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I Was Just Trying To Help

December 4th 2011 10:24 am
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Mom has banished me me from the backyard when she's shoveling. Aw come on Mom I'm just trying to help. When I see that evil shovel in Mom's hand's I just go crazy. I attack it. Mom thinks it's funny for just a few minutes but I become obsessed and I attack nonstop. Then Mom loses her sense of humor and banishes me to the house so she can get the shoveling done.

Yeesh even big sister Priscilla gets in on the act and starts yelling at me and pushing me out of there. It's extremely hard being the protector of these two females and not getting any respect.



Woo Hoo I'm a Diary Pick

November 16th 2011 5:07 am
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Dogster in their infinite wisdom has made me a diary pick of the day. Now I know this must mean extra treats and I get to have my handsome face on the community page again. Does life get any better?

Yipee. I have to go tell Priscilla. Of course she'll want to share my extra treats. I'll have to think about that.



Mom Tried to Scare Us

November 12th 2011 6:38 am
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Yay, it's the weekend. Mom's home. We've already been fed and I'm raring to go but Mom is being pokey doing boring things like cleaning and laundry. What about playing ball Mom. You know I love to play ball. We let you sleep until 7:00 today - how good are we.

Then Mom did a weird thing right before her shower and made her face turn green and then it cracked. But this has happened before and I wasn't scared at all (this time). After her shower she was back to good old Mom. Priscilla and I wonder sometimes what the heck Mom is up to.

There's a rumor that my Aunt Robbie might come over today and bring a new friend to meet. Yay, another person to throw the ball for me.

Mr. Sun just came out and they say it might be 50-60 here in cold Minnesota. We're smiling about that.

Priscilla has to go to the vet this afternoon and I'll have the place to myself. It's a big responsibility but I'm up to the task. After all I am three now I should be able to feel brave all alone. You won't be gone long will you Mommy?



Dog Of The Day

October 29th 2011 10:12 am
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Oh my gosh, I just found out I'm Dogster "Dog of the Day" What an honor. Mom is so proud, and I'm bound to get a ton of treats out of this. I won't even have to go trick or treating.

Thanks everyone for the congrats. I'm over the moon that my handsome face is on the Community page today. Yipee. Priscilla is jealous. Every day is an adventure in Quigley land. Grandma came down this morning and played ball with me forever and Mom is home all day. It's been a marvelous day.

Dogster you rock. Thank you.



I'm Going to be a Puppy Forever

October 22nd 2011 6:45 am
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All right my friends, big week ahead. Mom says my birthday is on Monday, October 24th. I'm going to be three. Priscilla has pleaded with Mom to promise her that as soon as I turn three I won't be a puppy anymore with those annoying habits like running like a madman, grabbing everything in sight and being downright annoying interrupting her naps. Well Priscilla, be warned. I'm going to be puppyish until the day I go to the Bridge. You need to chill big sister. This is who I am.

Mom says my birthday is the same day as my grandpa (he went to the bridge before I was born) That's why Mom chose me because our birthdays were the same day. She said it was an omen.

So I imagine on my Birthday I will be treated like a king - hear that Priscilla - you can be my slave for the day.

We let Mom sleep in late today - 7:00. You have to let old people sleep on their day off. Now I'm raring to go so look out here I come.

P.S. Did you see my photo. I'm just skin and bones - send food.


Abandoned in Stairland

October 16th 2011 12:44 pm
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I don't know how the heck it happened but when Grandma went upstairs last night I tagged along with her to go up the stairs. Something I've never done before. But I knew there was an adventure up there just waiting to happen. So I bounded up the stairs and Grandma didn't even see me. I know Mom didn't see me either or she would have grabbed me. There is a very interesting area up there that I've been wanting to explore and I saw my chance. All of a sudden I heard a door shut, then the light went out and I heard another door shut. Uh oh. I knew I was in big trouble then. I had been so sneaky that no one knew I was there. It was really dark. I thought for sure Mom would miss cute little me and come to my rescue and I waited and waited and waited. Soon the shadows got really big and I was so scared I couldn't even bark. I found a corner to hide in away from the shadows and hunkered down. About 30 minutes later the door opened downstairs and Mom was there. I was so happy to see her. She looked very relieved to see me too. We both were a little shook up and I promised Mom I wouldn't sneak away again. My feelings were a little hurt that it took Mom 30 minutes to miss me. But she said I was sleeping in my bed when she took Grandma upstairs and never thought that I had followed her. When she took a break from her project she came in to snuggle with me and couldn't find me. She knew I was in the house somewhere but got nervous when I didn'tcome when she shook the treat bag. Mom is so brilliant and she finally figured out where I could be.

