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Life with the Dugans

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Just the two of us

January 24th 2009 7:55 pm
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One dog with mom on the bicycle that is! Today was the second time Mom took me out with her on the bike, all by myself! It is really empowering to face my fears. For some reason when I’m alone with her I seem to have more confidence and playfulness. Yesterday we went around and around the driveway alley area. It was a medium sized circle, I almost got dizzy! Today we ventured out into the neighborhood. Having to worry about the bike and not Ulli too made it a lot easier. I even smiled during the jaunt! I was trotting along, not galloping, but a good steady trot. Cars came by and I didn’t cower like normal. It was really cool. I think I like the one-on-one attention and exercise I get now! It’s nice! Plus while I wait for Ulli’s exercise time to end I wait in the car! I LOVE sitting in the car!!


Maybe getting comfortable

January 24th 2009 7:55 pm
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We’ve been with Mom and Dad Dugan for a month and two days now. I think we’re starting to get attached to each other! We’re beginning to learn each other, our habits and the way we move. It’s interesting! When I first came to the Dugan’s I was SO nervous. I barely ever smiled. Now? I don’t stop smiling! I smile all day and night! I have a variety of smiles I wear, for example there’s my sleepy smile, my silly smile, my mischievous smile, my i-might-play smile, my hungry smile, my love-me smile, my I’m-running-away-but-want-you-to-catch-me smile…. Then there are all the smiles I smile at Ulli with! The I’ve-got-your-toy smile, the are-you-finished-eating-that? smile, the let’s play smile, the mom or dad kissed me smile… the list goes on. I think I even smile in my sleep!

Another difference from a month ago is that I have started playing a lot more, with Ulli and with my new parents. I wasn’t able to relax enough to play at first, and after that my anxiety level made it impossible to play. Luckily my parents and Ulli are kind and patient. My favorite times to play are first thing in the morning and right after a run! First thing in the morning I am really sleepy and I forget about my feet-touching phobia. I let my owners touch my feet all they want! Until I remember! Hey! I don’t like that! Ha! I’m silly and sweet in the mornings. I like to pretend I’m vicious and pretend to bite the humans. It’s fun. They play along. After Ulli and I go for a run we’re so energized that it’s the perfect time to play with each other! We run around, fight over toys, try to get them from each other and play ‘bite the neck’ with each other. We bite each other’s legs and take turns flopping on our backs and playing the dead guy. I don’t have much experience playing with black and tan dogs, only white ones, so I am appreciative to Ulli for showing me how to play and being so patient with me.


Royalty does NOT sit on gravel

January 24th 2009 7:54 pm
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Okay, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea from my title, I’m NOT a snob or uppity, I just happen to know that I am very very special! I get special treatment! The day before yesterday a HUGE truck pulled up to the house and mom was talking to 2 men. Suddenly we were sitting on the gravel front yard for 3 hours while the men hauled boxes and furniture into the house! Wow! Look at all that stuff! I left the growling, barking and intimidating stuff to Ulli, although I did growl once! One of the men was approaching us and getting a little close! I whined a little and shifted my weight around the gravel. The front yard gravel is bigger, it’s less comfortable than the smaller gravel in the back yard! We had a blanket to lie on, that helped a little, but a king size bed is kinda small with 2 German Shepherds and one person (let alone two!!), so some blankie folded up left some to be desired. Once the men were done we came upstairs and took a nap! We were so overstimulated! When we got up mom started opening boxes and we got to smell new smells! We investigated all the new boxes everywhere and played hide and seek! It was fun!!
I’m conflicted about the bicycle riding thing. Yesterday we went for a ride and at first I was gung ho! I needed to stretch my legs! But after awhile I got tired and those cars driving by kept scaring me! There’s a LOT going on when we’re riding. When we got home Ulli and I both took long naps while mom unpacked! I’m not sure what is in store for today, it’s still a little early yet, so maybe one more nap before we get up.


I'm a star!!

January 17th 2009 10:02 am
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I'm a star! I am featured today on the dog blogs! I'm blushing! I'm hiding! Then peeking back again! I love the attention! But I'm so timid! I'm a star. I knew it! I love it!

