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I Have A New Friend

October 20th 2013 4:01 pm
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Wow, I just got a new friend from France. Her name is Indya, She's a beautiful Maltese. I think I'm smitten.

Not much going on today. It's been rainy and cold all day about 33 degrees. Mom has been keeping us in the house. But, today was fun because it was laundry day so we got to lay in the freshly dried clothes, so warm. We love that.

Mom didn't go to bed until 11:30 last night so we let her sleep in until 7:30 this morning. Are we nice or what.

Have a fantastic week my friends. I can't believe it's the end of October already. Where did it go. Pretty soon we'll have to be worrying about the yellow snow.


Is it Monday Already

September 30th 2013 3:43 am
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Man the weekend went fast. Cylla and I love weekends because Mom is home. We do let her leave for errands but otherwise we insist those two days are ours. And boy do we get tired my Monday morning. As soon as I finish this diary entry, I'm joining Cylla for a nap.

Just had to shout out and thank Dogster for picking me for a diary pick today. My handsome face on the community page. Woo Hoo.

If I wasn't outside yesterday, I had my face glued to the back window. No sign of the intruder. I guess the dynamic do of Quigley and Cylla scared the bajeebers out of him. Mom's back to her theory that no female critter would be nuts enough to come into our backyard.

Yea Mom, but remember Rodney is a girl and she runs the gauntlet all the time.

Well guys, my comfy chair is calling me. Have a grand day.


Big Excitement This Morning

September 28th 2013 12:13 pm
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Man oh man, was there big excitement this morning. Mom let us out early for our morning potty break. It's usually a solo act as Cylla has a large bladder and takes her sweet old time relieving herself. She's more interested in getting her morning meal in first.

Well anyway back to my story. I darted out and Cylla knowing something was afoot ran with me to the back gate. There was something out there. We were going crazy. Poor Mom, she didn't have her glasses on yet so she didn't know what it was. I was just running back and forth between the gate and the hosta garden. And of course barking. Well Mom can't have that in the early morning as the neighbors will get upset. So she tried to get us in with promises of breakfast and she even shook the goodie bag. We weren't budging, there was an intruder. Cylla finally caved and went for the goodie bag. Mom finally had to come and get me. I gave up at that point. The odor was still there but the critter had escaped.

So Mom doesn't know what the heck it was. She thought she saw a black streak so She doesn't think it was Rodney. And we didn't get sprayed so it wasn't a skunk. Maybe it was a black cat or a panther.

We were so close to catching it. Priscilla and I make a good tag team when there is an intruder.

So as you may have guessed I have posted myself at the back window all morning in case it has the nerve to return.

Oh and Rodney is back again. That dastardly squirrel. She knocked down Mom's board again and now there might be babies so Mom doesn't want to nail it shut.

Ever vigilant - Q


She's Back

September 25th 2013 10:42 am
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Mom is so mad at herself. She didn't secure the opening above the garage tightly enough and that dastardly Rodney the squirrel is back to have her babies. I kept warning Mom, but did she listen. Nooooooooo!

Now besides chasing flies I have Rodney to deal with again. I think I need a raise Mom.


Summer is Flying By

September 22nd 2013 4:16 pm
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I can't believe I haven't written in my diary for some time. I've just been so busy enjoying the summer. Nothing new, just the same old routine, chase the ball, chase my soft Frisbee, chase Rodney. Same old stuff but barrels of fun. I love my life.

Can you believe Mom and Priscilla went on an outing today and didn't take me. What's the deal Mom. Has my cuteness worn off? I'll only be appeased if I find out that it was the Vet Priscilla went to. When she comes back I'll have to check her out.

Oh gotta run home alone and protecting the house. Mom left me in charge.

Later friends.


I'm A Diary Pick - Woo Hoo!!!!!!

July 26th 2013 4:15 am
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Dogster has honored me again. I am so stoked. My handsome face on the community page. Does life get any better than this?

Update on Rodney. The nesting area seems abandoned. Did she finally figure out not to mess with Priscilla and I and move to a dog free zone? Mom has even taken down the fence separating us from this area. But I am ever vigilant lest the dastardly Rodney have the unmitigated gall to come back and taunt me.

Mom is hesitant to block the area now as she doesn't know if there are babies in there. We need one of those lighted cameras on a stick thingy so we can see what's going on. I'm saving my allowance.

Mom was a bad girl yesterday. She didn't raise the blinds in her sewing room. Come on Mom - that's our windows on the world. When she saw our sad little faces last night she promised that wouldn't happen again.

Mom has to work today - no 3 day weekend - drat. Later my friends.


Rodney is Having Babies Again

July 21st 2013 9:09 am
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Mom's very upset with herself today. I alerted her to the fact that Rodney that dastardly nemesis of mine is back once again. She has taken up residence in the overhang over the garage door in my backyard to have another litter. The nerve of that squirrel. Didn't we just clash wills last time she did this months ago.

Mom was supposed to block the passage but all she did by putting a car sponge in the opening was to give Rodney material for his nest. She said squirrels usually don't mate for a few months so she thought she had more time to make a more permanent blockade.

Now Mom has cordoned off that section of the yard so Priscilla and yours truly can't get at her.

You may wonder how Rodney got her boyish name. Mom thought anyone with the audacity to come into a fenced in yard where two dogs live could not possibly be female. She said females are smarter than that. Well Hello Mother - he's a girl.

I will have to be ever vigilant. I hope she doesn't have 5 babies this time. I'll be exhausted.

Although I will have to say she weaned them fast and got them out in record time. I will have to have a chat with our dear mother and explain the differences between wood and sponges. I love her dearly but sometimes I wonder where her head is. And get this. She feeds Rodney and his brood in the front of the house. Go figure.


Diary Pick - Cylla is Jealous

July 8th 2013 6:46 pm
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A Diary Pick of the Day. Thank you Dogster. I promise not to get the big head. Mom thinks I should write a book and earn my keep and then she could retire. I'll work on that Mom.

It's going to be cooler tomorrow - can't wait.


Shake, Rattle and Roll

July 6th 2013 4:54 pm
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Sister Priscilla made it through the Fourth of July without too much trauma but Friday night did her in. Mom was upstairs saying goodnight to grandma and came downstairs to go to sleep with us. Priscilla was shaking something fierce from some loud noises in the alley - firecrackers. Mom tried to comfort her but that didn't help, even food did not distract her (although of course she ate it). We always sleep with Mom in the bed, but Priscilla crawled underneath it. Mom and I were amazed she could get her fat butt under there. Mom gave her more kibble but she went right back under and was still there when we woke up this morning.

Mom is wondering if one of those Thunder shirts would work for her. Mom did give her a Benadryl. She has one a day because of her itchy toes. Maybe she gave it to her too late.

But macho me, I just rolled with the noise and didn't let it affect me. Mom was very proud of me.

Next year Mom plans to patrol the alley and throw water on those noisemakers. Nobody messes with her crew.


Gabby ME - Diary Pick

July 4th 2013 7:04 am
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Dogster has selected me for a diary pick of the day, what an honor, for just doing what comes naturally - gabbing. Of course Priscilla had to spoil the moment and say I've always got my mouth going. Sisters, Yeesh. Sometimes they can be annoying.

Priscilla will come crawling to me later today when she needs some comfort from the loud noises. She's a shaker. But, the macho boy I am - they don't bother me much. Hope I don't have to eat those words. But this morning it's nice and quiet and a beautiful morning.

Uh oh, gotta run, have to help Mom water the garden.

Have a fabulous Fourth!

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