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Puppy Luv

Just Another Day

February 26th 2009 6:03 pm
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Mom got up before the sun & was in the little room. I tried to stay with her 'cause I knew she didn't feel good, but I wasn't comfy & I think Sam wanted me to go away. I went out to sit on the hearth & wait for Mom. When she finally came out, she let me go outside. When I came back in, we sat on the couch for a bit & then we went back to bed. Not long after, Dad's wakeup noises started. Annie started to cry, so he let us out. Then he went away for his longtime & we went back to the sleep room with Mom. Then Mom got up & let us out. We stayed out a long time! But then she let us in & we played a bit until I noticed that Mom was putting clothes on. I got sad. I knew that Mom was going to leave me. Right before she did, though, she gave us big bones! It kept Annie so busy that she didn't cry when Mom left us in our beds. That was nice. I can't wait 'til Mom comes back home & I can tell her I love her. I miss my Mom when she's gone.


Dad's The Greatest!

December 26th 2008 4:18 pm
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A while ago, Dad came home with big things wrapped in nosmell. Annie & I wanted to know what it was, but he put it out of our reach & said, "Not 'til Christmas." Whatever that is. Yesterday, I was layin' on the couch while Mom was in her chair. Dad came out of the sleeproom & sat on the couch for a little while. Then he got up & got the bigthings out of the nosmell & gave one to me & one to Annie! They were great big bones! I like it, but don't like how big it is. I couldn't take it to my chewspot. Dad tossed it down the hall for me & I tried to settle down for a good chew. Then Annie came & yelled at me. *sigh* She wanted to chew on my bone. So Dad gave me the bone Annie'd dropped. And Annie came over & started yelling @ me. It's obvious we had to compromise. We both chew one end of the big bone. She still gets mad @ me when I get a small piece & I'm chewin' it all by myself. I just ignore her, though. Most of the time, she's chewin' & not barking. That's REALLY nice. I was so busy chewin' this morning, I didn't even notice that Mom left!! I'll have to make it up to her when she comes home. Lots of kisses for Mom.


I Have A New Trick!

December 24th 2008 1:45 pm
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Mom was sittin' in her chair, eatin' cookies. I really wanted some cookie. I sat there & she held up a piece of cookie. So I sat up! I didn't stand pretty, & I wasn't just sittin' anymore. Mom got real excited & told me to sit up, so I did it again. Mom & Dad both told me what a good girl I am & how smart I am.
Annie talks a lot. Loudly. Sometimes Mom & Dad don't like it anymore & tell us to lay down. I don't do anything, but Annie gets mad @ me & yells at me over & over & over. I'll go to lay down, but Annie comes over & tries to play with me & keeps on yellin' @ me. It kinda hurts my ears, but not as much as it does to Mom & Dad. I don't talk that much. Only when there's someone outside & I need to protect the house!
Mom was watching the picture & sound box. There were sounds kinda like dogs comin' from that box so Annie & I looked @ it, wondering where these dogs were. They looked like dogs, but not quite. Sometimes they howled. We don't howl. Well, maybe Annie does a little bit sometimes, but it doesn't sound like this. Mom saw us looking @ the box & made it loud. There was lots of growling & barking. I thought they must be outside, so I ran back & forth, tryin' to make Mom let me out to protect! I even barked @ her, but she wouldn't let me out.



December 18th 2008 4:57 pm
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I was sleepin', then Mom got up. We went to go out, but Annie didn't follow. I wanted to go outside. I had to wait 'til Annie left the sleep room. She was cozy. She didn't want to go outside! She went to the little room where Sam was. Mom knew I wanted to go outside! I got to go outside! When I came in, I played with Annie. Then we went outside together! Then we came in again. When we sat, Mom gave us treats! I love treats! Then I played with Annie. Annie barks a lot. Then we went outside again! When we came back in, Mom was in her outside fur. I got very sad. Mom always leaves when she puts those things on her feet. I sat on the couch telling Mom I didn't want her to go. She gave me pets & kisses & went away. I can't wait 'til my Mom comes back.

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