Mom has successfully taught Ulli and me how to run with her bike. We are connected to the bike frame and Ulli goes first, then me. I lag behind and go as slow as possible, but today I sped up for a little fun! We bike at least 2.5 miles a day. That's one round and takes us only about 30 minutes! Mom says she's being easy on us at first, not going too fast and taking rest breaks every so often. I shudder and cower when cars drive by, but the sidewalk we take now is not right on the road. That helps. I guess all the cars aren't out to get me, but I'm not totally convinced yet!!

I am such a playful girl sometimes. When we were home alone yesterday we played wrestling on the bed! It's a wonder one of us didn't get hurt! We did manage to mangle the blankets and pull the bottom sheet up!! It sure was a good time! I like to bounce around and swing my arms in the air! I am so muscular and so athletic, Mom says we're building me a mini agility course in the back yard. We'll see! I guess Ulli can play with it too, if she asks nicely!!

Being featured on this website today makes me smile so big! I was having a good day to begin with - I didn't imagine it could get better! But it did! Thanks to all my readers, and to all those who understand me! All those who are painfully shy! We are wonderful and special in our own way! Chow chow!


Wild little girls! Ahhh!!

January 13th 2009 8:09 pm
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Today on our walk we saw WILD LITTLE GIRLS! They must have been around 6 or so, and there were 3 of them! When they saw us they trotted up to us – I was SO scared! What if they bit me?!?! I was cowering like crazy. Mom kept them at bay, she’s so brave. I have new respect for her now. She’s my protector, against little girls! Goodness gracious.

We slept in today! It was great. I’m such a little teddy bear-polar bear sweet dog. I was smiling and cuddly and very playful. Mom and Dad let us have the run of the house today while they ran an errand. It was the first time! Ulli and I were a little confused, but it didn’t take us long to figure out what was going on! We made a bee-line for the bedroom and snuggled in bed! We napped while we waited for mom and dad to get home. It was AWESOME. That’s what I’m talkin’ about! I deserve to be left out in the house! How can we protect the home if we’re crated up? Seriously.


Ummmm, it’s called a bicycle?!

January 13th 2009 8:55 am
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Ulli says something about riding a bike, but I’m not familiar with that saying. speaking of bikes, Mom DID get a bicycle! We played with it today! First thing Dad and I went a different direction than Mom and Ulli and the bike – that freaked me out! I’m not sure how to act when Ulli’s not around, even if I do like to growl at her sometimes! Dad reports I was ‘all over the place’ when he was trying to run with me. I was pretty distracted. Since Ulli is hyperaware of our surroundings and is quick to go into protective mode I usually just hang out and relax! She’s got all that stuff covered! But when I’m alone? Hmmm. How does she do it? how does she stay so hyperaware? My head has to whip around and around, with my body, checking out everything around me, and just WHAT is all this stuff anyway? Boxes and shapes and strange barking behind walls…. This makes me nervous!

Luckily Ulli and Mom came up behind us and I felt much better. They led the way, as usual, and we all did great! I am really good at following Ulli! I know she will protect us! We ran a ways, then Mom attached ME to the bike! I did pretty good, considering! I had been watching Ulli and it didn’t look that hard, it really wasn’t. I lagged a little behind compared to Ulli, but that’s how I roll. After we got home Dad took Ulli and me out for one last jog. It was really something. I’m a beautiful lean dog, I have great strength and muscles. I can do this.

Mom has put us in the car in the garage for some strange reason. She says she’s expecting a repair man, I guess if we were in the house Ulli would go bananas, growling and barking and whatnot. Since we just ate, she might lose her breakfast if she got too excited! We really like sitting in the car. I think I’ll take a nap….


Smile, you’re on candid camera!

January 13th 2009 8:54 am
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Oh I am so busted. (sigh) Mom and Dad left a video camera rolling when they left today to run errands. They really didn’t think they would see much, since we are the perfect dogs. Well, after the first hour I turned into a yogi, a contortionist inside my crate, all the while whining and singing with my voice. I tried chewing on my crate bars, and flipped all around. My parents knew I was agile, but not that agile!! They were also surprised because I’m known as ‘the quiet one’. Well, not anymore! I heard the video of me whimpering and barking and whatnot, it was really embarrassing to have that played back in my presence! Goodness me. I’m so embarrassed. Mom and Dad seemed very surprised. They were ooh-ing and aah-ing and saying ‘wow’! Maybe I looked pretty while I threw temper tantrums. They said something about wearing me out more, that the walks didn’t seem to be working at releasing my anxious energy. Hm. I wonder what that means. I’m a herding dog, of course I can run circles around them!! My motivation is not real high though. I really really like lying on the bed and snoozing. I’d be a couch potato if they would let me! I just don’t like the constraints of that cage! I’m better than that! I deserve more! Like, a couch! Or a bed to lounge on while I wait for their return!! I could really use some music too, now that we’re talking about it. Oh well, training humans takes time and I need to be patient, not get ahead of myself. I’ll start small, like getting out of this blasted crate while they are gone! We’ll see. Keep your paws crossed!


