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November 1st 2010 6:57 am
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I guess, Halloween is never boring here. We decided to take the dog for a walk on leash of course. So we barely got up the road and got charged by a huge Weimy. My dog bit her in self defense, which I still wasn't happy about but it happened so quickly.
Then we continued on , after the man saying he was in the wrong and left the gate open. Then he follows us in a truck about shots, I don't know what that had to do with anything.
So then we had a nice walk in the woods, all the leaves were bright yellow and orange , you could hear them crunching.
Then it started again, Dieta, found not one but two cat poop piles.
Both times I tried to get her to spit them out, I kept gagging and choking, the whole forest could hear me I am sure.
It didn't seem to phase, Dieta the terror.
So, at this point I got cat poop on my hand cause it was melting in her hot mouth. So I am wiping my hands with sand, and leaves anything I could find.
Still gagging loudly, luckily my tummy was empty.
I was sorta happy to make it home and I was washing off my hands with bleach. To my dislike of bleach it was rather inviting. LOL
So, then after a bit I was thinking how quiet it was. And how my dog was no where to be seen in the house. I yelled her name and seen she was upstairs. Tail wagging slowly and her head way down like in a sneaking posture. I was like what are you doing!!
She was eating a dirty baby diaper. My daughter left her door open and she changes the kids diapers in there. Ugggg...
So, basically I can say at this point my dog if she could talk is saying "Trick or Treat smell my cat poop breath" Trick or Treat smell my breath now...." end of song. UGGGG Dogs!!




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