Needless to say I'm staying out of stairland for awhile.



No Rule Book

September 4th 2011 2:35 pm
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Egads. I just realized why I get in so much trouble. No one ever gave me the dog rule book. What were they thinking? How the heck am I supposed to be gooder than gold if I didn't get the rule book. No wonder Mom laughs when I pee like a girl. Not my fault Mom. NO RULE BOOK.

I have no big brother to show me the ropes. I have a sister Priscilla but you know how girls are. Geesh. You think she would have told me about this rule book thing long ago. I think she enjoys when I'm in trouble. It throws the attention away from her and she can do whatever she wants because all eyes are on me. Oh she is devious.

Mom found be a book the other day called "The Dangerous Book for Dogs" she's been reading some of it to me every night. Maybe this will help me understand what the heck life is all about.

Until then, there's another ball to catch, another squirrel to chase and a sister to torture. A typical day.



Grandma is the Best

September 1st 2011 10:36 am
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Man, I've been having so much fun this summer I haven't had time to write in my diary.

Monday was the best day. Mom had a work thing going and didn't get home until really late. Being the loving Mom she is she didn't forget us. She asked grandma to come downstairs and let us out and feed us.

Mom says grandma has some memory issues so she doesn't ask her often to let us out. But she had Mom call her from our place and she talked her through feeding us. We were very happy. Then we went out on the porch and spent some time with Grandma. Here comes the good part. After Grandma finished her cigarette and was going back upstairs, she said oh my gosh, I almost forgot to feed you so she fed us again. I tried to tell Grandma she already fed us but Priscilla wouldn't let me. That girl loves to eat. She said she'd sit on my head if I uttered one word. So what could I do. I just zipped my lips and ate another meal. Of course Mom figured it out when she got home so she said she'd have to come up with another plan if there's a next time.



It's a sad week - our Brother Chewie has gone to the Bridge

July 1st 2011 6:55 am
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We saw Mom take Chewie to the vet but when she came back the carrier was empty. We thought she'd pick him up later like she does for us some time, but he never came back. Mom told us that he was very sick and his body just gave out and we had to let him go so he wouldn't be in pain. Priscilla and I looked everywhere for him but Mom brought his ashes home last night and we understand now and we all had a good cry.

Even though he wasn't lucky enough to be a dog like us, for the only cat I've ever met he was awsome. We were always separated by a gate but sometimes he and I would just sit at the gate and just talk to each other. I miss him. Mom is very sad so Priscilla and I are keeping tabs on her.

We have Mom home for a four day weekend so we are very excited.

Hope everyone has a awesome Fourth of July.



I'm Helping Grandma with her Exercises

June 11th 2011 11:15 am
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Am I an amazing granddog or what. Every day I help Grandma with her exercises. She sits on the porch and I bring her my ball and she throws it, I retrieve it and bring it back. Time after time, after time. I know it's very tiring on my part, but Grandma needs my help so I hang in there. Oh there's days when she calls me a pest and a few other things that I can't put in my diary, but Mom says she needs the interaction with me so I do my part.

My grandma is 81 and she smokes. Yeesh. I thought she was a whole lot smarter that that. Mom says Grandma's memory is not so good, so she forgets she just had a cigarette and asks Mom for another one. Some days she makes Mom very crazy. Grandma has COPD and Emphysema so she's not supposed to smoke so many. Mom's hoping that with her memory loss she'd forget that she smokes but no such luck. So when I can keep Grandma occupied that's the best thing. Because Mom said Grandma can't smoke by Priscilla and me.

Our brother Chewtoy is not doing well. He doesn't seem to be in any pain yet, but Mom senses that he's declining. It's a sad time. Our rooms are separated so we won't bug him but it's always nice to know he's just on the other side of the gate with those piercing blue eyes. He's a very wise and mellow cat.

Oops gotta go check on Mom. I'm her little shadow. If she doesn't see me close by she'll wonder what's up.


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