave her the land at the bottom, for her horses.

If you’re wondering where Gracie fits in, its now. Vickie had two dogs at the time, Gracie and one whose name I cannot remember. They were left outside in a small kennel most of the time, though at nights –I swear- the old one went in. Not Gracie. Vickie said it was because they were waiting until Gracie was a year old; Gracie is now a year old. Besides, why wait? Gracie wasn’t learning anything stuck alone, being ignored by her people except for those three minutes where they played with her.

One day, I looked up Gracie’s breed and realized she was a hunting dog, I believe an English Springer Spaniel. I knew, by instinct, that she needed more then 10-15 minutes of exercise a day. She needed a good walk, some play, training, and attention.

It is now winter and Gracie is always out. As usual, poop litters the floor of her cage and her white coat. She is eager for attention and nearly jumps over the top of the cage if I walk by. I have never seen her inside and my grandma claims to hear her barking at one in the morning. I am tempted to go over, free her, and bring her inside, but I know it wouldn’t help me or her.

So what should I do?

This is the question that troubles me.

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