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When I frist came to live with my mommy!!

When i was a pup!

November 13th 2007 5:58 am
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When I was a pup, my mom always liked to go next door and stay all day. And then one day when I was 6 weeks old I found out why my mom went next door. Thats when I found my human mommy. And life was so great I can see it made her real happy.She carried me around all the time I really didn't have to walk ,Thank god for that!! I still got to see my real mom for a while till some one stole her then we moved shortly after that. Then it was a adventure my dad traveled alot. And I got to go all over the place, They call me nation wide Charlie Chan, I allways liked to sit on my moms shoulder and look out the window when we were riding down the road. I have my tounge sticking out and looking around with my big eyes . And I am on top of the world with my mom. We are so happy. Then 5 years later here comes this yorkie girl and she was cute, And we had three little boys one had her looks and my color thats the one my mommy picked and brought home for valentines day. The other one had my looks and attitude but moms color, The other one was sloid tan didnt really see him after he truned 6 weeks old. But the one son my mom keep well I didn't like it to much for about a year. Because she would carrie him around to and he was always bothering me to play so one day my mom keep on playing with me and then he came running in the room and mommy got us to playing and we were best friends after that. I would tell on him when he was bad. We always were together and shared thing after that. But After we lost him in 2003 I never played with no other dogs after that. He was my only play mate never really wanted to play with others. But CJ did he loved to play with who ever wanted to play with him.Then it was just me agian was happy to get all the attion to my self agian it was lonley mommy tried to get me to play with other dogs i was just not interested. I was getting old and just wanted to go were ever my mom and dad went and I was happy.I got to go to the palce where I like the most , The lake camping that was my last trip before I laied down to rest. Now I am with my son Playing agian. We are watching over my mommy. She is still sad, and misses us so very much. We were the three musketeers as mommy allways said.That was the happiest times of our lives.And the best! ( RIP) Mommy's little babies !!!!!

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