Jail break!

January 13th 2009 8:54 am
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Last night Mom and Dad put us in our crates, where we usually hang out when they are gone, and they left. They were gone and I was fed and bored, so I started tugging tugging on my dog bed on top of my crate. I usually sling my raw food around on the crate floor when I eat, so they take my soft bed out at mealtime. I was trying to squeeze the bed back into my crate so I could enjoy the softness! Well I pulled and pulled and pulled and pulled, the wire was budging more than the bed! Suddenly the front panel of my crate fell in on me! Ack!! I was in quite a pinch! Luckily I am a very limber dog and was able to get out without a scratch. I laid down and was a very good girl. Ulli was rooting for me the whole time. I heard the outside door and knew mom and dad were home! Mom saw my empty and partially collapsed crate through the window, I heard her gasp! Uh-oh! I hoped I wasn’t in trouble! They opened the door and I welcomed them into our home! Mom and Dad were both relieved I was okay and gave me lots of love! I should do that more often!


Beef stomach?

January 9th 2009 1:43 pm
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Mom and Dad fed us beef tripe, or cow stomach lining, this morning for breakfast – along with our kibble and raw chicken wings. I just don’t know about that! It smelled like a barn! Like grain! It was white and really really tough! I ate around my tripe, then left it. Ulli gobbled hers up, but it didn’t stay down for too long! Mom cut my tripe up and tried to feed it to me in bite sized pieces, but I just didn’t get it! Luckily Ulli was here and showed me how to do it. After studying Ulli’s technique of taking the tripe, then gobbling it down I tried it. I pawed at it, I nosed at it, I tried to chew it. No such luck. Maybe it’s a texture thing. I’m not sure. I’m a little hesitant to try new things. Mom was afraid I’d smell like beef stomach after rubbing my face and hands and feet all over it. I think we’re okay in that department though!

On a good note, we slept through the night last night! No urgent needing to get up and potty at midnight or 3am! We finally did pee at 6am, but that is almost time to wake up, so it’s okay! I got a great full nights sleep. Especially since Mom and Dad are feeding me more! My tummy thanks them! I also had one regular formed poop today! No more diarrhea! Keep your paws crossed!


What kind of diet is this?!

January 9th 2009 1:41 pm
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Ah, what a nice day! This morning mom and dad took us for a nice long walk along the desert sand. It was very nice! Before hand Dad helped me stretch my morning legs on the bed. That was nice too! We have been walking with empty water bottles in our back packs. They made us both a ‘wide load’!! We kept bumping into each other; we’re not used to our sides being so wide! This morning Dad put a little water in each water bottle. It was weird because as I walked I heard it slosh, slosh, slosh around. I could feel the delicate weight moving as it sloshed. I’m such a sensitive dog. I wonder if I walk with a bouncier step than my sister because I swear she wasn’t sloshing as much as I was! Dad went to work and Mom took us to get weighed. I’VE LOST WEIGHT!!! OH NO! I’m a very trim dog, so I really don’t have much weight to lose! C’mon, Mom!! Feed me!! I TOLD her I wasn’t eating enough! The proof’s in the pudding I guess. My ribs are trying to stick out, and Mom gave me extra food starting this morning – I need to be fattened back up! I was 70 pounds and this scale reads 64. Yep, it’s after breakfast and I have a warm fat belly, I was just exercised and I’m ready for a nap on the bed! Sometimes after a walk Mom massages my feet for a minute. Usually I HATE people even THINKING about touching my feet. I’ll lie on all my feet to protect them! After a walk I’m more tolerant.

I’m turning into the regulator dog! Last night as mom made dinner downstairs and dad put up laundry upstairs I kept running back and forth regulating both of them! Had to make sure things were up to spec! I help cook in the kitchen, I also like to regulate the trash – make sure no recycle-able items are in the trash! I wonder what there will be for me to regulate today!

I’m going to sleep off this big breakfast now! Chow chow!

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