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Not a great idea

July 29th 2013 10:32 am
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So the two boys get a bath, and suddenly I have to get a bath too? How does THAT work? Both boys were willing. Me? NOT SO MUCH! I don't think a bath is a good idea!

Silly pawrents. Well now I'm clean and dry and fluffy and I kind of feel good too. So maybe it was a good idea - but not until way later!


Bath time!

May 27th 2013 5:03 pm
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Today we had bath time! I HATE baths! Last time we had a bath I was so tense Mama was afraid I'd throw myself into a seizure! She said no more tub baths after that! Only hose!

Well, it was a tub bath! And I did SO GOOD! I didn't tremble, I didn't whine AT ALL (expect when Mama was pulling sap off my tail....) and I held it together!

Frank stood in there the whole time and looked sad. That helped a lot. He gave me a couple of kisses. He's a good brofur.

Buddha was crated because he would want to KISS ME ALL OVER if I were restrained in the tub!!! NO WAY!!!!

Now we're all fluffy and hair is falling off like crazy!

It wasn't fun, and I'm really looking forward to rolling around in our dirt back yard!!! Mama said we can't do that until tomorrow. Is it tomorrow yet??? BOL!!


Breaking the cycle!

February 14th 2013 5:32 pm
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I'm so happy! I'm happy and playful! EXTRA playful! Wanna know why I'm playful? Because WE'RE NOT MOVING!

Right about this time, the two year mark, we MOVE! EVERYTHING goes in boxes, there's a lot of confusion and stress and what's-going-on-ness, THEN we end up taking some LOOOONG trip in the car!

THEN there's a new place to explore! A new house! A new yard! New neighbors and smells and sounds and neighborhood dogs!

It's all quite energy expending!

I'm happy because we know this house. We know our routines and walks and smells and everything!

I'm very comfy here. I like our yard! I love the bed! I like everything about everything! Except when Buddha or Frank bug me. I don't like that.

But I'm comfy! And playing more! No more relocation! THIS is HOME! What a relief!



January 10th 2013 5:31 pm
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I got to go HIKING with my Mama and Papa and it was JUST AND ONLY US!!! I was IT! Sooooper special and I got to run the show!

It was so fun! I was a little preoccupied with Mama when she wasn't holding my leash, but once we were together again I was leading the way!

I don't like other dogs near my pawrents, though! Other dogs would come through all off-leash and willy nilly, and I was on the alert! Oh no no no, mister stranger doggie! You will not just stroll up to me!!

Mama pulled me aside and kept me at a low simmer. She said I did pretty good regardless. I am not a fan of other dogs! GRRRRRR! Not rude ones, anyway!!!

I am SPECIAL and will enjoy smelling this adventure on my feetsies for days to come!


My Barkday!!!!

December 26th 2012 6:28 pm
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Yesterday was MY BARKDAY!

I was SOOOOOO busy being IMPORTANT and GOOD and SPECIAL that I didn't even get to the compooter!

I got SARDINES in my food! Well, we all did. But I got MORE than the boys!

I got EXTRA CARDBOARD! And just the kind I like!

I got TREATS!!!!

And I got NEW TOYS!!!

Now I am SIX YEARS YOUNG! I'm a big girl! Mama says I'm almost old enough to retire!

Maybe next year!!!

Thanks to my pals for my barkday wishes! That makes me feel even MORE special!!!!


DOG of the DAY!!!!

December 8th 2012 7:11 am
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I am SO relieved my profile pic is flattering!!

I don't think this has ever happened before!!!! EVER!!

I'd like to thank my dog pawrents for giving me the tools I have for life. And for my pretty smile!!

I'd like to thank my hooman pawrents for being so easy to train & taking me on lots of walks. Low stress is SOOOO important to health & happiness!!

I'd like to thank the BIG Dogster in the sky for picking little 'ol ME!!!

Thank you thank you thank you MOSTEST to my Dogster pals, who make this patch of Dogster land fun and kind and exciting!! It makes us come back to it again and again.

Today, I will be the QUEEN!! Which is kinda normal, but TODAY I will BAT MY EYES MORE!! In a way that coy royalty would!!!

Today I get special treatment. Or, I SHOULD! Oh wait, Mama assures me I will. Did I mention how easy the hoomans are to train? I'm a lucky dog! Life is good!!!


Bath day!

November 27th 2012 6:11 pm
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Bath day was today! I thought maybe I had gotten out of it. I'm a white clean nice girl. I heard Mama and Daddy saying maybe they'd only wash the Buddha because HE smelled like POOP.

USUALLY we do baths ME first, FRANK second, BUDDHA last. They say it's hardest to easiest.

So they did BUDDHA FIRST. I thought - I'm off the hook!!! But THEN they got the BRIGHT idea to wash ALL of us! Frank was second. Then Daddy came and picked me up. DRAT!!!

I was placed in the bath and it began. This time the door was open and Frank came in a few times and sniffed me and let me know he did it too and LOOK! He's still alive! I said, "BUT I'M NOT YOU!"

Mama and Daddy were going on about how it was easier to give baths from EASIEST TO HARDEST.

WHY AM I THE HARDEST??? I'm like a DOG-CAT! I don't like water! So what??? Mama says my coat is THICK and that's why I'm hard. Hmph.

I was a little sad. I was WET! And getting scrubbed! That was kinda nice. But only for a second. I made high pitched whiney sounds.

THEN I was FAMISHED!!!! That bath made me HUNGRY!!!! We got dinner a little early!

Mama turned on the bed heater JUST FOR ME. But I didn't use it. But I appreciated it!

I'm all dry and fluffy now. Like a spring chicken!


Health and love and happiness!

November 13th 2012 4:54 pm
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I'm almost all the way better! Mama and Daddy know that because I'm jumping on them when they get home again! WEEEEEE!

Yesterday I went to the vet and had a LITTLE temperature but my blood work looked BETTER than it did Friday! I'm getting BETTER!

Mama tried all these different things for me to eat. I had lost TEN POUNDS! She found it - COTTAGE CHEESE IS HEALING FOOD!!!! YUM!

Mama said that is OKAY because I have makin' up to do! Nom nom nom!

Today we walked and played ball and I ate ALL my food BOTH TIMES!

I love my pawrents. They are so nice to me when I'm sick! I sure am happy to be getting back to my old self!

Mama was afraid this was IT! Silly Mama!


Diary pick today!

November 11th 2012 6:03 am
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Oh My Dog I am a diary pick today! Whoah! I'm awful glad I'm feeling better! That means I'm perkier and prettier for my public! BOLBOLBOL!!!

I am feeling better than I was! Mama says it might take a few days to feel ALL the way better. I want to play, I want to go on walks, and I'm eating most of the time!

Except I don't want that weird dog food the vet gave us. It's weird and gross. I'll stick with the good stuff! I even ate most my food this morning!

Daddy says I'm the BEST dog to pill EVER!!!! Well, I am above average!

So far I have not given my sickness to my brofurs. Call me greedy..... :)


Bein' sick

November 9th 2012 8:23 pm
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Bein' sick isn't much fun!! Boo!

I went to the dogtor today and I had a temperature of 104!! My X-rays looked okay except maybe a LITTLE inflammation in my gut. My labs were good except for low white blood cells.

The dogtor said somethin' viral was goin' round and she thought it was that. I got antibiotics and nausea medicine. I go back Monday for a check up.

I ate dinner tonight, too. Special food nice to my tummy!

I'm feelin' generous, too. Should I give it to my brofurs????

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